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    The official story of Cantor Fitzgerald, directed by Danielle Gardner.

    There’s very little discussion of this film on the web. The only available copy at the moment has dreadfully low sound, making listening very difficult, but it needs its own thread on account of the numerous named relatives and Cantor Insiders who are paraded in front of the camera, and not least for the archived footage of Howard Lutnick in full on grief acting mode.

    I already mentioned the above film here

    There’s some video footage at the end of the film of Doug B Gardner.

    Stuart Fraser was appointed director of BCG in the UK at the same time as Doug Gardner, on August 25 1995 when Cantor was based at less swanky 26 Finsbury Square in London. As becomes clear in the film, London played a key part in the Cantor 9/11 operation.
    Doug’s dob 5 October 1965

    see this post on Fraser who magically avoided death on 9/11

    This is
    Doug’s signature…

    At the same period also, Stephen Merkel, who appears several times in the film, was appointed a BCG director.
    Companies house has mixed up his appointment with the resignatioin of Alan Franklin Goldman and Jeffrey John Hogan also in mid 1995.

    Lee Amaitis was appointed in January 1996, another key player, survivor and who appears throughout the film.
    As also noted earlier, Englishman Clive John Triance dob 19/1/67 makes an appearance in the film
    Triance was also appointed head of settlements at Cantor Index in 2000

    Doug B Gardner signed the directorship form for Cantor Index on December 22 1997
    signature again…

    It’s from the same hand, isn’t it?
    Seems like a real person who was reassigned/retired on 9/11.
    Let’s go through the names of the participants in the film next.

    The film by Danielle Gardner is dedicated also to her parents Joseph and Charlotte who both died between 9/11 and 2012
    Charlotte Gardner

    GARDNER–Charlotte. A lifelong New Yorker, passed away July 16, 2009. A valiant and elegant woman, she endured a courageous three year battle with pancreatic cancer with grace, fortitude and incredible hopefulness. Cherished wife of the late Joseph H. Gardner for 47 years. Their marriage was a loving one filled with joy, laughter and mutual devotion. Loving mother to her precious children, Danielle and the late Douglas. She created a family of such warmth, love, generosity and strength that it flourished in good times and endured through the shattering loss of her beloved son in the attacks of September 11th. Adoring grandmother of Michael and Julia. She delighted in their laughter and joy. Gracious mother-in-law to Jennifer. Second mother to her nieces Valerie and Beverly and beloved sister to the late Rae and Mae. Loving presence to Lawrence. Born in Brooklyn, she lived her life in Manhattan, met the love of her life on the beaches of Seaview, Fire Island, and had the family of her dreams

    March 10 2006
    Joseph Howard Gardner, a Manhattan real estate developer who had a knack for identifying emerging neighborhoods and transforming them into residential magnets by converting rundown buildings, died on March 1 at New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center. He was 78.
    The cause was melanoma, his daughter, Danielle Gardner, said.
    He joined forces on that project with Peter Weissman, an architect who became his partner in P & J Realty Management.

    His son, Douglas B. Gardner, was his partner for about 10 years, moving on to become executive managing director at Cantor Fitzgerald. He died in the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001.

    See also this property transaction
    112 W 18th St
    New York, NY, 10011
    Built in 1911 this 58,705 sq.ft. building is 85% Residential, 15% Retail and contains 35 residential units and 1 non-residential units.
    Lawrence G. [Trustee] Rose & Douglas B.[Trustee] Gardner [P&J REALTY CO
    104 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK, NY US] sold this property to Danielle Gardner & Douglas B. Gardner for $0.00 on 2000-03-01.

    220 WEST 15TH STREET
    NEW YORK, NY 10023, US

    this being the address supplied to UK Companies House

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    Great sleuthing as ever Felix. Another real person among the faux victims of 911. Reassigned identity rather than digital fabrication? And another hole in the vicsim list?

    Several copies on fileshare networks of Gardner’s “Out Of The Clear Blue Sky” (2012). In promising quality (x264).




    Simon has, thanks to a recent exchange on Kenneth “psy-op go-to man” Feinberg at Cluesforum, already noted the acting rather than finance role of Howard Lutnick, illustrated with a trailer clip from Out of the Clear Blue Sky:
    Watching the entire film, as linked earlier in this thread, makes this even more apparent.

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