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    “The first ever photo of the Earth from space, shows a sunlit area of the central Pacific Ocean and its cloud cover. It was obtained from Explorer VI Satellite, August 14, 1959”

    In the 1950’s the earth was just a giant boomerang so presumably it was also flat. Not until the 1960’s did it decide to become a little more rounded (sarcasm intended). At least we have stars.


    “The Lunar Orbiter I took this first ever photo of the Earth from the vicinity of the moon on August 23, 1966”

    The photo in the link strikes me as odd as the earth as depicted does not appear to have a spherical sunset line but a rather jagged one. Perhaps it is due to how the print lines appear on the paper print out or even some sort of time lapse (but if this were the case with a long exposure there’d surely be more stars).


    I’m not sure how many NASA photos have stars but this one has lots. Would someone really be able to pull out some star charts and verify this anyway? I’m not sure anyone is actually checking their work.

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