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    I have studied Simons Shacks theory about how they pulled off 9/11 using media deception and find it very likely. They show prerecorded material on the air and at the same time as they do something else in reality on the same spot. (Like pulling down the Twin Towers using conventional methods behind a military smokescreen.)

    During 9/11 they had also to convince New Yorkers at the site that what they saw in reality should match what they later could se on TV. So far so good.

    I have spent the latest couple of days to try to figure out how NASA pulls off their rocket launches. Looking at the launch videos and the design of the rockets it makes me very suspicious if it is even possible to send them in the air. Most of NASA:s rockets are missing stabilizers which every amateur rockets seems to have in the videos I have seen. To me it looks like most of the videos and pictures from NASA:s rocket launches is also prerecorded and manipulated material.

    If you agree on my analysis that the videos are fake I would like to ask you how you think they fool the visitors and people close to Cape Canaveral that they actually make a rocket launch of a 100m tall rocket without stabilizers as we are told.

    Before the launch I think you can see the full size rocket as a visitor at Cape Canaveral, but on the launch day they might switch it for someting else during the night. On the launch day visitors are not let closer than 3miles of what I can see on NASA:s homepage. Can you see the difference from that distance if they send a smaller rocket with stabilizors or the full size rocket without them?

    How much can you see from 3 miles away? I can´t find any amateur videos of NASA:s rocket launches that are believable.

    The only thing they have to do then to pull off the deception is to send a rocket that from a distance can be taken for what you see on TV, send it out of sight from the audience and then let it fall into the ocean.

    The rest you can easily fake with video manipulation.

    Do you have any comments on how you think they pull the deception off?



    The very slow and laboured way that these rockets are “moved” could well be a double bluff , primarily negating any theory of a “quick switch .




    I watched this through and got the feeling that Courou was one big psy-op.

    14.40 and 27.40 did not satisfy.


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    I figured you might be interested in the Saturn-V Apollo launch 35mm slides I have scanned. They show the preparation, rocket and launch in stunning detail.

    Processed and raw scans can be found herehere under TIFF, frames named respectively Ebay-5-AS15-X-YY.

    Here you can find crops of a few images, with a launch GIF animation.

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