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    Next door neighbour of the Cousins family in Hyde Heath, sometime ENT surgeon John Capper, has been a source for media stories, also a president of the local cricket club

    living in a c. 1979 new build house [Chartley]
    John Capper
    After Caroline’s death Richard based himself more in London although kept his home here where the boys, Will and Edward, were more permanent residents. He was a regular visitor as he had many firm friends here, however he found a second love of his life in London, Emma Bowden, and was planning a new life there in Tooting, at the time of his untimely death…..He was always interested in people and their views. When chatting he was a listener, seemingly intent on you and your life in a very genuine way. Although he had the ears of Ministers, he valued the views of others and was always good company in the Plough after matches. He was never pompous, nor dictatorial and rarely gave severe opinion or offence.
    From The Times:
    He was very particular about terminology and many an acquaintance found him at best prickly and at worst rude or arrogant.

    From The Telegraph…
    it seems the Cappers were the source of much information being fed to the press..
    “He went out with great university pals for a drink after Caroline died and she (Emma) was at the next table. It was a total coincidence. He was immediately besotted,” Richard’s neighbour Caroline Capper recalls this week.

    The couple moved in together in his south London home in a leafy part of Tooting but were regular visitors to Richard’s family home in the close-knit Buckinghamshire village of Hyde Heath, where he had lived next door to the Capper family for 18 years.

    Heather began at south London’s Graveney School when the academic year started in September.
    In Hyde Heath, Caroline Capper and her husband John were thrilled when their wedding invitation slipped into their letterbox on December 30.
    The next day they woke to the news of Sydney’s seaplane tragedy.***
    “I just can’t compute what has happened. I look out the windows from our house to theirs and realise that they are all gone … they are all dead,” Caroline Capper says.

    No observations from John and Caroline’s son
    or John
    or Caroline

    No media word so far on how the “repatriations” or “funerals” are progressing.

    *** er, it didn’t seem to be reported until the mid afternoon of December 31
    in fact it was only minor local news in Australia at 7.42 AM GMT Dec 31

    And evidence of media tampering…
    at 10.05 AM GMT Dec 31
    the independent reports 4 Britons feared dead among six [standard pretence at incomplete information…]
    yet the “final” story
    Five Britons Killed has the dateline 9.15 AM GMT Dec 31!!
    salient comment

    Slow speed, Fuselage intact, shallow water and an escape door floating up on surface above plane, yet no survivors.


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    Correction – local news breaking at 4.42 AM GMT Dec 31 in Australia.[3:42 PM local time]
    The BBC was reporting it by 9.22 AM GMT
    “The identity of those aboard has not yet been released….Unconfirmed reports said the casualties included an 11-year-old boy, the pilot and four British nationals.”
    overnight the 11 year old “boy” mutates into a girl.

    It was reported at 12 noon on the BBC Radio 4 December 31, but not menitoned at 9AM



    How this hoax was managed in the release of early information to the MSM
    from a web forum [untimed articles] we can see how the story fed to the MSM was controlled

    Sea plane crashes on Hawkesbury River with up to six people on board

    A sea plane has crashed on the Hawkesbury River in Sydney’s north with up to six people on board.
    The crash site is located at Cowan Creek just off the Hawkesbury River— about 2 kilometres north of Cottage Point. An oil slick and debris have been spotted on the surface of the water following the crash at 3.15pm today.
    Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter was tasked to the area but will soon leave to make way for police divers who will attempt to locate the vessel and possible passengers.
    Three Marine Rescue vessels are also responding to the incident.
    At this stage police and search and rescue teams have been unable to locate the plane or any passenger.
    7 News is reporting that the aircraft belongs to Sydney Seaplanes.

    So we have a drill, with helicopters and rescue boats to simulate a crash rescue and to make for some nice newsworthy pictures and footage. From the aerial video the oil slick appears to be emanating from one of the police vessels. They know jolly well that SIX names will be released subsequently – “up to” is a hoax code. Occasionally they throw in the wrong number to try to created some simulated drill uncertainty – in this staged event an 11 year old girl was described as a boy initially.


    Sea plane crashes on Hawkesbury River with up to six people on board
    POLICE divers have recovered three bodies from the Hawkesbury River this afternoon after a sea plane crashed at Cowan Creek in Sydney’s north at 3.15pm today.
    No information is available on the identity of the occupants at this stage.
    The crash site is about two kilometres north of Cottage Point.
    An oil slick and debris were spotted on the surface of the water following the crash.
    Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter have been tasked to the area and police divers are attempting to locate the vessel and all the passengers.
    Three Marine Rescue vessels are also responding to the incident.
    A Sydney Seaplane spokesperson confirmed that it was one of their aircrafts that had crashed but couldn’t provide any further information.

    and finally
    Sea plane crashes on Hawkesbury River with six people on board
    “We can confirm the six people on the plane are deceased.”
    Police have retrieved three bodies from the water at Apple Tree Wharf, however divers are still working on locating the other three people.

    They’ve found six people, allegedly but they’re missing three whom they are sure are dead. Rrrright. I guess three were inside the aircraft, the door of which the people attempting the rescue in the five minutes before it sank couldn’t open. Suuuure.
    The naming ceremony took place at 2.06 AM GMT January 1 2018 and other newspapers quickly followed suit, having been given the green light. A later updated article is here –
    There are no web caches to find the earlier text version.

    And more amusing hoax management for when you’ve not got all the rabbits required to emerge from the hat…
    Australian Transport Safety Bureau’s executive director of transport safety Nat Nagy said there were a number of elements that had been semi-removed from the fuselage either on impact or over the last few days and that to ease the recovery mission and ensure everything fit on the barge, the floats had been detached by police from the main body of the plane.

    He said a wing, the floats or pontoons and the main body of the aircraft had been lifted from the water *** and onto the barge, with police divers still looking for other parts of the plane before it will be transferred to shore at Rowland Reserve in Baysview later this afternoon.

    *** separately, three [or four] rabbits
    Gone AWOL one wing

    Semi-removal! I like that idea to describe bits of a pre-wrecked plane coming up from the deep.
    One possibility is the plane stalled.
    Another possibility is that it’s one grand baby hoax.

    Note also the recycling of the Diana “pre-written off then crashed” Mercedes hoax theme – the car had allegedly been rebuilt – as indeed this De Havilland was claimed to have been written off in 1996 when working as a crop duster, one year earlier than Diana’s new life escape Merc and rebuilt.
    Are they running out of story lines?

    yup, same old tried and tested forumla.

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    Dark specs on for the pilot’s empty casket funeral… from the Mail

    more photos

    Another little gem from the Cappers

    Ms Capper, who with her husband, John, lived next door to Mr Cousins for 18 years, said that being a villager gave the high-flying boss of the world’s biggest catering firm, Compass, the “chance of normal life”.

    So why decamp, allegedly, to the back streets of South West London?



    Lovely guy…greatly missed…

    His opinion on someone he disagreed with
    “I think you’re a c***”

    Great guy.


    Pegasus plane skidding off the runway in Trabzon, NE Turkey

    Dangling plane

    Looks staged.

    Plane wide shot

    Here you see that the area the plane “skidded off” is barren because of recent mud slides; sediment going downhill. Contrasting with the coastline more in the back that is vegetated. What does that smaller mud slide in the foreground mean? And why is there an even more recent slide seen in front of the plane, but no mud slide below where allegedly a 78 ton plane is supposed to have “bulldozered” the sediment??

    Video taken with some fecking toy drone with a low quality. Even a consumer-type drone films in 4K, why do we see some low resolution video here?

    Note the passengers in some drill plane screaming, video filmed VVS (Vertical Video Syndrome, a sign of staging) to reduce details and still convey the message that “something is going on”.

    Inflatable slide

    What is this inflatable whitish thing here? Is it a slide for emergency landings?

    1 – why use it?
    2 – how does it end up to the front of the back door, not below it?
    3 – why did they remove the thing for the day time photos and drone video?

    Inflatable slide GONE

    And why is this inflatable slide (or whatever it is) GONE in the same night time photo here??

    Note that this miracle “happened” exactly 9 years after the other “Miracle plane landing, the Hudson Hoax”

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