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    July 2013 Brétigny-sur-Orge near Paris.
    We see some familiar disaster themes, rows of fire engines doing nothing, a huge crane, some odd photos. What was faked here?

    videos –
    The big crane – normally the railways have their own cranes which operate on the track

    the rusty tracks…

    The smiling crisis actors …

    Lack of damage

    the familiar scraps of metal, a crash favorite

    Lots of drill overtime for the pompiers, doing nothing

    Lack of damage before the emergency services have got to work

    The visit of the president

    more crisis actors

    Clapham, 25th anniversary, French style.

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    More cheerful and smirking crisis actor photos at Brétigny-sur-Orge-
    same old faces, so not many of them in the cast

    more emergency service overtime submissions

    All the videos you need to see for this major disaster drill

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    Another fake, this time brought to you by the Spanish government, HQ Madrid [q.v.]

    Saint-Jacques de Compostelle
    The train’s conductor, Francisco Jose Garzon Amo, 52 covered in moulage

    candles, flowers, the big crane, the undamaged tracks…

    crisis actors

    head of government

    faked imagery

    The 9/11 quote, heroic fireman, a child for added emotion

    scattered wagons, perfect tracks. Total drill.



    Puts cellphone to his bloodied ear…perhaps he went deaf in the other

    fake video…

    Anything the French can do, the Spaniards can do even better, and so soon afterwards.

    We need an English speaking traveller-survivor to get the story out to the English speaking world
    Got one.

    Expat salesman Mark Woodward, 38, was pulled from the wreckage with ­serious stomach injuries after the crash, which also injured 168.

    Last night Mark’s mother Janice, 61, and sister Melanie, 40, were at his bedside after flying out from their home in ­Mansfield, Notts.
    He wept as he tried to relive the moments leading up to the crash, near Santiago de Compostela in north-western Spain, on Wednesday.
    Mark’s stepfather, Robert Spencer, 66, said: “All he remembers is the train was going really fast. He doesn’t remember the actual crash.
    “He has a broken pelvis, broken ribs and had his spleen removed. A friend sat with him through the night and at one point it looked like he wouldn’t pull through. Doctors are now saying he’s out of danger.”
    Mark has lived in the area with Spanish-born wife Isabella for seven years. They have a son Liam, five.

    Can we just do that again?

    PS one more from Paris…



    For a long time, I have been meaning to get round to the 1975 subway train “disaster” at Moorgate in the City of London February 28 1975 , 30 years before 7/7 but the same sealed environment.
    Let’s see…
    Memorials – yes, but only after more than 30 years; one on the station wall, another in the centre of Finsbury Square

    Moorgate train disaster plaque, Moorgate tube station, London - service of dedication, 28 February 2014

    “The memorial is itself down to the campaigning efforts of Historian Richard Jones”
    As psyopticon noted, a safe pair of hands was used at the inquests into this and other “outrages” in the City of London coroner, Dr David Paul

    View post on

    The reporting has that ring of fakery around it
    “A death toll of at least 42 people is expected…”
    Yes, they knew the numbers…and the total ends up as…. 43.
    No lingering deaths.

    The reason for the accident has never been fully proved — with speculation ranging from driver action to faults on the train.
    Extracting people from the tunnel proved to be an exceptionally difficult task, and it took 13 hours to remove all the survivors. It took four days for the emergency services to reach the body of the train driver, Leslie Newson.

    the usual “complex” drill operation.
    and the usual drill like images [c.f. 7/7 and every other hoax]

    source –
    A Sunday Times reporter’s father [ex-police…] is among the listed dead – Bernard Marks of 74 Broad Common Estate, Osbaldeston Road, Stoke Newsington N16. Administration 9 July 1975, £3061; born 1907…aged 68

    There is some lively discussion on this blog post about the unveiling of the memorial in 2013, still continuing in 2017

    Unveiling a memorial to the Moorgate tube crash


    Annette Byczkowska says:
    February 12, 2014 at 2:27 pm
    I appreciate what you have done which you did not have to do. You have had the dedication to see this through. I am not sure if you will get this message please contact me for news of LT placing a plaque at the end of the month at Moorgate Station. Perhaps you know of this already but get in touch please. I am the sister of Antony BYCZKOWSKI who died in this awful tragedy. Annette.

    Janet Goddard says:
    August 3, 2013 at 8:54 pm
    Richard…well done for this…I am delighted that a memorial has now been unveiled to recognise those lost in such a horrific accident. I am very sad that we knew nothing about it until after the unveiling as my Mother lost her sister in it and would have desperately wanted to have attended the event. Nonetheless…

    [no names..]

    Kim Donovan says:
    August 5, 2013 at 4:41 pm
    As the sister in law of Janice Donovan can any body help us with a query?
    We was not notified as a family about the memorial ceremony even thou we are still living at the same address as the time of the crash. ***

    Was any one else notified and how?

    Janet Goddard says:
    October 8, 2013 at 7:48 am
    Hi Kim (Donovan)…we are at the same address too and we knew nothing about it…we only heard later on and went to see it and put flowers there after the event…but we were really sad not to have know prior to the event as we would have attended…

    [Janice Patricia Donovan, Billet Road, Walthamstow E17. Also born 1955! No probate]
    One of the commenters tries to discover more about journalist Marks’ crazy story as reported in the 2010 Mail article, but can’t track Marks down in person

    Four weeks after the accident, having digested all the available news, my first step was to discover who had been involved.
    This I did from City of London Coroner Dr David Paul, who ‘encouraged’ me to steal the transcript of the inquest from his safe.
    I’d never considered myself a safe-breaker, but I did take the 900-page document, rushed back to my office to have it photocopied – and had it back in the coroner’s safe before he returned from his lunch appointment.

    As well as being the verbatim transcript, the document contained the names and addresses of all those killed, along with pathologists’ reports as to the causes of death.

    Gary Thomas says:
    October 4, 2013 at 6:04 am
    I was the second police officer on scene on that fateful day I was barely out of training school when the disaster happended. Myself and my collegue Robert Hennessey also a City of London Police officer arrived seconds before I did on his motorcycle and together we made our way down to the platform.
    I am the officer described in the text above talking about the heat.
    if you wish to contact me or anyone else my email address is gary6horncastle@hotma uk

    Cathy Higgins says:
    October 31, 2013 at 11:43 pm
    My sister, Rosemarie Mansi, **died in The Moorgate crash and was the last to be brought out before the driver. My mother and brother both remained in the area, my mother at the same address for most of her life so it’s surprising that we had no contact. We certainly would have attended, had we known. Having said that, I would like to express heartfelt thanks to those who obviously worked so hard to make this memorial happen, especially Richard Jones.

    both b. 1955
    [Rosemary Mansi 230 Lymington Road, Wood Green, N222 admin April 14, £740]

    Here’s the facebook group, for “survivor stories” and so on
    Looks like a drill, doesn’t it?

    My father was one of the first responding London Ambulance Service crews who attended the scene on that day. He spent 9 days at the scene assisting with the Body recovery. My mother remembers him coming home a the end of each day covered in soot and dirt… Little did I know that I was 6 months old on the day of accident that I would be doing the same during 7/7 with the Metropolitan Police in 2005. Moorgate is a story that I have told here in Canada, where I now serve as a police officer, about the amazing efforts and tenacity of the emergency services that day and normal bystanders who helped.
    Below is a photo showing my father, Brian, at the scene. He is wearing his LAS forage cap standing at the back in front of the police officer speaking to someone.

    more stories from the blog…

    Marion Coward [nee Cornish] June 3 2016 Dear Terry-
    I was a teacher at Barnsbury Girls School at the time of the accident and it touched our lives as one girl lost her brother* and another Emer O Brien, lost her mum( Mary O Brien).
    * not named – why? [Mary Teresa O’Brief, 6 Aubert Court, Avenell Road, Highbury N5 Admin September 23rd £612]

    Andrew Cooper says:
    October 6, 2017 at 12:41 am
    My brother PC 664 David Cooper London City Police was 1 of the 1st people on the scene at the Moorgate Distaster. He was left in charge to identify the bodies & inform their relatives . For which he received the Freedom of the City of London.

    Plenty more drill quality images on this page

    A full lists of alleged victims to follow

    *** Really? crash in 1975. Kim married in 1981.
    She was engaged to her boyfriend Roger but she still lived with her parents Joan and Fred in Billet Road, Walthamstow.
    source – The End of the Line by Richard M Jones, which is the official narrative, which all psy-ops must have.

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    PS Kim is speaking of her parents who are still in E17

    from the official narrative book…
    Nearby lived Stephen Kenneth Payne, of Rowden Road, Chingford E4, born 1956 who, according to the official narrative, wanted to be a police officer. He’s another who left no assets…and the two families became friends afterwards
    It was a few days after the crash, on Tuesday 4th March, that Stephen Payne’s parents Sheila and Ken saw the story of Janice Donovan…they lived round the corner…

    We also read in the book the 43rd victim only died on June 10, allegedly – obviously the other 42 died immediately – from ruptured kidneys. As is also customary, she had had a visit from royalty before “dying” in St Bartholomew’s Hospital, in the form of Prince Charles. No images available.

    Jane Roberta Wynham Simpson b 1951 of 13 Highbury Crescent, Highbury N5 Administration of estate, £3926
    There’s precious little information about
    o her available. b 29 November 1951 so we’re told, but it’s not recorded in England and Wales

    As often is the case in these psy-ops, there is a paucity of injuries. In this case, Javier Gonzalez is the career injury from this event, still hawking his story around for the 40th anniversary..

    Another 40th anniversary blog from the National Archives has also attracted the “relatives”

    The Moorgate Tube crash

    John T Pharro Mon 14 Nov at 6:51 pm A friend of ours was in the first fire crew to arrive at the accident. He said just clouds of dust were coming out from the tunnel. Just like it says in this article at first the fire service thought it was just one carriage and only after nearly a day did they establish there was two other carriages one jackknifed over the top. One memory I have is the last survivor, many days after the accident waving from his stretcher on being taken to hospital. Sadly he died, if my memory serves me right, a few days later from kidney failure.

    er, no, that’s an adapted Jane Simpson story…sounds like BS anyway.

    The comment by Chris Myant, ex Morning Star newspaper, a communist daily, whose offices used to overlook Farringdon station, is interesting, suggesting that proposals for a trip mechanism system to be installed before subway termini needed forcing..

    Jean Tue 7 Apr at 12:25 am Unfortunately I was on this train to Moorgate and was only 19 years old.
    I remembered being in the second carriage , I am still haunted by the desperate cries of the the people trapped in other carriage.
    I was made to understand that, a young police woman in the carriage with me had to have her ankle Amputated in order to save her.
    I still find it so hard to travel on the tube.
    Sarah Wed 6 May at 4:57 pm My mother was also on the train-in the same carriage as yourself I believe. She was slightly older than you (23 at the time)-she rarely speaks of the crash, and has only recently been able to travel on the underground-I know she finds it hard still.
    Lisa cook Thu 14 May at 12:45 pm Hi. My Aunty Janet cook age 17 **at the time died on that train. My dad finds it so hard to get on trains and it had driven my grandad mad, and my nan died very young as she never got over it. There’s no justice.

    ** she has two birth dates recorded, 28 July 1953 and 28 July 1956,[the latter is probably correct] which would mean she was 18 in February 1975…not 17.

    Lisa cook Thu 14 May at 12:26 pm Hi I’m too young to even know about it. But my Aunty Janet cook died age 17. My dad never talks about it but since my grandad has gotten older and I’ll and suffering with dementia he has been reliving it over and over and has had to be placed in a mental home on meds that r helping him. I just can’t understand how the London underground didn’t take the blame regardless of what they tried to say about the driver. My grandad has been driven mad by it, my nan died living with a gap in her heart that she could never get over and my dad lost his little sister. Where is the justice.

    Janet Marie Cook 3 The Woodlands, Aberdeen Park Highbury N5 administration 26 january 1976 £843


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    Breaking off from Mooregate for one minute…it came to my attention “it emerged, but not out of the tunnel” that there had been a reported subway train crash with fatalities in Stratford, where the 2012 Olympic games took place, in 1953.
    And guess what – a Moorgate style plaque was only unveiled, without any names, in 2016!

    The plaque will not be the last of its kind across the capital as London Underground plans future commemorations.

    “We have a small series planned,” said Mike Ashworth, design and heritage manager at the Underground.
    “We hope to mark a lot of sites associated with the Second World War.

    uh oh! But emergency services were wonderful, as usual
    The terrible crash is well noted for the valour and tirelessness of the nurses, doctors and even passers-by who laboured through the night to rescue travellers stuck in the tunnel’s wreckage.
    The report into the crash stated that the last people were carried from the tunnel at 2.15am.

    And here’s a video from the time of this drill 64 years ago

    does it really look like 12 people [and 46 injured..] could have died in here?
    46 people were injured or suffered from shock – it was the worst accident on the Tube network until 1975, when 43 people on a southbound Northern City Line train were killed when it crashed into a tunnel end at Moorgate station.

    And this “accident” was closely followed less than two months later by an above ground rail crash less that two miles away! [4AM Sunday morning – say no more]
    The driver of the electric train, motorman Walter Coley, 52, of 17 Bennetts Castle Lane, Dagenham was the only very seriously injured person and he was taken in a critical condition to Queen Mary’s hospital, Stratford.

    The front of the electric coach was badly ripped open. The first two coaches were derailed and their windows smashed. Although there were several workmen on the train, none were badly injured. Some received bruises and minor cuts as they were thrown about by the jolt. Mr William Garwood of Orchard Street, Chelmsford fell heavily and injured his back. He was also taken to Queen Mary’s hospital.
    The guard on the goods train. Mr George Dawson, 25 Culcross Buildings, Kings Cross was also taken to hospital with shock, but was not detained.

    [Culross Buildings, railway staff tenements, demolished 2008]



    The only [!] list of “victims” of the Moorgate 1975 “disaster” is found in the book The End of the Line

    The names are not full names, incidentally, a few of which I have mentioned previously.
    Note also on p 193 the dramatic increase in underground train accidents in the 1980s, not all of which were ascribed to “IRA” bombings.

    OK, let’s put them up
    Jeffrey David Benton 66 Woodfield Drive EAst Barnet £2400 Died March 26
    Stanley Ernest Clyde Boggis Flat 1 Beaver House 47/49 Highbury Park N5 £1445
    Peter Bradbury 5 Highgate Terrace Mews N5 £1439
    Antony Lucious Buczkowski London N7 [address above]
    Hian Oon Chan Calabria Road N5 [no probate]?
    Janet Marie Cook [as above] N5
    Albert Frederick Corking 2
    06 Boundary Road N22 died 4 March £14,805
    Adrian Peter Crotty no UK probate [lived Highbury Park]
    Irishman Adrian Crotty was a 24-year-old working at Barclays Bank and had only been in London for around six months. He didn’t like his job and was making plans to return to his native Kilkenny where his parents Rosaleen and Tom lived as well as his brother and sister [End of the Line]
    His brother died in October 2017
    CROTTY, Martin Gerard, (Monkstown) 7th October 2017. Son of the late Tom and Rosaleen Crotty. Brother of the late Adrian Crotty, Sailed ahead. Terribly missed by his partner Sabina Saar, his sister Marie Therese, brother-in-law Noel Gardiner, nephew Luke, aunts, uncles, cousins, all the Saar Family, his many sailing and college friends, business partners and friends.
    Janice Patricia Donovan [E17 as previously noted
    Kenneth Gareth Edwards Rushill Road SW!1 [no probate]
    Sidney Eva 97 Mayes Road N22 £11,756
    Therese Villi Giorgiades 306 Bowes Road N11 £750
    Cecil Leonard Adair Leonard John 63 Muswell Road N10 £1558
    Alistair Gordon 4 Canonbury Park South £44,594
    Barbara Jessie Halford 53 Hind House, Harvest Estate N7 died March 4 £4258
    Theresa Helen Hall, Moresby Road E5 [no probate]
    Henry Patrick Hobbs Finmere House, Woodbury Down Estate N4 £3530
    Gillian Mary Hughes 53 Hawksley road N16 £1631
    Lina Vella Lombardo aka Calagero Lombardo
    aka Vella Calogera Lolardo, b 14 April 1933
    Probate as Calogero Lombardo 42 Crayford Road N7 died 14 May 1976!!! £1800
    George Mackmurdie 7 Leith Road N22 £26,241
    Michael John Maddocks-Watson aka MJW Watson, 6 Durham Road N7 £1726

    List of vicsims to be continued….

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