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    The key friend of Suria Clarke has been back in New York from Shanghai since April 2014

    No mention of Suria, 9/11 of indeed the gap in her CV between university and Edelman in 2000 [covering the mysterious Brussels period, although there is evidence it was for the Directorate of Employment, Industrial Relations and Social Affiars in the European Commission -]
    Global Director of Corporate Communications Geometry Global
    April 2014 – Present (9 months)New York City

    No tributes here from Selinda



    I have written about victim Katherine Wolf [ nee James] elsewhere

    Survivine husband Charles Wolf interests me – he said he saw one of the planes going over him.
    He seems very full of himself.

    He gave another confident performance to the UK ITV channel
    in 2013. His wife had only just started at Marsh…

    Charles Wolf told Daybreak his wife Catherine was “vapourised instantaneously” the moment the plane hit the tower.

    He had heard the plane fly over his apartment and ran downstairs. On seeing the devastation he stayed at home, hoping his wife would call to say she was safe.

    Enough red lights?

    what’s his hand doing with her bag strap? Is it photoshopped?

    One back stop story worth exploring is here

    Dearest Katherine -you worked as one of my Saturday girls at Wilks Music in Swansea. So talented,- and wonderful memories of our St. Mary’s concert with you performing Mozart with the Ealingng Youth Orchestra, and then I sang Elgar’s Sea Pictures. I still listen to the recording which Swansea Sound broadcast all those years ago when you were 16. I also recall the builder working at Wilks who said “either she stops playing those exercises or I leave!!” We had such a laugh. Dedicated, so talented, and with such beautiful golden ginger hair and clear complexion. Thought of so often – you are unforgetable. Helen
    Helen Hopkins, Friend
    Sep 6 2011 1:55PM

    Rita Helen Hopkins [now 74] still runs Wilks music

    ‘ Helen and her husband run Wilks Music Store, the oldest music shop in Swansea, and have been holding exams in a purpose-built room adjoined to the shop for over 30 years, with a lengthy visitors’ book to prove it.

    I am inclined to believe that Katherine Wolf exists. One would like to see programmes from the Philbeach Society pre-1988.
    There is much online verfication online well before 1988 of close links between Village Opera and Philbeach in London in 1976
    see eg New York Magazine 8 Aug 1977

    See also

    September 11, 2009 at 10:35 AM
    Sian Jones said…

    Katherine played the piano from a very young age, passing her Grade 8 piano exam with distinction at the age of 10. She won a place at London’s prestigious Royal College of Music, where she completed her degree in Piano Performance. Katherine worked mainly as a rehearsal pianist for artists and choirs, notably for John Wallace, the trumpeter, who played at the wedding of Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles, Prince of Wales. As my only girl cousin, Katherine was an enormous part of my family life, particularly during her years in London, at which time she and I travelled to the Far East together, visiting Sri Lanka, Thailand and Hong Kong. She was a frequent weekend visitor to our home in the country and we attended many concerts together in London. She was my bridesmaid at my wedding.
    December 7, 2009 at 4:10 PM

    Note: Chrles Wolf set up Fix the Fund, a group which campaigns for issues related to the September 11 compensation fund



    A couple more photos of Katherine

    2002 [cropped ] source

    2012 [uncropped] source

    2011 original? source Author David John Elliott

    Kath, my flatmate from the 80s

    The 911 tribute page is notably sparse.



    Another contributor to the 9/11 legacy page is Jane E. Visek Randazzo.
    who worked as a marketing assistant at Schroders Capital Management from 1997 to 1999 before transferring to CSAM – Credit Suisse; perhaps the same Schroders department in which Katherine worked. Jane seems a credible witness.



    These two links show Katherine working in support of the VLOG choir along with Rachel Luxemburg, q.v.


    Felix did you manage to access a Birth index for Katherine James (Wolf) ?
    That link to the Lets Roll forum, has one BBC web page saying Katherine was 40, whilst the BBC Wales web page has her being 37.



    Antipod – born 1961 3rd quarter – so either 39 or 40.
    Their Welsh marriage was recorded in 1989. I don’t know the date of the one in New York.

    PS I now see the date was June 15 source….Rachel Luxemburg

    Rachel Luxemburg
    Shared publicly – 11 Sep 2012

    Katherine Susan Wolf
    June 15, 1961 – September 11, 2001
    (Marsh and McClennen, 97th Floor, WTC #1)

    I miss you, Kath.?



    The Luxemburg back up is here

    and frequently in Rachel’s own blog



    This is an onlin report from October 14 1990 in the Kokomo (Indiana) Tribune of a wedding between Katherine Susan James and Charles Gilbert Wolf; Wolf attended Taylor High School in Kokomo.
    This is no doubt a report of the grand wedding at the Episcopal Cathedral of St John the Divine in NYC for the folks back home.

    Charlie and Michael Arad
    source [Sept 29 2011]

    The article is penned by Sarah Hanaway, Charlie’s sister
    This bit caught my eye:

    As I was walking toward Ground Zero, I was taken back to 10 years ago, envisioning all the survivors rushing away from the crumbling towers and destruction as it was splashed over the TV networks.

    Indeed, that’s all we can do, envisage it, since there’s no photographic or video proof of it at all.

    we did get to the memorial that was erected by the company that Katherine worked for, Marsh and McLennan. It is located at their corporate headquarters on 116 Ave. of the America between W. 45th & W 46th Streets. They lost 295 colleagues and 63 consultants on 9/11. The memorial is glass with all the employees’ names etched in it, and screened behind each name is their signature.



    Following on from the bizarre claim of NYPD Firefighter Bobby Senn who witnessed not only the tail of UA 175 entering WTC2 but also jet fuel,not to mention being buried twice…

    I thought I’d have a peep at the complement of his engine [207] who allegedly died although he fails to mention any of them. [their fire vehicle survived]
    They were Karl Joseph, Kevin Reilly and Shawn Powell.

    What of , for example, Kevin Reilly? Just married apparently just two months before 9/11. What was he before 2000? A hydrogeologist! Worked on ladder 40, so it goes

    After 9/11, his wife of 2 months got a dog.

    Where is she now? Still teaching at the same school

    Details Reilly grew up in Spring Valley and Nanuet and and was an athlete at Albertus Magnus. He followed his father George, a retired lieutenant, into FDNY.
    Family Wife Jennifer; parents Joan and George (a retired FDNY lieutenant, brother Edward of Nanuet, sister, Regina Madigan of Goshen and grandmother Marie Reilly.

    Jennifer’s father, Michael Mulderrig, is an FDNY lieutenant and helped search for Reilly. She has been supported by her parents, including her mother, Mary, since the attack.



    I’m all interested in “victim” Marianne Simone now. Sure, she’s got a hugger photo, but does that prove she never existed?
    There has been some spirted discussion about her and one of her children at CF a few years ago.
    [where it was recognised that there were more loose ends with this Cantor “victim” than most]

    And at LRF

    In the quickly released bio [Sept 2001] all the family was there except a husband. There was also a good get out clause – ready for retirement, indeed returning to work after some alleged problem just before 9/11.

    and she was in the process of selling her home and moving to Manalapan, N.J., to be closer to her family
    Now, [Feb 2015] we learn that her unrecorded ex-husband has died, Vincent A Simone of Marco Island FL aged 77.
    And the daughter Lisa is again listed among the same children cited in 2001. Her FB page still exists.

    Vinny was a U.S. Army Veteran. He was a graduate of C.W. Post University. Vinny retired as a Vice President in the Cost Analysis Division of J.P. Morgan Chase in 1995 after forty years of service.
    Vinny is survived by his wife of twenty-four years, Carol Simone **

    ** former Assistant Vice President at Chase Manhattan Bank, 1971-1991

    So, in this regard, Marianne would have very little baggage to disappear into a new life.

    It seems to me that Lisa and Marianne both exist.

    Lisa in 2013



    Another reference to “victim” Suria Clarke from a former colleague

    JULIE HUANG @huangjulie
    Remembering 9/11 victim Suria Clarke, a beautiful and kind person who was my colleague at @Edelman #PR [pic]:
    1:26 pm – 14 Aug 2012 [Pacific time]
    Vice President
    1998 – 2001 (3 years)New York

    • Managed financial communications programs…….

    I guess Julie is completely in the dark over her former colleague who suddenly jumped ships to the Cantor Group before 9/11. The same goes for this tweet [spelling uncorrected]

    Alain Destexhe @Destexhe
    A la mémoire de Suria Clark, une jeune anglaise de 30 ans que j’ai connue à BXL, assassinée au World Trade Center le 11 septembre 2001.
    1:20 am – 11 Sep 2011 [Pacific time]

    Previously Secretary-General of MSF, Destexhe was elected a Senator in the Belgian federal election, 1995, and re-elected in 1999


    The bldgs were roughly 4.4 million Square feet each above ground!! Including the VAST basements which included hundreds of stores, offices, building operations rooms, etc. as well as WTC’s 3,4,5,6, and 7 we’re talking 10 million + sq. feet of occupied office, hotel, and retail space. In addition I know 2 people personally and several others indirectly who perished that day. To say nobody died OR the bldgs were empty is simply NOT TRUE, Absurd, and Discredits this entire operation.

    Blue Moon
    Blue Moon

    Max Ratt- Fan of your show- Do not agree with everything but nobody gets it all correct- Its a process- JFK was not killed, for example, and the chauffeur bit is a con- That said, I, like Ab, do link your show where I can- Read this guy Mathis below on Intel assets and their numbers- Start on page 6 if you want to bypass the hoopla and get to the point- Spoiler alert: He outs 6.1 plus million intel agents in the USA alone- If you hang out in bars in a big city, you will probably be talking to some staff or clientel who inevitably will be on the payroll, especialy Irish immigrants-


    Max there were names of real people (celebrities) on the passenger lists of the 9/11 planes, it doesn’t mean that passenger jets were flown into buildings on 9/11.



    In addition I know 2 people personally and several others indirectly who perished that day. To say nobody died OR the bldgs were empty is simply NOT TRUE, Absurd, and Discredits this entire operation.

    It depends how you define “died”, Max. And you really reckon there were 5-7000 people at work in each tower when the, er, planes struck. Right…

    Tell us more about Keith. I am fascinated.
    PS What operation?



    While we’re here, on the subject of people who knew two people who died….
    Tucked away on a thread on CF
    Pete Seeger knew one of the two “victims” not as a restaurant manager in the twin towers.
    Jupiter Yambem (42), a native of Imphal’s Uripok Yambem Leikai
    [it seems he can be either Yamben or Yambem

    Jupiter is survived by his American wife, Nancy McCardle Yambem and son Santi Mc Cardle (15) aka Chinglailakpa (dragon-tamer). The mother-son duo, who lives in New York, often visits Imphal to spend time with Jupiter’s relatives.

    In 2002, Laba [elder brother of Jupiter] and his father, Yambem Tombi, visited New York to attend a memorial service at Ground Zero.

    Saudsultan @saudsultan
    9/11 I remember Jupiter Yamben senior at school St Joseph’s Darjeeling India great sportsman killed at the twin tower attack
    6:46 am – 11 Sep 2013
    Saud Fariz Sultan is CEO of MicroUsability.

    Note the 15 year old photo of Shanti/Santi as a baby when in 2011 he was a 10th grader.
    Sep 11, 2011 08:54 IST

    “We have a home in Manipur. We go every two years. Santi has been since he was a year old. He is very familiar with Manipuri culture and his family back home. It is basically our second home.”….We married in 1991….Keeping his Indian citizenship….Yambem has moved on in many ways. She’s in a new home and has remarried

    Kept alive in 2013 by…the elder brother.

    He is survived by his wife, Nancy McCardle Yambem, and son Santi Mc Cardle (17). The family lives in New York.

    Jehovah Joey @Pasta_LaBelle Beacon, NY
    Happy 18th Birthday to my bro Santi Yambem!
    9:59 am – 27 Jul 2014

    River Pool Remembers Pete Seeger

    Pete met my husband, Jupiter Yambem, in 1985 on a train headed down to New York City. He sat next to him, and they chatted about life, India, and
    shared stories of their past. Pete told him all about the Beacon Sloop Club’s pot luck dinners on the first Fri day of each month, and invited him to attend. How could he refuse Pete! After this we became active in the Sloop Club — sailing, festivals, meetings, and brainstorming about solutions to what we felt was important to correct in our corner of the world. Pete, Toshi and their family seemed like extended family. They
    came to our wedding, and Pete sang at Jupiter’s memorial ceremony when he died. Pete and Toshi were very loving toward and concerned about our
    son, Santi.
    One day, at a festival, Pete said to several of us that he had a project that he would like to talk to us about and took
    us over to the river side…..
    Nancy Yambem

    30 Jan 2014

    Here’s the new husband
    Nancy McCardle Yambem
    Married since 28 October 2006

    Wedding photo [1991]


    I think there’s enough there to confirm the Imphal connection.

    And finally this photo of her ex-husband which is from the 9/11 museum

    20 August 2013 ·

    18 September 2012 ·

    Santi’s tattoo, soo meaninful to him. A memorial to his dad! Zoom in to ssee better, it’s his dad’s signature, twin towers are the 11.



    I noted elsewhere that the Risk Waters OpRisk 2001 conference was held at the Windows of the World Restaurant [assuming it took place and wasn’t a virtual conference]
    There’s precious little evidence the conference occurred, although a David Mordechai states that he was a speaker there
    The archived program is here
    but not before April 30 2003….why, there’s even a speaker from NASA listed speaking on risk [risk the moon hoax will be rumbled?]:
    Jeevan Perera

    NEW YORK — Delegates at the OpRisk 2001 conference in New York in February will be able to hear and discuss reactions to the latest thoughts of global banking regulators on the way banks might reserve capital against operational risks.The two-day conference on February 8 and 9…

    in response to the expected prior publication of the Basle framework of capital adeqacy for banks.

    John Baskott [who now works for Euromoney] of Risk dealt with the earlier 2000 conference RiskTech 2000 which took place in the Marriott NY in WTC3.

    However the

    Credit Risk Summit 2000

    took place, allegedly, on September 27 and September 28 2000
    [archive September 17 2000]

    Keynote presentations from
    William Demchak, Managing Director, JP MORGAN
    Ron Tanemura, Managing Director, GOLDMAN, SACHS & CO

    and was sponsored by Algorithmics and Arthur Andersen.
    o receive more details on exhibition and sponsorship
    opportunities, please call John Baskott on
    +44 (0)20 7484 9726 or e-mail
    Venue and accommodation details
    Windows on the World, One World Trade Center
    106th floor, New York, N.Y. 10048 – 0202
    Tel: (212) 524 7000 Fax: (212) 524 7011

    Was this a dry run for the 9/11 conference?



    Something odd has happened, and I can’t get my head round it.
    A prominent but old-ish UK member of parliament has recently died suddenly, with minimal information, then silence, everyone move on. Except he was about the only one to question the official narrative of 9/11 [while going along with most of the flaky plot]

    see here:

    and here

    [he concedes here that the damage to the Pentagon is too small to indicate being hit by a civil airliner,although he calls it a “third plane”. No mention of Shanksville….]

    It’s laughable now, but have a listen.
    Here he is leading us down various rabbit holes in print:

    Who should tweet about the death? Matt Campbell, [q.v., passim]

    Matt Campbell @mattcampbell911
    Very sad to hear Michael Meacher MP has died, he was helping get justice for my brother @jeremycorbyn … #911InsideJob
    4:33 PM – 21 Oct 2015

    And now, Veterans Today is making it out that he was possibly murdered because of his outpourings on 9/11
    which also contains Meacher’s 2003 limited hangout article in the Guardian.

    Ho hum.

    The death notice is here, for reference
    October 21 2015

    Peter Dean, Mr Meacher’s PA and Office manager, said: “We are extremely sad and it has been quite a short illness he has had and we just don’t know the details at present.



    Von Buelow was interviewed by ….Alex Jones.

    Former German Defense Minister Confirms CIA Involvement in 9/11

    Enough said.
    Transcript here:

    And who else should Alex Jones visit but Michael Meacher in London

    1 hours – 9/11, 7/7 ……

    Here’s Meacher addressing duped liberal Guardian groupies outside Bilderberg in 2013

    significant small joke at 2.30.

    How many houses was that??

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