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    Welcome Joemama

    I have been an avid truther since 2004 and have been exposing the lies and fraud as loudly and passionately as possible. I’m a flat earther as well and have been spending a LOT of time in that arena for the last four years. Los Angeles, white male, 58 yrs old, and VERY well studied in the truth. Street truth activist, madman on the keyboard (computer, not piano), and I have yet to find a lie that can’t be exposed with a little help from my open ears and eyes. We live in insane times and being awake is a very strange life. Thank you!

    napoleon wilson
    napoleon wilson

    joemama sounds fun cant wait to meet him.

    napoleon wilson: MILLENIUM FALL-CON 2001
    ( the 2001 sep 11 attacks)
    You know as well as i do the outcome of this event affected all the gangs around the world . and each gang has a code so , the bible lot got their prophecy zerubabbel, the masons with the star alignments and the towers falling , even my generation got their prophecy, the millenium fall-con stealing the luke and leia the twins (towers) and only one had a lightsabre ( antenna ) away and subsequently the war on the darkside.(terrorism) nev



    Me too Napoloeon….15 whole years of frantic keyboard activity [which site/blogs? I’m curious] ..and finally, after all these peregrinations in the wilderness, a home run to Fakeologist.com



    do you lean towards the dubay / del or steere / oakley sites on your FE journey ?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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