Jan 2020

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    Hi, my name is Nieam, I’m 24 and I’m living in Rhode Island.

    After graduating high school I realized that the reality of being in the “real world” was nothing like I imagined. At that point I knew that the picture painted for me by the TV and movies was wrong. I never really had an issue with accepting that I knew nothing, but the extent of it didn’t sink in until the last year or so.

    I was almost 6 years old when 9/11 happened and was in kindergarten. My parents picked me up early and I remember seeing the fake videos on TV, but to me it didn’t really matter. At some point I accepted the official narrative, but by age 15-16 I knew that story was a lie.
    My stance on it now is that 9/11 was a spell cast upon the world designed to take away our rights, and throw us into a broken feedback loop. I speculate that 9/11 could also be the alarm clock that kicked off the “great awakening”. I am unqualified to say for sure that it was anything else, however I highly suspect that nobody died, and nobody got hurt.

    I look forward to meeting you all and contributing in whatever ways I can.

    – Nieam

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