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    We all dig opera.


    Coincidence or more opera?

    Germanwings CEO Oliver Wagner confirmed that Flight 4U9525 from Barcelona to Duesseldorf crashed in a remote snowy area of the French Alps and all 150 on board were feared dead.


    Tom Dalpra

    Yeh, PsyOpera’s indeed.

    All these actors in a Wagnerian Gesamtkunstwerk ( Total work of Art )

    Certainly ‘Wagner sought to synthesise the poetic, visual, musical and dramatic arts, with music subsidiary to drama’, just as the wizards of psyOpery try to synthesise all media to reality.

    They’ve done it for years. Hey, do you remember when Pavarotti went down in Scotland?




    All these actors in a Wagnerian Gesamtkunstwerk

    Yes, and since we’ve established they are speaking in parables, could this be a hint at a new economical round of musical chairs, with Spain about to lose/crash this time?

    Round and round it goes…


    Just fancy this…
    Kevin Lewis ?@KevinLewisABC7
    Yvonne/Emily Selke lived in this Nokesville, Va. home. Husband/dad Raymond mourning privately @ABC7News #GermanWings
    10:23 am – 25 Mar 2015 [5:23 PM GMT]
    8:53 PM GMT

    Speaking to the Guardian, her husband [Raymond Selke] emphatically described his wife’s passion as “life”,

    As you’d expect from the favoured media platform for Ed Snowden, quondam [?] co-worker of Yvonne Selke.

    I think it’s called bursting out of private mourning mode….


    Tom – I hope you noticed the oh-so-lucky escape of the Kurdish football club from Northern Sweden in this psy-op.

    Just one supporting tweet to place students of the Haltern school in Catalonia – in catalan of course.

    Institut Giola ?@InstitutGiola
    Avui entre nosaltres els alumnes alemanys de l’Intercanvi amb el centre Joseph-König-Gymnasium de Haltern am See (Nordrhein-Westfalien).
    12:22 am – 18 Mar 2015 [7:22 PM GMT]

    I can’t find any photos of the visit, or the earlier exchange in Haltern
    The last google cache of the Gymnasium is Sept 2014, with no mention of any impending visit of Catalan pupils

    Institut Giola ?@InstitutGiola
    Donem el condol a les famílies de les víctimes d’aquest tràgic accident així com oferim tot el nostre suport a les famílies…
    1:03 pm – 24 Mar 2015 [8:03 PM GMT]

    no photos to accompany the visit.

    So, the whole website of the Giola Institute is taken down for the message about Haltern Gymnasium??

    The Institute reports that Giola sixteen students and two teachers of Joseph-König-Gymnasium in Haltern am See are among the victims of the plane crash on Tuesday 24 March. Students and teachers participated in the annual exchange organized jointly by the two centers in the framework of European exchange programs. This implies the coexistence of exchange students and host families in Haltern am See and Llinars del Vallès.
    We condolences to the families of the victims of this tragic accident and offer our support to the families and the educational community of Joseph-König-Gymnasium. From the Institute Giola are accompanying the students, families and teachers of our school.
    We thank all the expressions of support and condolences received confirmation from the time of the accident.

    Institute Giola
    Llinars del Vallès 24 March 2015

    One 2013 link on their website points to an exchange visit for improving the Spanish [not Catalan] of 17 pupils..

    April 2009
    Erlebnisreicher Spanienaustausch mit dem “IES Giola” in Llinars del Vallès
    17 SchülerInnen der Jahrgangstufe 11 hatten vor den Osterferien die einmalige Gelegenheit, ihre spanischen Sprachkenntnisse in der Praxis zu erproben: Zehn erlebnisreiche Tage verbrachten sie mit ihren AustauschpartnerInnen und deren Familien in

    and earlier visits in 2008


    Hallmark of the PsyOp:

    Publishing the Wrong Picture of the Culprit.

    The cook from Bern, 38 years old.



    And now let’s switch on some Bach.


    Yes, we get it. We get it already.

    Pasternak aspired first to be a musician. Inspired by Scriabin, Pasternak briefly was a student at the Moscow Conservatory. In 1910 he abruptly left for the German University of Marburg, where he studied under Neo-Kantian philosophers Hermann Cohen, Nicolai Hartmann and Paul Natorp.

    Opera, Wagner, Bach, Pasternak, movie, literature, landscape art, theatre, script writing, a gliding club and a football team.
    Seems like they brought everything but the kitchen sink this time. Truly a Gesamtkunstwerk.


    I don’t see any post-crash images of the German pupils. However a cursory search of the web yields two of them. There may be others’.

    2nd right – Lea Schukart Dated March 19 2013 [life savers travelling to the Costa Brava for an Easter training camp];art916,1944490

    front right: Paula Lütkenhaus aged 10, May 15 2009,961302

    The complete list of Germans is here:
    Linda Bergjurgen, Elena Bless, Lea Druppel, Selina Eils, Gina Michelle Gerdes, Ann-Christin Hahn, Julia Hermann, Marleen Koch, Paula Lutkenhaus, Fabio Rogge, Rabea Scheideler, Lea Schukart, Helena Siebe, Steffen Strang, Aline Venhoff and Caja Westermann. Teachers :Sonja Cercek and Stefanie Tegethoff.


    The Canucks are slippin’ and sliding now as well:

    March 29, never let a good occult date go to waste.

    Any reports from our boots-on-the-ground webmaster?


    These 16 German kids all seem to have been highly active in sport and the arts, going back to about 2010, with numerous online references to them in football, swimming, riding, running clubs and playing musical instruments, some with cached photos. All except one, Rabea Scheideler, who seems to leave no trace. Of all their multitude of friends, only one gets quoted anywhere in the media, as sagely noted at CF
    Philippa, whom only the BBC provides her full name, Philippa Raabe

    “I can’t believe it. I don’t want to believe it,” she repeated over and over.

    “We’ve known each other since primary school. I keep thinking I’ll ask her what she did just now in Spain, what she learned, which adventures she had. I can’t cry because I just don’t believe it. I can’t think of her as a dead person.”

    One won a geography prize, but I don’t see any language connection.

    Philippa is talented musically, with the guitar

    Click to access preistraeger_0811.10hz.pdf,2105407
    November 7 2010


    A blog commentator compared the [fake] crash scene in the French Alps with the perceived genuine crash site of PSA 1771 in California in 1987. Oh yes, the suicide note of the disgruntled employee who had murdered the pilots, allegedy, wafted upwards and survived the crash while the rest of the plane resembled the garbage left at the Germanwings “crash site”.
    Well well, another fake crash. The first moments of the documentary, and a clip around 23:0 and 25:00 are enough for me.

    Here’s another longer version

    Notice the upload dates ….18 March and 20 MArch 2015….did they know something similar was going to happen a few days later, a suicidal pilot crashing a plane also leaving next to no wreckage?

    They found a seat with a bullet hole in it….absurd.
    FWIW, here’s the wiki page for, well, the official narrative

    Also from about 2:20 here

    Tom Dalpra


    Dec 2014

    I say that because: ” The father of a Hull man who was aboard a plane that crashed in the French Alps has described him as “a lovely lad“.”

    Also Lyn Ireland ( whoever she is ) said “I remember Paul who was a lovely lad’

    He was clearly a lovely lad geddit?

    Paul Bramley – Salt of the earth this lovely lad. Loved football ( oh they all do ) and working. Basically he was a lovely lad. Did I mention that?

    This thin facebook page is a bit weird.

    Doesn’t feel quite right. A chunky 767 friends ( catchy number) but seemingly not the activity to back that up.

    He was at some posh sounding Swiss catering college. Caeser Ritz.

    There’s no posts since 3 January yet the page has been edited to say ”Remembering Paul Bramley”

    There’s very few photographs.
    He wears that scruffy white shirt a lot too.

    Oct 2014

    June 2013

    Paul Bramley – he was a lovely lad anyway.


    Tom Dalpra

    Well well, another fake crash. The first moments of the documentary, and a clip around 23:0 and 25:00 are enough for me.

    It gets to that point doesn’t it?

    It’s that Shanksville feeling again.

    To be sure, there’s enough material for our own alternative triple series of
    Aircrash Investigation, xilef. We should have a general aircraft thread, I think. I don’t think we’re going to run out of things to explore very quickly.



    The Estonian girlfriend of “lovely lad” Paul is already in Australia.

    not as a singer we hope [see comment below video]
    Hospitality Professional Sydney Area, Australia

    More nonsense – the mother lives in Spain

    He had just finished his first year at the college and had taken a few days holiday with friends in Barcelona, before flying back to the UK via Dusseldorf to meet his family.

    Paul’s mother Carol lives in Majorca and is currently in the UK, having flown here to meet with Paul. Which is where Paul seems to live also.

    Hey, I’m Paul!
    Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain · Member since December 2011

    (Me) Paul Bramley, 26 years old, English, Lives in Mallorca,
    (Girlfriend) Anneli Tiirik 21 years old, Estonian, Lives with me in Mallorca, studying vocal training.

    Read more:

    Might have been easier for her to have met him in Barcelona.


    There’s some excellent “grieving relative” footage here at 2:20 [see also earlier from about 0:15]
    And a nice football reference for good measure. Everyone loves the game. Everyone’s a winner in these hoaxes. Gooooaaaaaaalllll!


    Notice the upload dates ….18 March and 20 MArch 2015….did they know something similar was going to happen a few days later, a suicidal pilot crashing a plane also leaving next to no wreckage?

    There’s quite some honesty in these clips: we are shown to be in a movie theatre.


    And for connoisseurs of “grieving with hugs” at the site of the hastily erected memorial stone [handlers deliver the flowers] try this from 29m 15s
    [it’s repeated at 1:31:40] Not a word of German tobe heard.

    Interesting that the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung chooses a video which focuses on the father of the English victim, not on any Germans families who are notably absent anywhere in the reporting. All German focus on the headmaster Ulrich Wessel and the mayor.
    Wessel’s female secretary calls him at a meeting elsewhere with 90 school heads in the Land:

    Sie sagt, Eltern von Austauschschülern hätten angerufen, dass ein Flugzeug abgestürzt sei.

    Parents of exchange students have called to say a plane has crashed…

    Um 14 Uhr ruft Ministerpräsidentin Hannelore Kraft ihn an, sie hat eine Passagierliste, und so kommt die Gewissheit über den Tod von 16 Schülern und zwei Lehrerinnen in die Schule

    and 3 hours after the crash, the leader of the SPD and Minister President in the Land has a passeger list!

    Plus the usual good luck stories, in addition to those of the Swedish Kurdish football team:

    David Cabanes, who brought forward his flight one day because of a date change in Dusseldorf. Manuel Blasco, who is already at the airport, but suddenly feels unwell because of a stomach flu and can convince his wife to go home.

    The bad luck story of a….sports teacher… Carles Milla with one year old daughter who changed to the flight and
    a pair of just married new lifers and who were planning their new life in Germany, 24-year-old Mohammed Tahrioui with his brand new Moroccan bride ,Asmae Ouahhoud who had just spent 4 years in Catalonia but…w

    The older sister of the 23-year-old Asmae Ouahhoud says a coroner on the phone “. At the wedding henna on their hands ye shall know them” Ouahhoud, once born Moroccan Nador, had come with four years of Catalonia and now, as she thought , on the way to a happy new life in Germany. For Asmae had married 24-year-old Mohammed Tahrioui in her home until last weekend. It was a lavish party, as the sister now reported journalists. Mohammed have been working for six years in Duisburg for an automotive supplier. The town, not far from Dusseldorf, was their goal on Tuesday.
    But the Spiegel story is completely different

    Mohamed Tahrioui, 24, an immigrant originally from Morocco living in La Llagosta near Barcelona who had just found a job in Duisburg, Germany. He died together with his wife Asmae Ouahhoud, whom he had only married days prior to the crash.

    Six years or no years?

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