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    Welcome Lickmyballearth

    I started to wake up in 2015 during the last election. When Trump stated fake news I thought he meant twisting the truth a bit. I had no idea it was green screens, cgi, crisis actors and mass deception of mind blowing proportions. I also thought the election was real too so I was clueless.Â

    Fast forward a few years and the mile long list of controlled opposition, the so called truth movement  and I’ve come to realize it’s just detours. This past 9/11/18 I stumbled upon your podcast of Brian Stavely and his views of what happened that day. I really for the first time thought wow that makes the most sense of anything I’ve heard. I relate to you and Brian the most since you are both very down to earth and not once has any red flags gone off. I don’t sense an agenda or any disinfo. Regular people who want to know the truth. Â

    If you have any questions for me I’d be happy to answer. Thank you for all your hard work.Â

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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