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    Bronwen Elizabeth Ann Vickers b 1960. follow up –
    Died 7/7 [1994] probate 9/15/94 Address 13 Shaw Heath View, Mobberley Road, Knutsford.
    Here’s the anniversary recapitulation

    “It was a rather unusual event as we had never been shopping to Warrington before,” said Paul, 61.
    “It was out first day out with Harriet. She was just two weeks old

    “I was outside Boots with Harriet in the pram who was fast asleep and Bronwen and Hannah were inside.

    “The first bomb went off and everyone started to pour out of the shops. I was waiting for Bronwen and Hannah to come out.

    “They eventually came outside and were walking towards me when the second bomb went off and impacted Bronwen significantly. **
    “Fortunately Hannah and Harriet were uninjured apart from a small flake of metal on the back of Hannah’s scalp.

    ** Boston marathon style
    Paul, who needed an operation after suffering a shrapnel wound to his left leg, immediately started to shout for help, and members of the public rushed to their aid.

    “We got moved into the ambulance and there was a surreal moment when we had to give Harriet to a stranger because we couldn’t take her in the ambulance with us,” said Paul, from Knutsford.
    hmmm, like give a 2 week old baby to a stranger….

    Bronwen spent 10 hours in surgery as doctors desperately tried to save her left leg but they were left with no choice but to amputate it above the knee.

    The loving mum, who spent six weeks in hospital, inspired staff and fellow patients with her courage in learning to walk and drive again with the use of an artificial leg.
    But just over a year later Bronwen died, aged 34, from the same skin cancer disease that she had once beaten while at university.
    “It was surreal
    as everybody could not believe – ourselves included – that this had happened on top of everything,” said Paul.

    Her daughter Harriet was inspired by her mum’s courage and is now working for The Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace.

    Her husband Paul and daughter Hannah said she was cracking jokes the morning after the attack. ***
    Mrs Vickers’ life was saved by Ron Riley ****, a porter at a nearby shopping centre.
    A trained first aider, he used dressings to stop the femoral artery bleeding and was strapped to Mrs Vickers by a paramedic and stayed with her in the ambulance.
    20th anniversary video with Paul and Hannah
    *** like one does when one’s just lost one’s leg in a bombing
    e.g. After the blast, she had checked husband Paul and their daughters (Harriet was just 13 days old), and then peered under her skirt: ‘I thought, ‘Oh God, what a bloody mess’. Then I thought, ‘Oh, well it’s only a leg.’ source
    **** ‘first responder’ in modern parlance

    One other named injured besides Vickers family members…
    Stephen Clague, 21, who suffered arm, elbow and hip injuries



    The extent of the staged campaign of bombings in London in the late 20th century is staggering

    One very interesting such item, an almost daily occurrence then, involving one “death” #NDNGH is listed against October 12 1992
    Sussex Arms bombing: A device exploded in the gentlemen’s toilet of the Sussex Arms public house in Covent Garden, killing one person (who died the following day as a result of injuries) and injuring four others

    The “dead” person was David Mark Heffer b 1962 [Q4, Luton]….
    the first fatality of the latest campaign.
    Staff at University College Hospital said Mr Heffer, a nurse aged 30, was not able to breathe without assistance and they believed his brain was so extensively damaged he would never recover. Mr Heffer’s mother, father, sister and girlfriend were at his bedside.
    Mr Heffer was very near the device and took the full impact of the explosion at lunchtime on Monday

    So, a significant event to keep us all scared stiff.

    Father Brian F Heffer, mother Lesley C Heffer
    sister Paula
    But girlfriend? Who was she?
    We do see a marriage in Bedford in 1984 between David M Heffer and one Mary S Quinn b 1962 Luton…., no issue.

    But we always need a surviving witness, don’t we? Here’s the piece by Linda Grant, a writer…
    Sef Townsend, described as ‘a student, 44’. The 6.30pm regional BBC news ran a live interview with him. People who didn’t know him thought he seemed calm, collected, coherent and articulate. Those who knew him well, however, thought he looked in deep shock…..Some friends told him he’d done very well on television, as if he’d given a performance.…. He went back to the Sussex to leave some flowers and sent a card to David Heffer’s family. He would have attended the funeral but they wanted it to be quiet.

    Hmmm, so who’s this Sef Townsend? Still a professional stoWry teller. Ideal
    I have been telling, sharing and listening to stories,
    singing songs and running participatory arts projects since, at least, the last century.

    So, I’d say nobody died in this staged event.
    Where are the relatives now?
    Lesley Twyman
    31 July 2013 ·
    I’m trying to find Michael Horwood, think he lived near the L&D he visited La Bourboule in France with my very young son David Heffer.

    Lesley keenly reposts many terrorist related events, although not mentioning the “IRA” campaign of the 90s. [eg the faked Bataclan, Woolwich 2013, 9/11 events]

    Brian Heffer
    THE FAMILY of the IRA pub-bombing victim, David Heffer, yesterday heard a coroner pay tribute to their generosity in donating their son’s organs. **

    Mr Heffer, 30, a psychiatric nurse, of Bonchurch Road, Notting Hill, west London, died in hospital on Tuesday from injuries received in Monday’s blast at the Sussex in Covent Garden.
    During a two-minute hearing at St Pancras coroner’s court in north London, Mr Heffer’s grief-stricken mother Lesley had to be comforted by family and friends.

    The victim’s father, Brian Heffer, a postman, of Luton, Bedfordshire, formally identified his son in the witness box *** at yesterday’s hearing. Dr Douglas Chambers, coroner for Inner North London, said: ‘For the moment we have done as much as we can.’
    Scotland Yard said a post-mortem examination yesterday, carried out by a Home Office pathologist, Dr Iain West, concluded Mr Heffer died from head injuries.

    ** ah, the “proof of death”
    *** really?

    Iain West carried out the post-mortem follwoing the “death” of Paula Yates, Robert MAxwell, Jill Dando, PC Yvonne Fletcher, Hillsborough [qqv] and many more, especially the various faked rail disasters of the 1980s, who mysteriously died aged only 57 in Summer 2001, not staying on until 9/11 even….

    having married Vesna Djurovic, a fellow pathologist.

    Associated family

    Now live in SW France, originally from Luton, Beds. UK

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    In the Daily Mail, October 14 1992, Ann Heffer was is described as an “aunt” in her predictable angry quote tailored for the press.
    Correct FB page now living in London, Ontario, Canada, apparently

    SHe is an aunt through marriage to Brian’s elder brother Kenneth W Heffer b 1935 who remarried in 1995 to Doreen Allinson.

    The same article mentions another angry “victim” allegedly with a fractured skull, Roger John Turbin b 1966 of Billericay, whose anger was communicated to his elder brother Martin Clive Turbin for onward carriage to the Daily Mail.

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    I.R.A. murder victim David Heffer (b.29 Sept 1962). Pictured days earlier, grinning with pet bunny. Hope it survived the “blast” too?

    Heffer had “travelled the world”, recalls story-telling aunt Ann Heffer (via Lynda Lee-Potter of the Daily Mail).

    While girlfriend Robin (never a surname) “was an Australian teacher”.

    Heffer’s wheezy background:

    “He’d been chronically ill with asthma as a child, and spent much of his life in oxygen tents. His parents had been informed his growth might be stunted because of the medication he’d had over the years, but he grew into a handsome six-footer.
    At times as a small boy he could scarcely breathe. He certainly hadn’t had the strength to kick a football but still worshipped Charlie George and Arsenal.
    He spent two years in a sanatorium and his early suffering gave him empathy with those who needed help.

    Says Mum Lesley:

    “He always carried a donor card and they were able to use all his organs, except his lungs because of the asthma. At least three and possibly four people are living now because of David. So the IRA haven’t won, have they?
    They’ve murdered one good man and four have lived. We said goodbye to him in hospital.”

    — Well it’s farewell David & Robin before you bolt down your new warren, with or without wabbit.

    Airline tickets? Check! Passports? Check! Entry visas? Check!

    The Heffers were “life-long family friends” with pub landlord Peter [Granville?] Rooke, 48 of Luton [d.2003 Bedford?] Neatly squaring that one.

    The Sussex had a winebar in its cellar which fortuitously closed on Mondays. Imagine the carnage otherwise. Where did landlord Rooke go after his close shave with death? To the hospital, to say his goodbyes, too?

    Hmm… Heffer could be anywhere (were he still alive). Somewhere warm and dry. To subdue that asthma. India? Australia? Two possibilities the Telegraph hints at:

    “Commander George Churchill-Coleman head of Scotland Yard’s anti-terrorist squad, said angrily: “Make no mistake, this bomb was aimed at killing and maiming. We didn’t stand a cat in hell’s chance of stopping it going off.”

    Churchill-Coleman, “the public face of Scotland Yard’s battle with the IRA in the 1980s and early 90s“, died 2015 “in a car accident“.

    Only natural it would be an “unnatural” despatch for him too.

    “Appointed head of the Metropolitan police’s anti-terrorist branch in 1985 and national coordinator of terrorist investigations in 1990, he was at the forefront of the investigations to find those responsible for such incidents as the murder of Margaret Thatcher’s close friend Ian Gow MP (1990), the mortar attack on Downing Street (1991), and the City bombings targeting the London Stock Exchange (1990) and the Baltic Exchange (1992).
    The arrival on the scene of the tall, upright figure of Commander Churchill-Coleman, in immaculate white shirt, was an indication of the seriousness of an event.”

    Attending Heffer and his faltering pulse, with “very grave concern”, was A&E Consultant Howard Baderman.

    Baderman became a luminary in countless other psyops, including the Mid Staffs Hospital Scandal. “1200 preventable deaths due to poor clinical care”. The pretext for closing down Mid Staffs, in favour of a new PFI in Stoke.

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