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    And another sub-story in Masonic Hoax No. 17:

    Tilburg Fair opened with commemorative moment near Free Fall Tower attraction.


    Ooh, Free Fall, Tower. Hints of 9/11.


    It seems we have those little “commemorative moments” all over the shop.


    I’m too lazy to bother with those numbers. Anyone?

    Tom Dalpra

    On reviewing an old football thread from March last year, I was intrigued to remember
    finding this’smoke trail from the sky’ and a Fu Dog reference here in the Match of the Day credits at 00 32

    I talked about it here in March 2014

    Looking back, it was in March 2014 that the long running saga of MH370 began and then we had MH17 in the summer. There were others.

    The Fu dog reference and the mysterious trail from the Sky that was in the Match of the Day credits from 2013 perhaps makes some sense, looking back.

    go frame/by/frame at 31/32 seconds. The ‘arrow’ smoke trail descends. Paused at this moment the words Fu and Foo are framed and the statue stands with his foot on the ball, like a Foo Dog.

    Excuse my attention to these weird little details. I just thought it was a good example of foreshadowing.
    I kind of read it at the time. I showed my son the clip and said that I thought there might be some sort of missile attack or something from the sky to do with Asia.

    18 months later post 370, 17, Transasia et al, that’s what it seems to have been referring to.

    Foo Dogs. Guardians of Asian wealth.




    Marktplaats (Dutch Craigslist) removes ad selling MH17-disaster items

    …original jacket worn by the research team with a cap, a small piece of the hull of MH17 and a tissue bag with the logo of Malaysia Airlines from the crash site. Furthermore, a bracelet worn by Police and a commemoration jug and coin.

    From fly-tipping to car boot sale. It’s a small step.


    Hoax maintenance.

    Feb 11, 2018

    71 dead (65 pax and 6 crew) …


    BTW, happy Carnival!

    We’re at page 11.

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