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    Welcome Eva!

    I’m in my 60’s and remember being in school when the JFK event was announced.I watched the Moon Landing Event on tv. It was clear to me that these things were faked. My mother agreed but it wasn’t a topic that was spoken about with many others. It just wasn’t a thing that was happening back then.
    It wasn’t until the 911 event that the internet was available in full force so it was possible to investigate so many things.People like Mae Brussell were doing this way before the Internet . Check her out on youtube just for fun.

    I have no idea how I came across Fakeolgy. Its not called the World Wide “Web” for nothing. I’m glad to know that there are other like minded people in the world (whatever shape it is.)
    That’s a super short version of where I come from. As far as where I am now, I assume that all the news is a lie unless proven true. It’s like the news is actually a SNL satire of the news. Being expected to believe such nonsense one feels as insulted and degraded as as if being herded through the TSA “security” at the airport.

    Anyway, I’ll stop this complaining and count my blessings.

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