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    Tom Dalpra
    Tom Dalpra


    Alexander Litvinenko, ex- KGB agent in London turned ‘good guy’, gets apparently poisoned by polonium after eating Sushi.

    Only days before he’d apparently been quite fat and he’d had a lovely head of hair.

    I’m not sure how many are aware of this Double-Agent- Russia-UK-Spy/’Nuclear’ Hype scandal narrative?

    I heard it recently called ”The first example of nuclear terrorism”.

    What an Op? I say that because it was very effective with me. I was traumatised by it, too an extent, I can say. Don’t get me wrong, not overly, but those pictures of that gaunt man in the Newspapers; a man portrayed as honest and noble to us; horribly assassinated by the worst kind of poisoning? I looked at them and it was horrible. They stuck with me. Poor man. The vivid descriptions of his three week demise. But it never really made sense.

    It was powerful, though.
    It did a very good job of asserting Putin as a tough guy in the World Movie.

    It’s refreshing to review it with a new perspective.

    Deadly Spy-fiction-nonsense that it is.



    Alexander Litvinenko was a former officer of the Russian KGB, who fled from court prosecution in Russia and received political asylum in the United Kingdom. According to his wife and father, he was working for MI6 and MI5 after receiving the asylum.

    Upon his arrival to London, he continued to support the Russian oligarch in exile, Boris Berezovsky, in his media campaign against the Russian government.

    In the UK, Litvinenko became a journalist for a Chechen separatist site, Chechenpress. Litvinenko wrote two books, Blowing up Russia: Terror from within and Lubyanka Criminal Group, where he accused the Russian secret services of staging Russian apartment bombings and other terrorism acts to bring Vladimir Putin to power.

    On 1 November 2006, Litvinenko suddenly fell ill and was hospitalized. He died three weeks later, becoming the first confirmed victim of lethal polonium-210-induced acute radiation syndrome.






    I wonder, do they eat cheese in Russia? Guess they do.

    Yes, Tom, that one fooled me too.



    As usual, Tom, nothing is credible….

    The inquiry was told “an inspired hunch” by police led them to bring in atomic scientists who found Litvinenko tested positive for alpha radiation poisoning two days before he died.
    Lead pathologist Nat Cary[2] said without that, the cause of death would not have been discovered in a post-mortem, adding he was unaware of any other case of someone being poisoned with alpha radiation in Britain, and probably the world.
    Co-pathologist Benjamin Swift[1] told the inquiry: “It was probably the most dangerous post-mortem that’s ever been conducted.”
    Those involved in the examination had needed to wear two white protective suits with specialized hoods fed with filtered air.
    The controversy generated by Litvinenko’s killing plunged Anglo-Russian relations to a post-Cold War low.

    Perfect news story.
    [1] Dr Ben Swift, Home Office Pathologist and adviser to the BBC
    Regaring the infamous “spy in the bag” hoax [Apr 30 2012]:
    Pathologist Dr Benjamin Swift said Mr Williams’ body was so badly decomposed it meant his cause of death could not be officially “ascertained”. But he said “poisoning or asphyxiation” were the “foremost contenders” for his death. Dr Swift estimated Mr Williams’ body had been in the bag for ten days.

    Strange death required? Dial S for Swifty.

    [2]Dr Nathaniel Cary, a forensic pathologist who has been involved in several high-profile criminal cases, including the 2002 murders of schoolgirls Holly Chapman and Jessica Wells in Soham,
    October 12 2011

    The last link shows how pathologists are leaned on sometimes:

    During day 11 of the trial against her alleged killer Robert Black, Prof Marshall [3] told Armagh Crown Court yesterday that in 2008 he felt he was being pressurised into changing his opinion during a meeting with Crown lawyers about the case.

    [3] Northern Ireland’s former State Pathologist, who examined the body of murdered schoolgirl Jennifer Cardy 30 years ago



    Zizzi anyone?
    A spin-off from the above psy-op is in progress in England just now, an absolutely ridiculous story of poisoning of a Russian “spy” quietly living in Salisbury [which just happens to be very close to the Porton Down chemical and biological weapons/coountermeasures establishment. Go figure!] by, yes you’ve guessed it, VX nerve gas.
    Around 180 troops, including Royal Marines, RAF personnel and chemical specialists, have been deployed in Salisbury to help police with their investigation, as attention moved to the burial site of Mr Skripal’s wife and son.

    [who mysteriously “died” separately in the past few years. These psy-ops are planned well in advance.

    His wife Lyudmila died at the age of 59 in 2012, before his son Alexandr, last year, died at the age of 43.
    While Lyudmila’s death certificate reads that she died of cancer, neighbours claim she actually died in a car crash. There have been conflicting reports about how she died.

    Son Alexandr is said to have been killed in a St Petersburg car crash, however close family members say he died of liver problems.

    A woman who cleans Mr Skripal’s home in Salisbury said: “I saw reports on the news that his wife had died in a car crash.

    “That is not true, she died of cancer that she had when they moved to England. And his son died of liver problems, so I don’t know where the car crash idea came from.”

    Officers in hazmat suits were sent to Salisbury’s London Road cemetery, where a tent was erected over the memorial to Mr Skripal’s son Alexander, who was cremated last year.

    Officers also sealed off the gravestone of Mr Skripal’s wife Liudmila, who was buried there in 2012.

    Police say their deaths are part of the investigation into the poisoning of Mr Skripal, 66, and his daughter Yulia, 33, who were found slumped on a park bench in Salisbury on Sunday evening.
    They remain in a serious condition in hospital, along with Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey who was also exposed to the nerve agent.
    Former London police chief Ian Blair has since said that DS Bailey visited Skripal’s house, which is now being considered as the potential location where the pair were poisoned.

    Mr Blair ** told BBC radio that DS Bailey “has actually been to the house, whereas there is a doctor who looked after the patients in the open who hasn’t been affected at all. There may be some clues floating around in here.
    ** Lord Blair of Boughton, not sure how he gets into this story, since he’s retired

    There are MANY CLUES floating about which point to this story being an abject media hoax. Nobody died, nobody got poisoned. It’s an absurd media pantomime involving all our favourite actors, the hazmat clowns, the police, the army, the emergency services [who were wonderful]. I’m sure they’ll find a shoe there soon

    Tom Dalpra
    Tom Dalpra

    Yes. Quite.
    To us, obvious from the get-go. The childlike, slightly baffling narrative…he’d done a ”spy swap” and the prevailing wisdom that Putin did it. You know, poisoned him and the child. He can do that sort of thing without any problem. And it’s alright to make jokes about it.

    ‘Anyone for Zizzi ?’ 🙂 I’ll go for Wild boar meatballs.




    Interesting also – although not a fakeological element – that “Putin is a pussy” subliminal embeded in a cowardly murder by poisoning.



    Two Flames @msjenniferjames
    Has anyone found out what Det. Sgt. Nick Bailey was doing in the Skritpal’s house or nah? Bailey found them on a park bench, then let himself into/broke into their house? On his own? Why?
    6:08 am – 15 Mar 2018 [1:08 PM GMT]

    Obviously, the MSM doesn’t ask these obvious questions, although Ms James herself probably doesn’t understand that it’s all one big psy-op, with “Detective Sergeant” [who must have had a crystal ball to realise that there would need to be some detecting of this event in the future…] a bit player in the hoax. How is he, btw? We’re not told, but I’d hazard [not a chemical one!] that he’s right as rain.
    Sgt Louis McCoy @WiltspoliceLM
    This is Nick, he’s my friend, he’s trending on twitter right now, big shout out to you mate. Let’s get you fit and back! Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey #PoliceFamily #JobLikeNoOther @wiltshirepolice

    10:34 am – 8 Mar 2018 [6:34 PM GMT]




    Hoax management of the Novichok “poisoning”

    Theresa May meets hero cop

    Downing Street said the prime minister had a ‘private conversation’ with the detective sergeant — who is in a serious but stable condition — but declined to reveal further details.

    I bet they had a great laugh about how the idiots are lapping up this re-cooled cold war nonsense. Our HERO cop was already allegedly sitting up in bed and engaging 8 days ago…

    In Alderholt, 11 miles from Salisbury, military vehicles and Metropolitan Police officers cordoned off streets around Det Sgt Bailey’s home.

    Be very scared.
    The father in law of the Salisbury policeman who suffered the effects of the nerve agent used to poison Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter has criticised Jeremy Corbyn’s “mealy mouthed” response to the attack.
    William Pomeroy, whose daughter Sarah is married to Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey – currently recovering from the nerve agent attack – said he felt let down by Mr Corbyn.

    Perhaps he’s not so good at acting in this pantomime, he’ll know it’s all one big terror drill.

    What a Novicrok of shit.



    The “hero cop” says his “life will never be the same again” – We are not told why – as he emerges from hospital secretly after not being poisoned.

    Life will never be the same, says shaken officer back home after poisoning

    I guess he’ll never again have to pretend to have been poisoned by a nerve agent.
    More hoax coding – Sergei and Yulia Skripal [66 and 33 respectively] are still in COMAS we are told.


    The Saker
    March 18, 2018

    The British Spy Skripal hoax

    Since February, the British government has been staging a bizarre theater employing dozens of actors dressed in police and firefighters uniforms and colorful hazmat suits, all to make the appearance of a crime being investigated.

    Just one fact is enough to understand that an entire “the Skripals poison crime” has never took place. This so called “nerve agent” has never been placed on the OPCW list of banned chemical weapons because it has never existed.


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    “One of the biggest terrorism cases ever investigated in Britain” according to the Metropolitan Police
    @ 1:20 in the video

    Cutting away the bench, on which nothing happened, with an angle grinder and the wrapping of it in clingfilm by the drill actors in white suits is comedy gold.



    When you thought it couldn’t get any sillier, the medical mouthpiece for this hoax is now an alleged haulage contractor, allegedly Skripal’s best mate [he claims…] and next door neighbour with the Birmingham area accent….
    who reckons death would be the best thing for his friend. LOL!

    He told Sky News: “Quite frankly, what future have they got? I don’t know the properties of this weapon that was used on them and my guess is they are probably being kept alive by artificial means and what life will they have if they survive?
    “We’ve already been told they will be severely mentally impaired and I don’t think they would want that. I think death would probably be merciful.”

    Ross Cassidy, a haulage contractor, said he had not been able to visit Sergei Skripal or his daughter Yulia in hospital, but that he believes they are so critically ill there is no hope they will be revived.
    He said that despite the fact he did not know what the properties of the nerve agent were, he believes the pair will never wake up.

    psy-op prop removed, tardily

    And Skripal’s niece Viktoria is also pessimistic, giving her uncle a 1 per cent chance of pulling through. Poor show.

    A ridiculous farce. Place your bets please on this pathetic hoax triggering WW3 [fake version]

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    Well, from being at “death’s door” the “poisoned” Skripal duo have made remarkable, nay miraculous recovries, both of them. Not that anyone was poisoned, but the head of Salisbury hospital had to be brought into the hoax,
    Christine Blanshard – Medical Director
    Dr Blanshard – bringer of good hoax news…

    …as was another key perp, Professor Alastair Hay, who laid out his stall early on in the hoax
    March 20 2018
    and is once again being wheeled out for further hoax management, April 6. Funded by Human Rights Watch….right!
    “The Skripals have survived because they’ve had great medical care,” says Prof Hay.
    No, they ‘survived’ because they were right as rain throughout.
    Here’s Hay

    “In a way it is a miracle really,” says Prof Hay.
    “But also a testimony to our NHS: great doctors well-trained, looking after people appropriately and well.

    “So it’s the skill of our doctors that’s ensured their survival. Without it, I’m pretty certain they would not have survived.”


    Where have we come across Alastair Hay before? Why, he was a key figure in the Dr David Kelly suicide psy-op.
    Said to have been a good friend of the “dead” Dr Kelly
    August 20 2003 [alleged suicide July 17]
    Hay was a key mover in the hoax narrative, having received an email at 11.17 am the previous day from his good friend Kelly.

    But we learn that Hay’s wife had allegedly committed suicide herself 10 months previously! Amazing.
    Thoughts of suicide – in his darkest moments, even the possibility of his own – have dominated most of his life since the day last September when he found Wendy, his wife of 31 years, hanging in the garage of their home near Otley. She had used a belt and his favourite tie. A letter containing messages for himself and their 23-year-old son, Tom, who she worshipped, ended “please forgive me”. She had been suffering from clinical depression for four years, and had tried to kill herself previously. Yet the librarian had also been making plans. She was to do a PhD, based in the department of Peace Studies at Bradford University, analysing the effects of sanctions on civilian populations. Ironically, Baghdad was a possible destination during her research.

    Wendy Hay, nee Simmonds
    Are we to believe any of that?
    Death September 17 2002
    Probate August 4 2003 following the inquest but there is no reason for an inquest to hold up probate, since the interim death certificate will allow probate to commence, although the death won’t be recorded until after the inquest.
    Alastair Hay, who is Professor of Environmental Toxicology at Leeds University, is likely to prove one of the most powerful witnesses to the dangers of the drugs because of his expertise in assessing scientific evidence of chemical toxicity.

    The inquest verdict was inconclusive regarding the effect of Prozac.

    Unfortunately, we can’t believe a word Hay says about anything, least of all Novichok.
    The precise way novichok is metabolised by the body is not fully known, says Prof Hay.

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    Blanshard continues with the hoax, earning her money as medical director of the hospital who said today…
    “We have now discharged Yulia from Salisbury district hospital. Yulia has asked for privacy from the media and I want to reiterate her request.

    Hoax reinforced

    “In the four weeks since the incident in the city centre, both have received round-the-clock care from our clinicians, who have been able to draw on advice and support from world-leading experts in the field,” she said.

    Both patients have been responding exceptionally well to the treatment we’ve been providing, but equally both patients are at different stages of their recovery.”
    What a faker.

    Sergei Skripal is also making good progress and medics hope he will be able to leave hospital “in due course”.


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    Sergei and Yulia Skripal will be offered new identities and a new life in America in an attempt to protect them from further murder attempts.

    Intelligence officials at MI6 have had discussions with their counterparts in the CIA about resettling the victims of the Salisbury poisoning. “They will be offered new identities,” a senior Whitehall figure said.

    As with all psy-ops, intel acts as the relocation bureau[x]. The Spanish Coastas must be full of low level Old Hoaxonian new lifers minding their own business in their villas. “Dunhoaxin”

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