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    Terran Downvale
    Terran Downvale

    OK, I’m not sure if this really means anything but I have to point it out. I’m NOT trying to take this into Tony A = Tony B territory, as I imagine the skepticism squelchers would like me to do. Just putting it out there for your consideration.

    So in UNreal’s post above, we see the vigil for Kukoe took place on April 6th, the same day as the “Velación” (“vigil” in Spanish) for Annette Carrion’s father Fernando.

    In this Instagram post, we see what is presumably Kukoe’s father:

    Could we possibly have some sim-clone action going on here?

    [Click for full-size version]

    They are different looking but there are some subtle underlying similarities as well. The hair and face shape in particular. Yes, they are both Hispanic so there will naturally be a general similarity. I just have to wonder if either of these gentlemen is actually a genuine person.


    As we look into the news-coverage of Annette A. Carrion we can see how most articles actually just serve the same information over and again. Not many details actually have emerged since the accident among the slew of articles and online tributes – and some information has even been redacted out from the Carrion story after publication.

    There are clearly distinct audiences for how Annette A. Carrion’s accident is portrayed in the media, and the news-coverage has by far been led by Hispanic media-outlets. Mostly the focus has been about the testimony of a beloved hispanic motorcycle figure whose carrier is covered moreso than the actual events.

    Nevertheless – the initial reporting was made by the Orange County Register, a local California newspaper, that “broke” the news first and initially appeared to engage in detailed reporting before they scrubbed the original article of most of its details.

    In terms of english articles in the press, only The Mirror appear to have done actual news-reporting and were the first news-media that brought forth Annette Carrion as being part of a triple tragedy involving the very recent disappearance of both parents and lastly their child, Annette.

    We all would like to believe that the press indeed reports on mostly real events and that fake events are the exception. But does that really match what we can verify ?

    As Terran Downvale noted in an earlier post (here) – we might be skeptical of those who report the news we later are encouraged to trust and believe in. And with a critical eye, there are many signs of false news-reporting that become apparent in the curious case of Annette Carrion.

    The original, now redacted article on Anntte A. Carrion was written by Brian Rokos (profile here), a reporter and copy editor at Press Enterprise who serve news to several local CA newspapers. When we look at his articles that specialise in public safety (police/fire/courts), it no longer should be a surprise he might author suspicious material. In fact he seems to be a specialist in that department (articles here and also muckrack archive, LinkedIn and Twitter)

    Brian Rokos interestingly also recently covered the re-opening of Highway 74 after a non-injury collision that blocked Ortega Highway at the Candy Store (article) on March 28th – three days before Annette A. Carrions accident on March 31st.. Other recent stories from Rokos cover the triple Pinyon Pines murder trial (article) and the arrest of Mission Viejo robbery suspect from a 24h DNA test (article)

    Update: Lanes reopen on Ortega Highway

    The Annette A. Carrion story was later handled by the apparently hispanic reporter Alma Fausto who specialise in crime, breaking news and public safety for the Orange County Register and the Southern California News Group (OCR articles, twitter, LinkedIn and Muckrack archive).

    Alma Fausto recently covered Will Ferrels highway 5 car accident (here) and the friday 13th Police shooting of an unidentified suspect in South Citron Street, Anaheim.

    The Daily Mirror coverage of Annette A. Carrion was written by Canadian born journalist Chris Kitching – the senior news reporter at Mirror Online (Muckrack archive, LinkedIn. The fact the Mirror were the first media outlet to actually inform on Carrions family make their contribution quite significant. The Daily Mirror is also by far the most publisized media-outlet to have made significant efforts in the Annette A. Carrion Case – seemingly going through the trouble of thorough investigation.

    Looking at Chris Kitching’s recent activity, he’s now reporting on the lastest, greatest Algerian plane crash (257 dead – article) and the death of an 11 week pregnant cancer patient who was forced to abort at only 22 (article)

    By looking closer at the Annette A. Carrion story and those who report on her accident we must now realise that the reporters in question above all participate in more fabricated news than anything real. In fact – we might need to search long and hard to find credible stories written by any of these protagonist journalists. That all three journalists suddenly all report on a true story at the very same time is therefore close to impossible, and clearly not part of their job description.

    (original articles by their authors)

    Brian Rokos (Press Enterprise & OCR) – Irvine woman dies in Ortega Highway motorcycle crash
    Published: March 31, 2018 at 4:56 pm | Updated: April 2, 2018 at 12:04 pm

    Alma Fausto (Orange County Register) – Annette Carrion, Irvine motorcyclist who died in Ortega Highway crash, remembered by online community
    Published: April 2, 2018 at 11:08 am | Updated: April 4, 2018 at 3:52 pm

    Chris Kitching (Daily Mirror) – Instagram star killed in motorcycle crash after parents died just months apart as family suffer heartbreaking triple tragedy
    Published: April 5, 2018 at 11:23 | Updated: April 5, 2018 at 11:26


    Some derision : irony alert

    The Addams family tried to ignore the cruelty at first, but by April 4th, they founded the new Hoax Buster Call Network*, an organization that actively combats online abuse of victims of public traffic accidents – on the phone.

    “To be honest, it’s heartbreaking,” the Addams family told Discordians last week. “Our family has been attacked over and over. What people don’t understand is that no matter what they believe, every time this comes up, it rips our marriage and family apart.”

    The Addams family and fellow Masons today fight the hate and misinformation on many fronts and has joined forces with Sandy Hook dad Lenny Pozner and the HONR Network*. Together they flag content for removal, file police reports, pursue civil litigation – and publicly call people out.

    “We bring awareness to the cruelty and criminality of abusive activity that victims and their families are shockingly subjected to following violent motorcycle accidents in California. We refer to those who wittingly and publicly defame, harass, and emotionally abuse victims of high-profile mass tragedies as “hoax busters,” due to their irrational belief that these tragedies are government-staged hoaxes, and their victims are paid crisis actors and afternoon commuters.

    Existing laws make it very difficult and costly to prosecute hoax busters, which only emboldens them to spread defamation and disinformation, as well as employ intrusive and threatening behavior with relative irony. We are working toward affecting positive changes to existing laws as well as the creation of new legislation, so that society can hold these abusers personally accountable for their actions, providing much-needed relief to the vicsims and their families.”

    *the HONR Network is a 501.c.3 non-profit organization dedicated to Stopping the Continual and Intentional Torment of Victims – donations done here

    *Chris Kendall and Kyle Mason actively support the Addams family and reported many indirects facts from their phones in favour of giving credit to trust and other trusted news stories on their latests broadcast available for donations and investigation-free listening here : HBC580 – Chris on a phone

    (The Proper Gander Podcast Episode 25: Breaking News is a good introduction to HONR*)

    Terran Downvale
    Terran Downvale

    Nice parody, UNreal. 😆 Life can be so cruel, indeed.

    Terran Downvale
    Terran Downvale

    Some weird possible esoteric stuff here. Not sure if it means anything but I think it’s worth mentioning since it ties in with something I ran across when researching the name Aprilia. Key connecting words are in BOLD.

    From Brian Rokos’ article about the Ortega Highway lane closure three days before the Carrion crash:

    Witnesses reported a silver Toyota Avalon collided with a maroon Toyota Prius about 8:30 p.m., the CHP log said.

    Avalon (/?æv??l?n/; Latin: Insula Avallonis, Old French Avalon, Welsh: Ynys Afallon, Ynys Afallach; literally meaning “the isle of fruit [or apple] trees”) is a legendary island featured in the Arthurian legend.

    1997; from the Latin prius meaning “coming before”; also related to such English words as “prior” and “primary”

    From the Aprilia forum topic “What does Aprilia mean?”:

    Aprilia is a town and comune (municipality) in the province of Latina, in the Lazio region of central Italy.,_Lazio#History

    The name of the city come from the Latin Venus Aprilia – “Fruitful Venus

    2. an exceptionally beautiful woman.


    View this post on Instagram

    Two and a half years ago, this beautiful angel entered my life, and instantly changed me forever. She was so full of life, and always ready to take on any adventure. She was the most humble, loyal, and honest person I’ve ever met. She constantly strived to do better in every aspect of her life, and always pushed me to improve mine. Since both of us have a passion for riding, we had a bond like no other, and words cannot describe the pain that I am feeling right now. Both of us knew the consequences, but as many of us know, it’s very easy to forget how quickly tragedy can happen. Annette was a daily rider, commuter, and track enthusiast. She was always trying to improve her riding, and in my opinion, she was a badass. We took riding schools together, took videos of each other to help see where we could improve, and just enjoyed doing what we loved together. The only thing keeping me going is knowing that she didn’t have any pain, when she crashed, and she died doing what she loved, with who she loved. I would give anything to have her back, but my lord has another plan. I am so overwhelmed with emotion, and so grateful for all of the love and support everyone has been showering me with. Between her phone and mine, the thoughts and well wishes are flowing in like you wouldn’t believe. Please do not be upset if I can’t respond, I am just doing my best to keep it together at this point. This video was one of her potential intros to her next YouTube video, and was taken yesterday morning before our ride. I hope seeing her smile and talk, helps you feel closer to her like it does for me. RIP my beautiful Angel. Go get our home ready in heaven. I’ll be there as soon as I can 😇 I LOVE YOU @annettecarrion 😪😫😭

    A post shared by Jimmy (@jmyjamstyle) on


    Some weird possible esoteric stuff here. Not sure if it means anything but I think it’s worth mentioning

    Indeed – the “maroon” Prey us (phonetic anagram for ‘Prey’ is ‘Rape’) quite well sums up the action to come.

    More seriously – the fact the same senior reporter (Brian Rokos) reports both incidents is in itself a cue that we witness pre-programming and possibly a test-run or drill for the Carrion accident March 31st.

    For a senior reporter to write up a mere non-injury collision seem inhabitual from Brian Rokos regular news-coverage.

    By the many allusions to myth and deities through the choice of words and associated brands, we have more indications that the authors act as in a ritual where every detail is planned according to an underlying story, from Annette Carrion’s red Triumph* victorious dress to her triple R Triumph motorcycle to the Redline Raven trident of all girl riders.

    The Avalon* car that ‘ram’ the moron Preyus seems a roundabout way to describe the shady fabrications of death and grief that most of the characters involved in periphery of Annette Carrion as well as Carrion herself (the many RR* fundraisers) were involved with which is forgery and exploitation of popular goodwill and charity.

    If the adage “You are the company you keep” holds through for Carrion and her friends we have well outlined what this implies – and inserting abstract lore and occult language and numbers further illustrate the tools of PsyOp trade.

    But the devil is in the details and might just require a test run before prime time – like a preproduction non-injury non-event (here).

    *a Triumph signified the highest honour for a victorious general or aristocrat’s career in ancient Rome (or in the fictional historical narrative of Roma – anagram for Amor)

    *according to legend, Avalon was an island where King Arthur’s sword Excalibur was forged and often identified as the former island of Glastonbury Tor.

    *the month of April stem from the latin verb aperire “to open” in honour of the goddess Venus – the equivalent of Greek goddess name Aphrodite (Aphros)

    *RR are fittingly the initials of Redline Ravens and thus foreshadow the future two Ra’s left today after Carrions got carried away with her triple R Triumph


    mrflashe Annette Carrion memorial artwork
    mrflashe – Carrion memorial artwork post (here)

    hugo sitdown Annette Carrion funeral ceremony video
    •hugo_sit_down – Carrion funeral ceremony video (here)

    One of the first videos that were made from Annette A. Carrion’s funeral service were made by the instagram user hugo_sit_down. From a scene in the middle this video one can notice that one of the (girl) riders wear a black t-shirt with an Annette A. Carrion tribute printed on the back figuring artwork by instagram user mrflashe.

    The presence of merchandised articles is of course an element often used in PsyOps, but despite seeing T-shirts with an Annette A. Carrion tribute printed and apparently worn grieving motorcycle riders – i have not found any post that advertise Annette Carrion t-shirts.

    However absent Annette Carrion T-Shirts have shown to be – it is now possible to buy both stickers from instagram user apexjunkiez or badges from darkeyes42x featuring Annette A. Carrion’s one eye logo..

    darkeyes42x – 10$ Annette Carrion badges

    apexjunkiez – 5$ Annette Carrion stickers

    As can be seen from the Instagram accounts that actually provide content and now products relating to Annette A. Carrion – the large majority are professional accounts and mostly have but one “personal” item posted – the curious Annette Carrion case.



    Another of the Carrion clan posted this image of her

    very little activity, apart from two posts following the reported death of Nicky Hayden, US bike race star, while….cycling in Italy. Well, I had a look, and my fakeologist spectacles fairly fell off my nose in amazement –
    sympathy from Chris Froome, TdF cycle rider…
    Suspicious crash damage to car windshield, police displaying wrecked bike to cameras in true psy-op style


    the American had an infectiously warm personality

    Red flag – link to the Schumacher hoax

    looking like another “retirement”.

    nicely teed up

    • This reply was modified 1 year, 7 months ago by  xileffilex.

    Love for the Track - by the Redline Ravens in honour of Annette Carrion
    •Love for the Track – by the Redline Ravens in honour of Annette Carrion

    With a slightly different angle, what remains of the Redline Ravens also have been working hard and fast to gather sponsors in order to promote motorcycle safety by organising free motorcycle track days as an Annette A. Carrion tribute.

    The ‘Love for the Track’ event appear to be a type of charity, but with enough sponsors to possibly ensure revenu for the Redline Ravens in a discrete fashion. It does seem the commercial side to the curious case of Annette A. Carrion does carry on and is ever present from the gear to the grave and beyond – “one man’s loss is another man’s profit”

    (Sponsors that share ‘Love for the Track’ and commercial lust over Carrion)

    JP43Next Generation Motorcycle Training

    Keigwins @ the Trackmotorcycle racetrack events since 1998

    SoCal Track Daysreach a higher level of riding proficiency

    Fastrack RidersSouthern California’s premier motorcycle training school & track day organization

    California Superbike Schoolour job is to improve your riding skills through quality instruction. Your personal goals as a rider will be the focus. We have been at it since 1980 and the job never gets old.

    TrackDaza program designed for the widest demographic of riders as possible to get their motorcycles on the track – since 2000.


    very little activity, apart from two posts following the reported death of Nicky Hayden, US bike race star, while….cycling in Italy. Well, I had a look, and my fakeologist spectacles fairly fell off my nose in amazement

    I was unaware of Nicky Hayden’s unfortunate demise, and by the images and news-coverage it looks like we have another suspicious death following close in Annette Carrion’s trail.

    As a journalist (yes – Annette Carrion apparently was about brains AND beauty) it might not come as a surprise that one of the few articles she actually wrote for Motorcyclist Magazine was about.. Nicky Hayden..

    The number of accidents* around both Annette Carrion and in her close vicinity are becoming unlikely numerous and with clearly fabricated news-bits – combined with some sort of commercial exploitation associated such as fundraisers and/or product-placements. Another aspect yet to explore would be the insurance aspect of the accidents we have looked into that all figure more prominently on insurance and accident lawyers websites than in the actual news.

    Hayden Undergoes Wrist Surgery (15 Nov 2011)

    Nicky Hayden & Annette Carrion
    •Nicky Hayden & Annette Carrion (Instagram post here)

    Annette Carrion Nicky Hayden stalker alert
    •Annette stalking the MotoGP stars at the Long Beach Show (article)

    *and there are more deaths we still might want to look into around AA Carrion – like Jae who died on his Triumph in Jamul mentionned here)..


    looking like another “retirement”

    Fellini style (apart from the crappy picture quality, that is).



    This is what a real death looks like [© John Adams]

    well, there’s a casket….and hundreds of bikers…and his organs were donated….so someone must have died, mustn’t they? 😉

    Nicky Hayden’s body will leave the mortuary at the Bufalini hospital in Cesena for the trip home. Following the death of the American rider on Monday evening, mother Rose and brother Tommy expressed their desire to return to America as soon as possible.
    On Tuesday, the public prosecutor’s office in Rimini arranged for the repatriation of the casket, before the rider’s family members agreed to organ donation, respecting the wishes of #69.



    jackeline marin nicky hayden
    •Nichie Hayden and his wife Jackie Marin Hayden

    What seems obvious from the image above – “The Kentucky Kid” aka Nicholas Patrick Hayden sure wasn’t hide’n his freemasonic finger-gymnastics. I’m not quite sure what his right hand ‘six’ sign with the cigar really is supposed to signify – but i do get the devilhorn.

    The funeral sure look impressive with all those bikers who seem reliable showing up at fake events – with the added bonus of the black secret service vans for docudrama effects. It might even make sense to know Nickie “the kid” passed away on a masonic day as well, May 22 (in 2017, 36 year old).

    Coincidences seem to pile up for Annette Carrion and her social circle seem to be quite a bit more extensive than a what we might have thought at first. It seems many wanna be famous people enjoy motorbikes and that the Redline Ravens were patiently waiting for their chance to make it into the VIP club of a shady industry where fake accidents, motorsports and celebrities mix.

    (Redline Raven Mizziel Serra on the (right) tracks)

    View this post on Instagram

    Today's track day was epic in so many ways! I completed the final level of Keith Code's @superbikeschool …Level 4! Buttonwillow is one of my new favorite tracks 😍 I also did some acro yoga at the end of the day… Video coming soon. Oh, and I rode with this one dude… he kept asking to take photos with me and I'm just like, "Okaaay fine. Just this once though." 🤣 lolol jk @channingtatum Thank you so much to @eagleridersanfrancisco for believing in us and always providing win-win opportunities … we won't let you down 🙂 And big thanks to the Keith Code and the wonderful people and coaches at @superbikeschool … I always learn soooo much and my riding abilities have significantly improved since I first entered level 1 at Thunderhill… feeling so grateful 🙏🏽 Leather suit and boots: @daineseofficial #californiasuperbikeschool #channingtatum #bmwmotorrad #bmwmotorsport #dainese

    A post shared by Mizziel Serra (@mizziel) on



    What a phoney, superficial world.
    More evidence pointing to a staged event in Italy….from Wikipedia

    Hayden was riding alone at the time of the accident which took place at around 14:00 CEST (UTC+2). Earlier in the morning Hayden was out jogging with Kevin Schwantz. He invited Schwantz to ride with him in the afternoon but Schwantz declined as he did not have a bicycle on hand.[46] Hayden then rode briefly with his friend Denis Pazzaglini ** at some point in the early afternoon. Hayden’s final Instagram photo shows the two together and confirms that Hayden was wearing a helme

    Ah, the instagram post to “confirm” – how convenient

    View this post on Instagram

    Miles W/ the Mayor of Misano @denispazzaglini

    A post shared by Nicky Hayden (@nicky_hayden) on

    The medical condition of Hayden was “brought to you” by Red Bull…

    Former MotoGP champ in induced coma after being hit by car in Italy

    Oh not the old “induced coma” routine again! Your hoax confirmed.

    ** MotoGP mechanic

    Make sure you only get your Nicky Hayden memorabilia from an authentic dealer….

    More devil’s horns here from Old Nick[y] in a video uploaded 5/22 by Denis Pazzaglini, an obvious assistant….

    • This reply was modified 1 year, 7 months ago by  xileffilex.

    One of the most common arguments used to defend the legitimacy of the Annette A. Carrion motorcycle accident is that traffic accidents happen – which they do.

    Despite there are indeed accidents on the roads, we might however still be very misinformed about the actual statistics for both lethal and non-lethal accidents.

    When we actually look at other types of commuting accidents, the recent efforts on Fakeopedia on plane-crashes show very clearly that while some accidents may still occur – the majority of them seem to be staged.

    Train accidents and maritime accidents likewise show there is a significant percentage of these incidences too that are staged and many more we might discover suspect of the very same thing – created in the interest of the printing presses and general bad news nocebo propaganda.

    Accidents will inevitably happen regardless of the industry we deal with. What is less apparent is that the Elite in every case heavily exploit these self-evident occurrences to the point of making accidents an entire field of hoax-production – from planes to boats to trains to cars to biking accidents.

    Moreso than to assume that normal accidents just happen naturally – we as alternative researchers must also address the fact there sem to be an entire industry of fakery attached to the “opportunities” and newsworthiness horrible accidents represent for the Elite in their efforts to subject us all to a very grim reality of death and destruction.

    What we already know from other types of violence* such as gunshots and knife-stabbing is that humans can tolerate a lot of damage before they succumb. The mortality rate on for instance school-shootings is closer to ‘Rambo First Blood’ than the 80% gunshot survival rate actually measured at hospitals (one example of a study here)

    With regards to traffic accidents we might also be in a similar situation where accidented individuals more often than not would survive even severe crashes and that our opinion of the mortality of naturally occurring traffic crashes has been manipulated since the inception of motorised vehicles and associated motor-sports.

    As an exemple for the will to exaggerate accidents we can see that even in race driving where pilots and engines are pushed to the limit and lethal accidents still seem hard to produce and (like in the case of Ayrton Senna) often staged. The irony that motorsport champions also die or get heavy injuries off the track (Nicky Hayden, Michael Schumacher) is equally telling about the fact the danger of these extreme sports is overhyped.

    The fact that most of us engage in public transport and on public roads makes the horror of traffic accidents very familiar and close to us all – which is exactly why the media-coverage of these events is so frequent and also important to the general fabrication of daily news. The mind-trap here is very efficient as very few critically analyse minor events such as the average daily car accident – but when we do, are they mostly real or fake ?

    As an exemple from public transport (le Métro) in Paris – there are regular interruptions in the traffic due to suspect left-behind ‘terror threat’ luggage or by some suicidal person jumping onto the rail.. All these interruptions happen close to exclusively in rush hours and all seem carefully programmed and mostly faked.

    The same type of stagecraft noticed in public transport (ie Paris Mètro) can possibly also be used in private transport as traffic accidents can convey the very same traumatic thoughts of death and misery as any terror threat, plane or train-crash. The extra bonus on road-accidents would be that with just one wrecked car (or even just a road-block) thousands can drive by an accident site slowly enough to actually imagine the horror themselves.. which beats any fake news-report in print or on TV.

    The many benefits of staging accidents should therefore not be ignored when it comes to the production of daily news, and when we think of the scale of operations required to be able to consistently fabricate numerous small-scale lethal accidents every year* – we are looking at a large community of traffic accident hoaxers – which is exactly what examining Annette A. Carrions life and relations suggests she was involved with.

    22 year old Nikol Barabasova
    22-year-old Nikol Barabasova as she Live streams her death on Facebook

    *the specificity of fake civil traffic accidents would be that they occur among regular commuters and thus need a significant number of participants to stage – including state officials

    *every injury statistic would equally need to be revised as staged events today still are part of the database (mortality rates for firearms in wars would be completely irrelevant as an example)

    *if not lethal accidents, then close to deadly and in any case scary enough to be news-worthy..



    Very important post, UNReal. It’s almost a topic in itself, the philosophy of staging incidents and accidents. Almost everybody wins – budgets and jobs for the emergency services and hospitals, work and premiums for the insurance industry, the lawyers and courts kept busy with fake cases, the media circus kept running, temporary chaos and disruption for the idiots caught up in it and a surcharge for these same taxpayers out of the above loops who fund all this worthless job creation. We can’t even trust the death statistics – has someone really jumped in front of a train in rush hour or is it a drill with a faked death? The latest “craze” in London is for stabbings among young citizens, but we can’t trust a single one of these stories, it might be just more controlling fear porn. The only proof is in the casket.


    Almost everybody wins – budgets and jobs for the emergency services and hospitals, work and premiums for the insurance industry, the lawyers and courts kept busy with fake cases, the media circus kept running

    Regarding the hoax industry – the devil is detail we might presume. And the details might be numerous and large-scale.

    As alternative amateur researchers we have a natural propension to be attracted to the bigger, more mediated events. This is of course by design, but it also makes sense from the associated claims and implications. And the more an event is mediated, the larger is the public concerned. Most traffic accidents in comparison are by nature repetitive, more confined incidents that do not invite for extensive coverage nor national exposure*.

    When we see a larger number of small events that are all manufactured in similar fashion and by the same interested parties, we might however start to envision how these incidents seen together are no longer insignificant, but constitute an important part of public deception.

    Looking at Annette Carrion and her social and professional relations, what we find is not one isolated case of fakery – but a large number of interconnected accidents and associated fraud. Not only do we see how the curious case of Annette A. Carrion has been manufactured, but also how many other traffic accidents are staged in the very same manner by the very same people people in the interest of the very same community.

    The scale of local traffic accident fraud might still be hard to evaluate, but from the case-study of Annette A. Carrion it is significative. When we interpolate the fraudulent activity we have uncovered thus far, we no longer can exclude that a very significant portion of reported accidents are fraudulent and that the number of road-kills are largely overestimated.

    And the implications are not minor – the fact traffic accidents appear to be so regularly staged makes the entire policy of safe driving and associated taxes and insurance policies look all the more a scam with many beneficiaries. And the public is still the victim financially but most of all psychologically as the frequent doomsday death and gore artificially produced indeed modify our perception and behaviour besides infecting our minds with fear and fright – consciously or not.

    (herunder one of a very the few announcements that remain of the apparent in-group encouragement for rallying up to show support for a “fallen angel” which explains the large number of ‘bikers’ present at the Carrion funeral service. The very key-phrase “fallen angel” might of course mean support for a ‘relocated partisan of the traffic accident scam’ that seems to be an ongoing large-scale operation)

    *some traffic accidents might be covered on a larger scale if they involve high profile individuals



    Miss Queena gave a tantalising hint of an open casket in an instagram photo. Here’s another of the coterie of canyon riders who hinted in words

    roob.ninjaRiding back home from @annettecarrion ‘s funeral service.
    It was hard holding in my emotions over her loss.
    I couldn’t hold back my tears once I saw her tho.
    Such an amazing person was taken from us.
    Your bike family misses you so much, Annette.
    But we know you’re up in heaven with your parents looking down on us.
    I will think about you everytime I get on my bike & ride in your honor as a daily rider.
    We love you & miss you friend!!
    Til we meet again…

    April 10 2017, a year ago Can’t wait to ride with both of you peeps again ?????
    annettecarrion Let’s go! ?? @annettecarrion When & where? ??

    I am still struggling to comprehend how Hoaxbusters got mixed up in all this canyon chicanery. I guess we’ll never know…

    • This reply was modified 1 year, 6 months ago by  xileffilex.
    Terran Downvale
    Terran Downvale

    Wow, this “little story” has opened a window into a mind-bogglingly vast realm of potential daily hoaxery! Not to go off on a tangent but I found something interesting with the name of the livestreaming crash victim UNreal mentioned. I know you often refer to anagrams and this might offer some insight into a method used to create them.

    So the Russian victim was known as Sitora B online and was reportedly hit bit a bus. “Bus” translates toaBTO6yc” in Russian which contains four letters (aBTO) of the name Sitora B. That leaves us with three remaining letters for each word: Sir and 6yc.

    If you translate “6yc” into Russian again with Google Translate, you get “He” which can be taken as a pseudo-synonym for “Sir.”

    Not sure if this is all intentional or just a coincidence but I did find it interesting! On a similar note, I wrote this post on my blog a while back about another dramatic auto accident story that appeared to involve some name-play along with a Star Wars theme (timed with Carrie Fisher’s death 6 months later).

    EDIT: Had to replace the Russian characters with English equivalents because they wouldn’t show up in the post. Just follow the translation links.


    April 10 2017, a year ago

    The Instagram posts never ends and always authored with the same empty phrases making little to no sense in themselves – other than the merit to exist as published material and serve as make-believe for anyone in the public curious enough to investigate or brainwashed enough to find these people interesting.

    But of course, it is all fabricated – at least the image seems to be a shabby photoshop layering pasting Annette and her Luke Wilson lookalike boyfriend Jimmy Jams into a semblance of real life..

    Jmyjams and Annette a. carrion
    •notice the unrealistic hair on Jimmy Busak and apparent outline around both characters – the photo probably shot in studio & pasted into some obscure backyard stock image

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