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    Bronwen Elizabeth Ann Vickers b 1960. follow up –
    Died 7/7 [1994] probate 9/15/94 Address 13 Shaw Heath View, Mobberley Road, Knutsford.
    Here’s the anniversary recapitulation

    “It was a rather unusual event as we had never been shopping to Warrington before,” said Paul, 61.
    “It was out first day out with Harriet. She was just two weeks old

    “I was outside Boots with Harriet in the pram who was fast asleep and Bronwen and Hannah were inside.

    “The first bomb went off and everyone started to pour out of the shops. I was waiting for Bronwen and Hannah to come out.

    “They eventually came outside and were walking towards me when the second bomb went off and impacted Bronwen significantly. **
    “Fortunately Hannah and Harriet were uninjured apart from a small flake of metal on the back of Hannah’s scalp.

    ** Boston marathon style
    Paul, who needed an operation after suffering a shrapnel wound to his left leg, immediately started to shout for help, and members of the public rushed to their aid.

    “We got moved into the ambulance and there was a surreal moment when we had to give Harriet to a stranger because we couldn’t take her in the ambulance with us,” said Paul, from Knutsford.
    hmmm, like give a 2 week old baby to a stranger….

    Bronwen spent 10 hours in surgery as doctors desperately tried to save her left leg but they were left with no choice but to amputate it above the knee.

    The loving mum, who spent six weeks in hospital, inspired staff and fellow patients with her courage in learning to walk and drive again with the use of an artificial leg.
    But just over a year later Bronwen died, aged 34, from the same skin cancer disease that she had once beaten while at university.
    “It was surreal
    as everybody could not believe – ourselves included – that this had happened on top of everything,” said Paul.

    Her daughter Harriet was inspired by her mum’s courage and is now working for The Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace.

    Her husband Paul and daughter Hannah said she was cracking jokes the morning after the attack. ***
    Mrs Vickers’ life was saved by Ron Riley ****, a porter at a nearby shopping centre.
    A trained first aider, he used dressings to stop the femoral artery bleeding and was strapped to Mrs Vickers by a paramedic and stayed with her in the ambulance.
    20th anniversary video with Paul and Hannah
    *** like one does when one’s just lost one’s leg in a bombing
    e.g. After the blast, she had checked husband Paul and their daughters (Harriet was just 13 days old), and then peered under her skirt: ‘I thought, ‘Oh God, what a bloody mess’. Then I thought, ‘Oh, well it’s only a leg.’ source
    **** ‘first responder’ in modern parlance

    One other named injured besides Vickers family members…
    Stephen Clague, 21, who suffered arm, elbow and hip injuries

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