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    I.D. Kanspier

    coming to terms:

    It seems increasingly neccessary for us to define and come to terms with the usage and even distribution of the common terms used when exposing media fakery.we cannot allow the msm or alt. media define the terms; as i aim to deconspire.

    I think the situations/methods/message/intent in which said events happen can be so varied that we often lose context and clarity about what really has happened. often, the scenarios are highly dimensional and cannot be defined and distributed accurately.

    fresh on my mind is something mentined in the gwynned interview. ab mentioned that in america we are encouraged to think of ourselves as #1 in the world. of course, the wide-awake no that this meme was part of the prussian model and even on some level simple nationalism.

    yet, it deserves defining.

    nationalistic psyop-meme?: a literary, educational, or cultural psyop meme promoted and intended to persuade citizens of one nation to consider itself superior in some or all regards to other nations or groups.

    assassination-hoax: a psyop in which on one dies in the assassination. often, these may be relocaters.

    hoax-assassination: a psyop where an assassination actually occurs and elements are hoaxed as well. ex; michael hastings?

    intranational false flag: a false flag event where a government attacks its own people then creates a reaction and solution to further attack its own people. ex; boston bombing?

    international false flag: a false flag event where a government attacks its own people in order to create an opportunity to engage against another nation.

    mass shooting hoax: a mass shooting psyop event where no one dies.

    staged terror: events where real people die. media may spin these events but do not soley create them. very rare.

    any, feel free to brainstorm these. i have plenty more; drills gone live, active shooter drill, integrated capstone events, etc. if enuff are interested, maybe we can contribute to a spreadsheet in time. thanks


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