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    There is no thread for the formulaic London “attacks” on the bridges, Westminster [3/22] just coming up to its anniversary,and London Bridge/Borough Market of June 2017.
    The synopsis of the fake victims of the latter attack are summarised here

    Who were the London Bridge attack victims? What we know about those killed in bridge and Borough Market attack

    “…what we know about them”
    Well, they didn’d die, that’s for sure.
    The social worker was killed by multiple, severe blunt crush injuries, the inquest was told.
    Yeah, right.
    Let’s have a look at the single Canadian vicsim from the international London Bridge cast, Christine Archibald 30, from Castlegar BC, who just happened to be in London with boyfriend Tyler Ferguson
    Who was providing the narrative? Tyler’s sister.

    GoFundMe?? You Bet!

    Shawn Ferguson
    8 months ago

    I’ve been waiting until near the end so I can see how much was needed to push it over the $30,000 mark. We did well everyone!

    “uncle” Tyler is still prowling about

    Cassie’s Facebook posts from June look scripted.
    Cassie Ferguson Rowe
    4 June 2017 ·
    I can’t breathe. You hear these things so often but it doesn’t seem real. Last night in London my baby brother lost the love of his life on the London bridge. In a split second his entire life was ripped away from him. Hearing his painful sobs on the phone while he’s alone trying to deal with this tears me apart. I have no words. If you know Tyler, please be there for him now, and later when what happened sinks in, he’s going to need us all.

    Cassie Ferguson Rowe Thank you all for your comments. I feel numb, can’t stop crying, this is a nightmare that we can’t even describe. My parents are flying out to London today to be with him. Please keep us all in your thoughts.

    Cassie Ferguson Rowe
    5 June 2017 ·
    The past day and a half has been a nightmare whirlwind, but I would like to thank everyone for their outpouring of love for my brother, my family, and for Chrissy and her family. I have received dozens of messages of love and support from friends and family, as well as from people on the other side of the world we don’t even know offering support, shelter, and anything they can.

    My parents and one of Tylers best friends are in London and with him now, desperately trying to put back each tiny piece.

    I’ve also received countless messages from media outlets across the world as well, asking for information about Chrissy and Tyler. Her family put out a beautiful statement about her life, and my brother Mark and I have given a few details about Tyler and their life together. I will not be giving any new additional information about this unimaginable heartbreaking tragedy. Tyler will speak when he is able to. I will also not be doing any on camera interviews, this is not about me, this is about a beautiful life cut tragically short.

    Chrissys family urges everyone to not let her death be in vain. Go out and do good. Donate your time and money to make your community better. Use the hashtag #chrissysentme

    Tyler doesn’t seem to have a facebook page.
    The Saxman is Tyler’s father – looks scripted again
    Shawn R. Ferguson
    4 June 2017 ·
    This isn’t real is it??? I’m heading to London because my sons fiancé was the Canadian killed in the attack on the London bridge last night? What kind of sick nightmare is this???

    Shawn R. Ferguson
    10 June 2017 ·
    Another difficult day in London. We marked the 1 week anniversary of the London Bridge attack at the exact time and spot where Chrissy was struck by the van and killed. Tyler then read a short story to us that they were going to read at their wedding.. SO IHeartbreaking. So touching.

    Shawn R. Ferguson is feeling heartbroken.
    16 June 2017 ·
    Update; We returned from London to Calgary on Wednesday evening with Tyler and Chrissy has been repatriated. We will be travelling to Castlegar next week for a funeral and memorial service in her honor. Thanks everyone who has expressed their condolences during what is the most difficult time our whole family has ever faced.

    Shawn R. Ferguson
    17 June 2017 ·
    Shared via AddThis
    Our hearts are so broken….. I will never understand the senselessness of this heinous act as long as I live. Chrissy will live forever in our hearts.

    Christine Alison Archibald was born July 22, 1986, in Trail, BC. She died in London, England, on June 3, 2017. Chrissy was predeceased by her grandfather, Gerry Archibald but is survived by her fiancé, Tyler Ferguson; her parents, Barbara and Gregory; her sisters, Kathryn (Sean) and Caroline (Ty); her Nana, Donna; grandparents, Robert and Lorraine; and aunts, uncles and cousins.

    Chrissy participated in the Russian Bilingual Program and the Late French Immersion Program while in school. After two years at Selkirk College she moved to Vancouver and graduated with a diploma in International Business Management. She worked for several years in Vancouver before following her heart and enrolling in the Social Work program at Mount Royal University. Her practicum at Alpha House led to work in their shelter responding to issues of addictions and homelessness.

    Recently she listened to her heart again, moving to Europe to be with the love of her life, Tyler. Living in the Netherlands allowed them to make short trips all over Europe where they loved to visit museums, art galleries and restaurants. She was the happiest she had ever been.

    Her family and friends will miss her big heart, good nature, girly ways, and quiet courage and determination. Chrissy loved running, cycling, movies, books, makeup, lazy Sundays, musicals, cats and Benny the dog. She valued all of her friends and enjoyed quiet nights and good conversations.

    A celebration of life will be held on Saturday, June 24th, at the Brilliant Cultural Centre at 1:00 PM; the public is welcome to attend. In lieu of flowers the family asks you to consider making a donation of time or money to an organization in your community that works to improve lives.

    The event also produced some of the worst [or best! crisis acting ever from the sister of James McMullan [32] [another alleged death at the market]

    “Mr McMullan, originally from Brent, north-west London, was killed by a haemorrhage caused by a knife wound to his chest, the inquest heard.”
    sure he was..


    PS What does Archibald’s sister say?
    Her mother, Barbara?

    Dad Greg?



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    The anniversary of 3/22 [2017], the staged Westminster/Parliament attack

    322 Skull And Bones London Hoax

    produced one gem, the fake grief of MP Tobias Ellwood, who, we remember, rushed to attend to the staged “death” of PC Keith Palmer [hero] while qualified doctors and paramedics looked on…

    Watch this faker in action [use of the nose-rub, in place of the eye-wipe]

    Pathetic acting.
    Reported in the Times as MP Tobias Ellwood breaks down as he remembers Westminster attack
    Suuuure he did.
    full interview here – “good people doing good things”
    aka fakers and hoaxers faking and hoaxing.

    The anniversary story of the Romanian “victim” Andreea Cristei was left to her sister Magda Toi, while her boyfriend Andrei Burnaz remained silent [no doubt in a new life with his “drowned” girlfriend]

    No wonder they looked so happy, they knew they were off to more fun together.
    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-43491392The sister of a Romanian tourist who fell into the Thames during the Westminster terror attack has said she refuses to dwell on the killer.

    A year after the attack, Magda Toi said thinking of her sister’s killer only made her angry.

    “I’m not interested in it because my sister is dead and no-one and nothing will bring her back,” she said.
    Magda Toi said she had desperately hoped her sister would survive

    You’re in luck, Magda, though you probably know it already, nobody died nobody got hurt.

    Poor quality hoax management all round. C minus.

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    Payback time for Kings College Hospital, London, for taking part in the Westminster Bridge attack hoax [and others].
    UK’s biggest critical care centre to open at King’s College hospital
    [supplied to the Evening Standard]

    The UK’s biggest critical care centre will open at a London hospital that treated some of the most seriously injured casualties from the Westminster Bridge attack.

    King’s College hospital, in Denmark Hill, used the first anniversary of the attack to announce that the first stage of the £100 million project will be completed this summer.

    The patients it received from Westminster Bridge included PC Kris Aves, 35, a father of two who underwent hours of surgery and was in a coma for eight days after being mown down by the car driven by attacker Khalid Masood. PC Aves suffered spinal injuries and has been left paralysed.

    King’s, a major trauma centre, also received many casualties from the Grenfell Tower fire and the London Bridge attack. Of the 32 it treated from the three incidents, 15 required critical care.

    The new unit will increase critical care capacity from 69 to 120 beds. Dr Tom Best, consultant in critical care, said this would increase its ability to deal with further atrocities or health crises such as a flu pandemic. The unit offers life support to the sickest patients before and after surgery.

    Kerrrching! Thanks for propping up all those staged HRDPARs and looking forward to your co-operation in future hoaxes.

    That’s right, an extra 50 beds for a flu pandemic [but a nice number for a fake terror attack]
    It’s not quite £100m, but the UK taxpayer is stumping up £80m

    King’s Critical Care Centre

    The NHS is providing £80m for the construction of the new Centre, giving a once in a lifetime opportunity to rethink the design of Critical Care and how it operates.

    £2.6m of charitable funding will fund four additional elements..

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    Hoax management of the Westminster Bridge attack.
    March 8 2018
    Kris Aves was left paralysed after he was hit by the van used in the Westminster Bridge attack in March 2017.

    The off-duty police officer was picking up an award that day and was walking across the bridge to celebrate with his colleagues.

    He spent seven months in hospital, unable to live at home with his wife and young children because he couldn’t access most of the rooms in his wheelchair. Now he’s going home.

    Since the “van” [i.e. the Hyunbdai Tucson 4×4 passenger car, not a van] was only inserted into the video shot from Millbank tower using CGI techniques, PC Aves couldn’t possibly have been hit by a vehicle on Westminster Bridge. A van was indeed used in the staged, equally fake London Bridge/Borough Market attack in June 2017, however. His new house is “like a spaceship”

    No further updates since.

    Hoax management part 2
    A member of the Met’s elite Specialist Firearms Command unit has spoken for the first time about how they battled to save the Westminster terrorist who murdered a fellow officer.

    Sergeant Will Hitch and his team were on Westminster Bridge less than a minute after Khalid Masood ploughed a car into pedestrians and stabbed to death Pc Keith Palmer. Five people died and more than 50 were injured in the attack in March last year.

    Sgt Hitch said he was “proud of the discipline” it took for CO19 officers to battle to save Masood after he was shot by a police protection officer. He said: “On Westminster Bridge we fought to save Khalid Masood, despite the fact he had just killed our colleague who was lying just metres away.

    June 20 2018.

    Suuure. Suddenly, after 15 months, his memory comes “flooding back”. But #NDNGH so his story can’t be true. What will they dream up next?
    Good business for florists at the time, as always

    featuring key player in the hoax, Tobias Ellwood, MP [see above]

    The following Stefan Rousseau [invited hoax photographer] image has “emerged” to accompany the article, showing brave “specialist firearms officers” allegedly attempting to save the life of Khalid Masood, after his trousers have been removed in a “debagging” operation.

    Previous released images show more “blocking” of the scene, but grey haired “baggy pants” in the white shirt confirms the tableau, for which photos he won an award

    which is a crop of this pantomime scene


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    A few more images from this charade, the first from the qbove sequence

    These hi-res versions shows all the fakers in action –

    The last image above is actually the one with the blurred faces issued recently, lol!

    The quality may be compared with the ‘potato lens’ images of the moment of the attack. Hmmm, quick work there, the photographer must have known something was going to happen…

    note ‘the late’ PC Palmer on the right heading towards the bushes to lie down.

    Keeping the potato lens on for the moment, it’s ACTION!

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    London Bridge / Borough Market fake attack 6/4/2017 – hoax management July 19 2018

    Bravery awards for heroes of London Bridge attack

    No fewer than EIGHT bravery awards from the Queen, including two “posthumous” i.e. post-new identity

    Happy cops Charles Guenigault Wayne Marques and Leon McLeod

    How could they? Must be soooo easy.

    Spanish banker Mr Echeverria, 39, who prevented further loss of life and allowed others to flee by confronting the terrorists with his skateboard, is posthumously awarded the George Medal

    Relatives of Australian nurse Kirsty Boden, 28, who was killed as she tried to help victims on the bridge, were ‘very proud’ of her for being awarded the Queen’s Commendation for Bravery.

    Romanian baker Florin Morariu , who threw two bread crates at them, receives the Queen’s Commendation for Bravery.

    It’s absurd. Why don’t they just come out with it and say it’s for “outstanding services to hoaxing and fakery”?

    Others recognised in the 20-strong list include George Medal recipient Hassan Zubier who was injured helping victims of a deadly knife attack in Finland last year. **

    Thomas Jackson, who died trying to save fellow Briton Mia Ayliffe-Chung during a knife attack at an Australian backpacker hostel in August 2016 **, is posthumously awarded a Queen’s Gallantry Medal.

    ** obviously further fake events worthy of study.

    Meanwhile, for the anniversary, dad commemorates the “loss” of his son’s fiancee

    Shawn R. Ferguson shared a post.

    fergustjOne year ago my angel was cruelly taken away from this world, and since that moment nothing has been the same. The events of that day are on a constant loop in the back of my mind, surfacing when I least expect it. Instead of focusing on those images, and the constant what if scenarios, today I want to remember the joy and happiness Chrissy brought me in the short time we had together ?
    4 June ·
    Words and pictures from my son Tyler. It’s been a year and the pain and sorrow are just as intense today.
    comment –
    Nick Dira I can’t even imagine ?

    I can, Nick…

    after a little light travlin…

    No facebook outpouring from sister Cassie this year. [see O.P. above]

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