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    Tom Dalpra



    Just as the Summer really began, here in the U.K, and people started to think of Summer holidays, we got this ‘shocking’ rollercoaster crash headlining our evening news.

    A car that shouldn’t be there was on the track and the front car of the rollercoaster smashed into it seriously injuring four…apparently.

    This is a story aimed at the masses and the tabloid newspaper, The Daily Mirror, I found to be most prominent on the topic in the search engine. In the UK it’s fairly simple. We have two tabloid newspapers. If you have communist tendencies, you buy The Mirror and if you have fascist ones, then it’s The Sun.

    Anyway, I don’t know if this was a hoax, but it strikes me that a drill, such as this, would be likely. In fact, I wonder how many, not if, amusement park stunts have been pulled over time. It makes sense in the world we know, doesn’t it?

    It was two young couples. Just kids. The girls are said to have the more serious injuries, including an amputation ‘above the knee’.
    The other girl ‘was a dancer’.


    Daily Mirror article here with a familiar tone:

    “We would like to thank all the emergency services at the scene and all the hospital staff who saved Leah’s life.”

    Joe’s father, Simon, said: “We would also like to thank the staff at the hospital who have been very accommodating, have been lovely to us and have protected our privacy.

    “We would ask people to respect Joe’s privacy now and over the weeks and months ahead.”

    Vicky’s devastated family released a statement through their lawyers Stewarts Law, to say they expect to pursue “substantial claim for damages”.

    “They have every confidence in the police and the Health and Safety Executive. It is expected that serious consideration will be given to criminal prosecutions.”

    Finally, my favourite:

    ”Vicky’s parents Brian, 55, and Karen, 56, told the Mirror Online on Saturday: “This is certainly not how she intended to celebrate her 20th birthday.”

    Fuck me, certainly not!

    Then just this picture of one of the victims, caught my eye.
    Auckland. It might not mean a thing…same as the 1919 label looking like 9/11…it’s just IF this is an op, it’s actually more likely that this is some sort of reference, than not, I suggest




    Right away this one struck me as a drill, Tom. The photos were inconsequential, the stories lame. Thanks for posting it.

    “I looked at my hands and there was blood everywhere.
    June 14 2015

    Then….the amputation.
    June 8 2015
    Not only is Joe’s privacy being demanded,

    Mr Pugh’s father, Simon Pugh, thanked family, friends and hospital staff for their support, and asked for his son’s privacy to be respected.

    but so too is that of amputee Leah.

    <i> “A victim of the Alton Towers rollercoaster crash has had her left leg amputated above the knee…Leah has suffered a life-changing injury and now has many months of rehabilitation ahead of her.

    Said Leah’s father David Washington:

    “We have done this to put people’s minds at rest and we would also ask everyone to respect Leah’s privacy as she undergoes this rehabilitation.

    “We would like to thank all the emergency services at the scene and all the hospital staff who saved Leah’s life.”</i>

    It is not clear what “this” is – but the emergency services were superb as usual.
    And everyone’s happy:

    , the families of Leah Washington, Mr Pugh and Victoria Balch issued a statement saying they are pleased there has been a formal admission of liability from the insurer in respect of the damages claim.

    Ms Balch had surgery for “significant lower limb injuries” on Saturday, which was her 20th birthday.

    Henry James’ Bostonians comes to mind.


    The Alton Towers story led on the Sydney TV News I was subjected to in MacDonald’s a few days ago. Also got a top colour splash in Murdoch’s Sydney tabloid. Much emphasis on the ill-fated young lovers and “the rescue” effort that looked like stock footage of a drill. Immediately thought ‘psyOp’.

    Alton Towers has much resonance in Sydney where we had our own legendary Amusement Park disaster a long time ago:

    The Sydney Ghost Train fire was a fire on the night of 9 June 1979 at Luna Park Sydney. The fire destroyed the amusement park’s ghost train, and killed six children and one adult.

    Those magic numbers.

    In the days when I was a Fakeology virgin I stupidly thought the Luna Park disaster was probably an insurance swindle or land grab.

    Until this:

    One of the young victims was entitled: Damian Godson. Yes. Damian, the Devil, Son of God. Here’s the “last known photo of Damian Godson”:

    From Jack Marx’s book (presumably Karl’s great-great Godson) we learn:

    While waiting at Circular Quay for a ferry to take them to Sydney’s Luna Park on June 9, 1979, the Godson family are approached by a Satanic-looking figure dressed in a loincloth and wearing a mask with horns.

    The creature voicelessly places his hand on young Damian Godson’s shoulder. Somebody snaps a photograph. It is the last photograph of the boy ever taken – hours later, Damian, his brother, Craig, and his father, John, will burn in the fire that sweeps through The Ghost Train. Nobody will ever see the horned man again.

    I bet.


    1. Joe Pugh (the boyfriend); 2. Leah Washington (the amputee); 3. Vicky Balch (the dancer); 4. Daniel Thorpe (the good looking extra guy)

    Vicky seems to have missed her cue. Where is she?

    Meanwhile, Leah’s [the amputee’s] brother Luke spoke earlier this week of his sister’s “rapid recovery”.

    Luke said: “Each day has gone by and she has improved and improved.”

    I wish Leah as speedy a recovery as you-know-who:


    1. Joe Pugh (the boyfriend); 2. Leah Washington (the amputee); 3. Vicky Balch (the dancer); 4. Daniel Thorpe (the good looking extra guy)

    I wish Leah as speedy a recovery as you-know-who

    Read more:


    These dancers sure have a lot of bad luck..

    Oberto Beef Jerky to the rescue:

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    xileffilex wrote:
    These dancers sure have a lot of bad luck..

    They sure do have bad luck. And not very popular either.

    Vicky Balch has 538 facebook friends and not one’s left a kind word on her timeline. No wonder:

    Poor thing.

    Hope she wins the car!


    But Olly loves her:
    Alton Towers crash victim Vicky Balch has received a good luck tweet from her pop idol Olly Murs… Olly wrote: “Hey @vickyj_b Thinking of you darlin! So sorry to hear about your leg… Good luck with the operation!!

    … If she’s ever looking for a partner for “Dancing with the Stars”.

    Tom Dalpra

    Lenny posted:


    Nice! Nurturing the nightmare. Fire on the ghost train too, of course.

    On Alton Towers and that Vicky Balch facebook page, there’s not enough activity to be credible. I’ve got friends who’ve barely embraced facebook with busier looking pages. She’s got 535 friends but barely any photos. Highly unusual, I’d suggest.

    I thought I’d have a look at her Dad’s Facebook. Brian Balch. I assume it’s her dad.

    What can we learn about Brian from his facebook page?
    Well, for one, he LOVES the facebook game OddSocks

    There’s only six photos in all. Absolutely none of any human beings.
    In fact five pictures of dogs, two Arsenal badges ( there’s a tip for next years EPL by the way ) and a photograph of a solitary daffodil. It’s all a bit weird and doesn’t feel real.

    It was apparently Brian’s profile picture at some point.
    As a fake Dad whose fake daughter was going to have a fake accident at some point, it makes some sense.

    Oh, and we find out he was in the Army with this, I thought, rather clumsy reference at the end.
    Military Service with the British Army
    16 August 1976 to 31 August 1982
    Division — Royal Army Ordnance Corps (Colchester )
    Went to Deepcut RAOC Apprentice College in 1976 as a boy soldier to do basic training till Dec 1977 Then went to Maidstone Kent for 2-3 weeks as cover for firemen as they were on strike.January 1978 went to Colchester while I was there I went to Cyprus, Germany(3times) I was attached to combat supplies so sometimes I was out on exercises a lot I used to play football x-country and volley-ball for the unit. I made some good friends while was in the army here are a few I can remember Tom Farley / Colin Back / Mark Batty / Alan Davies / Andy Geddies / Andy (Jack) Frost /

    It looks like Fakebook to me.



    Tom wrote:
    I thought I’d have a look at her Dad’s Facebook. Brian Balch. I assume it’s her dad.

    You’re right.

    Parents Brian, 55, and Karen, 56, told the Mirror Online: “This is certainly not how (Vicky) intended to celebrate her 20th birthday.”

    Karen’s fakebook page (which is linked to Brian’s) is private, but Brian’s page isn’t. And still not a peep about Alton Towers and like you say nothing human about any of it.

    Spent a while trying to find ANY information on Dancer Vicky pre-Alton Towers and of course, there is very little, other than a brief reference under her father’s entry. There are supposed to be four residents in the Balch household in Leyland, Lancashire: Brian and Karen, the parents; Victoria; and Jennifer Brotherton (aged 21-24 according to 192 so about Vicky’s age). I note Jennifer Brotherton is not friended to Brian Balch, which in itself proves nothing, of course.

    This is the same frustrating wall I hit when I tried to track down Tori Johnson, the gay-boy vicsim of the Sydney Siege, last year. For a man heading Lindt’s Hospitality branch in gay old Sydney party boy Tori Johnson sure had a lack-lustre digital footprint: threadbare fakebook and twitter accounts like Dancer Vicky (Tori’s boyfriend Thomas Zinn even more sparse) and absolutely no hard evidence the man previously existed.

    But he did have a spectacular funeral:

    Yet I’m beginning to think Tori probably did exist, but his imagery and public profile were strictly limited throughout his time being Tori. I dug out an old “People” article from 1981 (22/4/81, p 6) with a photo of Ken Johnson, his wife, and their 12 month old baby, “Tori” living in splendid isolation out in the bush. Ken’s autobio states he had two sons in quick succession, “Torii” (spelt here with two ‘i’s) and “Jamie”, yet I could find no pictures or references to Jamie Johnson. Tori/Torii yes. Jamie no. I wonder if some kind of switch goes on when the psyOp happens and Tori assumes Jamie’s identity post-psyOp.

    Could be the case here too with these Vicky Balch/Jennifer Brotherton identities.

    Interesting Brian declared his military background. Boy soldier. Now approaching retirement age.

    Wonder if Military Intelligence say something like: “Hey Brian, just do this vicsim thing with your vicsim daughter before you go, and here’s your golden parachute”?


    Hmm, it did occur to me that it may be a drill but it’s funny how it seems more real when it’s closer to home! A family member had just returned from a trip to Alton Towers only two days before this incident, where she and her children had been riding The Smiler.

    Unrelated as that is, it gave the story some measure of authenticity to me as she was clearly upset by the news, and I dismissed my earlier, fleeting feeling that it might be a hoax. You can really see how the whole 9/11 thing works with people who knew people who had been near the towers when the event occurred! Emotion trumps logic.


    This one does appear to have some classic psyOp occult hallmarks too, including the ever-present Joker-smile signature in the name of the ride, and the usual frequent references to (and images of) people smiling, often inappropriately.

    “Leah was one of those pupils who is so genuine, she’ll do anything for you. She has a smile on her face everyday… Regardless of these injuries I think she’ll go on to live the life of her dreams.”

    Why so serious? 🙄

    “One Direction has filmed a video message and offered to meet Miss Washington, who is a big fan… Mr Washington said the band had given his sister “something to look forward to”. “I got to tell Leah and she was over the moon,” he said. “There was a smile on her face and that’s all we wanted.”

    And, of course, the 999 number dialled 11 minutes after the incident.

    Alton Towers Smiler crash: 999 call made 11 minutes afterwards

    • This reply was modified 5 years, 8 months ago by Carys.

    Have we found any of the 12 people who had minor injuries yet?

    Among the other six men and six women requiring medical treatment was a man in his 20s who suffered neck and abdominal injuries.

    Wow, that doesn’t sound minor, does it?

    One suspects that many of the events on this Wiki page could be fake or drills.
    Now, what about that “balcony collapse” in Berkeley, California?

    Here’s the evidence….



    carys wrote:
    Hmm, it did occur to me that it may be a drill but it’s funny how it seems more real when it’s closer to home! A family member had just returned from a trip to Alton Towers only two days before this incident, where she and her children had been riding The Smiler.

    Unrelated as that is, it gave the story some measure of authenticity to me as she was clearly upset by the news, and I dismissed my earlier, fleeting feeling that it might be a hoax.

    Spot on. And that’s the thing. Once there’s a personal connection, no matter how tenuous, you’re hooked, and almost morally obliged to continue believing the story.

    Seeing the same pattern with the Ghost Train fire at Luna Park. Anyone over 40 who grew up in Sydney has been to Luna Park, or seen its very occult looking façade (you enter by walking through the open mouth of the huge “clown’s” face), right there on the Harbour opposite the Opera House. And back then it was as dodgy as all buggery. Real 1930’s Penny Arcade technology.

    A fire doesn’t seem far-fetched and it pulls all kinds of emotional strings.

    Yet who’s to say the Ghost Train wasn’t evacuated on some pretext a few minutes beforehand, a real “controlled” fire begun, with the “drill”, the faux-bodies in bags, and vicsim stories all in place?

    Police, Firemen & local Media, if they weren’t ring-ins, don’t even need to know it’s fake. It all seems so real.

    Customers in the Park would have seen real smoke and fire, gone home, heard the TV reports, then propagated the media’s version of events for them: “I was there mate. PEOPLE DIED!”, however uncorroborated by any actual “eyewitness” sighting of real dead people it was.

    I’m sure, with Alton Towers something like that happened there too. Xileffilex pointed out the long history of possible Amusement Park hoaxes. Note that the Alton Towers’ Smiler ride had a previous emergency on the 2nd of November — the Saturday night of Halloween — in 2013. Spooky.

    xileffilex wrote: “Have we found any of the 12 people who had minor injuries yet?”

    Yeah. Always anonymous, or if they do have names they’re always out-of-towners, or foreign visitors.

    The Luna Park “victims”: apart from the Godson trinity who were from the bush – the other 4 were all first form boys (Year 7) from Waverley College, a prestigious Sydney Christian Brothers’ outfit which in 1979 was still a boarding school (stopped being one in 1979, coincidentally!). So very possibly these 4 boys were supposed to be boarders from interstate or overseas in their first semester of High School in the last intake of boarders. So how would we know if they were real or not? No pictures of any of them, bar Craig Godson and the Horned Devil, exist.

    And more haunting.

    There has been many theories about the cause of the [Ghost Train] fire from the mundane; electric faults, cigarettes igniting props to the more sinister; arson committed by Sydney underworld figure Abe Saffron or a ritual sacrifice to the ancient Ammonite god ‘Moloch’

    The ritual sacrifice of children to the god would take place in a giant oven depicted as a giant bull. The children would be placed inside the ‘oven’ or in the figures arms to burn to death…

    To add more interest to the theory a boy by the name of Marshall Said (16) stated that a car with two young boys was still let into the ride, the last car to do so, even after he had signalled to the operator that there was a fire. The last issue of the Sydney’s ‘The Sun’ Newspaper featured a story on the front page titled “Occult Link to Luna Park/Ghost Train fire”.

    Well if Marshall Said then it must be right.

    I gently broached the Ghost Train thing with my friends yesterday, mentioning the Craig Godson/Devil photo, which everyone had forgotten about. My tentative suggestion that it might have been a hoax was roundly pooh-poohed yet EVERYONE was quite willing to consider that a paranormal figure materialised from the fourth dimension dressed up as Moloch — and lured the boys to their unnatural death in a fiery ritual child sacrifice. Sheesh.

    So the occult bullshit works just as effectively on people as the emotional propaganda.

    What I can’t decide is whether Military Intelligence use the Occult/Satanic thing as cover, or it’s the other way around.

    Tom Dalpra

    Dreamland theme park re(tro)generation made the evening News tonight here in the UK.
    It’s in Margate.


    Margate is a popular seaside resort of old
    which became less fashionable. Dreamland became less popular and got rundown. It suffered an arson attack in 2008.


    There’s clearly a fairly sturdy pr campaign going with this Dreamland relaunch. Some ‘good’ people involved and some sustained support through broadsheet, The Guardian, and tonight, Channel 4 News.
    My friend and colleague is taking a team of the very best Rock’n’roll and retro DJ’s in the country there for the weekend.
    It’s sounds quite good.

    I’d wondered who might benefit from the ‘bad publicity’ of an Alton Towers Op. This grand opening coming just a couple of weeks after the Alton Towers incident, certainly seems well-timed.

    Of course if you know things are going to happen, you can plan around them.

    The regenerated Margate park has a very sedate feel to it. It seeks to attract the ‘hipsters’.
    Back to the Future.



    Margate Regeneration notes..2003

    I pass [Tracey] Emin the letters page from a local newspaper, which is full of tirades bemoaning the cost, the look and location of the [£11.5 million Turner Centre scheduled to open in 2007] museum. She studies the page for five minutes before exploding above a soothing background waltz. ‘Idiots: fucking twats,‘ she spits. ‘If they are so worried about “ugly buildings”, why did they let that hotel be built on the green?’
    As if…
    Such philistines 😉


    “Alton Towers Hoax Part 1” from Jon Brown’s YT channel:

    He thinks the vicsims are CGI.


    More Smiler propaganda from the Alton Towers’ hoax (h/t Terran Downvale YT comments here ):

    For the sheeple:

    For the mind controlled kiddies:

    The phone app:

    Read more at Terran Downvale’s g+ page where they ask was the vicsim “Joe Pugh” a CGI-like entity modelled on the young Elvis Presley.

    “Joe Presley Pugh”:
    Joe Presley Pugh


    More on that Smiler phone app:

    An official Alton Towers Smiler game in which players have to stop the infamous ride crashing has been dropped after it was discovered by Mirror Online.

    The free app was available for download on smartphones for 72 hours after Tuesday’s horrific accident.


    Alton Towers Hoax Part 2

    Jon makes some interesting observations:

    Witnesses said the Smiler operator knew there was a problem but went ahead with the ride anyway. Like Luna Park, the Ghost Train operator was warned there was a fire but the carriage with the two boys was still sent to the fiery pit.

    Bloody human error & incompetence (or worse) makes a great distraction, and a hot talking point, in the fake media storyline.

    Tom Dalpra

    Jon Brown reads Fakeologist. 🙂

    I did a google search for ‘Alton Towers Hoax’ and ‘…Fake’
    and I found these two stories conveniently filling the first page of the search.

    This silly story from March last year with reference to Alton Towers and fake Twitter accounts.
    It includes a fake mayor cutting a ribbon at an Alton Towers opening.

    And this one about some Alton Towers fake crash video scam.
    I found the story on various ‘alternative’ sites. This site, Hoax Slayer, claims to have been ‘Debunking hoaxes and exposing scams since 2003!’
    Yeh, right, more like deliberately spreading planted, bullshit about them, since then.



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