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    Tom Dalpra

    I still can’t quite get over that sheep promo.

    Anyway, here’s a quick segue to 1984 and ( with a nod to The 1979 Ghost Train fire at Luna Park, Sydney ) I find:

    THE HAUNTED CASTLE FIRE – Six Flags Great Adventure Jackson Township, New Jersey.
    11th May 1984 – 8 teenagers dead.



    Hey, guess what. No one realized that lives were lost until later that night, when firefighters searched in one of the burnt-out trailers discovering the eight deceased teenagers which were at first thought to be mannequins. Their causes of death were smoke inhalation and carbon monoxide poisoning. These eight teenage corpses were placed into white body bags to let emergency personnel differentiate real corpses and burned mannequins in the dark.

    You can laugh now. We’ve found another 8 non-entities alive!
    Difficult to differentiate between burned mannequins and real bodies in the dark?

    The theme continues in this ’30 years on’ article.

    ”Frank McDonnell, a fire official for Jackson’s Bureau of Fire Safety, was a 22-year-old volunteer for Jackson Fire Company 1 back in 1984. He remembers responding to the fire and says he couldn’t tell the difference between the prop skeletons and what was real.

    Now, it’s fine to laugh again at this point. Remember, the scary haunted house isn’t real.
    ”Skeletons?” It was good that they put them in different coloured bags, though. You know, the fake burned skeletons in black body bags and the real dead skeletons in white body bags. So you knew.

    There’s a low budget, five-part series on it here. This may be amusing too.


    Tom Dalpra

    Being a Sunday I had time to watch that little film on the Haunted House fire.

    It was certainly was quite interesting, to me. Full of nuggets, just one of which is, the April 1st 1984 ‘Fire Drill’ on the Haunted House. 41 days before the incident the fire brigade were there literally climbing all over the building performing a drill. There’s film of it.

    The absurdity of this drill was pointed out in court; no one was ever likely to be trapped on top of the building. What was the point of it?

    Of course, perhaps, making it obvious that a fire check was performed, however ludicrous, ticks a box. If a fire inspection was clearly done there, the Park has played it by the book.
    from 2:55

    The ‘survivor’ girl from the group that supposedly died was the daughter of a Deacon and an FBI man. She was strictly religious and was told those rides were evil and was forbidden from going on them.
    This girl seldom spoke of the incident for years, we are told by the filmmaker, ‘until she met me’! Not only that, but she seems to have decided to share her story in the form of cheap fiction. Extraordinary.

    from 6:47



    Cycle racing can also be a bit of a roller coaster ride. Tom/Lenny, [there are quite a few Australians in this race…] have a look at this crash:

    Where did the bike go to? The footage has that fishy feel to it. Good publicity for the race, though. Is it CGI? All the videos are lo-res. I can find only a few stills of the crash victim.

    How do you lose your bike like that?

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    Tom wrote:
    “This silly story from March last year with reference to Alton Towers and fake Twitter accounts. It includes a fake mayor cutting a ribbon at an Alton Towers opening… I found the story on various ‘alternative’ sites. This site, Hoax Slayer, claims to have been ‘Debunking hoaxes and exposing scams since 2003!’ Yeh, right, more like deliberately spreading planted, bullshit about them, since then.”

    Devious bastards. Recall the same tactics were used at the Sydney siege with two “hoax” stories widely reported on the morning of the event.

    First, the “terrorist’s” fake ISIS flag stuck in the Lindt café window, which then dominated search returns for “Sydney siege false flag”.

    Then a bs hoax call to the Sydney media about a bomb in Circular Quay (ditto for “Sydney siege hoax” searches), diverting enquiring minds who went looking for legitimate “alternative news”. They must build these “hoax stories” into their storyline for our benefit. 🙄

    Tom wrote: ”I still can’t quite get over that sheep promo.”

    Haha. Me neither. Here are the people behind the propaganda, Bottletop Productions (h/t Terran):

    The Smiler for Alton Towers
    Bottletop was commissioned by Alton Towers Resort to create video and animation for its new record breaking roller coaster ‘The Smiler’. With 14 inversions, more than any other roller coaster ride in the world, ‘The Smiler’ opened to rave reviews at Alton Towers Resort and cost a total of £18m to complete. Bottletop produced the video for the huge cylindrical LED screen on the central 5 legged spider-like structure dubbed ‘The Marmaliser’ in the centre of the ride itself. Twenty two minutes of original video and animation were produced by Bottletop which shows data being collected by the five legs of the ride (The Tickler, The Flasher, The Giggler, The Inoculator and The Hypnotiser). A mesmerising amalgam of optical illusions, face scanning, zoetrope effects, body scans and memories were composited into the final edit.
    The project also included a queue line loop for LED screens to explain the purpose of the ride and to inform the audience of the impact of their impending experience through subliminal messaging and propaganda.

    As they say in the Rugby League fraternity over here: F*ck me! If we’re looking for authors of the Alton Towers’ fake videos and CGI vicsims start here.


    Good find Tom with the New Jersey Haunted Castle 8 Flaming Teenage Mannequins hoax!

    Noticed in Part 4 of the “Six Flags Great Adventure Haunted Castle Fire”, the film-maker compares the Haunted Castle fireball to “the wall of smoke that chased people down the New York streets on 911”. Can’t help themselves can they?


    ^ Oops. The 911 “wall of smoke” reference in the video above is at the 7.19 mark.


    Alton Towers Hoax Part 3

    More from Jon Brown. A recap of the AT promos and an interesting discovery. From faecesbook: Joey Essex photoshopped with both vicsims Joe ‘Presley’ Pugh and Leah Washington, in separate photos allegedly taken 2 years ago.

    This photo heavily promoted:

    The “2 Joes” photo now scrubbed:

    A really crappy hoax.

    Tom Dalpra

    Joe ‘Presley’ Pugh, a composite partly based on Elvis 🙂
    I loved Elvis when I was a child. I get it totally.
    I thought he was gorgeous. I had a picture of him by my bed.
    Smiling. It wasn’t sexual, I loved his beauty. The voice, the looks. He was appealing to a lot of other people too. Elvis’ appealing image worked well. His manager, Tom Parker, was a fairground player, a ‘carny man’, before he found Elvis. He milked the Elvis image.

    That image with mass appeal.
    Not much mention of the ‘carny man’ on wikipedia I noticed.

    These composite images can leap out at you.
    In the UK in 2013 when supposedly an off-duty soldier Lee Rigby had his head half hacked off by English/African Islamic fundamentalists in Woolwich, we were instantly provided with an image of him that is still shown to this day.


    The thing was, I just looked at it and thought, ”Fuck me, it’s Alan Davies! ”


    Alan Davies is the popular actor and comedian who is a regular panelist on long running, ‘highbrow’ BBCtv comedy quiz QI. Alan is ‘lovable’.
    He’s got one of those cheeky smiles. One of those faces.
    He’s also a well known celebrity Football fan, an Arsenal fan to be specific.
    If you know Arsenal are going to win things, and hence will be fashionable in the next few years, then why not tie it in?
    Alan will be smiling a lot in his red and white colours.
    Football( soccer ) continues to dominate the back pages of the newspapers here. ( Arsenal duly ended a nine year trophy drought and have won the FA for the last two years )

    Anyway, two couples get on a roller coaster ? Just struck me it’s an obvious story. It’s been done.

    Wendy Christensen, a high school student, visits an amusement park with her boyfriend Jason Wise, best friend Carrie Dreyer, and Carrie’s boyfriend Kevin Fischer for their senior class field trip. As they board the Devil’s Flight roller coaster, Wendy has a premonition that the hydraulics securing the seat belts and roller coaster cars will fail, killing everyone on board




    A really crappy hoax.

    Someone comments on Jon’s video #3

    It’s weird so few people seem to have noticed this one. Maybe they’re hypnotized!

    I love the hugging video of Leah…the arm looks like it’s going round the waist [or in his own trouser pocket?], but the hand appears out of nowhere on the shoulder!

    Steve Hibbert, manager of Oaks Working Men’s Club, Ardsley, Barnsley, said Mr Pugh had been employed as a barman at the club since February.
    He said: “He was rather quiet at first but he soon came out of his shell. He got on well with all the people that work here and the customers.
    “I hired him but I didn’t know him that well on a personal level.
    “I heard the news last night when another barman asked me if I had heard what had happened.
    “It was a shock. You don’t expect that these kind of accidents will involve someone you know.
    “I don’t expect to hear from his family until next week. Their priority is Joe.
    “Strangely enough another of our bar staff, Alice, knows him as she used to go to school with his girlfriend Leah Washington.”

    Health Trust officials have confirmed 18-year-old Joe suffered two broken knees and extensive hand injuries.

    [see photo below]

    Joe @JoePugh_
    Can’t wait to see all my friends again
    8:45 AM – 20 Jun 2015

    That’s good news for All Dry Damp of Barnsley..

    All Dry Damp Ltd @AllDryLtd
    @BBCLookNorth get well soon
    Barnsley, England

    6:17 PM – 3 Jun 2015

    Parents Simon and nursery nurse Julie Pugh, 50

    Here’s one of the injured, which I missed..
    Chandaben Chauhan, 49, of Wednesbury, West Midlands, also suffered injuries.

    I guess the smiler attracts the older, fun-loving types too. Especially ones who are very camera shy like Mr Chauhan, who may not even exist.

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    Of course! And more from the juicy plotline:
    ”Afterwards, Kevin tells Wendy about the explosion of Flight 180 [from the original FD 1 film] and the subsequent deaths of the survivors. Believing that Kevin is mocking her, Wendy dismisses his theory and leaves. Later on, Ashley and Ashlyn are killed at a tanning salon when a loosened shelf falls and locks them in the overheating tanning beds.”

    So we’ve had our amusement park hoaxes. And we’ve had our aeroplane disaster hoaxes. Better keep our eyes peeled for the next phase:

    The tanning salon disaster hoax.


    Hope our Joe ‘Presley’ Pugh recovers from the emotional trauma of his ordeal, and doesn’t end up looking like this:

    Tom Dalpra

    It’s no doubt been said, but I’d not even noticed. These details clinch these things for me.
    Joey Essex not only, by coincidence posed separately with the two victims, Joe Pugh and Leah Washington
    two years ago, he was wearing the same SMILEY T-shirt.

    The one with the lightning bolt through the smiley face. 🙂



    On lightning bolts, I mentioned that other English Op – the Lee Rigby drama.
    Check out this weird parade through Manchester from 2013, just after that incident.
    The girls had Aladdin Sane lightning bolt make-up on! As you do.

    Is this merely a simple, mind control visual, I wonder. A way of ‘getting in people’s heads’ ?


    Tom Dalpra

    ahem, and here it is:




    I repost in full a comment Terran Downvale made here on Jon Brown’s YT channel re our AT’s thread over here at fakeologist, lest there be any doubt that Joe ‘Presley’ Pugh is a CGI-man modelled on young Elvis:

    “Hey, man. I saw your and Tom’s posts over at Fakeologist. First of all, here’s a link to the full-sized pic of Pugh and Essex:

    “The Elvis resemblance was the first thing that struck me. This guy could make a good living as an impersonator if he were a real person. Check out these three almost identical poses with a hint of an Elvis sneer:

    “And check out this pic with a remarkably feminine-looking Pugh. I’m sure he’d do well in prison, lol. That might actually be the joke there. The black & white stripes also look just like The Smiler teeth. And he’s got the glowing Smiler eyes again:”

    My reply:

    “Cheers Terran. I’ve reposted your comments in full here. Yep, convinced Joe Pugh is CGI-guy, based on the Presley thing. Seems so obvious once it’s pointed out.

    “Tom also made the connection that the Alton Towers’ storyline is v heavily plagarised from the “Final Destination 3” plotline(!!!). Read his post here.

    “So many loose ends and weak spots in this particular caper it’d make a cat laugh. They should hire us for Quality Control next hoax.” 🙂


    The lightning bolt has, amongst others, a Satanic reference:

    Luke 10:18
    He replied, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.

    I liked what K wrote recently about the use of certain colours, occult numbers & symbols being an insiders’ guide to whose psyOp is whose.

    Tom Dalpra

    Lenny wrote: “Tom also made the connection that the Alton Towers’ storyline is v heavily plagarised from the “Final Destination 3? plotline(!!!).”

    Not sure I said that Lenny! I was just throwing it in the mix.
    It’s a classic set-up – two young couples on a rollercoaster.
    What other part of the (2006 movie) Final Destination 3 plot-line has been copied to justify the term ‘heavily plagarised’ ?

    On Joe Pugh, I’m not sure again, what I’m looking at, at this point. To be honest.
    There’s no link to the pictures you just posted but the smile and the pose with a glass next to an obscured blonde x 3, all seems rather odd… The black and white striped shirt one too…mmm

    The Elvis likeness is noted here, but again, I’m not sure what we’ve got, exactly.
    With the Lee Rigby case, I’m happy to say, right now, that I think the guy was an invented character. That his images were computer generated composites and that no one called Lee Rigby ever really existed. I don’t know with Pugh.

    With Rigby. of course, he was supposed to be dead so we’d not be needing any future photographs.
    The post accident photos of Joe Pugh when he’s not dressed-up for a night out make him look like a guy who’s got a bit of Elvis about him, nothing more.

    It looks like the same model though, doesn’t it?



    There’s a model playing ‘Joe Pugh ‘ at least, isn’t there?

    Aren’t those ‘smiley’ pictures perhaps just touched-up ?
    Perhaps designed to appeal to people for the papers, using Joe’s natural Elvis-like qualities ?

    I really don’t know.

    I’m still asking ”Who ( and what ) is Pugh?”



    The Big Hugs card must be a favorite

    Joe’s now out of hospital, but unfortunately no new photos have emerged.
    Just the same old Elvis image.

    The [Royal Stoke University] hospital confirmed Mr Pugh had gone home on Monday [June 22]
    It said Miss Washington and 20-year-old Vicky Balch, from Leyland in Lancashire, were in a “stable” condition.
    Perhaps Joe slipped away while the new car park was being unveiled?

    Tom Dalpra

    The Big Hugs card must be a favorite

    Yeh, he didn’t get many cards, did he?
    It looks like they took one shot with cards behind on the shelf then one with some cards to the side, and recycled one.


    I’m glad to see both his knees caps weren’t shattered as I’d thought I’d read.
    Any serious knee cap fracture requires a cast, I believe.
    He only has one leg in a cast.

    Of course, if you can get away with only putting one plaster cast on that you don’t really need anyway, by just suggesting a knee injury with a band aid, then it’s probably easier.



    I wrote: “Tom also made the connection that the Alton Towers’ storyline is v heavily plagarised from the “Final Destination 3? plotline(!!!).”

    Tom replied: Not sure I said that Lenny! I was just throwing it in the mix.
    It’s a classic set-up – two young couples on a rollercoaster.
    What other part of the (2006 movie) Final Destination 3 plot-line has been copied to justify the term ‘heavily plagarised’ ?

    You’re right. My bad. Should have chosen my words more carefully.

    Tom wrote: ”On Joe Pugh, I’m not sure again, what I’m looking at, at this point. To be honest. There’s no link to the pictures you just posted…”

    Good point. Original sources would have been nice. I’ll chase it up.

    Okay, now I go on the naughty step.


    Where’s Leah and her amputation?
    She was in the same hospital, allegedly….
    She was in a stable condition on June 8 and remains stable over 2 weeks later.

    Legs are a must show. But this is a poor show compared with the Boston hoaxathon.


    Just Another Joe

    1. Joe Pugh with ‘friends’ in April 2012:

    2. The two Joes in July 2013:

    3. Joe Pugh in June 2015:

    All three images originate from ”Joe Pugh’s” Facebook Photos page, date stamped as quoted.

    Tom wrote: ” On Joe Pugh, I’m not sure again, what I’m looking at, at this point…”

    Good question. I can think of a few possibilities. You’re looking at:

    1. A real person called Joe Pugh who looks a lot like Elvis, really lives in Barnsley and has participated in the psyOp as himself.

    2. An Elvis-lookalike ‘crisis actor’ who’s assuming the name of Joe Pugh and has lent his image to the Facebook pictures, and physically participated in the photo op at the hospital (picture 3).

    3. A CGI-derived entity that is an amalgam, partly styled on Elvis Presley and partly on an/other ‘identity/ies’, real or manufactured.

    4. A combination of 1 & 3 (real guy + CGI), or 2 & 3 (‘crisis actor’ + CGI).

    In an ideal world I’d motor on up to the Ardsley Oaks WMC and find out.

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