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    The Lac Megantic train crash, July 2013, has been disjointedly touched on in the blog, but some of the contributions have been taken down, eg Rick Potvin’s
    some may be found here

    The official narrative
    and in French

    While the Cluesforum page looked promising, it fizzled out quickly with only a few posts…

    The current aerial “satellite” view shows a cleared area south of the railway, but the latest google street view is from June 2013, just before the “accident”
    showing the Musi Cafe which provided many of the fictims,-70.8843016,3a,60y,7.51h,92.81t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sqFZFXxdTLz4KUOmUHKjxOA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

    For some reason, these non-“terrorist” events seem to attract much less interest than other “terror” related events , yet the Lac Megantic hoax, with 47 fictims and a daring film set, [and other ‘accident’ events, such as Humboldt] is worthy of much more fakeological analysis than the simplistic black box shooter events which attract more pages of analysis. A shame.



    Before returning to the Lac Megantic event, let’s briefly inspect the Ottawa bus crash which occurred just over two months later [even better, a train-bus crash]
    The momentum of the train somehow failed to tip over the bus, remaining upright with the front allegedly sheared off. [c.f. the Humboldt bus ‘crash’] And a nice, easily sealed -off location with no awkward houses or uninvited witnesses nearby.

    All the usual tell-tale signs, the prime minister offering condolences, a memorial park…tweets from the scene [CBC video]
    Note – Smiling bus passengers Priscilla Victor, Mahima Sharma and others – where would we be without the paid Harley man witnesses? Yellow tarps covering “bodies” [c.f. Toronto van attack – check] At 1:51 – the usual ride-on, drill style CPR “pump” by a brave firefighter.
    Also in the video was a cheerful Greg Mech who, as part of the hoax management, “committed suicide” four years later
    The Seventh Victim: After the bus-train crash, Greg Mech was never the same
    a senior information technology manager at the CBC….His family would learn that Greg had convinced doctors at The Royal that he needed a day pass. Once released, he took a bus to the Queensway Carleton Hospital, climbed six storeys of its parking garage and jumped to his death.
    He sure liked buses.

    “five people pronounced dead at the scene” [keeping hospitals out of the loop] but just one died in hospital taking the total to six. And a fountain of public money for the legal profession **
    83 people alleged to have been packed into the morning bus.
    From wiki –
    Several lawsuits have been filed against the City of Ottawa and the estate of the bus driver by families of those who died in the crash as well as survivors. ** By 19 September 2017, of the 39 lawsuits filed against the city, collectively claiming $26 million, 31 had been settled with actual settlement payments totalling $8 million.[28]

    On 26 February 2016, the City of Ottawa stated that it will study whether underpasses or overpasses are required at five of the city’s railway crossings, including the crossing involved in the crash.

    Photo dump from the drill

    “suicide victim” Gregory Mack is also seen at 1.21 in this video – “people were thrown onto the tracks” suuuuure He’s the key Harley man. [other ‘witnesses’ interviewed were Tanner Terpanier and Robert Gencarelli]

    The bus driver + Dave Woodard was naturally “a happy guy”
    Willie Cranham, the Woodards’ next-door neighbour, said the bus driver was “just a super guy — never heard a cross word from him.”
    The driver’s other neighbours — most of whom did not want to be identified in order to help protect the family’s privacy — remembered him as an unfailingly friendly and polite man.

    Family members of the OC Transpo driver who was among six people killed when a bus collided with a train two years ago say they’re ready to move on after the release of today’s Transportation and Safety Board findings into the cause of the fatal crash.
    “I’m happy that we’re getting closure today, and that the finger-pointing can be stopped,” said Martin Leury, the stepson of Dave Woodard,
    It concluded Woodard had likely been distracted by a video console he was required to monitor while on the job. The four-quadrant screen allows OC Transpo drivers to view a double-decker’s stairwell, upper deck, side doors and exterior.

    The board found that Woodard was also likely distracted by passengers on the lower deck discussing the seating availability on the upper deck just before the crash.


    December 2 2015

    Terry-Dave Woodard
    about 2 years ago

    I want to thank everyone for their nice comments and thoughts regarding this final report…we all knew thar Dave wasn’t in the wrong. please let him rest in peace….

    Two year anniversary upload

    Terry-Dave Woodard Allo my Love, my Prince…it’s been 2 years that you are gone and it’s seems like yesterday…I wish you were here for me to hug you one more time and telling you that I love you very much, I miss you terribly my Dave…until we meet again up above.

    An obvious mass casualty drill in retrospect.

    Conclusion – another daring HRDPAR when and where NDNGH.

    PS Terry posts a photo of her new man, but he looks rather like Dave…

    Angela Woodard Is this Dave Woodard

    Angela Woodard Maybe Clifford Desjardins and Terry Woodard

    Suzanne Bastien It’s Cwiff Cwiff!!

    Angela Woodard Ya.Cwiff is not my brother

    Brigitte Beaulne Watatow t’ai bain beau touer!!!

    Joady O’Hara Lengacher Awesome pic! ???

    Joady O’Hara Lengacher Only thing that is wrong is that it should be Bud in his hand ? lol

    Angela Woodard All of you just don’t get it. Too bad for my brother

    Terry-Dave Woodard What are you saying Ang?

    Angela Woodard Should a put lol in there. He doesn’t look like Dave haha

    Angela Woodard Sorry Terry I am just feeling sad and didn’t mean for it to sound that bad. Please forgive me

    Joady O’Hara Lengacher

    Angela Woodard I hope you are as happy with Cliff as you were with Dave

    Debbie Riddell Good for you terry. Dave would of wanted you to continue

    Angela Woodard I hope you are as happy with Cliff as you were with Dave

    Cindy Kant you are doing great Terri ….Dave would pat you on the back and say thats my girl

    Line Cardinal Love Dave so much but Dave would want Terry to be happy and Cliff does that to her he is a nice guy

    Brigitte Beaulne God I hate face book sometimes !! One thing I know is that I love my brother to deaf and Terry you couldn’t have come at a better time I love you sis so so much xoxoxoxo

    and naturally Humboldt strong

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