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    CBC sent their big hitter Susan Ormiston to the Armley cross roads.
    from about 1.16

    “People want to know what actually happened here and who will pay…”

    Well, dear Susan, nothing. It was staged. And it’s paid for by the ordinary taxpayer.
    I guess they’ll also be paying for a permanent memorial.

    One wonders whether this incendiary [not!] tweet was part of the psy-op –

    a nice little left-right/liberal-conservative one-two puppet show serving to prop up the official narrative.

    Cue outrage.



    Using Chinese vicsims makes it easy to fake – who’s going to question any of these sims?

    Provincial police say one of the people injured in a tour bus crash in eastern Ontario on Monday has died.

    They say the victim was a 54-year-old Chinese man.
    Officers say a bus carrying 37 people — the driver, a tour guide and 35 Chinese tourists — drove off Hwy. 401 between Brockville and Prescott and hit a rock cut at the side of the road.

    Police say 24 people were injured in the crash, four of whom remain in hospital in serious, life-threatening condition.

    A truck driver who passed the scene of the crash said he could see passengers standing outside the bus who appeared to have facial injuries.

    A manager at the Massachusetts-based Union Tour Express company said Monday he was aware one of their buses was involved in the collision but could not provide any further information about the incident.



    Great bus crash, Ab. All the usual hallmarks – Air ambulances, the big crane,
    Major bus crash on Hwy 401 leaves dozens injured, some critically
    a transparent mass casualty drill script recited by Dr Bhaskar Gopalan,
    the man’s loved ones can also request not to have his identity made public i.e. a hoaxers’ charter. Just tell us how many people “died”.

    The crisis actors may be seen below seems like they don’t really need those crutches as they get on the replacement bus, and they didn’t want too much publicity for their moulage and fake wounds…
    At the Best Western Hotel, passengers involved in bus crash declined interviews [what, not even with Mandarin translators on hand, as noted in the media?]

    Steering – the mayor of Prescott calls for widening of the freeway after the crash.

    Visit from Chinese diplomat, Trudeau style – check

    The bus company Union Tour Express, is based in Peabody Massachusetts, specialising in Chinese tourism to America, manager Adrian Liang.



    The Hwy 401 crash looks like a re-run of the Coquihalla “Super Vacation” 2014 bus crash drill in BC which also involved mainly visiting Chinese tourists

    check out the smiling RCMP policewoman in the video- she knows it’s a hoax

    18 ambulances, 6 helicopters…. disaster drilling at its finest



    More amusing vicsim names in the vein of the SanFran air crash comedy.

    Third passenger dies in Prescott, Ont., bus crash

    Provincial police say a third passenger injured in a bus crash in eastern Ontario on Monday has died.

    The passenger is identified as 60-year-old Chinese woman Weiping Lu.

    Two other people injured in the crash remain in hospital with life-threatening injuries, but police say they have improved and are now in stable condition.



    A real gem of a crash right outside a brand new haulage depot in the middle of nowhere [rather like northern Saskatchewan!] in Eastern England

    Two off to new lives, the driver and a passenger making the absurd weekly return journey from Kettering to Kings Lynn by bus [suuuure]
    A very easily sealed off area, no residental units nearby

    Early morning 7.30 am – check
    Blocking vehicles – check

    A good drill turnout –
    The East of England Ambulance Service sent seven ambulance crews, three ambulance officers, two rapid response vehicles, and a Hazardous Area Response Team to the scene on Tuesday morning.

    A Bretts spokesman said: “At this stage we are giving the emergency services our full support and co-operation.”
    Thanks for providing the truck and semi trailer!

    Bus driver Michael Elcombe, 45, of Cley Road in Swaffham, ****
    Norfolk, died when the vehicle he was driving was involved in a collision with a HGV at about 7.30am.
    Brian Chapman, 76, of Cherry Road in Kettering ***, was a passenger on the bus. He died at the scene.

    Funny, the bus driver was in his 50s when first reported.

    As usual, the bus has been prepped for the cameras by the fire crews and their cutting equipment. Nice work.

    ***The pensioner, who was known for his collection and love of teddy bears, previously worked at the Royal Mail.
    ****Mr Elcombe worked for First Buses in King’s Lynn, Norfolk, and lived with his wife Sonia, a care assistant, in Swaffham, Norfolk.
    His colleague Jonny Whitaker paid tribute to him on Facebook , saying: “Thinking about the driver and family of today’s fatal bus crash in Guyhirn.

    “He was a true gentleman and such a kind character. RIP.”

    Julie Hitchcock said: “Such sad news mate, he was a lovely chap



    A minor one – to be sure but a certain case of faked deaths. Why? I have no idea, but it has the usual hallmarks – chaos caused on a busy motorway, sudden deaths of three adults leaving youngsters alive two “pronounced dead at the scene” the other in “hospital”, THREE air ambulance helicopters on the drill scene, and a slightly distressed minibus. Bonus item – the bus was carrying youngsters from a special school, whose website carried one of those prepared rambling narrative series of posts.
    As usual the police call for witnesses, dashcam footage etc, but it’s all a smokescreen because the scene would have been sealed off beforehand.

    Let’s see – what images do we have? Carefully placed facebook shots of two women, 52 and 60, who might want early retirement – check
    Only one released photo of the “crashed” minibus – check

    The dual purpose blocking/wrecked lorry – totally staged after the firefighters have had a go at it with their hammers and cutting equipemnt

    Can we have the potato lens please? Thanks

    Normal lens please

    source Mirror, clue in itself

    Motorist James Lloyd wrote: “M4 closed due to worst accident I’ve ever seen in many years of driving. **

    “Avoid area and if you’re caught in the tail back be patient.
    “I promise you don’t want to get past it until emergency services are finished.”

    ** suuuuure
    A transparent fake event, with three fake deaths [early retirements] and a good drill all round. And a big shout out for Autism.

    Here’s the planted tweet

    James Lloyd @sandlstock
    We are a Stock Management & Distribution company offering a range of services based in Crowborough, East Sussex.

    Mike Robinson, Prior’s Court chief executive, said the young adults, who have severe autism, were on their way back after a regular work placement session when the crash happened.

    Long, blog style narrative from the school, no doubt prepared beforehand

    Roll up, roll up – donate

    At least one teacher of retirement age, 60 – check Lorraine Maclellan, the other an early retiree. Need to dig into their backgrounds/divorces etc etc.

    The other “victim ” so far named [not the driver, who remains anonymous] was 52 – yes! – year old Catherine Gardiner of Reading

    Why is the school so shy of naming names? We don’t even have a third name yet.

    And if that drill wasn’t enough, we have another today on the same road, October 16 2018…
    with the same old script…
    M40 crash: Three dead after caravan travels wrong way
    The driver and passenger in the Subaru, both in their 80s, and the driver of the Ford Mondeo who was in his 30s, died in the accident.
    The carriageway was closed overnight but has since reopened.
    Thames Valley Police said no-one else had been injured in the crash,

    Two late retirements, one fun-seeker. The usual high ratio of deaths to injured.



    From the Prior’s Court website

    Specialist Police Family Liaison Officers are helping those affected by this terrible and tragic incident.

    We have come to recognise this “accompaniment” to every fake death event – i.e. identity change management and advice on how to manage future relationships between the still living and “loved ones” left behind.
    Lorraine MacLellan and daughter Michelle [Gauld] ** – from the Mail

    But taken from this helpful Facebook upload at 1.48 AM UK time!!! hmmmmm

    ** whose sister Emma Victoria +++ lived with her mother in Farnborough at least until 2013
    but Emma wasn’t happy that Michelle cut mum Lorraine out of the family picture….

    A lot of these pictures are liked by Jennifer MacLellan

    retired on 20/09//2009 from KPMG after 25 years.

    Brussels, Belgium

    Emma hasn’t put up any tributes to her mother ***, neither has Jennifer to her relative. [sister?] nor has sister-in-law Karen
    another sister of Lorraine…
    quite a large military family, so quite a large “loop” to be part of, hence complex “family liaison”.

    *** although The Sun and The Mail both write…“Emma posted a tribute” [location not specified, and which I haven’t found anywhere else….]
    Heaven gained another angel, our beautiful mum, our best friend and the heart of our family was tragically killed yesterday afternoon apparently accompanied by this potato lens image

    +++ There is a third sibling, Stewart Duncan Gauld who is silent here, as is their father John S Gauld who may have departed the family.



    We’re still having trouble finding out the identity of the third “deceased”. The second is Cathering or Cathy Gardiner aged 52. Her unidentified “family” said

    she would be truly missed….. after this tragedy she is still helping those in need by donating all of her organs.”

    A strange comment on the school’s GIVING page, which doesn’t seem part of the official script.

    My mum is still fighting for her life with life threatening injuries, but we are incredibly grateful she is with us. Our thoughts are with the families that have lost their loved ones and all those affected. They will not be forgotten xx
    From: Martyna Dadej
    Donated On: 16 October 2018

    And on the school’s facebook page,
    someone asks, quite innocently…
    Carol Charsley Can the identities of those involved be made known, please? I’m so saddened by this accident that I want names attached to make my grief meaningful!

    and MacLellan’s daughter quickly chips in, [the school does not answer….]
    Emma Gauld My beautiful mum Lorraine MacLellan died at the scene.

    And while researching this staged wreck, here’s an earlier one from Scotland

    The usual stuff – police appeals for [non-existent] dash-cam footage, appeals for “privacy” from the family…
    And easier one to stage, at night… and three retirees, and two foreign nationals.

    Three of the victims were Ted Reid, 63, from Macduff; and Evalyn Collie, 69, and Audrey Appleby, 70, both from Aberchirder.

    They were passengers in a 4×4 which was involved in a collision with a minibus carrying a group of Italian tourists.

    Four-year-old Lorenzo Ciociola and Frances Saliba Patanè, 63, both from Sicily, were also killed in the crash.
    Tributes have been paid to victims and police have appealed for anyone with dash-cam footage to come forward to help with the investigation into the crash.
    The incident took place on the A96 between Keith and Huntly in Aberdeenshire last Thursday night.

    The occupants of the Nissan X-Trail 4×4 were country music fans ** returning from a night out.

    ** [nodding to the Las Vegas hoax]
    The rest of the script….unidentified actors as follows –
    A 33-year-old woman who was a passenger in the minibus remains in a critical condition in hospital.
    The 45-year-old man who was driving the minibus sustained serious but not life-threatening injuries, along with a male passenger aged 70.
    A three-year-old child sustained minor injuries.
    The 39-year-old woman driving the Nissan is receiving treatment for serious but not life-threatening injuries.



    A better image of this improbable event is found in The Scotsman

    showing evidence of “distressing” with power tools in the Fire brigade drill.

    where we read that THREE people “died at the scene” [check]
    A 3 year old in a minibus in the middle of nowhere at 11.45 pm – suuuuure.

    Sam Donald, 17, and his friend Marcus Murray, 16, had just dropped a friend off at a nearby farm when they heard a loud bang from the main road. They were first on the scene and made the 999 call. Mr Donald said: “We were just yapping away and we heard a bang. Straight away, my friend said ‘car crash’ and we came down to the main road to see what had happened. When we got to the end of the road, you could tell it was bad.


    In the minutes following the crash, around 12 members of the public stopped their cars to administer first aid and offer comfort at the roadside. An air ambulance and HM Coastguard helicopter ** landed on Seafield Park to attend the scene.

    suuuuuuure they did, all those “dead bodies” at the “scene”….
    ** standard drill procedure/clues

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    Here’s an egregious example of a staged bus crash drill causing massive disruption to the lives of those going about their work and leisure in SE England on the busiest road in England, the M25 – the controllers just don’t care.
    August 13 2018
    M25 coach crash: Dozens injured, three seriously


    What’s the take-home message from the above image for fakeologists? The vehicle has been stationary and pushed over sideways down the bank by some means, obviously on a closed section of road.
    The usual heroic first responders attended before the swift arrival of the heroic emergency services – check
    children involved – check
    big crane – check
    appeal for non-existent witnesses to a “crash” – check
    blanket national news coverage – check
    baby born in the traffic jam [allegedly] for allied soft news story – check
    not a single image of any injured actors – check
    nice isolated site, once the traffic has been controlled – check
    calls for non-existent satnav footage – check

    Eyewitness Mitchell Melvin helped rescue some of those on board.
    “We quickly jumped up, smashed a back window, was pulling people off the back, realised that some people were stuck underneath where they’ve come out of the side of the coach, so we went down the side and started taking people out from the side as well”, he said.

    What’s that tanker doing parked there? Answer – it’s blocking the lack of damage to the crash barrier, seen in this video – around 0.09s
    Co-organiser ** Fozia Anjum said she and others were still suffering the knock-on effects of the events of two weeks ago.

    “It was like your life flashed before you,” she said. “We really thought we were going to die.”

    ** of the disaster drill….
    Green’s [of London, the bus operator] issued a brief statement through a PR company the day after the crash, saying it was “shocked and concerned” to hear of the incident.
    On Tuesday, chief executive adviser Lorenz Ticman told the BBC it was “still waiting for the police report regarding the accident”.

    Here is the exact position of the bus when it was given the heave-ho.
    And here’s the resting place

    The absence of damage to surrounding vegetation in the “crash” photo shows the velocity of the bus was zero.

    Local news coverage
    which copiedi this tweet
    Kent Police RPU
    Pleased to update no serious injuries with overturned coach at junction 3 M25. Proud to see all emergency services working so effectively together.*** And just to make things interesting a baby boy was born at scene ?? @kentfirerescue @SECAmbulance @NPASRedhill #TEAMWORK GS/TJ

    20:43 – 13 Aug 2018
    *** the big drill giveaway

    Hoax management August 29 2018
    M25 coach crash passengers ‘ignored by travel firm’
    They never pick up the phone,” said trip organiser Robina Ahmad.

    Coach firm Green’s of London will not comment while the investigation into the crash, at Swanley, Kent, continues.

    For once, there were no “deaths” reported in this crash [c.f. the US Limo “crash”] perhaps there were no volunteers, or it just complicated the hoax management.

    but none were believed to have life-threatening or life-changing injuries. ****

    **** drill speak

    A spokeswoman from King’s College NHS Trust, which runs Princess University Hospital, told Mirror Online: “We’ve declared a major incident status.
    [Visually impaired] Ihsan Haq, 66, said he was the [sic] one of first people to get out of the wreckage..He was separated from his wife Farhat for 45 minutes, but the only injuries they suffered were cuts and bruises. >

    Full drill turnout – check
    Twitter users say the coach ploughed through a barrier and into a ditch. suuuuure
    source, Sun
    where there is a great escape video – none of the steam of “escapees” seems remotely traumatised, they all look fit as fiddles as they spring out of the emergency exit, no doubt having entered through another door. Perhaps the bus had all the seats removed?
    Still shot –

    which the Sun “shared” with the Mail.

    Three people were “seriously injured” yet everyone “49 injured originally” were released from hospital the next day! What a pathetic script. Nobody was injured, nobody went to hospital [injured]. Period.

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