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    Good find, xileffelix, we all love a good nail-biting air disaster! [incidentally new season of Air Crash: Disasters Uncovered on BlazeTVhttp://www.blaze.tv/series/seasons?series=Air%20Crash:%20Disasters%20Uncovered ]

    Lyndsey Elliott [13] visited by Prince Charles

    What became of orphaned 13-year old Lyndsay [Christine] Elliot b.1971 Wirral]? The poor mite who suffered the triple tragedy of losing her single-mother Barbara Elliot née Gartland plus aunt and uncle [Joyce and Leslie Oliver] in the horrific blaze on the airport tarmac.

    Despite all the odds, young Lyndsay pulled through with a miraculous recovery. And we’ve only got the Royals to thank for that.

    In a fairytale ending almost cut-and-paste from Brothers Grimm, the Prince & Princess of Wales maintained a bedside vigil beside orphaned teen Lyndsay until she roused from her “coma”. Awwww! :-

    From The Times, (Aug 28, 1985) :

    Miss Lindsey Elliott aka Lyndsay Christine Elliot

    Meanwhile father Derek Elliot, estranged from late wife Barbara, immediately jetted-in from the USA, visiting daughter Lyndsay in Wythenshawe Hospital. Taking over the bedside vigil from Prince Charles & Lady Di.

    Curiously, no mention of Lyndsay’s elder brother Andrew Paul Elliot [b. who would have been 18 at the time.

    So where are they all today?

    Mother Barbara’s dead. Obviously.

    Dad Derek Elliot is still out in USA – Clermont FL (via Springboro OH). Playing the quintessential English lager lout (aged 76)!.

    Never-mentioned orphaned brother Andrew stayed out in Ohio, pressing buttons at IBM..

    Joyce and Leslie Oliver’s two orphaned sons – (Lyndsay’s cousins) – Christopher [b.1960] and David Oliver [b.1965] – still live on the Wirral; David “inherited” the old family home at Venables Close, Spital; while brother Christopher is in nearby Thornton Hough.

    While not-so-teeny-these-days, Lyndsay [now Dourdin-Elliot] surfaced 2015 in Lille, France [via Florida, Ohio and Rotterdam].

    Since 2015 she’s been Professor Lyndsay Christine Dourdin-Elliot, Head of Humanities / Professor of International Relations & Critical Thinking (haha!) at Catholique Univ. in Lille, France.

    #PRAY FOR MANCHESTER : - Lyndsay Dourdin-Elliot.  Indeed. But which Manchester? #Manchester2017 ? Or #Manchester1985?

    #PRAY-FOR-MANCHESTER : – Professor Lyndsay Dourdin-Elliot. Indeedy. But which Manchester? #Manchester2017 ? Or #Manchester1985 ?!

    Bet that #Pray-For-Manchester parallel meme triggers a well-earned duper’s chuckle!

    Huge gaps of decades in Lyndsay’s linkedin profile. Where’s she been all those intervening years?? Graduated Andrews School for Girls, Willoughby OH in 1989. And then vanished until 2014 for her Master’s at Erasmum, Rotterdam. Some lacuna.



    And Ooh! See her linkedin photo — spot the poster behind! RMS Titanic!
    Fancy that! Imagine the tales that Professor Elliot could tell us about (fishy) transport disasters!!

    TRANSPORT DISASTERS -- Lyndsay Dourdin-Elliot



    Excellent work, Psyopticon
    When one watches the pathetic stories of the few trusted and coached survivors to appear in the media, it’s obvious that #NDNGH.
    Barbara just vanishes.

    The parents [Florence and Thomas Gartland] of her and elder sister by four years, Joyce [q.v.] lived locally until 2001 and 1997 respectively, despite the appalling “tragedy” of losing both their children in a “plane crash” years earlier yet never appeared in the media.

    Gary Kent, brother in law of Derek, friends with Lyndsay, never mentions the “tragedy”.

    Another key actor in the media was one of the “surviving” stewards, Joanna Toff now Joanna Caston

    She may be seen in the “Zal Rule” video, Disaster on the Runway at 4.30 and 8.15, one of of several reciters of the “I thought it was a tyre blowout” meme. [cf. the “blown speaker” narrative in more recent psy-ops] She says it was “a bit of a bottleneck and everybody was pushing forward” at the single operatiional emergency door, lol! Everybody just tumbled in behind the boy in the ‘yellow t-shire’ Joanna ejected from the plane. lol! Hero!

    Joanna Toff was awarded the Queen’s Gallantry Medal for her bravery after crawling on her hands and knees to reach choking passengers and drag them to the escape chute…he Manchester coroner, Leonard Gorodkin, said at the time that Joanna had “acted magnificently”.

    The disaster on a jet packed with holidaymakers bound for Corfu claimed the lives of colleagues Jacqueline Urbanski and Sharon Ford, and after the ordeal Joanna decided to quit Manchester with husband Mick ** to start a new life in France.
    It still feels strange talking about the plane disaster and I do feel blessed having survived that and cancer too.

    Feb 15 2007

    Joanne’s heroic story is told in more detail here
    Angels Of The Sky – British Airtours Flight 28M ‘Manchester Ringway Disaster’

    Where are they now? Singapore
    Director Sales and Marketing
    Flight Experience
    February 2008 – Present (10 years 5 months)Singapore
    Co-owner and operator of Flight Experience Singapore – Asia’s first real flight simulator for the public.

    Worked closely with MayDay TV company and their programme Air Crash Investigations for the episode that highlighted an incident I was involved in. LOL!

    ** Here’s Mick b 1947, who has been retired for a number of years as a BA pilot [2016 video]

    We interviewed Captain Michael Caston, Managing Director of Flight Experience Singapore, and a retired airline pilot of over 41 years (with British Airways and Singapore Airlines) with over 26,000 flight hours, on what visitors can expect at Flight Experience Singapore’s authentic B737NG fixed based simulator, and what businesses can gain from leadership and teambuilding workshops inside the simulator

    Here’s another great video, focussing on “survivors” Lynsey DAvies and Charlie Hickson [C.C Hickson of Moss Side] and Lindsay Davies from Sale.

    as faithfully ‘remembered’ in 2010
    “We started picking up speed to take off and there was a dull thud, clearly coming from outside,” Lindsay said. “I could see the back of the engine casing, and could see orange inside the engine, then I saw flames.

    “I looked to the back and there was smoke coming through one of the windows. There was a tiny hole, almost as if it had cracked with the heat. By now the plane was almost at a standstill, and people had started moving into the aisle. But the queue wasn’t moving, and I was thinking ‘This thing is going to blow up’. I just wanted to get off.”
    Lindsay jumped down an escape chute to the runway, just as firefighters arrived.
    She added: “Even at this point, I thought we’d be getting our cases off and getting on another plane. That’s how little I knew of what was going on in there.
    “I looked at the plane and the whole of the back end had fallen down and there were black clouds of smoke pumping out.”




    Notes on some of the fictims of Manchester flight 28

    Rebecca Michelle Bates, aged 9, from Wetherby, Yorkshire, no adults of that name perished. No such birth recorded in England and Wales.

    Maurice, aka Morris Allmark b 1938, Brenda Marie, nee Taylor b 1956 . and their son aged 11, Steven Allmark b 1975, from St Helens, married 1973 in Brandford, Yorkshire.
    Interestingly, Maurice has no E&W birth registered, but there’s another 1956 marriage recorded to a Valerie Child, also b 1939,producing 4 children. 1957-1962

    We can assume this is the same father, on his second family.
    Always interesting, these fictims with children.
    to be continued…



    The heroic, deceased steward[ess] Jaqueline Mary Urbanski aged 27, nee Ainsworth [married John P Urbanski who vanishes [no issue] [There is another John Paul Urbanski b 1977, m 2004 who is certainly someone else] He may have been Jan Urbanski [sic] born Littleborough 1958.
    That leads to a dead end, unfortunately.
    Touching wedding photo surfaced, however “source Carl Moyle” [who he?]

    Parents Tom [sic] [1928-1991] and Catherine Marie Ainsworth [nee Lawler, d 2012] brother of Jacquline – Thomas G Ainsworth b 1961.
    No mention of any of them in news reports. More dead ends. These may be the sibling’s children having married Deborah E Abbott in Rochdale in 1981 They stayed local but Thomas has drifted off…
    this is Deborah, ex-sister in law of the “dead” stewardess, friends with her children, whose auntie “died” , Stacey James and Dean, now married to a Thai woman.
    I guess they may be all out of the loop.

    Probate – Jacqueline Mary Urbanski of 2 Bower Avenue, Wardle, Rochdale, died August 22 1985 Administration 15 November 1985

    Or what about this “deceased” pair, possibly relocated, also from Sheffield
    Rita LAWRENCE, of Sheffield b 1947 [nee Collins, spouse John W Lawrence]
    Joanne Louise LAWRENCE, age 15, of Sheffield

    sibling John Christopher Lawrence, b 1972 survived, along with dad John W Lawrence. where did they go to?

    Here’s a nice summary for the 30th anniversary, with a Yorkshire perspective

    Boy off with dad, girl off with mum perhaps….

    Probate – Joanne Louise Lawrence, 117 Lindley Lane, Sheffield. Died August 22 1985, administration December 18 1985

    Insights One of those from Sheffield who died was 18-year-old Sarah Beckett. Her father William, who helped with wife Linda to found an air safety campaign group in the wake of the tragedy, said today: “They [Manchester airport or British Airways, which operated Airtours] have got no excuse not to apologise.

    Survivors and the relatives of those who died eventually successfully sued US aircraft engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney.

    [August 22 2015 hoax management]

    Now, here’s the funny thing, according to the Times newspaper, August 22 1985, the list of survivors does not include any people called Beckett! With whom was she travelling?

    And unusually for an 18 year old, there was probabe
    Sarah Beckett 274 Eccleshall Road South, Sheffield. died August 22 1985 Administration August 4 1986

    But….it get weirder [as in the Bethnal Green wartime “disaster”], children are the subject of probate…
    Susan Pamela Beal of Whitegates, Doveston Road, Sale died August 22 1985
    administration October 10 1985
    Age 16, remember.

    And we even have a 9 year old girl being the subject of probate…
    Rebecca Michelle Bates also Harrison ** 21 Nichols Way Linton Park Wetherby died August 22 1985 administration October 10 1985 Estate £60,000!!!!! Aged 9 years !!!
    aka a nice little relocation lump sum.
    One of the alleged survivors according to The Times was Catherine Harrison [sic] of the same address.

    ** There is no birth for a Rebecca Michelle Bates,but only for a Catherine Michelle Harrison in Newcastle, correctly in 1976 [Q2] the only child of Kathryn [sic] Inness b 1951 and Eric M Harrison.. who may be

    And here’s the confirmiation – a marriage in Leeds [near Wetherby] in 1985
    Eric E Bates with Kathryn Harrison.
    So that would be Eric Ernest Bates, Quantity Surveyor of the same address, b Newcastle 1944
    previous marriage to Kathleen L Short in 1968, Newcastle.

    And have we any 22 month old babies beingthe subject of probate? Indeed we have!!
    Lisa Barker of 12 Harvest Bank, Hyde Heath *** Amersham, Bucks died 22 August 1985 Administration 1 September 1985!

    *** the very same village in which top company executive Richard Cousins, the “victim” of the seaplane “crash” in Sydney [q.v.] at the end of 2017, had a more luxurious home!! A dangerous place to live!

    And Steven Allmark’s sendoff – for an 11 year old boy…
    not exceeding £40,000
    of 13 Jerome Gardens, Sutton, St Helens,died 22 August 1985, administration December 16 1985

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    A little gem with a sporting [horse racing] connection was brought up in a search for Royal Humane Society awards [an organisation which often uses heroes to rubber stamp hoaxes as genuine events]

    and it was a SILVER!

    Ray Cochrane will be presented on Tuesday with a Royal Humane Society silver medal, its top domestic award, for saving the life of his friend and fellow jockey, Frankie Dettori, when their light aircraft crashed on June 1 just after take-off at Newmarket.

    Despite suffering burns to his head, Cochrane dragged the injured Dettori out of the plane and also tried, unsuccessfully, to save the pilot

    As so often happens, the pilot dies and is in his 50s.
    Pilot Patrick Mackey, 52 of Axminster died – check
    isolated area – between the July and Rowly Mile courses at Newmarket in an area known as the Devil’s Ditch. check

    Cochrane and Dettori were heading for a race at Goodwood when the Piper Seneca plane they were travelling in caught fire just after take-off.
    Dettori suffered multiple injuries and, like Cochrane, spent several days in hospital after the crash.

    wow! Such resilience.

    Speaking after the crash, Dettori, then 29, praised his colleague’s “impossible” actions in trying to save his fellow passengers’ lives.
    “I was very, very, very surprised to be alive,” Dettori recalled. “I heard Ray shouting ‘get out’. We tried to force the door, but it was caved in.
    “We quickly searched for a way out and saw a hole in the back, through the luggage door and as far as I recollect I scrambled my way out and Ray followed.

    “My face was cut to bits. I felt I had lost my right eye. I couldn’t really see because of the blood.
    “I stopped about 10 steps away from the plane and I recollect that I just collapsed to the floor and everything was a blur.
    “Ray was determined to get me away from the plane and he helped me away. Then I saw him go back to the plane, but it was exploding and on fire.

    “I saw him taking his jacket off and trying to fight the blaze. He tried to do something that was impossible.

    My money’s on this being a hoax. A racing certainty.

    Frankie leaving Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge

    Captain Nick Lees, the director of racing and clerk of the course, said he was the first person to the scene of the crash.

    well well.

    June 1 2000

    Hoax management – June 2002 – must give the lawyers a drink from the hoax fountain
    Mr Cochrane is suing Mr Mackey’s wife, Jill, and Sheik Mohammed’s Godolphin management company which owned the plane.

    …. he is suing for £500,000 loss of earnings.

    and which case seemed to vanish.

    Back in 2000,
    The widow of Patrick Mackey, [Jill Mackey, also 52] has described him as a dedicated and experienced pilot who was obsessed with safety.

    “I am sure he would be pleased they had survived,” she said.
    The couple had been married for 25 years and had moved to Axminster, Devon, a year ago.
    Mrs Mackey said she was heartbroken at losing the man whom she described as her best friend as well as her husband.
    She told how Patrick had given up a career in motor racing to become a pilot 15 years ago..

    Patrick Mackey also enjoyed diving and go-karting

    Probate November 2 2000

    . Dettori, 30, broke his ankle but was able to return to racing.** Cochrane, who damaged an already-injured back and suffered burns and blurred vision in his right eye, has since retired.
    February 21 2001
    ** as predicted by the Sheikh Mohammed….
    June 3 2000
    Dettori and Cochrane were visited by Sheikh Mohammed al Maktoum, who runs the Godolphin racing stables for which Dettori rides. Mohammed, who flew from Paris to spend an hour with the pair, said the jockey would make a full recovery.
    “Frankie is OK. He will be all right.
    They are both very fit people

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    A fascinating piece of WW2 fakery has emerged after just over a year’s silence.
    This seems to confirm the fakery involved in wartime “deaths”, but may also be some form of hoax management.
    Allegedly two pilots “died” in a mid-air collision in 1942. Both pilots were apparently buried. Both were Australian! Wow! How “unlucky” can you get?
    Now, “human remains” which somehow have been ascribed to one of the pilots, an Australian, Squadron Leader Daniel E. Cremin, 25, who already has one of those immaculate Commonwealth War Graves Commission headstones.

    The other pilot, William [D.] Norman, [aged 26] was also killed and is buried at St Illogan Church at Illogan
    so we’re told….

    His son, Mark Cremin [who lives in England]
    said: “It’s a bit of mystery why they are having an inquest now. His remains, or so my mother thought, were buried in 1942.
    “Quite clearly, there was nothing in the coffin except sand bags. **
    “He was in charge of 66 Squadron and went out on a training mission with another pilot when they collided in mid air.”


    ** isn’t that what we have been suggesting as standard practice in #NDNGH #HRDPAR events?

    How were these bones found?
    “A metal detectorist discovered the bones and reported it to the police so I suppose they have to have an inquest now.

    “I took his bones and interred them at his grave, where he has a Commonwealth War Grave headstone, at the Roman Catholic Cometary at Wardour in Wiltshire.”


    Some more details at the BBC
    Mark Cremin, said a sealed coffin of his father’s remains was sent to his family and buried in Wiltshire [Tisbury]
    In November [2017], a second service was held and Sqn Ldr Cremin’s remains were interred in his original grave

    Sqn Ldr Cremin and his wife Patricia Whitemore
    “I missed him as a father all those years and somehow doing that was a conclusion.
    “It’s now all in one place and drawn together.”

    It would seem that his wife was Patricia Mary Whitemore, b 1913 [January 9] in Plymouth district.
    Died 1974 aged 61 [no probate] Salisbury district. [which includes Tisbury]
    Her own mother Ethel Mary Whitemore had apparently died aged 66 in 1940, oddly described as a “spinster”….perhaps because she had been divorced and not remarried; probate to her sister in law, who was a spinster Olive Jessie Whitemore, 1884-1972.
    Patricia’s father Samuel Thorn/e Whitemore died 1957 aged 79 in London. Probate to “Ethel Whitemore, widow” d 1961 aged 72. [no probate, once again]
    Samuel Thorn Whitemore married 1) Ethel Mary Briggs in 1908 and 2) Ethel Thompson in 1921 in London

    Inquest tomorrow.



    I don’t want to dwell on the Vauxhall London January 2013 fake helicopter “crash” which is well covered elsewhere
    Obviously there was no helicopter, and the two reported deaths were relocations with empty casket funerals.
    for an overview watch here

    although the banner at the bottom covers the mechanism which fed burning fuel from an adjacent and anonymous pale brick Cable and Wireless building which had been commandeered for the hoax, better seen in the BBC clip from ‘citizen journalist” Nic Walker [allegedly]
    You have to take your hat off to the people who research, plan and carry out these hoaxes.

    But it remains my favouorite stunt, an elaborate and very expensive Hollywood style movie shot in real life, in a rare part of central London which was zoned for clearance i.e. an ideal movie set, albeit on several major bus routes. The timing required, in the London rush hour was perfect, as was the weather [fog]. Had it been in the can waiting for the “off” following a propitious weather forecast? [as with 9/11]

    It also showed how these events are painstakingly put together, with rehearsed witnesses, with prepared statements and tweets, and how “awkwardly placed” locals were brought onside to be part of the one-take film.
    The laughable Wikipedia official narrative

    I still find new details. And the hoax continues to give nearly 5 years on…

    Graduate sues for £1,300,000 after Vauxhall helicopter crashed near to his car

    Sami Halawa, 26, was in his car below when it was set on fire by some of the flaming debris, the Evening Standard reports. The London School of Economics graduate is now suing the owners of the helicopter, Rotormotion UK, as he claims the trauma of the crash wrecked his banking career.

    Yeah, right….

    The narrative series of tweets for the MSM came from someone allegedly living [or placed for the event] in one of the row of houses right in the crash zone, starting the flow within minutes of the “crash”.
    Nic Walker was in bed when he was awoken by the sound of the helicopter, seconds before the impact. He pulled on some clothes and ran outside to help, only to find a stretch of the street on fire.

    Yeah, and tweeting straight away. Suuuuuure.
    Here’s his stream, for reference

    Strangely, The Times used a similar story [paywall] with a different name…
    Mike Moody (Times):
    Mike Moody, 27, an area manager, was in his flat with Alan Wiltshire, 22, post-production runner when helicopter crashed onto the road directly outside

    “We woke up to the sound of an explosion and then screams. (I) looked out of the window and saw a woman screaming, saw the smoke and we ran for it basically. I’m still in my pyjamas with my jeans over the top. The smoke was very very close to our flat; it was literally the building next door and so we went outside and we saw there was till what sounded like explosions – I assume it was the cars. There was a land rover, a black land rover that was on fire at about 5 to 10 metres from my door, just on the corner of Miles Street and Wandsworth road which were people trying to put out but other people were saying we’ve got to move because that will explode. Some of the construction workers from where the crane was told us just basically said everyone move now this is really, really dangerous. Go. We left. ”

    “There was someone in the range rover that was on fire but he got out. It was only a small fire on the bonnet at the time. He was taken out of the car by the consturction workers, they pulled him out. It looked like Baghdad. Lots of people screaming, crying. No-one really sure what was going on. I rang my mum at 5 minutes past 8 and we left at 6 minutes past 8 because that’s when I rang her back to say we’d been told to move.“
    Very very narrative.

    The Anorak also quotes another obscure “witness”, a “Harley man” type

    Mark Louis Sidney, who was heading for Vauxhall station, told Sky News: “I heard a loud bang, I looked up and saw bits of propeller and parts of the aircraft falling off it and then plummeting down. Then a plume of smoke went up.
    “I called the emergency services. It happened in a matter of a seconds before it was on the ground. I thought ‘Wait a minute, has this thing been shot out of the sky or what?’.
    “I could see the top of the crane was shaking on the top of the building. It was very foggy so the helicopter probably couldn’t see it.”

    Mr Sidney said the emergency response was “very professional” and there was “no delay”.

    [the standard ‘wonderful emergency services’ quote]
    Revision – there was NO helicopter.

    Well, he is a recruited local – because here he is, office manager for Citywire
    “Vauxhall London born and raised”

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    Incidentally, this is what is planned for the site of this faked crash and disaster.

    Does it remind us of anything? The staging area for the “crash” was in front of the anonymous low rise white Cable & Wireless building which has mysteriously been spared redevelopment.

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