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    remeber2001 a space odyssey was not sci-fi

    it was subversion as usual . kubricks space movie was to condition gullible apes that it was possible to land on the moon , wether aesthetically or scientifically you choose , 2001 was not sci fi. told ya,s this years ago

    and with the usual house clowns at centre stage building or riding the rockets.

    artistocrats get the house clowns to lie in order to pass the space race off as a natural evolution of mans discovery( cosmism and jedis lol. and as always looking for a bigger stick .peace as an incentive to build weapons

    the masons house clowns , have thousands of volunteers? that are more than willing to spout bullshit most of the alternate media are in some way controlled,

    anyway subscribe to a truther im sure it,ll be fine
    p.s. steel don’t turn to dust if you hit it with a hammer

    personally though if I jumped on the house clown train id be kicking myself now , these fucks are selling masonic mysteries behind 911, nononnononnonononnononono

    911 was a pat on the head to the house clowns for all their 33 years of loyalty an arranged marriage between cosmism and masonry …..

    now we see the house clowns all over talking bullshit im looking forward to 911




Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)

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