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    CBC sent their big hitter Susan Ormiston to the Armley cross roads.
    from about 1.16

    “People want to know what actually happened here and who will pay…”

    Well, dear Susan, nothing. It was staged. And it’s paid for by the ordinary taxpayer.
    I guess they’ll also be paying for a permanent memorial.

    One wonders whether this incendiary [not!] tweet was part of the psy-op –

    a nice little left-right/liberal-conservative one-two puppet show serving to prop up the official narrative.

    Cue outrage.



    Using Chinese vicsims makes it easy to fake – who’s going to question any of these sims?

    Provincial police say one of the people injured in a tour bus crash in eastern Ontario on Monday has died.

    They say the victim was a 54-year-old Chinese man.
    Officers say a bus carrying 37 people — the driver, a tour guide and 35 Chinese tourists — drove off Hwy. 401 between Brockville and Prescott and hit a rock cut at the side of the road.

    Police say 24 people were injured in the crash, four of whom remain in hospital in serious, life-threatening condition.

    A truck driver who passed the scene of the crash said he could see passengers standing outside the bus who appeared to have facial injuries.

    A manager at the Massachusetts-based Union Tour Express company said Monday he was aware one of their buses was involved in the collision but could not provide any further information about the incident.



    Great bus crash, Ab. All the usual hallmarks – Air ambulances, the big crane,
    Major bus crash on Hwy 401 leaves dozens injured, some critically
    a transparent mass casualty drill script recited by Dr Bhaskar Gopalan,
    the man’s loved ones can also request not to have his identity made public i.e. a hoaxers’ charter. Just tell us how many people “died”.

    The crisis actors may be seen below seems like they don’t really need those crutches as they get on the replacement bus, and they didn’t want too much publicity for their moulage and fake wounds…
    At the Best Western Hotel, passengers involved in bus crash declined interviews [what, not even with Mandarin translators on hand, as noted in the media?]

    Steering – the mayor of Prescott calls for widening of the freeway after the crash.

    Visit from Chinese diplomat, Trudeau style – check

    The bus company Union Tour Express, is based in Peabody Massachusetts, specialising in Chinese tourism to America, manager Adrian Liang.



    The Hwy 401 crash looks like a re-run of the Coquihalla “Super Vacation” 2014 bus crash drill in BC which also involved mainly visiting Chinese tourists

    check out the smiling RCMP policewoman in the video- she knows it’s a hoax

    18 ambulances, 6 helicopters…. disaster drilling at its finest



    More amusing vicsim names in the vein of the SanFran air crash comedy.

    Third passenger dies in Prescott, Ont., bus crash

    Provincial police say a third passenger injured in a bus crash in eastern Ontario on Monday has died.

    The passenger is identified as 60-year-old Chinese woman Weiping Lu.

    Two other people injured in the crash remain in hospital with life-threatening injuries, but police say they have improved and are now in stable condition.

Viewing 5 posts - 21 through 25 (of 25 total)

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