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    Tal Shiar

    Hello AB,

    I have been listening to your content for over two years now. In the beginning I was intrigued with the whole community at Fakologist! It was very uplifting to meet other people who had similar views as my own, in regards to the media fakery. I have plenty of stories to share, but I never had the opportunity to speak about them. I believe I had a wonderful insight, because many of these faked events have taken place where I grew up in the Northeast and have affected people that I know and are related too.

    You have repeatedly referenced yourself as a researcher and that you are on your own journey. I believe you have also stated that you do not feel responsible for people who enter the fakologist world. While I can respect your view on that statement, you actually do bear some responsibility since you are the person in charge of the Fakoligist website. It is in my belief that your responsibility lies with the content that you are promoting and sharing. During your recent post, Audiochat-Tom Dalpra gets his Mojo risin’, you have allowed that women from Scotland to make anti-Semitic comments. This is not the first time that she has made these comments. In reality she has made anti-Semitic comments at least 5 times and that is just some of the podcasts that I have listen to. In addition, she makes general statements and does not research one thing! She just makes general statement, which often times are bigoted in nature.

    Also, if people are going to sit around and talk about AIDS. Why don’t they pick up a book and learn about human anatomy and physiology. It one thing to be a researcher and another to just have an opinion without understanding the mechanics behind things. I have a degree in Medical Biology and I have worked with plenty of AIDS and Cancer patients in my lifetime. It’s just amazing the stupidity, that you want to label as research! Where is the regulation of that content?

    I asked to leave your community, after the way you treated myself and Videre during one of the podcasts. Since you didn’t remove me from your site, I still receive e-mails. So I guess that makes me part of your community still. My grievance with your actions is how you completely dismissed my logical views to what occurred on one of the podcasts with Videre and John Le Bon (JLB). I understand that you have some connection with JLB, but I didn’t realize that you relationship with him would be at the expense of other fakoligists. It’s interesting to note that the issues that Videre and myself have with JLB was with his scare tactics. Which was in regards to his selling fear about the mandating of vaccines in Australia. Videre had presented solutions to the issue JLB was bringing up. JLB and you dismissed them completely. Maybe it’s because you are all about rating and nothing about the content! Honestly, you sound like you are part of the media with that type of mentality.

    I would like to ask you to do some real soul searching here! Seriously, really think about what direction you are headed in and the hate speech you are promoting!

    THANK YOU in advance for maintaining fakologist and creating a community where media fakery can be exposed. Just remember, there are ways to do it without being anti-semtic, shooting down other fakeolgist, and promoting scare tactics!



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