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    ” I believe all God’s creatures have a soul — except bears, Bears are actually Satan’s children. ”
    —Stephen Colbert, on The Colbert Report

    Mainstream Media (MSM) provides the the public with a never-ending flow of media-fakery where violence is heavily featured.

    Authors of media-hoaxes mostly have a very defined agenda they seek to deploy, and when motivation for fake news-stories is missing it might be that we as researchers have missed parts and pieces of the larger puzzle.

    In the case of bear-attacks on humans many will consider such occurrences normal from what we (public) are taught about nature, where wild animals on rare occasions will attack unfortunate humans – wrong place at the wrong time.

    The occurrence of bears and bear attacks on humans goes a long way back, and beyond some point in time historians take over and dictate a narrative that is very hard to verify – and believe in my case.

    Among all other bears, there is one bear that especially stands out when it comes to gruesome human encounters with wild animals: the Grizzly bear.

    From a layman’s perspective, a bear that has a name that even in Latin speaks of fear – Ursus Arctos Horribilis – it seems far-fetched that this creature gained its name for its grizzled fur, still this is what the dictionary will contend as to counter a gut-feeling of a scripted, horrible scenario for such an animal.

    The Grizzly bear is a rather recent discovery as it is an animal that only is found in North America which makes the historical records less abundant than other types of bears who normally comes in all sizes and behavior – the grizzly only comes in oversized and dangerous.

    From recent research on bears in general as a subject, the media coverage of Grizzly bear attacks stands out. Not only are Grizzly bear attacks the most reported type of incident, they are equally the most violent, deadly and – unbelievable.

    It does appear strange to have to look so hard to find a believable account of a verifiable, natural instance of a Grizzly bear attack. Still, i’ve not come across anything else than media-fakery so far.

    Anyone know of a verifiable, confirmed real instance of Grizzly bear attack on a human ?

    Without dedicated research, it is hard to know whether we actually can find examples of truthful, verifiable accounts of Grizzly bear attacks on humans. From the outset i took such unfortunate encounters between Grizzly bears and man as a fact of nature. Looking closer at the media-coverage however, it is clear at least part of this man/bear violence is merely fiction.

    Mark Matheny
    bear-spray inventor and bear behaviour specialist Mark Matheny faking a Grizzly bear attack with quite poor teatrical effects in 1992 – he built (imo) an industry on a groce lie

    Year : 2019 (July 29)
    Attack : Grizly bear (male, 350 pound, euthanized)
    Victim : Colin Dowler (54)
    Location : Powell River, British Columbia, Canada
    Injuries : Abdomen openeden, Leg bit to the bone

    Grizzly bear attack survivor describes what happened
    CBC News – 1 Aug 2019 – 59K views

    What makes Colin Dowler’s story hard to believe is the typical fake hero victim story where he not only gets bitten close to death, but fights off the animal with… a pocket knife !

    “He credits the pocketknife his dad gave him for helping to fend off the ravenous creature”
    – The Sun

    The overstaged hospital scenes with excessive tubing does not help either, the wounds do look very much like injury makeup. Despite the serious injuries, Dowler supposedly got back up on his bike to ride 7km to a logging camp where a helicopter and blood transfusion saved his life.

    BBC News
    Pocket knife saves Canadian man during grizzly bear attack

    Langley Advance Times
    UPDATE: ‘Predatory’ grizzly euthanized after B.C. man survives attack

    Outside Podcast
    Dispatches: The Wrong Way to Fight Off a Bear
    Colin Dowler in hospital bed recovering
    Colin Dowler in hospital bed recovering

    Colin Dowler crimescene
    Colin Dowler crimescene

    Colin Dowler Grizzly bite wounds on leg
    Colin Dowler Grizzly bite wounds on leg

    Colin Dowler Grizzly bite wounds on pocket-knife hand
    Colin Dowler Grizzly bite wounds on pocket-knife hand

    The knife that helped Colin Dowler fight off the big Grizzly bear
    The knife that helped Colin Dowler fight off the big Grizzly bear



    A very recent grizzly attack in the wilds of Canada by the Mackenzie River, featuring a French musician…

    Story recounted by his “partner”:

    She told French newspaper Le Parisien the animal surprised Gauthier in his sleep, grabbed him by the neck and shoulders and dragged him into the forest in the middle of the night.

    Authorities received a distress signal from Ms Toscani after she managed to locate another group of hikers, the newspaper reported, and Gauthier’s body was recovered the following day.

    Mackenzie, interestingly was the name of the first rescued Balkan bear in the Dutch refuge

    This alleged incident brought to mind another unbelievable story relating to a boy [incredible character, incredibly funny, naturally] from a top school in the UK who was allegedly eaten on Svalbard by a polar bear.


    blockquote>In the report in which the names of the people have been redacted and replaced with coded letters, Sir David says: “The bear appears to have initially made its way to the tent containing E7, E3 and Horatio….‘It would appear likely that the bear must have ripped open the tent on Horatio’s side. It then dragged Horatio out causing serious, indeed probably mortal wounds to his head. ‘The screaming and shouts of ‘bear’ woke the rest of the camp. E4 opened his tent. He could see that the remains of the tent had collapsed on E3 and E7. ‘L2 emerged from the Leaders’ tent at about the same time though not yet armed with a rifle. Horatio appeared to try and sit up or even attempt to stand whereupon the bear reared up and slammed/ into him. He fell to the ground. He was not seen to move again…..

    “L2 was too badly injured to speak. Whenever he or L1 moved, the bear came back to them having from time to time been back to the prone body of Horatio.….
    A nicely detailed, racy narrative, three years in the gestation.

    ‘Horatio tried to stand, but the bear just slammed into him’


    Year : 2019 (Sept 16)
    Attack : Grizly bear (unknown)
    Victim : Donivan ‘Donno’ Campbell
    Location : Gravelly Range, Montana, USA
    Injuries : serious leg wounds (6 lacerations to his thigh)


    Grizzly bear attack
    KIRO 7 News – 24 Sep 2019 – 18 K views (full video here)

    In this Grizzly bear attack from September this year, we have multiple victims – some unnamed* – and we only have details about the most severe injuries on Donivan Campbell.

    The news coverage is rather scarce, and unreassuringly most feature in hunting magazines and outlets where the Grizzly attack account comes across as an infomercial – reminiscent of the automobile accidents covered in the “More Carrion” thread.

    Concurrent with the Colin Dowler case above, the injuries look poor forensically and seems very likely staged with special effects.

    Also noticeable in this case is the fact the victim is a wildlife biologist, and that the news and following Grizzly bear-warnings were handled by Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks state officials in charge of the park.

    As this Grizzly bear attack was rather low-key in its media exploitation, what more natural than a GoFundMe campaign?

    ” Campbell and Gregersen are experienced hunters and outdoorsmen. As wildlife biologists, they are trained to notice certain indicators of wildlife. Their knowledge and preparedness to recreate in bear country contributed to their survival, but not nearly as much as hunting with a partner did. ”
    – The Madisonian

    Donivan Campbell with fellow wildlife biologist and elk hunting partner Chris Gregersen as he recovers in the hospital in Butte

    Donivan Campbell Grizzly bite wound
    Donivan Campbell with Grizzly bite wound in his thigh

    Grizzly injury safely stiched up – looks very fake & made with prosthetics

    Donivan Donno Go Fund Me campaign
    Donivan ‘Donno’ Campbell’s GoFundMe campaign (link here)

    NBC News
    Three hunters injured in two grizzly bear attacks in Montana

    The Madisonian
    Grizzlies in the Gravellys – Two bear attacks in the same area, on the same day

    USA Today
    Grizzly bear attack survivor recounts harrowing ordeal

    Pistols & Bear Spray Stop Two Bear Attacks on Archery Hunters in Montana

    Montana Gov. Official State Website
    3 hunters survive Gravelly Mountains grizzly attacks

    *hereunder, one of two unnamed hunters attacked the same day (16 Sep 2019) as Donivan Campbell – the photo supposedly was taken by Terri James from Shedhorn Sports where the injured hunters went to purchase new clothes – seemingly the injured hunters did not care to clean excess blood or wounds while shopping for clothes

    Unknown Grizzly bear victim 16 Sep 2019



    Sure enough, there’s a Grizzly attack on a couple of UK citizen back in late 2015, which was covered by Ma href=””>The Guardian

    [24 year old professional] Mountaineer Greg Boswell prises apart bear’s jaws to flee animal that had clamped its teeth round his foot before torchlit descent off mountain [that included abseiling down sheer cliffs, they drove two hours to hospital in Banff where Boswell, who was bleeding badly, was treated for five large puncture wounds]

    The narrative emerged, sure enough, through Facebook, but also through the blog of one of the pair.

    From Dawn to Dusk. From Dusk to Dawn.

    Also, a nice advert for the forthcoming [Jan 2016] film The Revenant in which Leonardo DiCapro “is stood [in former correct English = standing] in a pine forest, his rifle focused on a distant target. From nowhere, a mammoth grizzly bear storms into shot, sinking its teeth into his leg and shaking him like a rag doll.”
    [another more extensive account of the attack…]

    Note also a perceived critical quote from JLS in a subsequent blog which seems to trigger Bullock who infers that the commenter doesn’t quite believe the story. No answer also to this point…
    Mark Walters says:
    1 December, 2015 at 9:00 pm
    What the heck was a grizzly doing out this late in the season??? Glad you guys made it out alright!

    Injuries from the blog…as faithfully copied in the Guardian

    and the expected, smiling bed image…

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    What the heck was a grizzly doing out this late in the season??? […]

    The inconsitency of bear-behaviour is rather incomprehensible, and when it comes to bear behavioral patterns, the experts are more often than not bear-trainers whose animals in many occasions are suspect of being faked – like Tima the circus bear who kicked off a Russian football game in spring 2018.

    From what we know of Grizzly bears thanks to wildlife biologists (i.e. Donivan Campbell above) and bear behavioral specialists (i.e. Mark Matheny above), bears are in deep sleep during winter and don’t even defecate or urinate for 5-7 months.

    So to run into Grizly bear during winter should be rather hard. It would be equally hard to observe a bear coming out of the forest in the dark, which is what Nick Bullock confirms on his blog:

    “And to reiterate, it was pitch black, the bear was in full flow and metres away…”
    Nick Bullock (Greg Boswell partner) on his blog

    ” Greg Boswell, one of Scotland’s leading winter climbers, has survived an attack by a grizzly bear in the Canadian Rockies. Boswell was climbing together with English partner Nick Bullock and the two were negotiating the difficult approach to Dirty Love, an unrepeated 500m M7 alpine outing put up by Jon Walsh, Audrey Gariepy and Raphael Slawinski in 2008 on Mt Wilson, when a bear appeared out of the forest. ”
    Planet Mountain article, 1st Dec 2015

    To be able to make sense of such contrasting information and accounts is very difficult, and it makes the story as a whole more than hard to believe, and rather very probably untrue.

    What equally comes across as very amateurish, is how all newsreports and direct information about the accident comes from the victims blog and facebook pages. If anyone get serious injuries, they clearly would not take care of themselves but rather be left in professionnal care in a hospital where a proper police or national park incident report would be made.

    In the lack of any confirmation about injuries and/or recorded official testimony, it is quite outlandish that Banff National Park would close off a large part of the park from merely reports of a facebook and blog post. Yet, a large part of Mount Wilson was indeed closed – in less than 48h…

    Parks Canada 2015 closure of Mount Wilson
    ” A closure is in place on Mount Wilson after two climbers were attacked by a grizzly bear. PARKS CANADA “

    The effect of this suspect occurence of a grim Grizzly attack during hibernation would not only concern those who follow the newscoverage of the event (and Cinema Revenant news), but more importantly impact anyone who in the following months would go hiking in Canadian National parks (Mount Wilson was to be closed unntill summer).

    News stories around even minor, happy-ending events such as Greg Boswell close-encounter with a hibernating Grizzly bear does involve a whole ecosystem of complicit parties for such a possible staged event to unfold as in this case.

    Climbers attacked by bear in the Rockies
    CTV News – 2 Dec 2015 – 1K vievs


    Researching Grizzly bear on human violence normally would limit the scope of study (geographically, historically and quantitatively) as bears are plentiful Worldwide and has a long history of human interaction.

    The fact Grizzlies are limited to North America makes this big and ferocious bear pertinent to study in particular. The most prominent specialist researcher in the field of North American bears is Stephen Herrero, whose in-depth 1976 study is the most cited reference in regards to human-bear violence.

    Conflicts between Man and Grizzly Bears in the National Parks of North America
    January 1976 – DOI: 10.2307/3872761

    Violence in regards to bear-mauling is split into three categories (Polar Bear, Brown bear, Black bear) as there are only three species of bears currently present in North America. The Grizzly is a Brown bear just like the Kodiak bear and these are local variations (some contend sub-species) of the Brown bear.

    The apparently detailed research on Brown bear violence on humans in N. America is on inspection rather shallow and the figures for bear-on-human violence both hard to read and verify – especially early cases of manslaughter.

    Fortunately there is a quite detailed Wikipedia page that contains a list of deaths incurred from bear-on-human violence going all the way back to 1784, at which point the presumed cases reads more like a novel than actual information.

    “The child was sent to a pasture with a horse, and was attacked by a three-year-old bear. Leach, on arrival finding the bear holding his son by the throat, struck the bear with a stake. The bear withdrew, dragging the boy with him. A search was mounted the next day, and the corpse of the boy was discovered, partially devoured. The bear rose from behind a nearby log, and was killed by three gunshots.”
    victim: Son of Mr. Leach, 8, male

    List of fatal bear attacks in North America

    Most of bear violence on humans is not lethal, so the Wikipedia list of human loss to bears does not cover any other type of violence than fatalities. However, there is a group of fatalities from bears in captive state (Zoo, Circus etc.) in the above Wikipedia entry that does not feature in scientific studies, and that still represent Grizzly bear on human violence.

    The Grizzly / Brown bear attacks on human while in captivity is not geographically delimited as are wild Grizzly violence, still i would consider all Grizzly mauling as relevant and regardless of location in the case of Grizzly bears in captivity.



    Unreal quoted…

    Most of bear violence on humans is not lethal, so the Wikipedia list of human loss to bears does not cover any other type of violence than fatalities.

    But sometimes “nobody died” grizzly attacks can produce some good copy. The Revenant is based upon a book which is very loosely based upon an alleged 1823 attack, whose victim had already spawned a previous film


    This “attack” has legs [four] and will continued to run beyond its 200th anniversary.


    • This reply was modified 4 days, 16 hours ago by  xileffilex.

    But sometimes “nobody died” grizzly attacks can produce some good copy

    Indeed, many survival stories are clearly very violent and overly graphic such as the example of Hugh Glass, even moreso than lethal attacks where we see little of the evidence presented in writing.

    When investigating the veracity of Grizzly bear attacks, we will be quite dependent of press-material and especially imagery from the crime-scene and injuries, which there is not much of when men are killed – unless of course the victim brought a camera*.

    From looking into bears and here Grizzly bears, it is nevertheless clear that many of the reported incidents and fatalities that are included in National Safety reports and figures are falsified.

    Statistics do go a far way back, but diligent research on contemporary cases might help establish whether there is such a thing as a verifiable Grizzly bear incident or not (say in the 21st century) – and if not all prior cases would equally be impossible to sustain as veridic.

    ” Despite the story’s popularity, its accuracy has been disputed. It was first recorded in 1825 in The Port Folio, a Philadelphia literary journal, as a literary piece and later picked up by various newspapers. Although originally published anonymously, it was later revealed to be the work of James Hall, brother of The Port Folio’s editor. There is no writing from Hugh Glass himself to corroborate the veracity of it. ”
    Hugh Glass Wikipedia page

    The advantage of having the Wikipedia “death-list” is of course that we have the names of the victims and that there is no discrepancy as far as i’ve established between the official number of victims and the victims that feature on the Wiki list.

    Hereunder the 30 victims so far (2000-2019) accounted for as Grizzly bear (Brown bear) attacks:
    2019 (Aug 15) – Julien Gauthier, 44, male
    2018 (Nov 26) – Adele Roesholt, 10 months, female
    2018 (Nov 26) – Valérie Théorêt, 37, female
    2018 (Oct 01) – Anthony David Montoya, 18, male
    2018 (Sep 14) – Mark Uptain, 37, male
    2018 (Jun 19) – Mike Soltis, 44, male
    2016 (Jun 29) – Brad Treat, 38, male
    2015 (Aug 07) – Lance Crosby, 63, male
    2014 (Oct 14) – Claudia Huber, 42, female
    2014 (Sep 17) – Ken Novotny, 53, male
    2014 (Sep 07) – Rick Cross, 54, male
    2014 (Sep 04) – Adam Thomas Stewart, 31, male
    2012 (Aug 24) – Richard White, 49, male
    2012 (Jan 10) – Tomas Puerta, 54, male
    2011 (Aug 24) – John Wallace, 59, male
    2011 (Jul 06) – Brian Matayoshi, 57, male
    2010 (Jul 28) – Kevin Kammer, 48, male
    2010 (Jun 17) – Erwin Frank Evert, 70, male
    2008 (Oct 01) – Robert Wagner, 48, male
    2008 (Apr 22) – Stephan Miller, 39, male
    2007 (Nov 25) – Don Peters, 51, male
    2006 (Apr 28) – Jean-François Pagé, 28, male
    2005 (Sep 20) – Arthur Louie, 60, male
    2005 (Jun 23) – Rich Huffman, 61, male
    2005 (Jun 23) – Kathy Huffman, 58, female
    2005 (Jun 05) – Isabelle Dubé, 35, female
    2003 (Oct 05) – Timothy Treadwell, 46, male
    2003 (Oct 05) – Amie Huguenard, 37, female
    2001 (Oct 30) – Timothy Hilston, 50, male
    2000 (Jul 14) – George Tullos, 41, male
    Some of the victims succumbed during the same incident as in the case of Adele Roesholt and her infant daughter (Valérie Théorêt), or Timothy Treadwell the Grizzly man & Amie Huguenard.

    Each of the above incident are well worth revisiting, and i do believe that the “Grizzly Man” media hoax (or not according to Tokarski) was covered on the Piece Of Mind blog previously (here) where we learnt Gaia’s father ran/runs a bear foundation for abandoned Balkan bears in Holland – now re-baptized to “Bear In Mind“.

    *a grizzly bear victim (Richard White) who did bring the camera:

    Hiker Photographs Grizzly Bear Just Before Deadly Attack
    ABC News – 28 Aug 2012 – 752K views


    In the above list of Grizzly bear victims, there is only one case of a death due to a captive Grizzly bear – Stephan Miller (2008, April 22nd).

    Captive bears were much more prominent attacking humans earlier, as over two decades so far in 21st century, there is just one victim (2000-2019). Most attacks from Grizzly bears in captive state actually happened in a very short period of time – all in the USA from 1930-1945 (12 victims).

    Hereunder all victims of Captive Grizzlies from 1900 till today:
    2008, Apr 04 – Stephan Miller, 39, male
    1969, Mar 03 – Russell Ringer, 49, male
    1956, Oct 10 – Paul Lemery, 28, male
    1945, Sep 09 – Richard Strand, 8, male
    1942, Dec 12 – Richard Havemann, 68, male
    1941, Jun 06 – Thomas Miller, 28, male
    1936, Oct 10 – George Langley, 55, male
    1936, Oct 10 – James Virtue, 68, male
    1934, Nov 11 – Clarence Staley, 54, male
    1934, Nov 11 – William Thomas “Bill” Brown Jr, 64, male
    1934, Jul 07 – Charles Wyman, 76, male
    1933, Oct 10 – Grant Taylor, 11, male
    1932, Oct 10 – Peter Matthew Ryan, 5, male
    1932, Jul 07 – Thomas Earl, 56, male
    1930, Jun 06 – Emerson Joyce, 60, male
    If we just look at the number of American Zoo’s (over 400), it is clear that after the first Zoo in Philadelphia opened in 1874 the high count of victim deaths in the 1930s could be due to the massive deployment of animal parks during that period. Negative advertising through heavy press-coverage is quite effective as it raises attention and curiosity.

    In a similar fashion to how American Zoo’s might have popularised their venues and fascinated the general public with in part media-hoaxes, there was recently (2009, Brown bear) a suspect event in Bern Bear Park* in Switzerland just after they reopened their venue having spent considerable money renovating.

    The video scenes from both the latest captive Grizzly murder of Stephan Miller (2008) and Bern Bear Park’s non-lethal mauling have similarities in their video coverage as both incidents show very aggressive, predatory bears seemingly bite and tear their victims obsessively without there being any significant bodily harm such as limbs torn off, chunks of meat chewed or even any open fracture.

    911 call Bear kills a man Warning graphic content
    Jan 5, 2014 – 108K views

    Huge Grizzly Attack a Man in Swiss Zoo
    L’ Originale – 4 Feb 2016 – 5K views

    The videos of both Brown bear attacks hereover are quite believable on the surface from what we as a public know about this animal. The inflicted injuries are however incompatible with the force and ferocity we lend to these animals through popular culture such as “The Revenant” (2015), “Grizzly Man” (2005) or “Night of The Grizzlies” (1969).

    Exactly how a violent bear-attack video could be staged is difficult to know precisely, but the most conventional method would be to use a well-trained bear. The difficulty with using an animal* the size of a grizzly is however that they would have the force to potentially tear of a trainer’s leg or head, and/or at the least inflict serious damage.

    *Bern is a historical “bear” city with a bear on their city seal and a bear-pit opened as early as 1857, before there even was any American Zoo.

    *the next best solution to using an animal would be to fake the bear altogether which might seem too hard to achieve, but what emerges in my research so far is that very advanced bear suits do exist that are so well performing as to have clinching eyes, licking tongues and saliva together with true-to-nature teeth, claws and fur. Some examples of bears suspect of being played by men-in-suits; Pedals the walking bear, Johnny Walker, NJ Zoo bears and Timo the trumpet playing soccer bear (to mention but a few suspect occurrences)

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