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    Following a revelation on discord…

    exoteric64 – Yesterday at 14:18
    The sydney ” hoax “ lindt chocolate was a bit real as i know the friends of the family that lost their only child and i m going to say it happened and it was a police bullet that killed them
    As the autopsy said
    It was a psy op but with casualties

    exoteric64 – Yesterday at 23:51
    Katrina dawson @fakeologist
    The whole operation was farcical – i ve been on about this alot online and was proved correct when they virtually admitted that both tori and katrina were killed by friendly fire- i know a cop involved too he is defensive of the tactics – they had a rediculous amount of cops for one psychotic lunatic that had hundreds of convictions of the highest order – no doubt driven in there and encouraged so this terror op could take place – one cop could have gone in and neutralised him
    Even his name was a psy op the evil “ man”
    monis “ two words that mean the same man and mon and the fav “
    I s “
    The people i know dine with the parents alot – they are badly affected by this

    Hmmmm too much friend-of-a-friending for my liking.

    Let’s get stuck into the hoax management

    The official BS story for reference

    Tactical Operations Unit stormed the café. Hostage Tori Johnson was killed by Monis and hostage Katrina Dawson was killed by a police bullet ricochet in the subsequent raid. Monis was also killed. Three other hostages and a police officer were injured by police gunfire during the raid

    Seem likely? No? How are things progressing?

    NSW Bar President @NSWBarPresident
    The Governor-General has awarded an Australian Bravery Award to the late Katrina Dawson. Katrina was one of our best and brightest barristers at @NSWBar. Katrina is missed.
    11:07 pm – 2 Apr 2018 [PST]

    7 News Sydney @7NewsSydney
    Rest in peace Katrina Dawson.
    Rest in peace Tori Johnson.
    On this day in 2014, customers and workers were taken hostage inside the Lindt Cafe in Sydney’s Martin Place. @PaulKadak #SydneySiege #7News
    Lindt Cafe siege
    There was an emotional return to the cafe this morning, we’ll show you the pictures on @Channel7? at 6pm.
    8:00 pm – 14 Dec 2017 [PST]

    [family of Katrina Dawson at start of video – 3rd anniversary, unveiling of memorial]
    Another great Diana day for florists.
    featuring potato lens resolution images of the two “Victims”

    Ms Dawson, a mother-of-three and one of the outstanding barristers of her generation, had displayed “considerable bravery” during the siege, the Governor-General said.
    Throughout the siege, Ms Dawson had remained calm and composed when interacting with the gunman and carrying out his demands, the citation said.
    “At one point it appeared that the offender indicated that Ms Dawson could leave the cafe, however without consideration for her own safety she appealed to and bargained with the offender to also release another hostage. **
    “When he refused, Ms Dawson continued to provide genuine support to other hostages throughout the ordeal.”
    The “other hostage” to which the citation refers is
    fellow barrister Stefan Balafoutis, who was sitting with Ms Dawson and another friend Julie Taylor, at the beginning of the siege.

    Ms Taylor has told how she and Ms Dawson were preparing to exit the cafe when Monis told them they could leave, but that the gunman seemed to change his mind when Ms Dawson asked if Mr Balafoutis could come as well.

    ** the frequent, selfless, heroic message in psy-ops – “don’t shoot him, shoot me” for example, used in the Jo Cox “murder” psy-op

    How did Ms Taylor escape?
    video in the above link of a “survivor”

    After receiving lifesaving treatment for shrapnel wounds suffered during the breaking of the siege, Louisa Hope says she has found her “happy place” raising funds for nurses.
    I’m feeling happy and well in my heart…focussed on the future..”

    Louisa with Mick Fuller, police officer in charge of the drill.

    and the drill like image of Louisa in 2014 with “shrapnel wounds”


    Louisa is alleged to suffer from multiple sclerosis
    WHEN the door lock inside the Lindt Chocolat Cafe was smashed and some of the hostages ran for their lives, Louisa Hope could not go too.
    Even if she wanted to risk it, she couldn’t. She didn’t have the energy needed.
    Stricken by multiple sclerosis and requiring a walking stick to get around, the 50-year-old hostage had to bide her time, her physical condition compounded by her sheer exhaustion from the humiliating role the gunman forced her to perform.
    The 50-year-old was his human shield, dragged with the gunman every time he moved his position.

    December 18 2014

    The official story, as told by the Daily Mail
    Louisa Hope, 50, originally from Moruya on the far south coast of New South Wales, and her 74-year-old mother, Robyn, were having coffee at the Lindt Cafe

    an interesting use of an ex-husband occurs for the telling of the official narative…
    The ex-husband and close friend of Ms Hope, who preferred to go by the name Tony V, told Daily Mail Australia on Wednesday morning his former partner was injured during the last moments of the siege.

    ‘He’d used her for a human shield for most of the time that she was in there,’ the ex-husband, who used to live in Bondi but now runs a restaurant in South Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, said.

    ‘Some rustling noises had woke [Monis] when the lad was trying to take the gun off him.
    ‘That’s when [Mr Johnson] was shot. Apparently that’s when my ex-mother-in-law [Robyn] was then shot in the shoulder and that’s when the police then went in… and that’s when Louisa was shot in the foot.


    more details from The Courier from Louisa’s brother, Robert Honan
    Robin and Louisa, who reside in Sydney, had been visiting the city Monday for a business appointment.
    Sure, take your 74 year old mother along.
    “They had something on that they had to go to so we would have thought that’s where they were and not in the cafe.
    “But they went there (to the cafe) first and never got to where they were meant to be going.”

    Mr Honan flew to Sydney on Tuesday to visit his loved ones who are in separate hospitals as they undergo treatment.

    He said his mother and sister did not want to talk publicly about the experience.
    “They were terrified and upset and had mixed feelings of they’re alive,” he said.
    “They were there from the beginning right to the end. I think it was quite a surreal experience.”

    Lovely and vague.
    I smell BS

    Follow up –
    Martin Place Siege victim Katrina Dawson’s husband Paul has found love again, two years after his wife was killed.

    Walking hand-in-hand with new love Sanchia Brahimi, Sydney lawyer Paul Smith looks happy again after being given a second chance at love, two years after his wife Katrina was killed in the terrible Lindt café siege.
    She is the ex-wife of celebrity chef Guillaume Brahimi

    Ms Brahimi separated from her husband of 16 years, with whom she shares four children, early this year and is the daughter of notable Sydney millionaires Charles and Eva Curran.
    She and Mr Smith have similarly aged daughters attending the same school in the eastern suburbs and move in each other’s social circles.

    All ending happily there.

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    Thought the ex Wimbledon Tennis Player (John O’brien) made this an interesting one.



    Fortunately Smoken Mirrors has saved the whole Peekay analysis of this HRDPAR
    I haven’t watched it yet.



    Here’s the obituary for Katrina Dawson [archived]

    Katrina Watson Dawson was born in Perth in 1976 to parents Sandy and Jane Dawson, and was the youngest of their children, with two elder brothers, Sandy (of Banco Chambers) and Angus.….
    Her lunching abilities were legendary….
    …Katrina is survived by her husband, Paul Smith, and the three children she adored, Chloe, Ollie and Sasha, as well as her parents Sandy and Jane, and her brothers, Sandy and Angus.

    #NDNGH, off to lunch.

    Here’s Paul Smith talking about Katrina in 2015

    “liked to have fun”
    Her brothers at 1.55 in the video
    Angus who leads the Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice across Asia for McKinsey from its Sydney office.
    Sandy is a QC at Banco Chambers
    with subsequent hoax management – brother of Katrina Dawson “killed in the Sydney siege” fights £319 traffic find in court….March 20 2017…. why else would such a story be reported internationally? The time is always right for trotting out the official narrative.

    However, the divorce of Sanchia Brahimi was not looking trouble free, back in 2017

    It’s understood both parties are gearing up for a nasty courtroom battle over the dividing of assets.

    Matters could be made even more prickly given that half of Guillaume’s Sydney restaurant, Bistro Guillaume, is in her name.
    February 11, 2017
    Good news for the legal profession, though.

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    Smith, a partner in the Sydney office of King & Wood Mallesons says the family will mark the anniversary of Katrina’s death privately

    Just days after the siege, Katrina’s family and former Governor-General Quentin Bryce decided to turn the tragedy into something positive by launching the Katrina Dawson Foundation

    A respected barrister from Eighth Floor Selborne Chambers in Phillip Street, Katrina was a graduate of the University of Sydney Law School and completed her Master of Laws at the University of NSW. She was called to the Bar in 2005 and her chambers were just metres from the Lindt Café.

    It’s a family affair.

    This tribute appeared briefly on the chambers’ website
    8 Selborne Chambers is devastated by the loss of our beloved ?oor member, Katrina Dawson.
    Katrina was on her way to becoming one of the leading barristers at the bar. She was also a dear friend to all of us and will be deeply missed. Our heartfelt condolences to all her family and friends.
    We also send our condolences to everyone affected by this tragic event. We thank all those who have sent messages of support.

    The official wiki narrative
    Katrina Dawson, a 38-year-old barrister, was killed when hit by seven police bullet fragments while lying behind a chair, which was hit by 10 bullets
    er, rrrrright.

    The reconstructions are based on precise laser scans of the crime scene, as well as thousands of pieces of ballistic evidence, and are an approximation of what police believed took place in the cafe.

    Crime scene officer Dominic Raneri told the inquest that ballistic evidence suggested Ms Dawson was lying face down with her hands over her head when tactical police stormed in.

    Mr Raneri said Ms Dawson suffered cuts on the backs of her hands where it appeared she had been struck by small fragments of wood.

    One of the reconstructions shows Ms Dawson taking shelter behind gunman Man Haron Monis in the north-west corner of the cafe.

    The same reconstruction shows Monis standing behind a chair as police fired 22 bullets towards him.
    The inquest previously heard the chair was struck by 10 bullets, and that those bullets may have travelled through the chair before fragmenting and striking Monis.
    It was also revealed Ms Dawson was fatally wounded when she was struck by fragments of one, or possibly two, of those rounds.

    Sounds like reconstructed BS to me.

    And we only ever get to see one low res press photo of Dawson, a crop from this

    possibly supplied by her friend Molly Hutcherson of Randwick NSW? Perhaps an insider?
    But she has gone and we are left only with the causelessness, inexplicable of either good or evil.

    Selborne Chambers on the right, Lindt cafe on the left, further down the street. [map]



    Vicsim Marcia Mikhael appeared on video from the Lindt cafe in front of a black Isis image and for an ISIS flag to be sent over pronto….

    as noted by Jeff C [before he turned, from the JLB/Peekay round table days]

    Here she comes, eventually, duping, sorry, writhing in agony [and at end of video below]

    She also chatted on the phone

    MArcia’s next role was in hoax management, February 7 2015
    Telling her story of survival for the first time to Seven News, Mikhael [38-year-old Westpac project manager **] has accused police of bungling the rescue operation she argues should have been controlled by the army.

    suuuure and it was quite a Westpac convention in there….
    Westpac IT specialist Viswa Ankireddy was the last of the group to make it through that door, but felt the heat of a bullet whistling past him

    ** that’s strange because Marcia allegedly quite her IT job in 2013 winning a bikini championship in Greece.. when aged 42 not 37.
    Competing at the championships came at a cost with Mrs Mikhael having to quit her IT job.
    I am very passionate about fitness so I am studying at the Australian Institute of Fitness to become a personal trainer and nutritionist,” she said.

    So, what happened after the siege? Looks like the usual “privacy”, not the use of less close relatives to put out the story –
    Mrs Mikhael’s nieces Priscilla and Angela said they were looking after her three children, aged between seven and 19 ** at her Glenwood home.

    “We don’t want her to relive what happened, so we just want her to recover in hospital,’’ Angela said.
    Her sister Priscilla
    said: “We’re just trying to keep things very calm for the kids.’’
    “We just ask for privacy at this time.’’

    One neighbour said She’s a very outgoing and helpful woman…

    Here’s George Mikhael, who studied in Lebanon and Canada. In fact there is a big Canadian connection.

    Priscilla Nader who uploaded her first photo on the day of the siege

    Marcia Khouri “senior project manager at Westpac” originally from Brazil

    sister Janette El Khouri Nader mother of Priscilla

    December 20 2014 – the floral mountian in Sydney

    George Mikhael I was there friday morning, paid my respect. It it so touching. Marcia Mikhael is our Hero

    Here’s mum, who goes by the name Maria Fonseca El Khouri, lives in Sydney whose fb page strangely has the name Marcia Mikhael **

    Here’s the use of social media in the siege hoax
    Her niece Christine Mikhael put out a plea on social media, asking members of the public not to share the posts.
    “Please do not share any statuses on [Facebook] from the hostages,” she wrote.
    “Please do not share or spread any messages released by the hostages as the terrorist is using them as a means of communication.
    “This could put my aunty and the others in grave danger.”
    Early on Tuesday morning when her aunt was rescued from the cafe she posted: “Thank you god!! For all those who have contacted and prayed for us – thank you. My auntie Marcia Mikhael is safe and away from harm. Thoughts are with the injured hostages. Thank you god!!”
    who has just become a solicitor.

    Only in Brazilian media is she referred to as Marcia El Khouri Mikhael when she allegedly had surgery on both legs.

    Here’s Marcia’s BS story
    ‘They actually carried me across the entire cafe, through the front door of the cafe. And for them to do that, they had to step over Monis. As they’re going over him, I look down,’ she said.

    ‘… and I see him. It wasn’t a pretty sight. Half [Monis’] brain was, like, hanging out. It was terrible.
    ‘So they take me outside. And that’s how it ended for me. I was safe,’ Ms Mikhael continued.
    ‘Katrina was right next to me and she didn’t make it, but I did.

    [the video is a must see, with much eye dabbing]
    A great assistant of the Dawson story, hence her “survival”.

    George Mikhael
    15 December 2014 ·
    Marcia Mikhael lost her phone last night so if you want to get in touch please send messages via Facebook and messenger. She will read all your messages once she is feeling better.

    George Mikhael
    15 December 2014 ·
    Thank you everyone for your good wishes. Just wanted to let you all to know that my wife Marcia Mikhael is recovering well in hospital.

    George Mikhael
    14 November 2014 · Edited ·

    Nicholas Mikhael from millennium limousine Ottawa Canada donated this beautiful hummer limousine to his Godchild Carlos in Australia . Thank you my brother God bless you and your family lov e you.

    Rather a complex family setup which I can’t get to the bottom of.

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    @6:33 – a little glance away from the camera by Katrina’s father, Mr Dawson.

    He doesn’t look comortable. The were saying very little on what appears to be the last time they would be pressed into media service following the report on the “siege” in May 2017

    Mr Zinn and Mr Johnson’s family will now carefully review the coroner’s report in detail “to find out if our questions have been answered”.
    The family and husband of Katrina Dawson, who was killed during the siege, did not comment as they left court on Wednesday.
    Hostage Marcia Mikhael said the findings brought back a lot of memories she had chosen to suppress.
    “I’m still terrified about going in to the city,” she told Seven News.
    “I just hope that this gives us some peace.”
    Touching on one of the key issues in the inquest, surviving hostage John O’Brien told Seven News police “shouldn’t have to wait until someone is in immediate danger of losing their life before they can kill”

    “It is a really wonderful thing that this is over now,” hostage Louisa Hope said as she left the NSW Coroner’s Court on Wednesday.

    indeed, role over, Beethoven.

    Mr Johnson’s boyfriend, Thomas Zinn in 2016 was angry. As if he wasn’t in on it…
    The partner of Tori Johnson, one of two hostages killed in the 2014 Lindt Cafe siege in Sydney, says he is “very disappointed” with the accounts of the police operation delivered by NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione and his deputy Catherine Burn, suggesting they have “betrayed the community”.

    The Dawson story was so shaky that it needed four named paramedics to be brought in on the hoax to prop it up

    Special Operations Paramedics Phil Owens, Matt Pepper, Alex Peters and Michael Thomson were first on the scene after the shooting
    Thomson and Pepper were the ones to do the speaking…

    “We met Katrina Dawson at the front door,” paramedic Mick Thomson told The Saturday Telegraph, speaking for the first time about that night of horror.
    “We gave her the best care we possibly could but unfortunately she didn’t make it.

    Matt Pepper.. said there was nothing that could be done.
    “She was still semiconscious until we had her in the ambulance and then slowly faded away as we were on the way,” he says.
    “She pretty much passed away just as we were heading off to the hospital.”


    The outstanding bravery of Mr Thomson and 19 of his colleagues was yesterday recognised with courage awards handed out at the annual NSW Ambulance graduation ceremony at the City Recital Hall, a short stroll from where terror took hold of Sydney a year ago.
    aka the “keep quiet” awards.

    There appears to have been no funeral for Katrina Dawson, just a “memorial”

    note 2:30 grief, dad impassive

    nose blowing [1.05] and smiles at the memorial service

    Some super Channel 7 crisis acting now, because Sandy Dawson had done some work for Channel 7… Baldy doesn’t know where to look!

    And all good psy-ops need a pregnant participant. Here we have close friend of Ms Dawson from her same legal chambers… Julie Taylor
    Updated25 May 2015 —
    A Sydney barrister who survived the Lindt cafe siege has named her newborn daughter [Emily Katrina] after her best friend Katrina Dawson, who died in the tragedy, according to a report.
    She was also one of the lucky escapees, fleeing from the cafe minutes before police stormed into the building in a volley of gunfire in the early hours of December 16.

    Here she goes [accompanying her rambling emotional narrative in April 2016 to the inquiry

    But the pair were more than just colleagues.
    “Katrina Dawson was the most wonderful person I have ever met,” Ms Taylor said.
    December 19 2014

    invited cameraman Greg Parker interview

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