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    Story name #1 – ” Beware Of The Big Bad Bully ”
    Story name #2 – ” The Gloves Are Off ”
    Story name #3 – ” This Is Getting F*#$ing Ridiculous ”

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    A R

    It is a very humorous piece! 😆

    Thanks, Johnny!


    Oh my goodness, so that article is not a joke.. wow.
    What kind of news site is that.

    A R

    It is a joke, knagjak. It’s from a humourous site, like Onion News.
    Worth a chuckle! 😆


    @ knagjak: yea, sorry about that, it is a joke, just a satire website, at the time I posted this story, I was under the impression that it was a valid website like msn or yahoo, or as “valid” as these websites can be, even before I posted it, I was questioning myself of it, 5 minutes afterwards, I did a search on about the website, and I shockingly found out it was a satire website, similar to the onion. It was news to me, since I had never heard of topekas website before….I was certainly a tad pissed afterwards, I had posted in the chat how ” it was a satire website, and how those “pricks” at topekas would pay for making Johnny look stupid” lol……because I did not mean to be putting up any disinfo or anything whatsoever, so it did upset me that I should of looked into topekas in a search, to make sure it was a satire site… was a lesson learnt and I will always make sure that doesn’t happen again…..but in hindsight…..I would not be surprised if topekas website only BEAT NASA to the punch/story… due time, NASA woulda put something as ridiculous out there, like they always seem to do lol
    As crazy as the story sounded, it at the time did not seem like too far a strench for NASA… apologies on that one……I curse thee nasa for all your lies! lol I never did make Topekas pay for my error, I shoulda looked into it, but jumped the gun, and threw it up…so it was my mistake. Since that unfortunate mishap, I have taken a break from reporting anything about space….but as for Nasa, enjoy your break, I will be back exposing you soon enough lol


    Photo from the Chinese moon mission of the lunar landscape in color!

    Compare with the black-and-white-looking photo of the lunar landscape from the Apollo missions.,_rover,_LM,_Irwin.jpg

    A R


    Update on your friendly neighborhood spaceman “Chris Hadfield”

    Spaceman Chris Hadfield to sing praises of island of Ireland
    (watch the vid on the page below as well about Hadfield’s disgust of the movie “gravity”)

    Astronaut speaks of delight at becoming Irish tourism envoy
    (Hadfield “Story Time” Vid included)

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