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    Welcome Lenny,

    Got into 911 in 2004 when my elderly mother voiced her skepticism of the reality of planes demolishing buildings in the fashion we saw on TV. I was recovering from a serious accident with lots of time on my hands so took the usual Internet journey to Conspiracyville: Loose Change, Plain Site & Alex Jones.

    Had little patience for AJ as his voice and rambunctious manner irritated me. Discovered Fetzer in 2006/7, and Tarpley et al. Went the Judy Wood route which introduced me to No Planes and SC.

    Persisted with Judy Wood for far too long until last year when I first watched SC Addendum all the way through. That was the key to the big change in consciousness it’s fair to say.

    Have listened to many Fakeologist & KHamm episodes & Hoaxbuster Calls and conversant with many of the aspects and applications of the ideas. Also an avid reader of the Clues and Fakeologist forums.



    Cheers Ab, and thanks for approving my membership. I’d like to say how much I enjoy your site and the radio shows: I listen to them all, you, KHam, rollo et al. Also, enjoy the radio archives.

    Now the penny’s dropped about all the fakin’ going on, it’s hard to listen to anything else with a straight face!


    I enjoy your site and the radio shows: I listen to them all, you, KHam, rollo etc..

    Lenny- can you tell me which radio shows, specifically?

    There are some things you can't cover up with lipstick and powder. Elvis Costello


    Hi Anthony,

    Well, I like to listen to “fakeologist radio”. The audiochats, and I’m listening to KHammad, episode 25, right now. I’ve also had a lovely time reviewing the archives: I like the Simon Shack interviews, and I dip into other non-911 topic areas I’m interested in too: jfk, flat earth, and other things that might take my fancy.



    Welcome Jack,

    I’m from Dallas, TX.

    Sorry for not filling everything out thoroughly..I was in bed, half asleep when I decided to register, hence the grammatical errors.

    I wanted to let you know that I love your site and what you do there Ab. As I mentioned before, your site has helped keep me sane in an otherwise insane world. I find it so incredibly difficult to watch virtually everyone I know being duped over and over again by the psychopathic cabal in charge.
    It’s hard to believe I was once one of those being duped.

    I only wish more people would wake up before it’s too late.


    Welcome Hare Brain:

    Well…single Asian male, born and raised in SF Bay Area, in 1972. Average paying job fixing computers. Mediocre business degree from mediocre college. Introvert with an interest in psychology and personality disorders. News junkie – used to be more paleo-conservative, now I don’t really care about politics. Used to listen to a lot of Rush Limbaugh, Howard Stern, Fox news. But I would balance that out by reading leftwing or radfem stuff – Andrea Dworkin, Chris Hedges, NY Times. I don’t have a tv, and I’m not really using my computer as a tv. So I no longer watch tv shows, or movies – but I still might return to it. I’m basically a youtube junkie these days, and follow ASMR, manosphere and gender politics. And of course, the hoax community. I listen to Spotify a lot, and listen to the current hits, classic rock, 80s, classical, dance. Trying to get back into learning piano and guitar. Wasted a big part of my life sleeping too much. I don’t exercise. I don’t go to doctors or dentists. I think the most healthy way for humans to live is as naked hunter gatherers. I still eat meat, but not happy about that. Used to be a big comic book nerd. I don’t have friends.

    I don’t believe in outer space, nukes, dinosaurs – I’m kinda out there. Also, don’t really believe in a single secret society ruling the world. I used to, but now I think that idea is about as valid as Bigfoot. I know quite a bit about the New Testament and Christian theology.

    I’ve got anxiety issues, but try to keep an even keel and to never get mad.

    I found your site by googling the empty buildings theory. I’ve been following your site, since about…around ep 74.

    Hoax Resume:

    1980s: Started reading nutty books about UFOs, Bermuda Triangle, Bigfoot. Kinda weird for a school library.
    1990s: Read even nuttier books: Montauk project, fake moon landing, David Icke, Bill Cooper, channeled writings, magick, Crowley, secret societies, more aliens. Listened to Art Bell on a regular basis.
    9/11: I watched ABC News and Peter Jennings and got to see the first tower fall on live tv. Watched a lot of the tv news coverage during this time. Thought it was real at first, but was persuaded by the conspiracy sites at the time.
    2000s: More Icke, Jeff Rense, Alex Jones, mostly mainstream conspiracy stuff.
    2010s: Youtube – the crazies: Dallas Goldbug, Jungle Surfer, Dave J. A little less crazy: FreeRadio, Truther Girls, Dahboo, Betsy Mcgee, Montagraph, Max Malone – too many to mention. Cluesforum, space travel hoax, earth is flat/concave. Project Avalon forum, Mark Passio, David Wilcock, 2012, Henry Makow, peak oil theory, economic doom, chemtrails. Listened to a bunch of Fakeologist shows.

    What I believe: I’m living in a virtual reality, and can’t be sure who or what is real. It’s possible that everyone is fake. I would like to talk to some hoax believers, and see if they’re real.


    Welcome Jnguyen:

    My writing is really bad. Sorry ahead of time. I’ll try to make it short and I have nothing to hide I just want to learn whatever I can so that I can examine things for myself instead of trusting someone else.
    I honestly don’t have any background with hoaxes or fakery. I’m just trying to learn so that I can do my own research and try to help wake people up. I have been following a YouTube community but I noticed a lot of things that just doesn’t seem right and see that they don’t care about anyone else only the people in selected circles. Peoples Ideas,opinions and questions don’t matter. How most of the people in the groups do things I don’t agree with. I want to be honest and helpful to people who are just waking up and be able to work with genuine like minded people where everyone’s opinions as well as ideas matter. I don’t know what else to say. Thank you for your time a nice evening.

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