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    Mortensen is a fascinating character – Oxford, Yale University [Maurice R Greenberg World Fellow programme graduate, where future “world leaders” are fed royal jelly] ex chief global officer for, ex-executive director of Crisis Action, more world change…
    [where is this world change coming from?] recipienbt of the 2013 Skoll award for Social entrepreneurship [Skoll founded in Silicon Valley by Canadian Jeffrey Skoll
    It’s all very abstract

    Here’s Gemma back at the Skoll in 2017 with….Brendan Cox

    Pay attention to the comment from “A” below the video. By participating in this More in Common nonsense, Gemma is propping up the psy-op.
    @4.02 to Brendan “What do you think’s going on?”
    Well, it’s a question we here at Fakeolist would love to know the answer to as we observe the continual media promotion of fake events and hoaxes but we’re not going to get it from this clowns and steerers.

    And now she’s just been to Davos, another opportunity to get the offical Jo Cox narrative out. Such people are too clever to be conned. They are integral to the hoaxes, gatekeepers first class. “Global Goals” “We” This is very worrying.

    I wonder if she’s in touch with Jo.

    PS It gets worse – a further Skoll video shows Tim Dixon [beside Gemma and Brendan] states that the defining moment for the more-in-common impetus [post Syria Campaign/White Helmets..] was the fake Aylan Kurdi photo. [@4.00] Well well well. These are true Tavistockians.

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    At 11.03 in the above video, Brendan has to mention the “murder” of his wife Jo. And he appears to break into a big duping smile as he pauses. He also says he worked with Mortensen at Crisis Action.
    Mortensen is indeed central to this psy-op, the ‘more in common” mantra having been laid out within hours of the “attack” on this hitherto unknown MP,

    And the Trafalgar Square tribute bash was organised and mounted within 5 days, one of the key promoters being….Mortensen. Indeed, it seems to have been in the bag within two days! Amazing. As if they pre-planned it.
    ? Friends of Jo’s who have helped to organise the event will address the crowd: Gemma Mortensen, Mabel van Oranje, Nick Grono, Tim Dixon and Kirsty McNeill. [who became initially directors of the Jo Cox Foundation before Gemma and Tim formed the offshoot More in Common.

    And straight to the Guardian after the “trial” of Tommy Mair for quotes

    After her brilliant first at Oxford, [more in common with the tiny Oxbridge educated liberal elite than the great unwashed mass….] Mortensen goes to…
    EIUC – European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation
    Master’s Degree, Human Rights and Democratisation
    2001 – 2002

    The EUIC is a fascinating outfit, headquarters in Venice, and is
    a unique network of one hundred universities around the world seeking to advance human rights and democracy education.

    That would be the human rights and migration industry of Jo Cox et al I wonder what the long term goal of these opinion shapers is.

    funny, but in 2017 Brendan says he can’t even talk to his friends about his feelings..

    So what is the purpose of the psy-op?
    Holding multiple prizes and honors for her work in social change, Gemma was responsible for the global projects of the digital platform before now co-founding the organization More in Common. In a recent research on the rise of populism, she shared that there are in fact differences in the traits of the conservative and the progressive mind. Aiming to bring differences together instead of observing an increasingly growing societal gap, Gemma believes in creating experiences that give space for exchange and using technology as a catalyst for social change.
    All the four M-i-C directors have full bios at the Skoll Foundation

    About Skoll

    Our vision is to live in a sustainable world of peace & prosperity.

    and make sure the idiots vote the rights way. Who else is lauded by the Skoll?
    Our good friend Bono

    He’s a Skoll “global treasure” award winner [from 7.00]

    Meanwhile the “Survivors of staged events” group gathers momentum…

    Survivors Against Terror
    Jan 30 12:17 ·
    In the last 24 hours we have seen an absolutely amazing number of people getting in touch to join us, survivors of Bataclan, 9/11, Tunisia, IRA and many more. Thank you for getting the message out.




    More about these shady steerers…
    More in Common is recruiting a boss in Germany [which was a key player and recipient in the mass migrations in recent years
    More in Common is a new effort to build communities and societies that are stronger, more resilient and more open. The More in Common initiative took shape from work undertaken since 2015 to understand why advanced democracies failed to respond more effectively to the refugee crisis and its impact on domestic politics.
    That’s the Manufactured refugee crisis btw, with key participants such as the White helmets, with numerous staged media events, such as the Aylan Kurdi dummy image.
    Who really created the “refugee crisis”?

    More in Common is a non-profit organisation
    incubated by Purpose Europe. Purpose builds and supports movements to advance the fight for an open, just, and habitable world. The co-founders of More in Common are Brendan Cox, Tim Dixon, Mathieu Lefevre **, and Gemma Mortensen.


    Purpose Europe?? The purpose being to settle millions of “refugees” from Africa and the Middle East into which the Britain wanting to leave the EU threw a massive spanner….

    UK Directors – Tim Dixon and Australian national Jeremy Heimans [resident in the USA]

    Here’s the purpose team, I guess most of them are not working in the virtual office in St Ives, Cambridgeshire but in Fifth Avenue NY


    Purpose builds and supports movements to advance the fight for an open, just, and habitable world.
    We use public mobilization and storytelling to help the leading organizations, activists, businesses, and philanthropies engaged in this fight, and we create campaigning labs and new initiatives that can shift policies and change public narratives when it matters most.

    Purpose moves people
    to remake the world


    Staging events to shift public opinion.

    Finally an interview with Jeremy Heimans from six years ago….Dec 2011

    I co-founded Avaaz and Get Up, which inspired the creation of Purpose…We launched Purpose in 2009 to be a home for 21st century movement building…. Straight people in the United States are taking actions to support transgendered people in India. Borders are fading, a sense of global identity is emerging and we are doing everything we can to speed this transformation.
    We have grown from to become a team of fifty in that time

    WTF??? Who’s funding this?

    it is structured as a B Corporation, the American legal term for a for-profit company with a social mission. It has a non-profit arm, which incubates protests and accepts donations. This is cross-subsidised by its for-profit arm, which makes money in a variety of ways…..It sells consulting services to big companies such as Google and Audi, and to charities such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the American Civil Liberties Union….. Purpose helps online campaigns nudge people along the “commitment curve”. It encourages first-time clickers to do more. Last year, for example, All Out raised a stack of cash in 24 hours to help airlift out of Iraq some gay activists who feared for their lives.
    Jan 26th 2013
    Like fake deaths “nudging people” to think/behave in a certain way.

    We can keep up with the pensees of Mr Lefevre of More in Common here



    @rgos – are you receiving?
    Mabel van Oranje is still a director of the Jo Cox Foundation
    [spicy pre-non agreed Dutch-royal-family-marriage life!]
    There are some spicy affairs/friendships there pre-marriage….

    Mabel rushed into print, along with Gemma Mortensen before Jo Cox was “cold” [i.e. the trail had gone cold] with this gushing tribute

    Good gracious….

    But in 2012, Prince Friso, Mabel’s husband, allegedly died following a skiing accident in Lech, Austria. – hey Feb 17 – just coming up to the sixth anniversary @gaia

    I see plenty of tell-tale signs that nobody was buried in any avalanche…after a series of twists and turns, he finally died 18 months later ‘from complications’ followed by a “private funeral”.
    The Dutch Royal Family issued a statement on 19 February saying “The Royal Family is very grateful and deeply touched by all expressions of support and sympathy after the ski accident of His Royal Highness Prince Friso. It was a great support for them during this difficult time.”[23]

    A prognosis on his health situation was expected within a few days, but this was pushed back to 24 February, a week after his accident. The RVD’s comment remained the same: stable, but critical. On 24 February, an Innsbruck medical team announced that the prince had been buried for 25 minutes, followed by a 50-minute CPR to treat his cardiac arrest. Wolfgang Koller stated that an MRI scan was performed a day earlier revealing little change, however other neurological tests indicated significant damage due to oxygen shortage. It remained unclear whether the prince would ever regain full consciousness. Koller said that the Prince’s family might now look for a rehabilitation institution.[2] On the same day the Dutch Royal Family issued a statement requesting that the privacy of the Prince’s family be respected to enable them to come to terms with his condition.[24]

    On 1 March 2012, Prince Friso was transferred to the Wellington Hospital, in London where he and his wife had lived for many years.[25]

    On 19 November 2012, it was announced that the prince had started to show some signs of consciousness but it was still not certain whether he would ever wake up, and if he did, in what state.

    On 9 July 2013, Prince Friso was moved back to Huis ten Bosch in the Netherlands. It was understood that his coma had then evolved into a minimally conscious state. As he was no longer in need of hospital-level medical care, he stayed with his family for the summer.[27]

    Death and funeral
    On 12 August 2013, it was announced that Prince Friso had died in Huis ten Bosch due to complications from the accident.[28] He was buried ***on 16 August in the hamlet of Lage Vuursche near Drakesteijn Castle, where he had spent his childhood and where Princess Beatrix returned to live in February 2014. The funeral service, at Stulpkerk church, was strictly private. Members of the public and media could not attend, nor did members of other royal families attend, with the exception of Friso’s godfather, King Harald V of Norway. A ceremony of commemoration was held on 2 November 2013 in the Oude Kerk in Delft.]

    The disappearance from the world stage of Michael Schumacher seems to have followed a similar path.

    Mabel is still an avid follower of Brendan Cox [Feb 7]

    Three days later this unverifiable story appeared in the Daily Mail, but Mabel has not tweeted it, or even defended Brendan.
    A new charity sex scandal erupted last night after it emerged that the husband of murdered Labour MP Jo Cox was once accused of groping a senior US government official.

    The woman reported Brendan Cox to American police, claiming he assaulted her late at night at Harvard University – although Mr Cox strongly denies the allegation.

    Her complaint came soon after Mr Cox quit as a senior executive with the Save The Children in 2015 following separate claims of inappropriate behaviour towards staff.

    is this yet another psy-op within a psy-op?

    *** very quickly indeed!

    Slightly off-topic, but there’s a common thread here – the “death” of the Prince has “More in Common” with the “death” of Jo Cox.

    Tom Dalpra
    Tom Dalpra

    mmm…mabel van orange, well, well. Love the surname. Van Orange. Very ‘dutch’. Ha.
    Interesting. I was just musing regarding Brendon’s sex allegations.

    Daily Mail –
    ”He grabbed her hips, pulled her hair and forced his thumb into her mouth in a sexual way’: Murdered MP Jo Cox’s husband was reported to police over sex assault claim in Harvard bar – nine months before his wife’s death
    Woman reported Brendan Cox to U.S. police, claiming he assaulted her late at night at Harvard University in 2015; Mr Cox strongly denies the allegation
    In report filed by police, she claims Mr Cox ‘grabbed [the woman] by the hips several times… forced his thumb into her mouth in a sexual way’; ‘touched her inappropriately’ in a restaurant
    Complaint came soon after Mr Cox quit as senior exec with Save The Children in 2015 following separate claims of inappropriate behaviour towards staff ”


    On the face of it, this really doesn’t look very savoury. Having left Save the Children after similar claims from staff, he was accused of doing it again. All whilst married to his beloved Jo. What does this do for Brendon’s credibility ?
    His staff, of course, call the claims spurious.

    Is this partly control of Brendon ? The suggestion of –” Stay ‘honest’ or get hung-out ”?
    ”We can keep this from court, just hang in there”?

    Was Brendon a good candidate for the role of Jo Cox’s husband, as he had snakes in his cupboard that could shatter his credibility and was hence controllable ?
    I have no idea. I’m just trying to get my head around it. Why are they choosing to
    tell me this about Brendon ?

    This, of course, comes after the Oxfam staff sex-exploitation expose, which reminded me of the BBC-Saville revelations – an old trusted body in need of a clean-up.

    These things serve to (selectively, of course) clean up the institutions of bad culture. It’s perceived harm only making the old body stronger in perceived healing, as it goes forward, purged.

    The ‘3 C’s’ Oxfam Logo.

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    It’s a fascinating psy-op from top to bottom, Tom.
    I don’t get it at all. All I can think is that they were playing happy families before June 2016 but were heading apart. Kids need their mum though.

    There has been silence from dad since this tweet, a weak half-term smokescreen –

    Do you remember the “nanny” who was a very advanturous nanny on Flotilla Day, whom Brendan calls “Jessie” in his book?

    A daring nanny. Only strong swimmers need apply. Is she still en emploie? Or just for onboard anti-Brexit activities?

    I have no idea where all this is leading.
    From the Guardian…
    Meanwhile, Brendan Cox, the husband of the murdered MP Jo Cox, has denied claims in America that shortly after he left his post as a senior executive at the charity Save the Children, he assaulted a woman in 2015 during a night out at a bar in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The Mail on Sunday reported that a woman had reported Cox to Cambridge police.
    A statement issued on his behalf described the claims as “malicious, false and defamatory” and said that he “expressly rejects that any sexual assault took place”. He added that police had never contacted him about the allegation.
    More work for m’learned friends, by the sound of it.
    The unverifiable [as indeed was the reason for the original Save the Children sudden resignation of Brendan] story from the Mail may even be part of the psy-op. Or, as you say, a collar to keep him in check. Who knows?



    Re post 716546, June 18….
    It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to read the Jo Cox psy-op which seems to be wrapped up with the MeToo psy-op.
    Following the resignation of Brendan Cox for “inappropriate behaviour” at Save the Children, which was first mentioned in the Mail in 2015, before Jo’s “murder”, we now witness Justin Forsyth falling on his sword…
    Feb 22 2018
    Ex-Save the Children chief executive Justin Forsyth has resigned from Unicef saying he does not want coverage of his past to “damage” the charities.
    Mr Forsyth faced three complaints of inappropriate behaviour towards female staff before leaving Save the Children, the BBC reported this week.
    He was accused of sending inappropriate texts and commenting on what young female staff were wearing.

    Forsyth, it will be remembered, rushed into print and into the news studios to pur his encomia upon St Jo Cox, e.g. in Time magazine

    Forsyth had previously been a special adviser to PMs Tony Blair and Gordon Brown and was criticised at the time.

    A comment on the Third Sector report on the original 2015 Mail report…
    Crusader poole • 2 months ago
    Brendan Cox had a lucrative position in the Save the Children fund. Stephen Kinnocks wife is the head of this charity earning 265k per annum. Neil Kinnock has earned huge sums in the EU and Jo Cox was his assistant for 7 years prior to becoming an MP. All these people want to destroy the fabric of our country and and are only interested in virtue signalling whilst having their noses in the trough. From their ivory towers, they judge ordinary people who have an alternative view as bigots whilst they pursue wealth and their self interested agenda.

    Stephen Kinnock shared an office with Jo Cox and was another insider to rush into the news studios after her faked death with his fake tears.

    Forsyth was criticised for awarding his crony Tony Blair Save the Children’s Global Legacy Award, on 19th November 2014.
    The story around Forsyth seems to have originated with the BBC
    In a statement Tuesday [20 Feb], the international charity said former CEO Justin Forsyth was investigated twice after complaints from three women about his conduct in 2011 and 2015.
    According to the BBC, [Radio 4 PM programme] which first reported the claims, Forsyth allegedly sent inappropriate text messages to young female staff about what they were wearing and how he felt about them.
    Feb 21 2018
    [Justin Forsyth] has been married twice. His second wife, Lisa Stevens, works for the Malala Fund, a charity set up by the Nobel Prize-winning Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai.
    oh oh ….another hoax within a hoax

    At the time, 38 degrees criticised the award, but wait…Jo Cox best friend and bien pensant Gemma Mortensen is on the board of 38 degrees. This is very confusing

    Not a single woman has come forward to substantiate the published allegations against Cox and Forsyth.

    Here’s Gemma Mortensen describing the “death” of her chum Jo at the Skol Foundation “Jeff Skoll created the Skoll Foundation in 1999 to pursue his vision of a sustainable world of peace and prosperity”
    at 6:50 here she spouts almost too quickly, that “a very close friend” of hers Jo Cox was murdered “by a far right extremist” She can’t believe that, can she?

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    Curiously, Brendan Cox, while having gone to ground, his partner in the More in Common and Get Together organisations, Gemma Mortensen, has stayed silent, unusual for such a connected person. [remember the fund raised £2m for the White Helmets, etc…] and remains as director of More in Common and Get Together Ltd.
    And whereas Brendan’s resignations from More in Common and the Jo Cox Foundation appeared on the Companies House website over the weekend [!!!] his further contemporary resignations took a couple of days longer to appear.
    In fact, the resignations or Mortensen and Tim Dixon from the Jo Cox Foundation Trading Ltd took 5 months to materialise on the website.

    Here’s a gem from Gemma at the time
    Gemma Mortensen, chief global officer of and Kirsty McNeill, a senior Save the Children executive were always going to go all out for their beloved Jo.
    Gemma Mortensen [said] “We will live like Jo because we will love like Jo,” she said.

    Gemma took over from Brendan circa 2007 as boss of Crisis Action
    Brendan Cox

    called out by Vanessa Beeley [not sure how ‘independent’ she is, but no matter]

    More interviews with Gemma



    The manufactured “Far Right” movement continues to gain publicity. Rememeber that a the staged simulated murder of Jo Cox was carried out by an alleged member of an extreme right wing movement, and one third of the £1.5m was allegedly given to Hope Not Hate an equivalent “antifa” movement of the left, no doubt equally manufactured.
    The Economist investigated Hope not Hate and found them guilty of massaging the truth and exaggerating hate speech [which is their role….]

    As Breitbart also noted, Hope not Hate is a pro-EU group [another prong of the Jo Cox Hoax] which shares a number of directors with a major EU group, BEST FOR OUR FUTURE
    Hope not hate affiliates…
    Hope not hate CHARITABLE trust was formerly Searchlight Educational trust 1992-2012:

    Hope not Hate continues to keep us all scared in our beds that the far right were all going online
    March 2 2018

    A key MP in Hope not Hate is RUTH SMEETH who was another of Jo’s inner circle of friends [and probably still is] who joined the old 1986 Hope not Hate board in 2011

    Here she is gushing about Jo’s “death” already at 3.16 pm on June 16 2016

    and Brendan, a few days later [just before the Brexit vote..

    Ruth Smeeth MP @RuthSmeeth
    Incredibly difficult to watch but @MrBrendanCox is so brave, sending all the love in the world
    10:39 am – 21 Jun 2016 [6:39 PM BST]

    Ruth Smeeth MP @RuthSmeeth
    Ruth Smeeth MP Retweeted BBC Breaking News
    .@MrBrendanCox does Jo and their family proud every single day #lovelikeJo #moreincommonRuth Smeeth MP added,
    BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking
    “Britain is ashamed of him & very proud of Jo”
    Brendan Cox on the man who murdered his MP wife, Jo Cox
    5:01 am – 23 Nov 2016 [1.01 PM GMT]

    So what is Ruth saying about the recent disappearance of Brendan from the scene? Nothing.
    This is a very very strange psy-op.

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    It’s all gone very quiet in other departments of this important hoax – two other trustees and trusted friends seem to have clammed up – Iona Lawrence of the JCF and Kirsty McNeill of Save the Children… Brendan himself has vanished completely.
    Iona is doing little except retweeting
    e.g. the statement by Jo’s sister Kim Leadbeater

    ‘My priority is and always will be looking after Jo and Brendan’s children and supporting my parents, who have already been through so much.

    So what happened to the nanny?

    and ditto Kirsty, all quiet on the twitter front

    Director for Policy Advocacy + Campaigns @savechildrenuk, ex No 10. Co- Chair @JoCoxFoundation, Board @HolocaustUK.

    The MSM is studiously uninterested following the initial burying of the resignation circa Feb 19 [videos]

    Kevin Watkins @KevinAtSave
    I’m horrified and heartbroken by reports of @savechildrenuk culture before joining as CEO. I’ve announced an independent review and am committed to letting it take an unflinching look at what still needs to change. Full statement below.
    4:03 AM – 25 Feb 2018 [12:03 PM UTC]

    just noticed this post from the Head of Grenfell Communications at Kensington & Chelsea council [hmmmm, another hoax] Dominic Nutt
    Open Letter to Kevin Watkins, Save the Children CEO from your former head of news
    Feb 22 2018
    I imagine as a member of the board while Justin was CEO you were aware of the behaviours he and Brendan were displaying.
    when Brendan’s behaviours became finally intolerable you allowed him to be spirited away to New York overnight without allowing his victims their day in court….

    Hmmm interesting comment below:
    Taskin Rahman
    Regional Campaign Manager, Asia at Save the Children International
    Well. I am just curious when everyone knew everything, why did everyone wait until Oxfam mishap?
    [being the Haiti revelations]

    A strange multifaceted psy-op indeed.

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    Two years on, we need an anniversary piece – and the Guardian predictably provides it [as indeed the BBC did] with an interview with Jo’s sister Kim Leadbeater
    Here’s the interesting passage on Brendan, who has vanished, and only just made his first tweet since February

    …he has done and is doing a brilliant job with the kids. He is such a good father, and there is so much of Jo in them obviously as well. They are tough little cookies.” It worries Leadbeater that the children are approaching the age – they are now five and seven – when they will begin to understand more of what happened.

    Yes indeed, #NDNGH if they don’t already know that.

    Brendan Cox Verified account @MrBrendanCox
    Two years ago we lost Jo but she’s still the centre of our family. Today we’ll be remembering her smile, her empathy, her energy and her love.
    12:00 am – 16 Jun 2018 [8:00 am BST]

    A rare tweet indeed. Gemma Mortensen is still underground **, and Nick Grono, friends with Brendan and Jo, a co-founder of the Jo Cox Foundation, chose to retweet this on June 16…

    A powerful essay by my friend @jimcoan on what forced and prolonged separation of children from parents does to the attachment system, and then to the nervous system: possibly permanent damage.

    Fancy that!

    ** however Gemma is apparently swimming the Bosphorus to end slavery next month. I wonder what she’s been doing all year.

    A fascinating psy-op.



    Richard D Hall [RichPlanet] on a lecture tour. He’s highly thought of in the David Icke milieu….] Here’s his elaborate conspiracy construct to keep us away from the awful thought that Jo’s death was faked….


    Thomas Mair was made.. Mair made. And of course as the image shows – he was caught red-handed…

    Tommy Mair also suffered from mental illness – from a situation of unemployment,,, I take this is a direct mockery towards the truther demographic and audience for these “Rich” Planet tours…

    This type of lecture tour represents some serious skills on brainwashing and NLP, the particular stackato tone and know-it-all attitude probably is part of the intelligence training program as they learn how to inflitrate, convince and confuse.

    There are probably also some round-tables organised on this type of tours where we can see all the operators collude* and throw around mason handshakes and fight their dupers delight together?

    *”i know Nick Kollerstrom is in the audience,,,” at about 8m30s into the video

    Tommy Mair

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