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    I’d be interested in any subtle referencing you may see in your media regarding this event.

    There are no subtle references. The press has turned purple.

    Remember, we are with the big boys, now:

    Big Boys

    This is where these things are concocted:

    2014 Unclear Security Summit


    Tom, now it is your turn. What do you make of the guys’ shirt?



    Tom Dalpra

    Good stuff folks,
    295 people possibly saved!

    Anymore comeback on the friend who ‘identified’ a victim Henkus?
    I’ve got a triple I know a ‘victim’ claim, my end. A young girl who says she knew three of the people who died on the flight. I’m interested as to the exact nature of that claim and should be able to find out more in due course.





    I think you identified the monkey



    Tom Dalpra


    This really is ridiculous isn’t it? Here’s ANOTHER ANGLE haha of the monkey shot.

    Look at these fuckers. Such a motley crew. Standing around looking menacing, dressed as ‘soldiers’. Two in balaclavas ( it’s fuckin summer isn’t it? ) and those knee pads. Why the knee pads? The question must have been asked. Why the hell were these guys kneeling down when there was searching and guarding to be done? Have they been fitting floors?

    Are the local security forces – like part of the search party who were fully togged-up miners ( complete with soot) – perhaps drawn from a pool of local floor layers and plasterers?

    It doesn’t matter.

    The Telly Savalas character with the hat and the cigarette and the one knee pad half way up his thigh and his gun aimed directly backwards, is in charge of these freaks and he’s holding up a stuffed monkey and showing the world. We bow our heads in solemn reflection.




    How is it that the wreckage strewn ground has become an absolute garbage dump? The grass incinerated and became like wreckers yard.

    Tom Dalpra

    Yeh, what a tip Ban! It’s a bonfire in a scrap yard,( with passports).

    My favourite caption for this photograph so far is:

    ”Is this anyone’s monkey? If it isn’t, I’m having it’.




    Maybe July is Monkey Month with release of Dawn of the planet of the apes a week ago

    Plotline –

    Starting in 2016, the ALZ-113 virus causes the collapse of human civilization following martial law, civil unrest and the economic collapse of every country in the world.

    And we all know the Aids-Monkey Theories 🙄

    MH17: Number of Aids experts on flight confirmed as six

    Tom Dalpra

    Well, resident contemporary movie expert Nemesis plucks a beauty out there with the Planet of the Apes tie-in. Ha, he’s got the gun…released 7/11 (in US order)…the monkey picture…

    Why I found humour in this image originally was, not for the reason of it being deliberately humerous, but that it was absurd. Why was that picture framed in that way and presented to us at that time? From more than one angle? The Planet of the Apes tie-in seems like a very cogent explanation to me.
    Releasing a virus? Oh yes!

    I’m assuming that’s your spot there on the Planet of the Apes movie, Nemesis ?
    That, is a simple, brilliant, tie-in, I reckon.

    In the smoke Calcified Lies pointed to…

    Softly, softly,

    Catchey monkey

    Deaded monkey

    And then a major Hollywood Film released this month…




    I’m assuming that’s your spot there on the Planet of the Apes movie, Nemesis ?
    That, is a simple, brilliant, tie-in, I reckon.

    Well Calcified Lies did mention the Charlton Heston ‘Take Your Stinkin’ Paws Off Me You Damn Dirty Ape!’ line from the original and the release of the new movie earlier in the thread but i did think the holding of the sock monkey a bit symbolic maybe??? Definitely a new one, seeing a solider holding up a ‘Cuddly Toy’ 😕 The two images seemed to be fitting..

    The whole aids stuff made it full circle..

    Well at least there’s a great track from the stones about monkeys.. 😎


    The MH17 “disaster” “happened” “to coincide” (I can’t seem to find enough quotation marks) with the penultimate day of the very International Four Days Marches in Nijmegen in a city filled with a large international crowd, and loaded with international military service men and women.

    Mourning on the final day of the marches was ubiquitous, with no music being played along the route.

    Local TV-reporting was hijacked by a feel-good female with a schmaltzy voice taking care to bring the message home. Over and over and over again.

    In an interview with a father and son, the young boy, asked what he thought about the situation, said: “I think it is about time we took on the Russians.”

    I was hoping to see the 54.000 international walkers wearing black mourning bands. That would have made debunking this charade easy (“Erm, where did they get 54.000 black mourning bands overnight?”), but they wisely abstained from such nonsense.

    There was, however, very low flying by police helicopters (that always works nicely to corral the slaves).

    In other towns along the route, they were not so subtle and decided to create their own traffic signs overnight:


    It reads: “Because of the plane crash a family from Cuijk died, including two valuable municipal workers.”

    Oh, thanks for the info.

    And, yes, we’ve got a victims-claim over here, too. It is a neighbour’s acquaintance’s friend’s mother. Including Facebook picture.

    This is going to be interesting.


    The monkey also brings to mind the 1995 film ‘Outbreak’ starring Dustin Hoffman. Check out this google image search-

    The colour yellow is spread through out the images, another theme someone pointed out earlier. I believe it has something to do with the biohazard symbol.….0…1c.1.49.tablet-gws..16.6.303.DeZ24QcbBuA

    And even the radioactive symbol:…31131.35895.0.37988.….0…1c.1.49.tablet-gws..14.4.553.lrcyefooVV0

    Even the 2011 movie has the yellow theme and the spot on tagline – ‘Nothing spreads like fear’ :….0…1c.1.49.tablet-gws..1.16.1980._tNKZKruaKw

    Speaking of Hoffman, the plane crash and media manipulation brings his film ‘Hero’ to mind:

    More horror ‘bodies rained down’:

    Missle launcher found:

    Dust Ban correction: I was always under the presumtion that a surface to air missle came from a submarine, thus I made my relevant comments on db19. Apparently it can mean it was fired from the ground. Check out the wiki page here:

    Notice the picture even implies a missile originating from under water.

    Either way a surface to air missle or “SAM” has a gematria that equals 33 (19+1+13). So there.


    If anyone here wants to record a show on this topic let me know here and I will try to accomodate a time. Or:


    Skype: banazir2980

    Tommy can you hear me?


    The monkey also brings to mind the 1995 film ‘Outbreak’ starring Dustin Hoffman.

    There was also another 1995 Monkey Movie with the same virus theme by the great Terry Gilliam

    Looks like the Looters forgot about this lot of money.. 🙄

    Tom Dalpra

    Yes I can Banazir. Interesting stuff. I’d be happy to chat about it at some point soon. I’ll get into turning the skype on and hook up. It would be great to have ( a Dutchman rgos on) or Calcified, Nemesis, Carys anyone of course. I think the thread’s great because of those people, and yourself. * blows smoke*

    For now, a very posed monkey.

    SO…BOWIE 🙂

    2014 Stuffed ‘AIDS Monkey’- MH17 psyOp.


    1979 David Bowie – Lodger Album cover.




    Look for “RITUALS” in this photo.



    A Lot Of “Monkey Business” In This MH17 “Story” From Brand Spanking New Passports To A “Staged Looking” I (heart) Amsterdam Shirt
    To A Few Monkey Props To Name A Few…But Speaking Of Primates, I Found Something Even Better Than A Top 10 List Of Primate
    Movies! A Top “13”!

    Top 13 Movies List

    Another List, that settled on a top 10, rather than a top “13”
    Top 10 Pissed Off Primate And Murderous Monkey Movies

    And When It Comes To Celeb Monkeys, Look No Further Than This One.

    Here’s Another Celeb Monkey
    Ross And His Monkey


    And there it is again. A subtle reference to the International Four Days Marches:


    De dood of the gladiolen! (look it up)



    Also a Romero Movie from 1988

    Monkey Shines AKA Monkey Shines: An Experiment in Fear


    Bodies in refrigerated train. Auschwitz-style. Up pops the magic number.

    Cool Train



    Wow this topic already has great information.
    What really got me was the Donald Duck ‘de zwarte magier’ heh can’t be a coincedence.

    So my friend told me friday about one of victims he ‘knew’, Ingrid van der Meer.
    He didn’t know her personally but she lived in the neighborhood where he grew up.
    This is what he showed me:
    It is the website of the local hockey club where she was a volunteer, i think.

    To be honest i am not comfortable with trying to prove this person was real or this one was not, it seems too soon for this. From what i read i do believe there are people who died but sure there can be added vicims or something.
    So that brings me here :

    Small discussion, in Dutch, about people trying to find info about victims via facebook etc. I am pretty sure this guy Martin Vrijland knows about the possibility of vicsims and i think he writes nice articles from time to time.

    Small addition :
    This is probably pure propaganda but it shows what some more info of some of the victims.

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