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    Strange accent for “Blondie” Sounds a little Austrian. Perhaps her run of the Sound of Music has come to and end and has picked up this small part between roles?
    The bedridden French guy who follows blondie in the Mail video seems to be an escapee from the Alton Towers “disaster”.

    I know we’d all love another view of Blondie. Take three…


    Thanks xileffilex for posting John Smith. I like the cut of his jib.

    His latest. Cut to the chase, at 4:35:

    “The fact is, this is a hoax… Lots of people masquerading as British tourists are using their identities as part of a psyOp. I suggest many of these people work for the military. It’s hard to know exactly where these people come from. Some people will do anything for a free holiday.

    Calling out the Lies. Yet More on the Tunsian Beach Fraud Hoax


    This well built witness at 1:00 took a bullet in the arm “I just ran to the sea, and I ran in and held in the sea”[sic] [his wife ran, he didn’t] It’s total gibberish, he makes no sense. His wife ran to the hotel.

    At 0.43 our Tunisian witness says the marauder from the sea “took out some grenades and threw them after them”

    Very James Bond like.

    Let’s have a look at the grenade attack [alleged]
    <b>British tourist Ellie Makin</b>[on right]

    “The hotel next door, the gunmen threw grenades into rooms and killed people that way” [she and her mate have earpieces for prompting]

    Who else? Carly Lovett [q.v.] was killed by a grenade blast…

    Her parents were reportedly told she was later killed in a grenade blast in the lobby by a reporter at a Tunisian paper.



    BBC journalists who attended a briefing at the hotel said there were no signs of any grenade damage inside the building.

    Oh dear, the narrative is taking time to settle down.

    local builder Mayel Moncef spotted Rezgui from his rooftop vantage point and hurled a pile of tiles down on his head.
    He told Channel 4 News how Rezgui began firing wildly in the street, at which point the police returned fire and shot him. He spotted a grenade roll from the attacker’s hand as he fell.

    utter garbage. The BBC’s Rana Jawad was “quickly on the scene” Of course she was.

    Anyone else hit be grenades? Why certainly

    Naomi Wearing, 18, was peppered with shrapnel in her back and legs after being blasted by a grenade, while her mum Carol was hit with what medics think was either bullets or chunks of metal.

    These Tunisian doctors can’t tell the difference between bullets and shards of metal. It’s insane.


    The War on Tourism is truly underway…

    Did this guy just say ‘When the Action started’???

    Convenient Ashtrays nearby


    Convenient Ashtrays nearby

    No olive oil bottles handy, clearly.

    And out of the parasol comes a gun
    an excellent “narrative style” tweet. Boyadee style, in fact.

    “It was horrific. “Seeing all this blood, all these bodies left right and centre

    Ellie Makin @ellie_makin
    Tennis player/ Tennis Coach owner of FITZ compression clothing.Good things come to those who wait greater things come to those who get off their ass.


    Back to Steve Johnson..
    “me and my friend”

    [can anybody decipher what the female interviewer whispers at 2:00?]
    “my friend”, it later emerges, is another ex-police officer, no mention of wives at this time.
    In fact the whole beach seems to be crawlng with policemen on holiday – here’s another

    By the pool was Tony Callaghan, 63, from North Walsham, Norfolk, who works for Norfolk police.

    More “reliable witnesses”…

    Christopher and Paula Emery and their family also got lucky. They ran into the water, away from the gunman, before jumping into two speed boats that were passing by.

    [wow, real James Bond stuff]

    Gary Pine, 47, from Bristol, and his wife Nicola screamed at their 22-year-old son to get out of the sea. “You could hear bullets whizzing around,” said Mr Pine, “My wife was shouting at my son to get out of the sea, and as he ran up the beach, he said: ‘I just saw someone get shot’.”

    Alan Pembroke, 61, a British tourist from Essex staying at the nearby Muradi Palm hotel, first escorted his wife back to their hotel to keep her safe and then returned to the beach to help the wounded.
    “My wife and I were laying by the parasols,” said Mr Pembroke yesterday. “We heard noises, gunshots, automatic gunfire and then explosions. It sounded like a grenade going off.
    “We went back into the hotel quickly and I left my wife in the room and told her to stay locked in. I came back out to the beach and saw bodies lying around. I saw a woman crying. I asked her if she was British. She was German. Her wrist was half hanging off so I grabbed a scarf hanging from the parasol and tied it round that.

    ah, the improvised tourniquet meme

    “Then I saw she had a bullet wound in her leg. I tied a towel around it as tight as I could. She was saying ‘my husband, my husband’. I checked his pulse but there was nothing.

    Pure prose. And there are more, many more amazing escapes.

    **Debbie Horsfall is the companion of former tennis star Ellie, btw, photo in earlier post.


    And here is Debbie.. Check the eye movement at 1:13 who’s there?

    “fireworks or firecrackers”
    I think I’ve heard that one before somewhere.

    Tom Dalpra

    And I quote: Standing firm: Mourners process along the water’s edge as they remember those who lost their lives on the beach


    I couldn’t work out quite why they were walking in crocodile file. Perhaps if you get a family to go out there for a photo op, that’s how you process them.

    Brenda looks like she’s burping.

    Now get this lady. How loud do you want your dress? It’s ”THE MUSLIM WOMAN’
    in the aggressive red.


    Juxtapsosed the tasteful supply of young (Blondie’s been dumped ) ‘Western’ women in bikinis we have with this batch of photographs, it surely stands out.



    Looking at those two photographs it appears we see the same characters recycled. We see the respective groups changing the directions they’re walking in relation to each other. One of the bikini girls is the same, pictured separately, I think.
    Looking at the camel, or camels ( I wasn’t actually sure if it was two camels in both photographs or not, lots of legs ) I was reminded of this from The Hebdo Op.
    I’m not saying it is a cross reference or foreshadowing , I just thought I’d post it and have a look.

    The fact a guy seems to be going up and down giving rides on his camel in Sousse suggests that there’s some life on the beach and business isn’t bad.
    That doesn’t tally with this presented image.

    (Caption) Deserted: A week ago, the sands were crowded with sunbathers. Now just a lone tourist walks along the sand near the floral tributes


    It just struck me as mixed messages there.



    Tom Dalpra

    So finally David Cameron amends the Shadow Chancellor’s victim tally at Prime Minister’s question time ( because of course the Prime Minister has the best information ) and we have the official final ( they’ve strung it out long enough ) total number of British victims from the Sousse Hoax.


    This op, of course, comes just in time for the ten year anniversary of that other major British Op where the two sevens of 7/7 have always been asserted.

    The Sousse event is the biggest terrorist attack ‘Britain’ has suffered since that 2005 ‘attack’ and of course there’s the predictable campaign in the mainstream media,currently, lest we forget about it, God forbid!



    Have all those missing bodies, buried, Ozymandias like on the beach, turned up then, Tom??

    Naturally, all the “bodies” will be flown home in dribs and drabs for the media.

    So, it’s gone from “more than 30 Britons” to 30 Britons to rises to 27 Britons 3:42PM [BST 01 Jul 2015] ….all identified by the Tunisian ministry. Who needs relatives.

    That’s not a rise, that’s a decrease in my book.

    13.51 [less than two hours earlier..]

    “All the bodies have been identified. Among them are 30 Britons,” said Naoufel Somrani, the ministry’s director of emergency services.
    Of the remaining victims, three were from Ireland, two from Germany and one each from Belgium, Portugal and Russia.

    Two DAYS earlier…

    more than 30 Britons confirmed to have died in Tunisian beach massacre ……it emerged that more than 30 Britons were killed in the Tunisian beach massacre.

    mmmm it seems like some “nationality swapping” is in order.


    Sousston, we have problems with this number. David Cameron has confirmed it’s 27 Britons killed, down from 30, pop pickers, but it’s on the move again…
    up [or down depending on how you look at it] two places at # 27 now….[or up three places from 24, or even up five from 22]

    Wed Jul 1, 2015 9:14pm BST
    Related: World, Middle East
    British death toll from Tunisia attack rises to 29

    hold on a minute,

    British Prime Minister David Cameron said on Wednesday the number of dead had risen to 27 from 22. Britain’s Foreign Office later on Wednesday raised that figure to 29.

    “We do expect it to rise further,” Cameron told parliament.

    Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said that one victim, who is believed to be British, remained to be identified, but the police will require further time to confirm the identity.
    The government has previously said the final number is likely to be around 30 people.

    er, not really, because 30 Britons were confirmed as dead two days ago…

    We have big problems with the narrative or perhaps some victims have now declined to die and have had second thoughts?

    It’s a rise, Jim, but not a rise from 30+ as we know it….

    “around 30” – why not “around 29”? Or exactly 30?? Which was the number they first thought of.

    Wasn’t the death count in the fake Museum attack in Tunisia 22?

    It’s thought around 30 Britons were among the 38 shot dead
    “thought” meaning that’s what’s in the script.

    Let’s go back a bit…

    Identities of tourists shot dead on a Tunisian beach are confirmed – with at least 30 Britons reportedly among the 38 victims.
    Some 39 people were wounded in the attack, 25 of them British.
    22:43, UK, Sunday 28 June 2015

    Since 10 people were missing, it’s amazing that they numbers all matched up. Why weren’t there injured people missing also?
    Yes, would you believe it, 39 wounded final score. 38 dead, 30 Brtons – final score.


    Come on rgos, this one is in your face.

    Has open air theatre season started?

    Sorry, my CPU refuses to work properly at 30+ degrees Celcius. I’m in reading mode. Good analysis by the look of it.


    The whole incident keeps reminding me of the music I used to listen to on the beach in the 80s.

    Muscle beach is now Porkchop Hill.

    Could there be some predictive programming going on, there?

    Or in Beach Boys tunes? I don’t know.

    Tom Dalpra

    Hi rgos. Nice to hear from you. Welcome to Tunisia. Care for some Merguez?

    Yes, would you believe it, 39 wounded final score. 38 dead, 30 Brtons – final score.

    Phew! What a pantomime. 30 it is then… probably!

    ( Sorry, yes, very hasty on my part. Especially as I’d just watched the Prime Minister and he’d said the toll would rise, as you mention.)

    All very strange, if it was real. We had the absurdity of families not knowing where their relatives were for days and starting ‘social media campaigns’.
    Where could they be? Did anyone from the general public know anything?
    The ridiculous excuse I heard for this was that people in swimming costumes don’t carry their passports, so it was difficult for the police.

    It doesn’t cut it does it? We don’t need Sherlock Holmes here, Ace Ventura could work this one out.

    It’s all ridiculous, but functional, I guess.

    The drama drawn-out. The creeping death toll. The ‘campaigns’ from the families. We’ve seen it before. It cements the whole thing in.

    Meanwhile the ‘dead’ minions can secure their passage to Antarctica, or wherever they go.
    And predictably, it wasn’t long before another 7/7 reference suggested itself to me.

    Sketches of the victims here:

    The football links feel almost like overkill.
    The three generations of Walsall supporters, Mark Albrighton’s ex-partner and now they’ve dug up Denis Thwaites. 1960’s Birmingham City outside centre.



    On the Walsall reference, Walsall FC made their first ever appearance at Wembley last season in the FA Trophy final. It was a good photo op. for the boys.


    Walsall’s most famous victory of all-time was in the FA Cup in 1933.
    They beat Arsenal and then Arsenal went on to win the league title that year.

    With Arsenal themselves fully loaded with the Woolwich( Arsenal) reference and looking set for some more success because of it, it could be that come December time and the famous third round draw for the FA Cup, we see them drawn together? If not this year, at some point.
    It would be live on television and an ideal chance to reference the Sousse Op with plenty of (19)33 and Arsenal winning the league, thrown-in.

    • This reply was modified 5 years, 8 months ago by Tom Dalpra.



    One for rgos to answer – how can there be so few German “deaths” and no Dutch deaths? It’s uncanny.

    The Germans just had their Andreas incident, we’ve had the MH17 pantomime. I guess it was someone else’s turn this time.

    The NWO do give everyone their fair share. Gotta give ’em that.


    Hi rgos. Nice to hear from you. Welcome to Tunisia. Care for some Merguez?

    That’s not a sausage, that’s a dog turd.


    Strange accent for “Blondie” Sounds a little Austrian. Perhaps her run of the Sound of Music has come to and end and has picked up this small part between roles?

    I think it is Danish. She probably was an extra in the Danish Op a few months back. Doing a gig in Tunisia in the sun. Het nuttige met het aangename verenigen, as we say over here.


    [can anybody decipher what the female interviewer whispers at 2:00?]

    Running 2.00 to 2.05 through and then playing it through Audacity via Sennheiser HD 595 earphones. I think she says: “I did not hear it.”

    Innocuous. Pity.


    Prior art.

    Tom Dalpra

    Sound analysis, rgos. That’s why we missed you.

    I was just listening to the midday News here on television.
    It’s got to the point where discussing not if, but how, ‘we’ are going to tackle this problem with bombs, appears completely appropriate.

    The talk is about Iraq and Syria right now: ‘Which should we bomb?’ and ‘When and where do we go in on the ground ?’




    Libya got this one back when ‘we overthrew’ Gaddafi with Al Qaeda, in 2011 and they went back to the old colonial colour scheme.

    And always there in the background, like a wound that can be re-bled. Palestine:


    Tom Dalpra


    We find this:

    The flag was designed by the British diplomat Sir Mark Sykes, in an effort to create a feeling of “Arab-ness” in order to fuel the revolt.

    ( against the Ottoman Empire in World War I. )

    ”the flag influenced the national flags of a number of emerging Arab states after World War I. Flags inspired by that of the Arab revolt include those of Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Sudan, Syria, the United Arab Emirates, Yemen, the Palestinian national movement (also used by the PLO and by the Palestinian Authority), Somaliland, the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic and Libya.”

    I sometimes have to remind myself of these things.
    These flags were designed by a British Diplomat to fuel revolt.



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