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    A RA R

    The concept of false opposition is a fairly modern one, perhaps, but it may help us explain much older events.

    If one takes, for example, Alex Jones as a character in a scripted story, he is then a false opposition to the state’s officials. This is because his oppositional point of view reinforces the “reality” of the side he is opposing to, preventing “believers” from realizing the false nature of the whole script itself.

    In the same way, “Satan” (the “oppositioner”) plays the similar role of false opposition to “God”. All the traits attributed to “Satan” are verifiable (within the scripted story, that is) as belonging to “God”. Still, when those traits are validated by the “God” figure, these are given a “good” value, but when not, then they are “evil” and pushed over to “Satan”.
    This false dichotomy gave rise to the naive idea that there is a “Satanic” subversion of “God’s” word. It is a result of an unconditional belief in the script as a reality, but it can be explained simply by realizing that, in the script, “God” and “Satan” are the same character and that the script itself is not real.
    Everything “Satan” is said to be and do, “God” is and does – it’s as simple as that, there was no subversion.
    It is only when the believers in the script realize that “God” is the same devilish “Satan” figure, that they may at last depart from the script altogether and face the unknown that lies beyond.

    Similarly, Alex Jones did not “subvert” the state’s 9/11 story (I remember “God’s” representative at the time saying to the people «do not believe outrageous conspiracy theories», which hints at a subvertion from the characters making those outrageous claims), he is however a character playing a part within the state’s script. He is as much a false opposition to the state as “Satan” is to “God”. Both characters are the same with different names and it’s all a fictional story, whose purpose is all that matters to its creators, not its factual veracity.

    Tom DalpraTom Dalpra

    Well put Armunn. Great, I’d say.

    Yes, that is still the original false story they play to. Inventing the evil…playing to that invented paradigm. Good and evil. All these devil references…the Hell in hello and live backwards reading evil. The whole system of control is written around that invented fallacy and still very much played whether we know it or not…999 emergency code…Devil reference with every apple product. Still playing pretend Devil and God.

    It’s the template. It’s the original fake paradigm, false dichotomy and made-up model.

    Alex ‘left/right paradigm’ Jones is soOOO playing that game, it’s silly.
    He invokes the evil. He makes evil seem credible.

    Great concise post Armunn.



    That’s amazing Armunn. While i understand that the God/Satan meme is merely aspects of self… arcs and angles, i would not have made the connection between the Gods on Earth ad AJ if not for your article, but of course, that is what we are looking at.

    You have a distinct knack for bringing it all back to 0… well done. Thanks for the lesson.

    The compass and scribe… one makes arcs, the other makes angles… Archangels. Gnosis… no/is.

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    Armunn… such nonsense! Everybody knows that
    god is god.


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