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    A guest on the Fetzer show said that the 24/7 massive mainstream media cover of Edward Snowden and exposure of NSA snooping has been suspicious. That’s a valid point. The guest called it a classical limited hangout, which means as I understand it a deliberately planned exposure of only selected information.

    Second half of this show: http://nwopodcast.com/fetz/media/jim%20fetzer%20real%20deal-greenhalgh%20weisbecker.mp3

    A speculation I have is that the CIA thought Snowden would do a real exposure of the NSA, to make NSA weaker and thereby the CIA stronger. And then what happened was that Snowden in reality was an NSA “double agent” and now is only exposing information that will make the NSA stronger. As the guest on the Fetzer show said, during 7 months nothing has happened! Which means that the exposed NSA activity in practice has been made legal.


    I think that Snowden is completely fake, although I don’t know if they’re using a live actor or what. I simply don’t believe that the media just magically slipped out of the control of the intelligence agencies. The psyops kicked up a a few notches in 2012, I think they are producing far more of them than before and the Snowden thing was to get out in front of Federal employees (and anybody else) that might have an attack of morals and want to say something about what’s going on.

    I think they are also going for a change in behavior, they want US citizens (and EU citizens) to start acting like they live under a tyrannical government. After Snowden, the average Joe no longer doubts that the govt is spying on them. They’ll combine it with a push for internet ID (think of the children) and the current raft of stories that basically say “Watch out what you say online” and get the mass change of behavior that they are looking for.

    I felt that the Snowden thing was a straight psyop as soon as it broke, but I was sold after I plugged the name Snowden into Wikipedia and read up some Cliff Notes on the character “Snowden’ from Catch-22, who literally “spills his guts” which teaches the main character of the novel the secret. They added the icing on the cake by making sure the phrase “catch-22” made it into many of the original Snowden articles (for example, the “catch-22” of trying keeping tabs on a secret program to ensure it isn’t being abused).

    I agree that a big part of it is that it is announced, and then nothing happens, so the govt programs are now normalized.

    Big changes are coming and the public had to be made familiar with them, the Overton Window has been successfully nudged. As for if it’s a power-struggle between agencies, I suppose it’s possible but I think the public and Fed employees are the target, not a specific agency


    The guest on the Fetzer show mentioned a turf war between the CIA and the NSA or something like that. Over who gets most funding etc, but he also said that the CIA was angry at the NSA for exposing David Petraeus.

    It could be that the NSA has been given more power than the CIA and that even a kind of cleanup process is going on within the CIA. The CIA needs to become more well-behaved to fit the information society of today and not run around pooping, barking and biting like a wild dog everywhere as they did in the 20th century. So I think the exposure of Petraeus was a message to the CIA that they need to clean up their act, or else.


    The Chinese leaders are probably chuckling at the CIA and thinking: “Been there. Done that. Like 3,000 years ago!” :mrgreen:

    Doing mischief in secret works as long as the operations are protected by a national security blanket of a big government. When the government itself starts to expose the mischief, then those shady operations become ridiculously vulnerable.

    So having a whistleblower like Snowden running around doing extensive exposure of NSA activities and getting huge media coverage would in an ordinary case be devastating for the NSA. The fact that essentially nothing has happened for 7 months means that the exposure done by Edward Snowden is likely a staged event, meant to strengthen the NSA instead of weakening it.

    The CIA maybe wanted Snowden to weaken the NSA as would have been the case if more sensitive information was leaked, such as the NSA recording the phone calls of everybody 24/7. What happened instead in reality is that Snowden has talked about some lame metadata gathering and things like that.

    Tom Dalpra

    Interesting thoughts Colum.

    Snowden who literally ‘split his guts’ and Catch 22 – is a good spot.



    @Tom I started reading Catch-22 yesterday, a fairly thick book but it’s really entertaining so I should be done soon. I want to post a thread on some things after I’m done.

    If you just get the PDF and start from the top it only takes a few pages until there are other relevant things to surveillance. Main character is in a hospital during WW2 and since he’s an officer he has to censor letters for a few hours a day. He basically states something along the lines of “These letters are all so boring you have nothing to worry about surveillance”. I hear things like that from the media and from people all the time these days.

    Tons of other interesting or strange stuff in there too.


    I think to some stories like the LAX hoax and there was another hoax inside of it (that media reported on) about a former NSA director being killed at the airport. Kinda makes one think


    @columjaddica Do you mean this:

    Globe and Mail Erroneously Claims Ex-NSA Chief Michael Hayden Killed at LAX — http://www.thewrap.com/globe-mail-erroneously-claims-ex-nsa-chief-michael-hayden-killed-lax/

    Hayden is still alive! Curious.


    Yup, there was a good outburst of related stuff on Twitter as well. A lot of journalists (from “respectable” publications) feigning disbelief that a hoax could make it into the news. I don’t have them bookmarked but it got a few disgusted sounds out of me watching them act like they want the truth.


    What the NSA really is doing is what’s interesting to know. Edward Snowden probably only gives a surface version, at best. And actually, even though concern about the NSA activities is justified, the really “deep state” stuff is no doubt going on above even the NSA!

    The black op community has very advanced technology we can assume because of the fake science like nuclear physics that they have tricked the public scientific community to follow. So the real control power is most likely NOT within the NSA, and instead is going on behind the public scene.

    Yikes! Imagine what snooping capabilities the black op community has. Or the shadow cabal more correctly. Black op projects are even they not the top level.

    Are you worried about your emails being snooped on? Or your phone calls listened to? How about 24/7 tracking of your every thought! That’s the kind of technology we may be dealing with here.


    Richard Dolan said that the NSA has technology that is about 30 years ahead of the public technology. That doesn’t sound much but technological progress is exponential as Ray Kurzweil has described. Already around the year 2045 some experts estimate that we will reach what is called a technological singularity.

    Ray Kurzweil and the Singularity – Lew Keilar

    And with the secret cabal having even more advanced technology than the NSA we can reasonably confidently assume that advanced artificial intelligence already exists here on Earth. And that’s only counting human technology! Lol.

    Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot has talked about a lot of kooky things like time travel and reptilians. I don’t believe that kind of stuff but it’s important to not throw out the baby with the bathwater. She also has talked about an advanced AI operating in the world. And she has many sources from the black op community. The AI claim could be real!


    Can there really be some super snooping going on by the black op community that makes the NSA operations pale in comparison? Yes, I suspect there can, and there’s even this report about it:

    “Normally, what happens is that these technologies remain rather obscure and they are then discovered and are sequestered. And I do believe that there are high, very well developed detection systems that are able to pick up when someone has something like this operating. I, in fact, I’ve been told this is the case and I’m reminded also of what Ben Rich, who was the head of Lockheed Skunk Works, told us before he passed away, he said: “…look, there are NO private conversions anywhere on Earth. “ And I am quoting. And we have multiple witnesses to him saying this.” — http://peswiki.com/index.php/Report:Steven_Greer_Interview_with_Sterling_Allan,_12-3-07

    Actually, a super AI snooping on everybody would be good if it can make us 100% protected. And if the AI can keep our private thoughts and conversations secret. A huge risk however is that this kind of massive surveillance can be used against us. Not good.


    “Snowden” is pure bunkum. On multiple levels.

    ‘His’ video messages smell strongly of CGI – computer generated imagery. A while back, Simon Shack fingered “Snowden” as likely another Digital Cartoon Android (DCA) and that seems a most plausible explanation.

    It’s possible there is some human actor or model whose facial features have been digitally copied. And rendered later as “Edward Snowden” in computer animations. If so, that’s not really important. Although the presentation of that human model at a later date, presenting him before a large crowd, for example, could be used to wrong-foot those who’ve said that “Snowden” has no human origins whatsoever… But we digress..

    Perhaps the easiest way to expose “Snowden” as a fraud is by scrutinising ‘his’ many factoids on espionage. If any are false, then ‘he’ is a disinformationalist. And indeed much of what “Snowden” claims is blatant crap.

    Often ‘he’ repeats the same rubbish that was “revealed” in the highly-publicised “STOA Report” on State Espionage. That STOA Report was produced for the European Parliament back in the 1990s by the spooky Brit journalist Duncan Campbell. Campbell is linked to another disinformation operation called cryptome.org. And historically, cryptome has published many “leaked” documents from the intelligence apparatus that are later found to be complete poop.

    For example, “Snowden” sings from an uncannily similar hymn sheet to Campbell and Cryptome on the alleged fibre-tapping capabilities of the NSA/GCHQ. And in particular, the tapping of transoceanic submarine fibre-optic cabling.

    For those who’ve ever handled optic fibre, they will appreciate that “Snowden” and Campbell are spewing bunkum. Cutting and splicing fibre cabling to intercept its traffic is difficult enough above water. Imagine doing a splice with a 4,000 strand fibre, hundreds of metres beneath the sea!

    Do we even have any credible proof that there are transoceanic fibre links to tap?! But, for a moment, let us entertain the idea that transoceanic fibre links do indeed exist (however doubtful that is, in the knowledge that “satellites” are non-existent, too). Let us ask ourselves, why would any spy agency want to perform a fibre-optic interception under the sea?! Why not intercept at the optical switching apparatus on land, at either end of the link?

    It seems that “Snowden” is there primarily to ramp up the state terror. Not to enlighten us in any way. Because what ‘he’s saying is nothing new. Campbell and Cryptome have said it all before. But what ‘Snowden’ is doing is normalising state espionage and our reaction to it. And secondary to normalisation is the question of whether this spying is actually happening or not!


    Snowden is a total fake – someone has likened him to Max Headroom [q.v.] I agree. The support given to him by the spooky Guardian newspaper, and its posh weirdo editor and Chopin virtuoso Alan “Rubinstein” Rusbridger did it for me, especially where Rubbisher went into great detail about how the security services oversaw the destruction of hard drives relating to Snowroom. Priceless. Which brings us nicely back to Duncan Campbell. The most sinister thing about the Guardian is that is a trojan horse to brainwash so-disant liberal, left leaning young professionals, who unquestioningly let the Grauniad sponsored MI6-CIA foreign policy wash over them soothingly. It would be called brainwashing if it occurred in Korea (N) for example.


    Pure fiction. It is all in the name.

    Edward Snowden:

    0. Edward
    * “guardian of the property”, bewaker van het erf

    1. “Snow them”
    * to persuade or deceive: She was snowed into believing everything, iemand ondersneeuwen
    * to overwhelm with a larger amount of something than can be conveniently dealt with

    2. Snowden (character in Catch 22 who literally spilled his guts)
    * it only takes a few pages until there are other relevant things to surveillance. Main character is in a hospital during WW2 and since he’s an officer he has to censor letters for a few hours a day. He basically states something along the lines of “These letters are all so boring you have nothing to worry about surveillance”.

    3. Snow Crash (novel)
    * a new pseudo-narcotic, “Snow Crash”, being offered at an exclusive Metaverse nightclub
    * The Metaverse is a collective virtual shared space, created by the convergence of virtually enhanced physical reality and physically persistent virtual space,[5] including the sum of all virtual worlds, augmented reality, and the internet. The word metaverse is a portmanteau of the prefix “meta” (meaning “beyond”) and “universe” and is typically used to describe the concept of a future iteration of the internet, made up of persistent, shared, 3D virtual spaces linked into a perceived virtual universe.[6] [Second Life] -> Metaverse -> Metadata -> Metasploit
    * The pair soon learn of a dangerous new drug called “Snow Crash” that is both a computer virus capable of infecting the machines of unwise hackers in the Metaverse and a crippling CNS virus in Reality.


    Here’s another from the same stable:

    Oh, nicely supported by…cryptome

    Oh here’s another

    When 9/11 happened I remember listening to the radio in Baltimore; I believe it was the Tom Marr Show. And there was a network bulletin — I forget which network it was — that a plane had struck the first tower of the World Trade Center. I thought visions of King Kong and all of this stuff going back. I said, “What an unfortunate event, a plane hitting one of those buildings, just terrible loss of life.” And it was unfortunate.

    Then traveling a few more miles down the road, the news that the second airliner had hit. That’s when I knew this was not an accident; we were being attacked through some method.

    My overview of Ed Snowden is that he did a very brave thing.

    Enough said about these “whistleblowers”. File under “wild goose chase”

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