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    Welcome Mezzie!

    My first introduction was Alex jones back in 2005 which lead me to Max Igan, yes, I’m from Australia. Met the man in 2008, stayed with him for 10 days during which I got to see a beautiful countryside.. A bit too hippy..ish for me. Ever since then I’ve spent my life spending money on where I want to see change, in other words, I speak with my wallet. I don’t buy chinese crap, I buy local, organic, wherever possible (on most occasions) I buy Australian made (will track it down if need to) from Australian companies (not many left), as much as possible i grow food and save seeds. Im not looking to save the world or anyone in it. I listen to James Corbett, Jan Ivin, mainstream media, Stefan Molyneux and JLB. Just looking to listen to some of your shows.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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