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    Welcome Opticalillusion!

    I was able to log in. I can write a brief bio here. I am now 31 but first got aware of media fakery through simon shack and his documentary september clues. After watching this in 2009 I had to find more information on who and where it came from. I soon found like minded others at simons reality shack which soon turned into cluesforum. I come from a background as a computer hacker giving me some tools most independent researchers wouldnt know to use. I soon was easilly catching onto other faked events as time went on watching them unfold and be researched in real time. I have not really been active on any research forums the last few years as life has taken me elsewhere. I have always lurked on here(fakeologist) but as I noticed cluesforum has been near idle I feel joining over here will be a better use of my time than posting on a dormant forum. I have been saving various bits from each psyop over the last 4-5 years as well as found one of the creators of some of the 911 sim memorial tribute pages.



    Welcome Old No. 77

    I have a very investigative and inquiring mind. Hearing some credible conspiracy theories about the moon landing and JFK assassination, among many others, got me thinking about what else might be out there.

    I also believe that with the advent of social media and the increased ease of computer generated images (CGI) and videos, that fake news is more prevalent now than ever before.

    I am looking for a forum to discuss further.

    Old No. 77

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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