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    There was a horrible car accident with a drunk driver in Diamond Bar California. Six dead, driver walks away. Wrong way at 100mph



    The driver doesn’t seem to have an extensive web history (at all) but I found what I think is her youtube.


    Check out the videos. A few things that I think are interesting. She links to videos shared by that VEVO account, I haven’t looked too in-depth into VEVO yet so I don’t know if they are from a certain label or something, but they share most of the most popular videos on youtube, and all of the globalist pop stars with the videos laden with esoteric stuff. VEVO shares the “One direction” stuff that always seems to show up linked to characters in fake events on their twitter accounts. I think it goes along with the massive bot army that subscribes to bands like One Direction and certain accounts like Barack Obama, Oprah, Bieb, etc (and when I say bots, I don’t mean the idiots, I mean fake accounts). It’s gotten to the point that I roll my eyes when I look into some character from a story and they have links to VEVO videos with esoteric crap that plugs into the story (off the top of my head, LAX shooting had this angle, but many more)

    Another video that seems to be about a hazing that happened in Florida (which she decided to include for some reason, don’t get me started on the bully meme and how this plugs into everything, it’s all thought up by psychologists to “fix” us) but I can’t view it as it’s marked as adult and I no longer have a Google or Youtube account.

    All three shared videos are interesting but Paul Simon – Diamonds on the soles of her shoes? Skid marks in Diamond Bar California?

    Gina ISaidSo says she’s a drunk skank. Culbreath = Killbreath. O-live-ia Kill-breath lives on but kills six (silly, I suppose)

    The diamond theme is what stood out to me at first, there has been a big “hidden gem” news trope since late 2012 at least, and diamonds often find a way into stories.

    * Edited to fix a link


    Wrong-way driver was going more than 100mph, witnesses said



    There’s not much left of her car in the pics but from the remains it appears to be a new Chevy Camaro, as seen in Transformer movies (only mentioning because superheroes seem to be a trope that they cross from movies into new hoaxes). For some damn reason they have made it obvious that comic books are tied into this shit (just ask Aurora hoax, don’t forget to tune into AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.)

    I also like the cop they interviewed. He was very preened for the camera but had a thin grasp of English. Perfect spokesperson, nobody is going to ask too many questions because he won’t understand them. Either that or he was just very anxious


    Not sure this is a fake story, but if I had to bet a lot of money I would bet it was fake.

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