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    Terran Downvale
    Terran Downvale

    Yikes! Those recent photos of Pete are Burning my eyes! (pun intended)

    But this kinda illustrates what I’m saying about Robert Smith. Someone like Pete Burns who looks more naturally pretty can pull off wearing makeup. Whereas Smith always looked crappy in makeup to the point where it almost looked intentional. Maybe he wasn’t even trying to look pretty and more goth-ly ghoulish instead.

    And yes, Smith’s chin does look like it could be some kind of implant, and a sloppy one at that. I know most everyone’s face is naturally asymmetrical but that off-set chin has an artificial look to it.

    As for Numan, he’s reminding me a bit of Howard Stern in recent pics. That hairpiece is definitely not helping his look either.



    Some additional pics. FYI Pete Burns died on 23 October 2016.





    Smith looked quite feminine and perhaps he would have been too obvious with a glam style. However, Burns was so feminine that it was difficult to disguise. So it’s difficult to say for sure why they go with different styles. It could be just a matter of what they think they can get away with at the time.

    Numan does bear a resemblance to Stern.

    Numan appears certain to have been born female.
    Smith also appears certain to have been born female, but that’s not as clear as with Numan.
    Burns could be a more complex case.
    Was Burns born female and reverted back to female, or a prepubescent MTF who had difficulty maintaining at female later in life? Burns didn’t show many masculine traits when younger, but displayed a few when older, such as orbital eye ridges and a slightly sloping forehead. Were these due to lifelong HRT or was it because Burns was born a natural male? It’s difficult to say without a lot more background research.

    This body shot of Burns shows slightly wider shoulders than hips, but other photos of Burns show very wide hips and thighs.



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