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    Photos or it didn’t happen, then I guess the
    Abbeystead disaster didn’t happen either as I have no photos to prove it, you guy’s carry on with your conspiracy theories, or maybe move out of your parents house and get a real life, I’m out of here before I move into insult mode, it wouldn’t do any good as a few morons wouldn’t understand they’d been insulted.


    Photos or it didn’t happen

    Yes, we need more proof. Read that article again:



    I sat through all the currently available videos of TV coverage within 24 hours of the Lockerbie “crash” and all the usual signs were there, duping, ridiculous stories, pets, lucky escapes, the suitcase shot, dollar bills [no passports though] bored emergency services hanging around, cheerful faces.. I’ll add some screenshots later in case the videos disappear.

    My gratitude however to G4ULL for bringing up the use of Radio Hams in these drills reported as real events in the MSM, viz Raynet whose useful idiot roles adds to the official narrative. Searching for nothing but feeling they are doing a good job. It makes me think of those clowns in white suits who are always photographed padding around fake crime scenes, peering at shoes for the cameras, putting out yellow markers for imaginary bullet casings. Actually the latter class know full well that they are participating in a fraud, whereas most of the Raynet hams are well away from the hoax.
    Back to the basement conspiracy room in my parents’ house….

    Perhaps this Lockerbie Raynet searcher has some photos to help us? I wonder what Ken found under water?

    KEN WARD ?@KeninSpoons [Bolton England]
    @gmpolice I helped out (RAYNET) with the Strathclyde Underwater Search Unit at Lockerbie all those years ago.
    1:00 PM – 31 Jan 2014

    The Lockerbie fable is still being hawked around Scotland by a senior Raynet official

    Glasgow Clyde RAYNET @gcraynet
    Lockerbie Presentation by Ron GM4SRL with Raynet and Strathclyde 4×4 Response at Intu Braehead.
    7:44 PM – 20 Jan 2015

    The link is dead, but who’s Ron?
    Consultant in Emergencies Planning and Disaster Management at Ronald M. Cowan
    Traffic Management Consultant Dumfries & Galloway Council
    May 2016 – Present (9 months)Dumfries Resilience Consultant SAFEDEM LIMITED
    February 2011 – Present (6 years)Dundee, United Kingdom
    Emergencies Planning and Disaster Management Ronald Cowan, Consultant
    February 2011 – Present (6 years)Glasgow
    Consultant The Scottish Government
    2011 – Present (6 years)
    Resilience and Safety Manager Glasgow City Council
    2008 – 2011 (3 years)
    City Emergencies Planning Officer Glasgow City Council
    April 1996 – 2008 (12 years)Glasgow, United Kingdom

    He was the RAYNET Incident Officer for the first ten days of the Lockerbie Disaster. This changed his career path and he was appointed Strathclyde’s Senior Emergencies Planning Officer (Communications) where he developed the ECN for Strathclyde which was later rolled out over the whole of Scotland. In 1996 he was appointed City Emergencies Planning Officer of Glasgow and later became the City’s Resilience and Safety Manager.

    Ron gained an MSc in Emergency Planning and Disaster Management at the University of Hertfordshire and during his career he was seconded on a part time basis to Scottish Government and was a member of the Contingency Communications Group of the Cabinet Office. He was a regular visiting speaker at The Home Office’s Emergency Planning College in Easingwold and at the Scottish Police College at Tulliallan.

    Ron co-ordinated Glasgow City Council’s response to the Maryhill Disaster, retired from Council Service in 2011,

    Ron was the Institute of Demolition Engineers in the Fall of 2014 giving his talk…

    Mr Cowan graphically described, with the aid of his slide show, some unseen photographs of the Lockerbie [sic] and the devastation caused by the rowing of the Pan-Am flight.

    So, at the top of Raynet, there are people in the know.

    Hmmm time to have a look at the Maryhill Disaster through our Fakeologist lenses.

    PS oh dear oh dear… without derailing the thread
    a familiar pose…

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    Not quite 30 years…not even 29 since this pre-9/11 staged event, but we get the little reminders every so often, as with this Metro piece on Alexander O’Neal
    November 6 2017

    On the road with… Alexander O’Neal

    I was on Pan Am Flight 101, the one before Flight 103 — the Lockerbie bombing — which is the flight I was originally going to catch. I still think about that escape

    Ah, the lucky 9/11 style corny escape story.
    It was touched on with mild surprise at intel hangout Digital Spy back in 2011 [Nobody there will challenge the “crash” narrative]
    see comment by ibeca

    I didn’t know about Take That “pop star” Gary Barlow’s involvement in the 7/7 narrative. Doing his job, like all the others I guess.

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