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    Florida movie theater shooting – Widow Nicole Oulson
    ( This “shooting” happened on January 13th 2014 )

    So who is Nicole Oulson?(widow of the shooting)
    check out her facebook page, and some of her “favorites – other” section.



    Pasco theater shooting widow to be on ‘The View’ —- ( really? didn’t her husband just pass away?? and why is she going on a TV show with this???
    Do people grieve anymore????)

    (in the article, they state the Rosie O’donnell Vs Elisabeth Hasselbeck “epic” showdown? round 2 is coming up?
    Do people really tune in for this?? they also mention the word “epic” twice. Sadly i have zero time to “tune in” to
    this so called ” epic” showdown, but they assure us it will be ” live and unedited” in the following quote…

    ” O’Donnell, who was a notably stormy panelist, hasn’t been on the show since her epic fight with Elisabeth Hasselbeck on May 23, 2007. The live, unedited fight started over the War in Iraq, but quickly escalated. She will be on the panel Friday ”


    The video (in the link above)

    This whole vid is very odd, from the very eerie creepy look the widow gives directly into the camera’s eye @:33 seconds, to the
    close up shot of a can @2:09. Nicole Oulson’s demeanor reminded my of The Sandy Hook Cast, no true emotion, no tear, terrible acting.
    As I look into more of her interviews, the less klenex for her eyes is needed.



    In the link above, another video interview with Nicole Oulson.

    Highlights of the above video –

    Listen to this reporter from 0 to 34 seconds dish out the fear.
    Now keeping in mind, her husband just passed away 10 days ago, the widows behavior is “Sandy Hook-ish.”
    @39 seconds – Cue the dramatic eerie music.
    @45 seconds, as they have a stroll, they chat about how she was shot, by the same bullet, which just happens to hit her ring finger? and maybe her ring could of deflected it?? also, listen to her talk, no tears, no emotion whatsoever.
    @1:07 – Cue the Dramatic Music
    btw – the pics they show look iffy PhotoSlop-ish

    @1:29 ” …never met a stranger…” @1:36 ” …you still talk about him in the present tense…”

    @2:12 ” …It is just magic…” @2:54 “…get your popcorn?….” @3:17 – sound issues @3:21 “…be very respectful…”

    @3:56 “…blink of an eye…”

    @4:08 ( i found this swinging of her “shot hand” odd )

    @4:34 C’mon, look how far in front, the officer is of the man wearing something white…?

    @7:15 “…somebody who’s looking for trouble…” (?)

    @7:25 “…and it’s so hard…” (crying seems also hard for her)

    @8:01 ” to tell his story” (to us) or ( history) ???

    @8:40 – (what pain? do you have tear ducts?)


    Here is another interview with the widow (i suggest full screen mode )


    Listen to the widow’s words, Look at her expressions, no tear… This is an “F” in many ways.

    @1:11 “….for her daughter, just 22 months old…” <— 22 is a magic number, just another coincidence? also Alexis was the name of the shooter in the “Navy Yard Shooting”.(Aaron Alexis) – just another coincidence?


    One last link about this “story” including a video from CNN



    Sadly, i see many aspect of Sandy Hook and other “Suspicious stories from the past” littered in this “story”.

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    Tom Dalpra

    How many bad actresses do we need?



    Don’t blame this on the actress, the script was garbage!

    I hope this doesn’t hurt her burgeoning career. Only $20,000 in donations so far

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