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    richard benedict

    I believe if one revisits classic moments from the John Lennon/Yoko Ono saga through fakeology lenses, the hinkey meter spikes.

    There is a famous moment in Lennon Lore where he feeds a homeless guy, demonstrating that John is still one of us. He understands us.

    At the bottom of the page is pic of the alleged homeless guy from the Imagine documentary (also in Gimme Some Truth). In 1971, the homeless hippie famously appears on Lennon’s Tittenhurst mansion doorstep and discusses songs with him. I believe this was 100% staged to show what a great guy and “man of the people” Lennon is.

    Look closely at this homeless guy. Notice that he is handsome, has blond hair, blue eyes, beautiful white teeth-a photogenic chap. His name is “Claudio” I grew up in the U.S. during this era and every blonde, blue eyed handsome man model guy with great teeth that I knew was name Gary or Jeff, certainly not “Claudio”

    Here is the link.

    The action starts around the 4 minute mark.

    He looks more like an actor or a man model.

    The plot thickens. First, he visits Lennon at his Tittenhurst home in England and then he appears in an American TV show, the Yale spook culture creator Dick Cavett show.

    The homeless hippie has cleaned up nicely, proving the transatlantic traveler is not homeless.

    There has been debate about whether this plant was the same guy or not. However, there appears to be confirmation from the Beatle book
    “Eight Arms To Hold You”, on p. 55:

    “Earlier in the day of the [“How Do You Sleep”] backing track session, a momentous occasion took place as John finally came face to face with Claudio, the confused follower who felt that John (along with the other Beatles) had been composing their songs based on Claudio himself. John had been receiving cryptic telegrams from the young man for nine months before finally being confronted by the fan… Claudio’s fixation apparently did not end with this incident, as he turned up in the audience of the Lennons’ September 1971 appearance on The Dick Cavett Show”.

    On the Cavett show, the hypnotically attractive, somewhat bare chested, strapping hippie, starts off with the phony dialectic, quoting CIA front rag magazine Ramparts. It is the same scam…showing how hip John is with a handsome hippie while promoting phony politics.

    Lennon mentions Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin, both admitted government operatives…the whole Chicago 7 were (as was the hoax trial) as were the Black Panthers, Fohn mentions etc.,

    No wonder Fohn mentions it with the Bed-In.

    Read Francis Stoner book on the Cultural Cold war for CIA support of Ramparts, etc.

    Notice Lennon says to the way to social change is with things the Establishment can not attack “i.e. theater in court, happenings and the Bed-In, etc. In other words the ridiculous stunts phonies like Lennon and Yoko advocate instead of real power- classic civil disobedience ala Thoreau. Finally, it fits that the charade would be with Cavett, he is a spook, Yale graduate and culture creator like Oliver Stone, William F. Buckley, etc.

    What a joke. And yet, people believe the real John Lennon could function in this kind of environment. Oh, well…. Comments are welcome.

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    richard benedict

    BTW, I neglected to mention fellow Skull and Bones/ Yalie rat John Kerry among the culture creators Cavett and Stone. “Lennon”‘s FBI surveillance trouble is merely a cover story.

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    That homeless guy always reminded me of Musician and ‘Actor’ Paul Watkins from the Manson Family

    Tom Dalpra
    Tom Dalpra

    I said years ago that Lennon’s Imagine could be used as an anthem for a New World Order.

    That the hidden hand was there with The Beatles is not in question.
    But what are we really looking at?

    Richard Benedict, you say that Lennon was replaced and every subsequent TV appearance was a guy in a rubber mask?

    That’s ridiculous, I think.

    Funny too, how you started this thread, seemingly inspired by Ab’s comment on that other (rubber mask) thread. You’d not called it The JohnLennon/Yoko Ono PSYOP until now. You’d not mentioned she was part of it. Ab seemed to have bitten and so you followed-through. Nice.

    Thankfully he’s later admitted that he wasn’t really paying attention.

    I made a post here on another thread where I said that Joan Baez was among the greatest promoters of Military Industrial Propaganda. Simon Shack liked it and posted it on Cluesforum.
    Isn’t this more how it works?

    Joan Baez is the same Joan Baez she always was. Innocent and trying to do good. She’s just really duped. She’s not a Psyop as such.
    She was involved in the bullshit created culture of her time ( eg. nuclear bombs are really dangerous ) and she bought into it. She played concerts to promote awareness of how dangerous nuclear bombs were.
    It’s beautiful for the creators. Those that see themselves a sworn enemy are in fact great propagandists.

    Lennon was another level, but the same deal, I would suggest. The Beatles were so famous and they had huge influence. You don’t need dummies when the real ones are so powerful. You can manage opinion through these real people.


    Now, Claudio seemingly turning up at the Cavett interview.Interesting.

    Is there any other evidence for this other than that one quote from a book ?
    It would certainly make sense this is a plant to ask a political question which would then give Lennon the chance to voice his opinion but is it really the same guy? It may be, but who can be sure with that evidence?

    By the way, he mentions Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin only in saying he agrees with some of the things they say. It was the Zeitgeist and the bullshit of the day.

    Lennon probably bought into it just like everybody else.

    Same guy.

    Now Lennon’s ‘death’. Good question? I’d be interested to hear some more about that.



    This is up there with the Theo Adorno ‘Apparently’ writing the Beatles songs which i find hard to believe. Who knows…

    Either way if Lennon wrote ‘Strawberry Fields’,’Tomorrow Never knows’ And ‘Dear Prudence’ which i believe he did, he’s ok to me.

    His death is another story all-together, that’s more fishy than anything.

    Tom Dalpra
    Tom Dalpra

    Lemmy on John Lennon.

    I think it’s telling in the big picture when he says at the end: ”We were co-opted – by money”.



    richard benedict

    @tom, I posted the info here out of respect for Videre, who thought my remarks a distraction to hers.

    For future clarification, I did not say all of the actors playing Lennon wore silicon masks, only the fellow in the Snyder interview.

    Simple nose prosthetics and wigs, including hairpieces, were used with other actors. BTW, like all media fakery, once you know what to look for, it becomes readily apparent.

    Also, I am not an agent, simply a member of the forum, All My Loving

    I recommend studying the picture of the real Beatles on the Welcome page. Detecting the differences in the doubles is an acquired skill, for me I had to study many pictures of the real Lads before I could begin to detect them easily. The problem is most people have never seen the real Beatles, only sets of clever doubles. The real Beatles disappeared circa 1964, not 1966 as Tina Foster is now asserting.

    For example, the real John Lennon was a powerfully built man, with brawny shoulders and Alpha dog body language. Not the scrawny runt that appears in the Dick Cavett video.

    The real John appears in this first video, an outtake from A Hard Days Night
    Notice at :10 mark no mole on the left cheek.

    Now the double from A Hard Day’s Night.

    Here the image is high quality while the real John is grainy.
    @ the :16 sec mark. Note the mole on the left cheek that is not present in the first video.

    These are two different people. If you want proof, show any teenager who has never seen John Lennon. They have not been conditioned.

    Here is the scrawny runt Lennon from Cavett.

    The real Lennon and McCartney would not go along with the Agenda i.e. to systematically deconstruct the mores of Western society. Their music was transcendent, ethereal, sublime. Listen to “Your Gonna Lose That girl” or “The Night Before”.

    The game being played against us is a spiritual one. The hustle is not about money, or power, but spirit.

    “The world, with all of its pomp and props, is but the locale for a war for the soul which is the only reality.”

    Michael A. Hoffman II

    Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare.

    Tom Dalpra
    Tom Dalpra

    For example, the real John Lennon was a powerfully built man, with brawny shoulders and Alpha dog body language.

    Not the scrawny runt that appears in the Dick Cavett video.

    The real John Lennon ?

    Detecting the differences in the doubles is an acquired skill, for me I had to study many pictures of the real Lads before I could begin to detect them easily.

    Sure, I imagine you must have studied this one for hours, looking at the shoulders. As you say he was a little slip-of-a-thing by then, wasn’t he?


    Now you might say you’re at the cutting edge of research Richard Benedict, but
    did you notice the way the skin folds on his penis?
    No? Clearly not.
    We hear only about his rubber neck in the Cavett interview from you. Not, what looks like to me, a rubber penis.
    I think this evidence is as valid as your rubber neck stuff. It’s obvious. It sticks-out like a sore thumb.

    I’ve stared at that penis for hours, I’ve compared it to mine and
    I’ve come to a very firm conclusion. That is a rubber penis and it blows the whole thing open. The bird’s just an unpleasant distraction; no way is that a real dick.



    Lennon Is alive…



    Welcome facebook recent visitor! How did you make it here: Please leave a the link at or



    Lennon Is alive…

    <span class=”embed-youtube” style=”text-align:center; display: block;”></span>

    Yeah, it’s a real drag, isn’t it. LOL!
    Over at PoM, Mark is still convinced that Lennon was a twin…

    The John Lennon twins [Six Beatles and counting]

    John Lennon family photos
    You can see the paper records for the English and Welsh records for the quarter of 1940 for yourself
    click on the spectacles symbol and up comes a downloadble scan of the bound page, created nationally at the end of each quarter.
    At the foot of the page there is a handwritten note directing us to a new entry reference, no doubt relating to the adoption. There is only one Lennon registered in that district at that date: John W

    The amended new entry reads 0323/5, which is the reference for a reissued birth certificate, on adoption, which is said to have occurred when he was 5. In which case, suffix 5 may relate to 1945 or 5. I can’t be sure.

    What is not normal is the absence of any probate records for John’s birth mother and father and his mother’s subsequent partner with whom she had two children named Lennon. The mother and mother’s partner both died in road accidents. [1958 and 1965….an amazing coincidence]

    Equally incredible is sudden reappearance of the absentee father after about 27 years, then his subsequent elopement with an alleged Exeter University student 36 years his junior [whose course studies must have come to an abrupt end] , who apparently fathered two children with her, the second when he was 61, before dying three years later. A further two years later, John’s half siblings received a new stepfather and it seems the couple still reside in Brighton, occupation of Pauline – Astrologer.

    If anyone can prove how one of two twins is not registered at birth, I’d be interested to know. Surely not a contemporary wartime intel ploy to “hold one back for later”?

    Here’s the archived Lennon family tree for reference, with links.

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