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    I came across a very suspicious strangulation of a UK embassy official in Beirut with potential spooky credentials while inspecting the Grenfell tower psy-op Lebanese connection
    Towering Inferno London June 13 2017
    viz Rebecca Dykes. The story was a national media event [check] An Uber driver [check] alleged to have committed the attack. <em>Hanna Breidi, a type of government prosecutor, issued an indictment on Thursday demanding the maximum penalty for <strong>Tarek Houshi</strong>, accusing him of raping Rebecca Dykes before strangling her with a rope, the officials said.</em> There's a hint of the Gareth Williams about the case. No mention anywhere of any grieving parents. Now why would that be. One article cited a sister, who seemed to be living with Rebecca at some point with their grandparents in a rural hideaway on the English-Welsh border. Now why would that be? Answer - her father is veeeeereee well connected, a top QC in Hong Kong [hence the missing births in England and Wales] and shortly afterwards, the chair of the Hong Kong bar association after an interesting challenge. Hmmmm. No connection anywhere with the "murder" of his daughter, no media mention, curiosity, nothing. Nice tame press respecting "privacy" at this "difficult time" for the "family". No funeral reported, no probate announced, but we have a "commemoration" service in Lebanon [as tweeted by Hugh in addition to the GoFundMe accounts for charitable purposes. <em>UKinLebanon ?? ?? Verified account @ukinlebanon In loving memory of Rebecca Dykes, a commemoration ceremony was held today at St. Elias church, Kantari. The <strong>Rebecca Dykes foundation</strong> and <strong>Chevening scholarship</strong> named after her were announced. Her passion to humanitarian causes will continue to inspire us all. 6:13 am - 7 Feb 2018 [2:13 PM UTC]</em> As retweeted by the Ambassador Hugo Shorter <em>Hugo Shorter @HugoShorter We said a fond farewell to Becky Dykes today, & we remembered her work & ideals, with her family, our Lebanese partners & friends, & many representatives of civil society and the diplomatic community. Goodbye kind, gentle Becky, and rest in peace. Hugo Shorter added, 2:09 pm - 7 Feb 2018 [10:09 PM UTC]</em> So, what are the Chevening Scholarships? <em>Chevening is the UK Government’s international awards scheme aimed at <strong>developing global leaders.</strong> Funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and partner organisations, Chevening offers two types of award – Chevening Scholarships and Chevening Fellowships – <strong>the recipients of which are personally selected by British embassies and high commissions throughout the world.</strong> <emChevening Scholarships are a prestigious global scheme, targeted at future leaders, influencers and decision makers, allowing them to study at world-class universities across the UK. Fulfilling their leadership potential...></em> <a href="">source</a> Chevening offers a unique opportunity for <strong>future leaders and influencers </strong>from all over the world to develop professionally and academically, network extensively, experience UK culture, and build lasting positive relationships with the UK.</em> hmmmmm <img src="http://" alt="" /> <img src="" alt="" /> [that's Hugo, btw, to the left of the two military types on the right] The Daily Star is the only paper which gives any further detail <em> parliament Feb 6 2018 "Yesterday, the Department said a sad farewell to Becky Dykes, with her memorial service. A DFID colleague, she lost her life in Beirut recently. Tributes were paid to her and her values and to the work in which she was engaged in Lebanon to improve the lives of those who, without her, would have had lives less well lived. Her life said so much about what all of us in this Chamber believe in, so we dedicate this debate to Becky and to all those like her, and we say thank you." The hearing was told that several colleagues and <strong>her brother-in-law formally identified her dead body </strong> [that would be Mr Maes? Why not <a href="">Mrs Maes</a>, the sister? And if the inquest was at Southwark, the "body" must have been imported back into the UK, so where's the funeral?] Speaking at the hearing, he said: “born in Hong Kong. She was single, she was a policy manager. She died on December 16. Place of death is given as Dahrel Bashek governmental hospital.” Addressing a police officer, he said: “A special autopsy was ordered by myself, at your request. “Conducted by<strong> Dr Fegan-Earl</strong> *** on December 22. He gives 1A – ligature compression of the neck. I understand this fits with the circumstances that the police have been reported about this death. DC Syria Hussain, of the Metropolitan Police, confirmed this was correct. He added: “This is an investigation in Beirut. There is a hearing on January 10, in which the prosecution and the defence team will be allocated. <strong>No family members attended the brief hearing.</strong> hmmm, not very curious!! Terse DFID statement</em> *** Pathologist Fegan-Earl crops up in many hoaxed death investigations The Times called him Hesso, not Houshi <em>The man, named by security sources yesterday as Tarek Hesso, a Lebanese citizen, <strong>threw Rebecca Dykes’s wallet and identity papers into a bin.</strong> </em> suuuure he did.

    Perhaps this thread can incorporate participants in the DCP – the dead celebrities program….
    The Michael Schumacher hoax is not quite in this realm, more the Sequestered Celebrities Program for him, but the skiing accident was used in 2009 in Canada for the alleged death of the daughter of Vanessa Redgrave and wife of Liam Neeson on the Quebec ski slopes, Natasha Richardson
    “gone horribly wrong” “some kind of accident” “acting dynasty”


    videos –
    reporting the event, with sudden ‘deterioration’ and transport to New York from Canada… no sign of any visible trauma, then …..brain dead

    the standard celeb ‘funeral’

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