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    Since nobody went to the moon and returned to earth in those intriguing tinfoil and crepe paper landing modules, then any scientific paper on “moon rocks”, “lunar dusts” and so on, must be fake. Either the psientists are all in on it, or they’re being duped.
    Here they come, back in the day, a white box hoax

    And we continue to be bamboozled in the MSM with tales of ‘moon rocks’
    scroll down for the latest piece of moon rock populism as reported in Metro
    Headline – December 20 2018 Toxic rocks show the dark side of moon dust LOL!
    “due to the limited supply of lunar dust, the study used similar rocks from Earth containing a similar concentratgion of reactivei minerals [olivine and augite] LOL!
    I think they’re giving the game away here.
    Leader – Donald Hendrix from Stony Brook University, NY.

    The wind cries hoax….

    Apparently there’s something called the The lunar rock and mineral characterization consortium (LRMCC)
    has conducted careful, integrated measurements of lunar materials with the goal of extending the library of well-characterized lunar materials available as ground truth.
    The LRMCC builds on the work of the lunar soil characterization consortium (LSCC), which conducted coordinated mineralogy ? petrography ?spectroscopy analyses of a suite of lunar soils of different
    composition and maturity
    [Isaacson et al 2010]
    which seems to be a “safe hands” consortium which unlike ol’ Hendrix, seems to have no trouble getting its hands on samples from NASA, such as
    “70035 is 3.7 b.y. old and has been exposed on the lunar surface for ~ 100 m.y. It is typical of the high Ti basalts from the moon and has been used for several public displays “
    suuuuuuure it has
    which were used in the 2010 paper

    And less than 3 months ago, Oct 2 2018, it was reported that unspecified moon rocks had been sent to Harwell UK [obviously another safe set of hands] a resin enclosed basalt.
    Our psientist has to go “off-planet” to learn how rocks form and the moon is the best place to do it…
    What are they studying?
    Add your favourite moon rock stores below….

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