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    Rick Potvin has tried and failed to find a verifiable circumnavigation of Antarctica which would prove the distance around Antarctica [if indeed it can be circumnavigated]
    There always seems to be a fly in the ointment of these cruises and races.
    A celebrated race from England [global psy-op capital] in 1968 was the Sunday Times [yes, a media event] Golden Globe yacht race, single handed round Africa, across the Indian and Southern Oceans, the Horn and back up the Atlantic to England again.

    A strange whiff of Everest and trans-Antarctic expeditions lingers over this race, which prefaced the “first person to set foot on the moon” in the same year….

    And we had the mysterious position faking and mysteriously vanishing participant Donald Crowhurst
    whose story continues to give and give…most recently two feature films, the more recent called The Mercy

    This belatedly fulfils the Zal Rule, but multiply, and we must not forget this 2006 documentary Deep Water

    And get this….we will be treated to a 50th Anniversary “retro” re-run of the 1968 race, setting off from France, no hi-tec electronics no “satellite” communication, no computers….so all easily unverifiable once again, starting July 1 2018, again non-stop [as with the Vendee] but unlike other races which are in stages, e.g. the various BOC, Velux and currently running Clipper races

    In the original Golden Globe race, the only finisher donated his prize money £5000 to the alleged Widow, Clare Crowhurst and her children, before the deception [Crowhurst allegedly faked his position and allegedly just pottered around the Atlantic for 7 months…] was made public, then promptly received the CBE, Commander of the British Empire.

    No body was ever found and his empty Yacht was found in Mid Atlantic off the Azores.
    Donald Charles Alfred Crowhurst died 1July 1969
    Address – 35 Durleigh Road, Bridgwater, Somerset
    Administration 30 September 1969 Bristol. Estate £9774

    Crowhurst was born in British India in 1932
    and resigned commissions in the RAF and the Army….
    m 1957 Clare M O’Leary
    children James D P Crowhurst 1958
    Rachael A Crowhurst 1963
    Roger D Crowhurst 1961
    Simon J Crowhurst 1960

    from 2006….
    For almost four decades, Clare Crowhurst has been haunted by those final, angst-ridden moments with her husband. But she has never publicly revealed what passed between them as they conversed in pained whispers to avoid disturbing the children, asleep in an adjoining room.

    Nor has she spoken of the bizarre events which unfolded afterwards. Events which have given rise to countless books, plays and films and posthumously transformed the public’s perception of Donald Crowhurst from a plucky storybook hero to an unhinged Walter Mitty — and, worse, a liar and cheat.

    This week, however, after she and her family wept through the preview of Deep Water, a new documentary about his strange and ill-fated odyssey, to be screened in cinemas next month, Mrs Crowhurst, now 73, broke her long silence to speak to the Daily Mail.

    ‘That last night together was frightful,’ recalls this remarkably well-preserved woman, who lives with two of her children in the faded little South Devon holiday resort of Seaton……
    So, 37 years silence then a Mail story and film.
    And still there 10 years later


    Having watched Deep Water [link above] I am even more convinced that the Golden Globe race was a media controlled psy-op and that Crowhurst probably had his disappearance faked.

    Key moments in the film at 52.45 and 1.22.00 when Simon Crowhurst, one of three sons [there was also a daughter] of Donald and Clare Crowhurst seems to be faking grief imo.

    I was wondering why he was the only one of the four to take part in the film, but I notice that Roger [who stays silent] uploaded this facebook page in 2015, shortly before the Crowhurst industry burst into life again ready for the 50th anniversary

    Roger Crowhurst
    29 May 2015 ·
    RIP James Crowhurst Who died on a Norton Commando while finishing an electronics degree. We miss you 2

    Hmmm no probate, The death was recorded in Sheffield. Donald was involved in electronics also, and had resigned two officer commissions, without any subsequent elaboration or explanation, in the Navy then the Army in the 1950s.

    Simon Crowhurst and family are quite the modern global travellers, with South America having a special significance, it seems

    Sister Rachel stays silent about the voyage

    An article from the Deep Water period,
    Some say Donald Crowhurst could have been talked out of his tragic attempt at deception on a round-the-world yacht race. But his son Simon tells Fiona Wingett the die was cast before he left…..

    So, Crowhurst was proven [by logbooks which may have been part of the script] to have faked his journey by pottering around the Atlantic [allegedly]. And there were subsequent sightings of him afterwards, whether real or part of the script to divert attention from perhaps a bigger hoax, that of the whole race itself?

    An earlier book by Nicholas Tomalin came out circa 1970, perhaps penned before the race even? A film based upon an alleged race based on a book…
    The stories of the other competitors dropping out seem quite fanciful – Bernard Moitessier, who had three children, deciding to press on “round the world” again and getting as far as Tahiti where he settled and became and “anti-nuclear” campaigner in the South Pacific and starting another family. Hmmmmm

    The cliffhanger in the story was created by the suspicious withdrawals of the two other contenders in the race [and did anyone of the yachtsmen go ’round the globe’?] that of the Frenchman Bernard Moitessier who suddenly decided that the race wasn’t enough and he wanted to carry on a second time ‘around the globe’. Suuuuure

    The other candidate for a prize was ex Naval officer [safe pair of hands again] Nigel Clarence Tetley,
    With 1,200 nautical miles (2,200 km) to go, shortly after midnight on May 21, the Victress broke up and sank under him. Tetley had time to get off a Mayday call before taking to his life raft, and was picked up the following afternoon.

    So what became of Tetley, or rather Wand-Tetley?
    Tetley was never able to raise enough money to completely outfit the new boat. Though showing no outward signs of stress or depression, he went missing on 2 February 1972. His body was found three days later, hanging from a tree in woods near Dover, England. Three weeks later, at the coroner’s inquest, it was revealed that the body had been discovered clothed in lingerie and the hands were bound behind the back. The opinion offered by a pathologist suggested masochistic sexual activity. The coroner, noting there was no evidence that Tetley had deliberately taken his life, recorded an open verdict.

    Nigel Tetley was cremated near Dover. Mourners included his wife, Eve, and fellow Golden Globe sailors Robin Knox-Johnston and Chay Blyth.
    hmmmm [source – Chris Eakin, A Race Too Far 2009
    I suggest this was yet another faked death, having completed his own book in 1970…

    Tetley, Nigel.

    Tetley’s address at ‘death’ was given as MV Miss Vicky, Sandwich Marina, Kent, having built the boat with his £1000 ‘consolation prize money’ for having, er been rescued, fortunately, allegedly the next day in a life raft…..

    A hoax too far.

    Actually, Nigel had been married before he married Evelyn, to Marie Bourne in 1951, children Philip L and Janet M b 1952/7 respectively.
    Marie later married in 1960 Ennemond Raoul Marie Faye, she was later known as Celine

    The Tomalin book has been neatly re-issued to coincide with the film
    Tomalin himself having succumbed in the meantime to a suspicious death in Israel in 1973…there’s a lot of it about.

    This is the Zal rule in spades.


    The 1989/90 Whibread round the world yacht race in six stages, with a Soviet entry…
    contained more than the usual amount of suspicious actors.
    For starters,, quoting from wiki…

    The [UK] boat Creighton’s Naturally [captain Tony Chittenden] suffered a serious broach on leg 2, at about 3 in the morning. Crew members Anthony (Tony) Philips and Bart van den Dwey were swept over board. They were both pulled back on deck. Van den Dwey successfully resuscitated, but, after three hours of trying, crewmembers were unable to revive Philips. A few days later, by radio agreement with relatives ashore, Philips was buried at sea

    Anthony Bernard Moore Phillips was born on 26 January 1953.3 He was the son of Lt.-Col. Joseph Anthony Moore Phillips and Lady Katherine Mary Fitzalan-Howard. He died on 11 November 1989 at age 36, swept overboard during the Whitbread Round the World Yacht Race
    probate Feb 28 1991, died November 11 1989
    of Lund House, Lund, N. Humberside £462470
    source –

    Much more interestingly, the race was won by New Zealander Peter Blake

    On 5 December 2001, pirates shot and killed Blake while he was on an environmental exploration trip in South America, monitoring global warming and pollution for the United Nations. The two-month expedition was anchored off Macapá, Brazil, at the mouth of the Amazon delta, waiting to clear customs after a trip up the Amazon river. At around 9 pm a group of six to eight armed, masked robbers wearing balaclavas and crash helmets boarded the Seamaster. As one of the robbers held a gun to the head of a crewmember, Blake sprang from the cabin wielding a rifle. He shot one of the assailants in the hand before the rifle malfunctioned; he was then fatally shot in the back by assailant Ricardo Colares Tavares. The boarders injured two other crew members with knives, and the remaining seven were unhurt.

    The only booty the attackers seized from Seamaster was a 15 hp outboard motor and some watches from the crew. Authorities eventually captured the pirates and sentenced them to an average of 32 years in prison each; Tavares, the man who fired the fatal shots, received a sentence of 36 years 9 months.[3]

    Prior to the attack, the yacht’s crew had been very careful when travelling up the river and back down again; they always had crew members on watch. Only upon return to Macapa did they relax their guard.

    Sir Peter is survived by his wife Pippa, Lady Blake, and their two children Sarah-Jane and James. Sir Peter’s environmental and leadership legacy is continued by The Sir Peter Blake Trust, a non-profit organisation based in New Zealand.
    Around 30,000 people attended a memorial service held for Blake at the Auckland Domain on 23 December 2001…
    Blake is buried at Warblington churchyard, near Emsworth on the south coast of England. It is a pilgrimage destination for New Zealanders,[citation needed] who sometimes leave New Zealand coins on the headstone. Emsworth is where Pippa and Peter settled and raised their two children. His headstone bears the words of John Masefield’s famous poem, Sea-Fever: “I must down to the sea again, to the lonely sea and sky, and all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by….”.

    On 23 October 2002, the International Olympic Committee posthumously awarded the Olympic Order, one of its highest honours, to Blake.[9]

    In December 2003, the Sir Peter Blake Trust was established, with the support of the Blake family, “to help New Zealanders make a positive difference for the planet through activities that encourage environmental awareness and action, and leadership development.”

    Peter James Blake – Probate February 25 2004

    Inquest Dec 10 2002

    Crewman Robin Allen, 20, from Adsdean, Chichester, West Sussex, gave his account of the yachtsman’s death at Portsmouth magistrates’ court on Tuesday.
    He said, when the pirates boarded their vessel on December 5, 2001, he made for the safety of the crow’s nest.
    He waited until the raiders were out of sight before climbing down.

    He said: “I saw some blood on the deck. I did not want to believe it at first.
    “I thought they had been firing blanks at first, or something, trying to believe it was not for real.”

    He then went to the pilot house where he found Sir Peter lying with three or four people around him trying to resuscitate him.
    Mr Allen went ashore to try to speed up the help before going back only to be told that Sir Peter was dead.
    The court heard a police report into the incident which told how Sir Peter was shot twice in the shoulder by Tavares, an injury which was to prove fatal.

    Hmmmm…sounds rather fake.

    Video of the race Blake at 5.10 who won all the legs in his boat Steinlager 2.
    Made Knight Commander of the British Empire in 1995.

    And the event continues to give, like all good media stories…
    February 16 2018
    Cardoso, on the run for 15 yeqrs, allegedly, in Brazil was picked up on the island of Majuro by a ‘routine patrol’, identified by fingerprints….
    “Police in the town of Breves stopped him in the street. He had a suspicious attitude, and the police distrusted him,


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    Last observations on the strange world of round the world yachting, until the retro 2018 Golden Globe
    … at 33.00 in the 1989 Whitbread race video, we hear that the captain of the Soviet [yes, the Berlin Wall is still up…] boat Fazisi, Alexi Grischenko has allegedly committed suicide by hanging in Uruguay at the end of stage 2! Hmmmmm

    The death of ABM “Tony” Phillips is recounted at 37.39 in the video, where a stiff upper lipped Chittenden doesn’t look as the camera as he tells of the tragedy in a deadpan fashion. At the same time on the same boat Bart van den Dwey was also swept overboard and rescued by ‘heroic’ Julian Morris

    Back to Crowhurst in 1968…. in Deep Water, somehow the Argentinian coastguard who allegedly witnessed Crowhurst land in South America is wheeled on, Santiago Franchessi former coastguard of Rio Salado. Franchessi has no other internet presence. [54:22 in Deep Water]

    Another safe pair of hands in the race- Bill King, 58 [Francis Chichester was 65 when he allegedly went round the world with one stop in Sydney, singlehandedly…] a former submarine ace, sponsored by the Daily and Sunday Express newspapers….
    He lived to be 102
    Ridgway and Blyth also had military backgrounds.

    Sir Robin Knox-Johnston on learning of the “death” of Crowhurst
    It seems pretty clear that Donald simply fell overboard and the yacht sailed away from him before he could grab hold and get back aboard”
    [contemporary news report, Sunday Times] That’s an astonishing leap of faith in the official narrative when no body was found.

    Commander Nigel Tetley:
    “Money would not induce me to enter such a race again. Nobody could go through the conditions like the Roaring Forties and not come out a different person.”
    What is Nigel trying to tell us? Here’s Mrs Crowhurst…
    “I am confident that my husband is alive. I feel it.

    Me too.

    An unnamed ‘senior Royal Navy officer, also quoted in the Sunday Times
    “His yacht appears to be completely intact”

    Rodney Peterson Hallworth [agent, formerly of the Daily Express and before that the Daily MAil ] He reported on many cases but most famously on that of suspected serial killer Dr John Bodkin Adams in 1956 and co-wrote a book on him….hmmmm again] “This is a terrible shock”
    He died June 25 1985 aged 55…

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    One last red flag from the Crowhurst “adventure” –
    His agent Rodney Hallworth rushed to the West Indies to greet the British [that was a stroke of luck!] cargo ship, the 7306 ton Royal Mail linE PICARDY which discovered the floating trimaran off the Azores, in order to collect his boat’s logbooks, which he then sold to The Times newspaper for “a small fortune” [wiki]

    “Oh, hi, do you mind if I come aboard an remove a few items from this vessel?”

    If the “log books” ever sailed upon the ocean blue….

    The empty boat adrift is a well worn staged event…a few recent examples
    US Olympian Trevor Moore in 2015

    a close relative, psy-op wise, to the “mummified sailor” Fritz Bajorat found in 2016. Funny things happen away from prying eyes out at sea, an ideal location for a faked event.


    Well, the Golden Globe “round the world” yacht race is running and we’ve already got a totally unbelievable media rescue story to accompany it…
    September 25 2018
    [note the blurry potato lens video to accompany the “rescue”.

    Indian Naval officer Abhilash Tomy and a second solo sailor will undergo medical assessment before being collected by a Royal Australian Navy vessel after they were rescued from one of the most remote locations on the planet.

    omy, 39, suffered a severe back injury which left him bedridden in his damaged 10-metre vessel Thuriya after it rolled during a storm, snapping both masts.Also taking up the call to assist the injured Indian sailor was fellow race competitor, Irishman Gregor McGuckin, whose vessel was similarly damaged on Friday.

    “He actually got within a couple of nautical miles of Tomy’s position,” AMSA response centre manager Alan Lloyd said

    Un-believable! The luck of the Irish!
    And who/what should just happen to be “passing”?

    it was fortunate the French fisheries patrol vessel, Osiris, arrived at the same time and was able to rescue McGuckin himself a few hours after Tomy was retrieved from his yacht.

    The chance meeting place for all three craft…

    Naval officer Tomy, allegedly with serious back injury.

    Earlier in the week.

    it is assumed the intrepid sailor is immobile in his boat’s cabin. “LUGGED CANS OF ICE TEA. HAVING THAT. VOMITTING CONTINUINGLY. CHEST BURNING,” (sic) the Indian naval sailor said in a satellite text message sent on Sunday. Organisers of the Golden Globe Race based in France had received this alert.

    It is likely Tomy suffered a spinal injury as his boat rolled over, breaking its mast. “CAN MOVE TOES. FEEL NUMB. CAN’T EAT OR DRINK. TOUGH 2 REACH GRAB BAG”, the sailor had messaged a day earlier.

    He had also messaged on Saturday, saying: “ACTIVATED EPIRB. CANT WALK. MIGHT NEED STRETCHER.”

    What a load of seahorse shit.


    Here’s another phoney looking “round the world” yacht race stories which ’emerged’ in early 2019 to nestlee alongside all the news items about ‘deep space’, Antarctica and phoney terror event anniversaries.
    How do we know it’s phoney> It makes the main radio news headlines around the world, a yacht piloted by a sixteen year old girl re-appears in South Australia eight years after it was abandoned…and almost nine years since Abby Sunderland set sail from California….
    Her family had bought the Australian-built Wild Eyes and in October the year before, just months after her elder brother Zach became the first person under the age of 18 to sail solo around the world, with stops and assistance, and kitted it out specifically for her journey….. she said. “I always knew the boat was high quality and very safe so it doesn’t really surprise me that it’s still floating.”


    Not many photos about….

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