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    Just a little stupid thing that seems to be some Hollywood PR fakery for promotion of a new film

    Last night I saw an article about actress Sarah Goldberg dying. She was in 7th Heaven and Jurassic Park 3


    Just an hour ago I saw on a breaking news feed that actor Stephen Collins died, but then it was retracted shortly thereafter.


    Just a quick look at the top of Google News search for Jurassic Park

    Google News

    So, seems a pretty obvious death or fake death and a double fake death to promote a new movie. Pretty clean to see case of Hollywood PR using celeb death to promote *another* movie

    (Been quiet here lately I hope this site doesn’t die. Recent drama taken into consideration, psyopticon a shit but I’m not really convinced that AB is. There’s been too much good here over time to throw it all out over a single disruption shill)


    Oh it gets more complicated

    Stephen Collins reportedly under investigation for Child molestation


    I kind of took it at first as simple as Sarah Goldberg dying to bring attention to Jurassic Park and then Stephen Collins as an echo to remind of that once again. But it looks a bit more complicated



    Collins was also supposed to have a role in the Boston-based movie “Ted 2,” which just wrapped its local shoot. On Friday, Collins responded to a fan on Twitter who asked what his role would be in the comedy sequel. “I’d tell you but [director Seth MacFarlane] would have to kill me,”

    Oh, Seth “Missed the plane” MacFarlane again tied in with a celeb-death related story (excerpt from link in last post)


    What an excellent find.

    K Ham

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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