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    They’re baby hoaxes, but there a lot of it about, involving all our favourite actors, the police, the insurance industry, the hospitals and our wonderful firefighters. This post starter is prompted by the most obvious exploding grocery shop in Leicester, next door to fast food outlet which will provide the quotes.

    Venue – a shop which kept changing names, first polish [there’s another polish shop two doors away] back to English, then just before the explosion, back to polish. Already a Mauritian family above, well three of them, is reported “missing”. We can see where that story is going. None of them was born in the UK, although they show presence in St Albans, 60 miles away, for some years.

    How to identify these as staged events where nobody dies
    Roads closed for days while the site is cleansed to remove any trace of pyrotechnic congeners.
    Absence of building rubble [c.f. 9/11]
    Pancaking of floors [c.f. 9/11]
    Main item of national news, with newspapers running a blog on the “disaster”
    Flowers left, mass outpouring of grief
    Firefighters hanging around doing nothing
    Power cut across the area [wtf?] to maximise chaos
    People evacuated to shelters.
    GoFundMe page set up
    Specially trained [i.e.relocation, new identity, online management protocols] officers on site
    Child “victims” for maximum effect
    Recent “press photos” uploaded to facebook by the soon to disappear

    Dad “survived” although he doesn’t seem to figure in the family upload.
    other fb accounbts

    etc etc, multiple private accounts also.

    The imagined death toll currently stands at 5

    Tony Hartley, who lives around 50 yards away from the blast site, told the Press Association: “Me and a friend lifted up a steel girder with about five other blokes and removed a bloke from underneath it.
    “We then turned round, saw rubble and heard a little boy crying. There was me and another bloke sifting through the rubble and we managed to pull the little boy out.

    Suuuure, just like the White Helmets do in Syria.
    Here’s the city’s mayor since 2011, formerly the Member of Parliament for part of the city
    Sir Peter Soulsby has said the incident “has all the appearances of a tragic accident”.

    no, it has the appearance of a staged event.

    He said: “It is a shop I am quite familiar with have popped in their a few times. What is terribly sad is that among the dead is a young lad

    Suuure he had. Unless he was checking everything was OK before the insurance adjustors pay for the drill.

    from a friend of Mrs Rangobeer [the shop was allegedly Polish, but managed by a kurd/turk Aram Kurd [really???]

    Krishna Rungen said his brother-in-law’s wife and two eldest sons have not been seen since the blast at the Western Park Stores building at around 7pm on Sunday evening.
    Mr Rungen said the family are “devastated” and desperately searching for news. Police have not yet given them an update or told them if the family are thought to be among the dead or missing, he said.

    [he doesn’t look particularly devastated in the photo, very cool and smiling]

    Aerial footage shows the shop on Hinckley Road and the first floor flat were both completely demolished.
    [indeed, there seem to be no evidence of any shop contents, furniture,
    fittings, bathrooms, kitchens, walls, doors, anything left….]

    The relatives of all five missing people have been informed and are being supported by specially-trained officers.

    Police say human remains relating to five people have been recovered from the wreckage, but say the devastation caused by the blast and subsequent fire means it may be some time before the bodies can be formally identified.


    Well, fancy that here’s the same format in 2011, an exploding Kebab shop also in Leicester neatly caught on CCTV as a drill stunt car comes round the corner, to give the impression of normal traffic conditions.

    Here’s the vacant lot six years later, undeveloped since this is not exactly a booming area.

    I’m sure there will be plenty more of these staged explosions/relocations to come. They’re easy to spot.

    Tom Dalpra
    Tom Dalpra

    ‘not exactly a booming area ‘.
    Boom, boom.

    I got in yesterday evening with my copy of The Metro with its prominent picture of the improbably-neat-explosion/demolition and I checked my mail.
    I had a letter marked ‘IMPORTANT’ in red lettering from The Council.
    Annual gas inspection.

    Who could argue against that compulsory visit or indeed, the obligatory £200 I pay for the privilege ?




    ‘not exactly a booming area ‘.
    Boom, boom.
    I got in yesterday evening with my copy of The Metro with its prominent picture of the improbably-neat-explosion/demolition and I checked my mail.
    I had a letter marked ‘IMPORTANT’ in red lettering from The Council.
    Annual gas inspection.
    Who could argue against that compulsory visit or indeed, the obligatory £200 I pay for the privilege ?

    Good for the gas industry, good for the insurance industry, Tom. Win win, not forgetting excellent drilling opportunities. [Metro is essential fakeolgist reading, cover to cover fake stories and sport…]

    In fact the major industry in Leicester now would seem to be staging explosions.

    Here’s more proof…[tick further boxes]
    Tahir Khan, a witness, said: “I was driving past when it happened. Loads of people were gathered and there was gas and flames coming out of the building. I looked on the road and half the building was on the road. Literally the whole of the side of the building had been blown out. I couldn’t believe it, it was like a Hollywood movie.
    Suuuure he was driving past. They’re not going to light the blue touch paper with traffic going by, are they?

    John Alexander, a BBC journalist, said: “I live about 80 yards away from where it happened. I felt a tremor, what felt like an earthquake shock, and I heard a very low boom that sounded like a very, very fast release of pressure.

    “I thought my house was going to fall down on top of me and all my neighbours have said the same thing. I saw one guy get pulled out and he’ll be very lucky if he wasn’t killed.”

    That depends on the script, John. Killed off, but not killed.



    Always an ideal to look at facebook friends…

    Mia Treacy added 14 photos and a video.
    Yesterday at 15:11 ·
    My heart will never stop hurting for you? my best friend forever and always. No words to even begin to describe the pain of loosing you?? I will never forgot your cheesy grin your crazy stories or the strangest phone calls from you that just make you cry with laughter, but mainly how you’ve never once let me down and been there for me 100% through the hardest time. it’s the worst thing to happen to the kindest family I know, Leah Sean and your beautiful mother aswell ?

    You had a heart of gold ??
    I’ll love you forever & will never forget you ??
    ‘I swear on our friendship’

    Whaaaaa they want to raise £100K!!

    £6000 raised, 94K to go.

    hmm 2.43 am, that doesn’t sound like UK time

    Binette Marie Mel
    Yesterday at 02:43 ·
    I’m kindly asking people to stop posting shit on my family members wall like the least you could do is to show some respect towards husband, son and other family members who are still being kept in the dark please stop posting or tagging we are aware of the situation if we do need any information as the police said it’ll be done through the next of kin which will then be passed on to close ones!


    what’s this though…
    Three people have been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter after Sunday night’s explosion in Leicester.

    Those arrested have not been named but they are all men in their 30s and police said they were arrested this afternoon and were being questioned by detectives.

    Leicestershire Police said in a statement: “One man comes from East Anglia, the second from the North West of the country, and the third from the East Midlands.

    One of the five people taken to hospital after Sunday night’s explosion is in a critical but stable condition, while the other four have been discharged from hospital.

    Five people are still classed as missing following the blast.
    These are Mary Ragoobeer, her sons Shane, 18, and Sean, Leah Reek, 18, and 22-year-old Polish shop worker Viktorija Ljevleva.
    Human remains relating to five people have been recovered from the wreckage.
    However, given the devastation caused by the blast and subsequent fire, it may be some considerable time before the bodies can be formally identified.


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