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    The mass casualty building fire is the equivalent of the faked plane crash. Burn it down, fake the deaths by tried and tested methods.
    A link on a Grenfell page

    Towering Inferno London June 13 2017

    led me to the 1980 [August 16] London Denmark Place fire, with an alleged 37 deaths. Straight away the usual hoaxy smell came off it…the majority of the vicsims being Spanish speaking South Americans, Colombians, etc., given short term visas to work in the hospitality industry for slave wages. Ideal recruits for faking their deaths and receiving new identities in any country of choice.

    Other red flags – many of the names in the “official” list were wrongly spelled. Very few had any probate in England.
    An “unborn baby” dies in the fire, except we’re not told who was pregnant.
    We have “jumpers” Elizabeth Mercado and Eduardo Trujilo who allegedly leapt from the second floor
    We have the expected “heroes” club manager Franco who dies trying to get others out, allegedly, and 17 year old Alex Reid died, having heroically re-entered the burning building to rescue a pregnant woman – STRANGE BECAUSE HE BECOMES 26 YEARS OLD IN THE DEATH RECORDS….BECOMING ALEXANDER SMITH REID [SEE below]
    The alleged perpetrator was only tried for one of the “murders”, that of Archibald O’Donnell Campbell born March 1917 [date not provided] whose death was recorded half a year before all the others 1980 [Q4] compared with 1981 [Q2] for the remainder. Campbell, aged 63, [retirement age clue] had allegedly no assets which required probate.
    The non-Hispanic “deaths” were generally of the rootless club 18-30 generation, the other favoured group for identity reassignment and relocation.

    Let’s start with the Murder Mile podcast

    The perpetrator [alleged] John Thompson, a 42 year old resident of Morning Lane in Hackney was a semi-regular guest at the gambling club, with prior convictions for drug-dealing, arson and petty-theft…
    perhaps his get-out-of-jail card.

    He dies in jail [allegedly] – naturally on the Anniversary of the fire! August 16 2008.

    Celebrating her final night in London before her return flight to Columbia, Elizabeth Mercado and her friend Eduardo Trujillo escaped the blaze, suffering broken bones and second degree burns as they leapt from a second-story window. They were two of the twenty-three people who were confirmed as wounded and escaped with their lives.

    The rest of the party’s revellers simply vanished into the night; too traumatised by the horror to give witness testimony, too terrified by the blaze to seek medical help, and too scared of the repercussions by the authorities given their dubious immigration status.

    Another lever to get people to participate in a drill.
    Unsurprisingly, the identity creation wiki page doesn’t mention its use in staging of fake deaths in disaster, terror and other newsworthy “tragedy” drills
    the Ministry of Justice will not reveal how many people have been given new identities using the witness protection scheme but it is thought that some 3,000 have had new lives created for them. Estimates for how much this will cost vary, but it is believed that it will be up to £1 million per person.
    source – Telegraph 2009
    I suggest much less than £1m per head for this event.

    August 23 2015

    The most remarkable thing about researching the story of these forgotten murders, also published today, is that, 35 years later, even many of the families of the victims know little about what happened.

    I spoke to Reg Coward, who only learned a few years ago that his cousin, Diana Coward, had died alongside 36 other people. Alex Reinhard, the son of a Colombian victim, Alejandro Vargas, thinks that he will never know exactly what happened to his father.

    Matt Rendell, a writer who spent years trying to find out more about it, managed to acquire [this] list

    [of names]
    Strange then that Rendell never checked the list against death registers. Where did he get it from?
    And why must we assume that people don’t want to disappear and leave relatives behind? Clearly it’s not a close family that only realises a cousin is missing something like 30 years down the line, in a major fire. This is astonishing.

    I’ll list the correct names later. Diana Coward was 18 years old, born December 2 1961. Remember she’s in a mainly Hispanic club at 3.30 am….who’s she with [allegedly?]

    BMD records online show Reginald Coward is indeed her cousin, a name shared also with her uncle. Diana also had at least two siblings who along with the parents all seem to vanish.

    Peter Alan Dolan b 26 Jan 1953 [aged 27] had assets £33,073,probate quickly granted in little over two months, address 17 Chatsworth Road, Cricklewood NW2. Not a bad sum for then.

    The only other probates related to
    Alexander Smith Reid dob 29 Nov 1953 of 42 Noll House, 58 Corker Walk Holloway N7 £3360
    and Eustace Ralph Taylor Harding dob 2 July 1951 of 31 Sparkford House Someset Estate Battersea SW11. [£2076]
    both granted quickly in October 1980.

    Another young “victim” was Pamela A Bough born 1962 in Islington. Both parents appear to remarry and then all disappear afaics.

    Corrected “death” list to follow.
    Some interesting details in this article by Simon Usborne
    August 23 2015


    Agnes Crossin…estimates she knew about 17 of the victims…..Experts took two months to identify all the victims, who came from eight countries.[four pathologists and three dentists, so we’re told in the podcast]…A few years ago I saw the fire brigade photos of the bodies,” she says

    oh really? How would that come about?

    Agnes provides the story of her friend Alex the hero saving the pregnant woman [unclear how it emerged, since Alex allegedly died…] We also learn Alex had two daughters who also disappear according to the article

    Alex Reid’s daughters, Nicola, who was five when he died, and Angela, who was months away from being born.

    Reg, who was 13 at the time, grew up not knowing what sort of fire she had died in. “Diana’s parents split up after that, and her mum drank herself to death,” he tells me. “It wasn’t something anyone talked about.

    so he did know it was a fire, but it wasn’t talked about! Another red flag.

    Pam Hopkins is Reg’s and Diana’s aunt. Diana was her bridesmaid. “How many people died in the fire,” she asks from her home near Basildon in Essex. I tell her. “Thirty seven!” she replies. “I had no idea it was that bad. I don’t think I ever read the papers.” The retired legal secretary, who is 66, remembers Diana as a pretty, determined girl who loved to sing. She had cut her blonde hair short as part of a gentle teenage rebellion. “We weren’t allowed to see her body,” Hopkins recalls. “They identified her from a piece of her bra that survived – she was wearing her mother’s bra – and her teeth.”

    Red flags everywhere. Not allowed to see the body…it can’t be because it was charred beyond recognition because allegedly her bra survived! It’s ridiculous.
    I get the feeling that Simon Usborne has stumbled into some very deep water without realising it.

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    Denmark Place Fire, London WC2 1980
    A corrected [faked] death list from official records. I wonder if they are assigned new birth dates? There is a strong Irish contingent here, as well as Colombian
    AGUIRE Sylvia
    Silvia Aguirre dob 5 May 1948
    BARRIOS Alvaro
    Alvaros Grajales Barrios dob 7 Aug 1953
    BOUGH Pamela
    Pamela Ann Bough dob 11 Nov 1962
    BULATI Beiddredin
    El Bulati Bad Er Eddin dob Oct 1940

    CAMPBELL Archibald
    Archibald O’Donnell Campbell dob “1917” [death registered 1980 [Q4]
    CARROLL Leonard
    dob 5 May 1955
    COWARD Diana
    Diana Carol N. Coward dob 2 Dec 1961
    DCEDARAN Clancy
    Clancy Rene Deederan dob 24 Oct 1945
    DICK Maria
    Maria Patricia Dick dob 8 Aug 1958
    DOLAN Peter Alan
    dob 26 Jan 1953
    FIORILO Paul
    Paul Florio Munguia dob 26 Aug 1946
    FRANCO Jose
    Jose Franco Ventureira dob 10 May 1955
    GOREY Carol
    dob 1953
    GUMIEL Maria
    Maria Guillerma Gumiel dob 30 Jan 1958
    GUMIEL Theresa
    Teresa Gumiel dob 1936 [mother and daughter disappearing act?]
    HENAGHAN Denise
    Denise Elizabeth Henaghan dob 16 March 1957
    ISHERWOOD Christina
    Christine Ann Isherwood dob 19 May 1953
    LONDONO Luz Mary
    dob 22 Jan 1956
    McDERMOT Avril
    dob 9 April 1941
    McILVANEY Diana
    Diane McIlvanney dob 12 Oct 1957
    MUNOZ Gloria
    no such death recorded. Possibly –
    Gloria Elsy M Patiko dob 16 Nov 1955
    MURRAY Anita
    Anita June Murray dob 8 Jan 1956
    NAVARO Antonio
    Antonio Navarro dob 7 Feb 1953
    NORTON Bridget
    Bridget Elizabeth Norton dob 4 Aug 1952
    dob 1946
    PUTAHU Segg
    dob 17 Sept 1954 possibly national of Papua New Guinea [!]

    RAMSEY William
    dob 3 Feb 1945
    REID Alexander
    Alexander Smith Reid dob 29 Jan 1953
    SAGASTA-JULDAIN Juan Antonio
    dob 26 Dec 1952

    SMITH Edgar
    possibly Edgar Mortimer Smith dob 1932
    SOTO Carlos Alberto
    Alberto Soto Suarez dob 1956

    STIRTON Robert
    Robert Gibson Stirton dob 1950 [not registered in England/Wales
    TAYLOR-HARDING Eustace Ralph
    also ERT Harding, dob 2 July 1951
    VARGAS Alejandro
    Plutarco Alejandro Vargas dob 2 Feb 1949

    VARGAS Hernan
    Hernan Vargas Jaramillo dob 26 Jan 1956
    Beatriz Ampro Vargas Corrales dob 20 Aug 1952
    YULE Frederick
    dob 1951
    no such birth registered in England/Wales

    AFrederick Robert Yeulett
    of 92 Borrowdale Road, Moreton, Wirral, Cheshire b 1929 died 26 May 1981 in Camden [registered Q2 along with the other “victims”]
    Seems an amazing coincidence…

    And it’s amazing how many deliberate mistakes there are among the names of the “victims” – it will be interesting to see what appears on the inevitable plaque.

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