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    Next door at 175 was a Mrs Maria E Henriques is another will-o’the-wisp.

    It only emerges at the inquiry that the 2-bed flat occupied on the 20th floor by the Hamdan/Belkadi family was numgber 175, having been vacated by Henriques following the renovation.
    Malek Belkadi, one of the two daughters of Farah and Omar Belkadi also described as Malak, aged eight or ten had an interesting story…whereas
    Mum-of-two Farah was found clutching Leena in her arms between the 19th and 20th floors.

    Hamdan broke down at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel hearing as he described seeing the family for the last time: “Death has separated us and torn me into pieces.”
    Distraught grandad Hamdan El Alami paid tribute to Farah’s husband Omar Belkadi, 31 and their children Malak, eight, and Leena, six months. [as well as his daughter Farah Hamden, the mother]

    For some reason, the “tribute” is redacted from the live stream, but the Guardian’s blog quotes the speeches

    Bernard Richmond QC is asking questions, which Hamdan is responding to. The couple had three children, earlier there was a request that the media do not name the third child who survived as she is extremely vulnerable.

    Which is patently absurd, because the “surviving” child was named as part of the disaster narrative one day after the fire on 15 June 2017
    Two girls who had not been seen since the devastating tower block fire yesterday morning have been found alive. Growing list of the missing from Grenfell Tower fire Tazmin Belkadi, 6, and her sister Malek, 10, are currently recovering in hospital after they were rescued from the top of the Grenfell Tower.

    That’s also funny/weird, because Malek was subsequently found dead at the top of the tower!

    On June 29 2017, the inquest heard from the usual “court official” source that
    Leena and her eight-year-old sister Malak Belkadi both died from inhalation of fire fumes, the court was told.
    Malak was recovered from the 20th floor and died later at St Mary’s Hospital, where she was taken alongside her sister Tazmin, aged six.

    We are not told the date of “death” in “St Mary’s Hospital”.

    All very odd.

    How did the rescue story emerge? From the Metro again
    Ousama Itani, a resident who has been working throughout the night trying to reunite families, said that the girls had recently been found in hospital. He told Sky News: ‘These two girls here were unaccounted for and were recently just accounted for in a hospital but we’re still looking for their parents and a small baby in their family as well. ‘The little girls were found near the top of the building so we’re very happy they were actually rescued.’

    How would he know that? He’s not a resident in the tower.
    Omar Belkadi was merely listed as “found in the fire”, no story attached.
    Malek was still apparently alive “in hospital” on June 21

    Parents of young sisters miraculously found alive after Grenfell Tower fire are the latest victims officially named

    Back on June 17,
    Yesterday, Farah’s fathe, Rkia Hamdan, issued a desperate appeal for news about his daughter and her family, telling The Sun: ‘We’ve been to all the hospitals and we’ve been searching all day but we still haven’t found them, we just want to know they are safe.

    which is funny, because St Mary’s is their local hospital. the “hospital search” is a standard hoax narrative, as used extensively on 9/11. Rkia lives nearby in North Kensington, so ought to be well acquainted with St Mary’s.

    All we know is that Malak/Malek aged 8 or 10 had “died” by June 28 with no fanfare or announcement by the hospital or in the media – source, Guardian

    I detect some poor scriptwriting, perhaps due to the complexity of the job at Grenfell.

    Meanwhile, when you’ve got people to put in front of the cameras, don’t change the formula. Here’s the Gomes family again with some of the “14 boxes” of melted contents from their flat, describing how they couldn’t get the smell of the fire from their bodies for months.

    Mr Gomes, at the time, said in the convoluted narrative that he
    was woken at around 2am during the night of the blaze, by a [unnamed] neighbour banging on the door. He must have recognised him, because one does open a door…

    Hero dad battles through flames to get pregnant wife and youngest daughter out of burning London tower block from 21st floor before battling smoke-filled stairs to rescue oldest daughter who collapsed

    beneficiaries of £38k GoFundMe largesse.

    They now have a new permanent home, apparently.

    Here is Gomes’ story as told to the Telegraph, July 1 2017
    Mr Gomes said he was woken at around 2am during the night of the blaze, by a neighbour banging on the door.
    He phoned the fire brigade repeatedly, begging them to help his family get out, explaining that his wife was seven months pregnant and asthmatic, and that his youngest daughter was also asthmatic.
    The instructions were the same: to stay put. It wasn’t until around 3.30am when Mr Gomes saw flames burst into his bedroom that he realised he had to get his family or no matter what.
    “I kept shouting from the back ‘keep going, keep going’. What I didn’t realise is that there were already bodies on the stairwell we needed to step over. I said ‘don’t run, I don’t want you to fall. Take each step as it comes’.”

    This may be contrasted with what was told to The Sun on June 15

    Hero dad battles through flames to get pregnant wife and youngest daughter out of burning London tower block from 21st floor before battling smoke-filled stairs to rescue oldest daughter who collapsed

    The family, whose flat was on the 21st floor, had not suspected anything was wrong until 2.30am — an hour after the blaze began. **

    Marcio heard what he described as a “commotion”. [nobody banging on doors, note]

    Terrified neighbours had spotted flames. [not named, of course]

    Two of them [not named, naturally] sought sanctuary at his flat because it seemed to be further away from the blaze.

    “But they [the brave firefighters] wouldn’t send anyone up. By 4.30am the flames had roared up the side of the block. Fire engulfed the whole building.”

    When he saw the blaze reaching his windows he realised he had to act to save his family.

    “Our neighbours [not named] were with us. I was pushing them down as well.”

    Marcio, who was barely able to speak in hospital because his throat was so damaged by fumes, said thankfully: “She [lost daughter Luana
    got out.”


    ** er more than 90 minutes after the fire starte, actually

    Gomes’ next door neighbours at flat 182 all got cooked. How curious and un-neighbourl to the El-Wahabi family. Did nobody “bang on their door”?
    A married couple and their three children are among the people presumed to have died in the disaster.



    The Sabah Abdullah “survival” on the “death” of his wife [at the Inquiry]
    Khadija Khalloufi, 52, with whom he lived on the 17th floor, recalled their 27 years of marriage. He showed a video of them decorating their flat and recalled how they tiled the floor together after getting frustrated with unreliable contractors.
    “The smile doesn’t leave her face,” he said of his wife, who was “very helpful to neighbours in need”.
    “I lost part of me. That’s it,” he said. “I have nothing else to say.”
    From 1:47:38

    he seems pretty cheerful [cf the “grief” at 2:00:30 in the video prepared for the Inquiry] and says his flat 143 was renumbered 173. Er, the 14th floor became the 17th after renovation but the flats were not renumbered. A strange thing to say.

    Back on June 19 2017, we were told the improbable separation story

    Mrs Khalloufi, 52, died after she became separated from her husband, Sabah Abdullah, as they tried to escape.
    The couple left their 17th floor flat when they were alerted to the fire by neighbours at 1.30am. [only 30 mins after starting]
    Due to the crush and panic in the stairwell, they were separated from each other between the 16th and 15th floors.
    Mr Abdullah survived, suffering cuts to his feet after running out in his bedclothes. Mrs Khalloufi’s death was confirmed days after her family were told to expect the worse.

    Odd that she was allegedly found dead on the grass [no photos, of course] outside the tower, whereas Mr Abdullah seems unscathed, and clearly would have been able to spot his wife “on the grass”, dead! It’s nonsense. This is the further nonsense recorded at the inquest into her “death” on June 21 2017

    Khadija Khalloufi, 52, originally from Morocco, lived in flat 143 of the tower and was found unresponsive on June 14 by fire fighters near her home address.
    Her provisional cause of death was given “as inhalation of fire fumes” and she was identified by her fingerprints

    Perhaps because she was unrecognisable after all that “smoke inhalation” to her husband…it’s beyond absurd.

    only 50 feet away, if you believe this garbage

    A heartbroken husband told of his anguish at thinking that his wife escaped the Grenfell Tower fire , only to be told she died on the grass just 50ft from where he was waiting for her.




    Stories of Grenfell related “Fraud” are reaching a crescendo. Post-event fraud is a frequent script adjunt of psy-op scriptwriters and it’s being used to its maximum here.
    For instance, June 1 2018
    Mohammad Gamoota
    Two days after the tragedy, Mohammad Gamoota said he had been living with his father on the 24th floor.
    The 31-year-old also gave the name of a genuine victim of the fire – which killed 72 people ** – as his “father”.
    Gamoota, of Leafy Way, Croydon, was jailed at Isleworth Crown Court for 18 months for two counts of fraud.
    He pleaded guilty to two charges which had aimed to net him a total of £6,784.36.Gamoota was given a room at the Holiday Inn from 16 June and spent eight days a cost of £910 and he also enjoyed £374.35 in room service.
    Gamoota has become the fifth convicted Grenfell fraudster, following Joyce Msokeri, 47, Anh Nhu Nguyen, 53, Elaine Douglas, 51, and Tommy Brooks, 52.

    ** allegedly. The story is absurd, as if nobody checks anything, nobody has any lists of former residents.
    Nguyen has been well covered, but here are the Douglas/Brooks pair from Jamaica
    were put up in hotels for almost a year and handed pre-paid credit and travel cards, all paid for by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

    Douglas and Brooks were also both housed in the Radisson Blu hotel in Kensington.

    Douglas claimed a total £67,123.35 of relief intended for victims of the fire. She spent 276 nights in the Radisson Blu in Kensington, costing the council over £55,000.

    The 51-year-old also spent more than £11,000 on a pre-paid credit card she was given when she complained about the hotel’s food.

    Brooks claimed £58,396.89 of relief and stayed in the Radisson Blu and another hotel for 243 nights. He also spent over £9,000 of charges on a credit card.

    and allegedly
    had managed to avoid immigration authorities for 16 years after entering the UK illegally in the early 2000s.
    Perhaps their ticket to remain if they fess up to the above charade.

    But we’re not finished yet…. three more allegedly taking advantage of the benevolence of the state, three more who raked in £110,000
    Three alleged fraudsters have appeared in court accused of raking in more than £110,000 in housing and other benefits by falsely claiming to have be survivors of the Grenfell Tower disaster.
    Abolaji Onafuye, 54, Koffi Kouakou, 54, and Abdelkarim Rekaya, 28

    Suuuuure they did. Hoax management at its finest.



    For the first anniversary, ITV has produced the expected polishing of the script, with new witnesses and held back “citizen” footage, a “retired” [obviously very recently] firefighter Aldo Diana, plus a modicum of over-acting from others.

    Grenfell The First 24 Hours Wednesday 6 Jun 9pm

    One immediate problem – the extinguishing of the highly questionable “exploding fridge” by the fire brigade has been airbrushed out of the retelling.
    If we recall…back on June 20 2017,
    Firefighters had put out the initial fridge fire at Grenfell Tower and were leaving the building when the blaze suddenly flared up, it has emerged.
    [Fire Brigades Union National OFficer Dave] Green said: “Clearly it was a hot night and if the (fire) was fairly close to an open window then potentially the flames could have got outside – if there were net curtains, something like that, it could have got up.
    “Then the cladding might well have been smouldering.
    “As a firefighter you wouldn’t have thought to look outside. We would assume that the outside of the building would not be compromised.”

    suuuure. Do they expect us to forget these inconvenient hoax narratives?

    Well, if the brave fire fighters had put out the fire intially, the must have seen the exploded fridge freezer, the cause of it, mustn’t they 😉 But now, a Dundee academic doubts whether the fire was started in a fridge freezer.
    “On the basis of the available evidence, it is more likely than not that the area of origin of the fire was in, or around, the tall fridge freezer in the southeast part of the kitchen,” [i.e. adjacent to the living room of Flat 11] Professor Niamh Nic Daid wrote.
    “The originating fire within flat 16 extended out of the kitchen window of the flat and at some point re-entered through the window of the bedroom next to the living room of flat 16 causing further damage to the flat.”

    er, which as Chris Spivey has pointed out, is round the corner on another face of the building.

    Photos of the “distressed” flat, allegedly #16, may be found in this Sun article

    Inside Grenfell Tower after the fire – what does flat 16 look like now and where did it start?

    The “old freezer” is a nice touch, adding extra clutter to the tiny kitchen of this flat housing either one or three people….

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    It’s worth bookmarking this “21st floor” BBC hangout

    featuring the expected performanes from the Gomes and Gebremeskel households.
    Interestingly, the occupant of flat number 184 declined to take part in the progamme.
    Who he? As already mentioned, it was long term resident [allegedly] Mustafa Sirag Abdu, owner of MSA Engineering.
    For some reason, he continues to give his address as the burnt out flat #184 one year down the line. A change of details [on November 30 2017] form was submitted, but it provides no information! Very fishy.
    Meanwhile, the gay couple, about 6 months into their “relationship” who suddenly turned up as tenants of the Nigerian owned flat 185
    The same day, June 14 2017, after hearing allegedly at that they had lost everythin…..


    Lemongrass Crawley

    julesnuggyHappy Birthday to Lee — a quiet evening meal to distance ourselves from today’s events, focus on the most important one, and have some semblance of normality (selfies and food pics). We may have lost all our possessions but we still have each other.

    Back on June 3, we have this upload to “prove” they moved in together with all their possessions [which were naturally lost days later]….


    Notting Hill

    zantetsuken88 2 boys utterly defeated by the flat-moving process.
    #wedidthis3monthsago #movinghouseisahabit #2ndhometogether #lessthan6monthsin
    #boyfriend #gay #couple #moving #London #exhausted

    seem to be living the life of Riley, it’s travel travel travel, fun fun fun. Sounds and looks expensive..

    June 14 2017

    Arora Hotel Gatwick Crawley

    zantetsuken88 Happy Birthday

    My flat may have burned down with everything I own inside, but I’m alive, I’m loved and I have abs. So cheers to nurturing the things I still have, and a fond farewell to the things I’ve lost.

    It’s always time to send an instagram. Ditto his boyfriend

    View this post on Instagram

    Desolate — This was our home. We lived on the 21st floor, 3 down from the top. We went to see it in person for the first time today since the fire and just stood in silence, holding hands. It's almost certain that nothing of ours will have been untouched by the flames. A lifetime of possessions and memories gone in just a few hours. Whilst some of our neighbours on the same floor made it out, some remain unaccounted for. Still so many missing. We are grateful to be here. We went to volunteer at the nearby centre to help sort and pack donations which would be delivered to those in less fortunate situations than us. They've had so many donations that they've got more than they can handle, despite there being dozens of volunteers. It was encouraging to see both the local community and others from further afield collaborating to do what they could to help. People from all walks of life. If you're able to, please help by donating to (100% goes to the charity, no skimming off the top like some platforms) or volunteer to help out at one of the several help centres. . . . . . #grenfelltower #fire #blaze #home #homeless #memories #volunteer #help #charity #grateful #lucky #London #kandcfoundation #kensigtonandchelsea @zantetsuken88

    A post shared by Jules (@julesnuggy) on


    Latimer Road
    julesnuggyDesolate — This was our home. We lived on the 21st floor, 3 down from the top. We went to see it in person for the first time today since the fire and just stood in silence, holding hands. It’s almost certain that nothing of ours will have been untouched by the flames. A lifetime of possessions and memories gone in just a few hours. Whilst some of our neighbours on the same floor made it out, some remain unaccounted for. Still so many missing. We are grateful to be here.

    We went to volunteer at the nearby centre to help sort and pack donations which would be delivered to those in less fortunate situations than us. They’ve had so many donations that they’ve got more than they can handle, despite there being dozens of volunteers. It was encouraging to see both the local community and others from further afield collaborating to do what they could to help. People from all walks of life.

    cheers guys! Glad you were both “away” the night of the fire.

    From the blurb to the BBC 21st floor hangout….
    Flat 185 had been bought from the council in 2000 under right- to-buy rules by its tenant, Nigerian-born Tunde Adoweru.

    He had moved out a few years before and begun to rent out his property.
    They heard about the fire when their landlord called them at about 03:00. They watched the blaze on TV, horrified by what was happening and wondering about their new neighbours.

    Indeed, Mr Adoweru had spent a lot of time NOT letting out the flat, despite it being prominently advertised online. And most absentee landlords would have slept through the fire, to wake next morning to see it on the news.

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    So, here we are at the first anniversary of this dramatic #NDNGH psy-op.
    What was on the menu?
    Assorted buildings turning “Green for Grenfell” e.g East Ham Town Hall, Kensington Palace, 10 Downing Streeet and the conveniently sheeted and un-demolished Grenfell Tower itself.
    GoFundMe – Check


    Lots of hugging, naturally

    and our brave firefighters to the fore


    Yvette Williams, from the Justice 4 Grenfell campaign group, said: “I think we kind of almost move from ‘did it really happen at all?’ ** to ‘it feels like it happened yesterday’, to looking at the struggles the bereaved families and survivors have had over the year (and realising) that it is actually a year.
    “We want the nation to keep Grenfell in their consciousness.

    source –

    Anything else? Certainly. Two suspicious tower block “fires” to remind us….

    June 14 2018
    Fires broke out in high-rise residential blocks in London and Glasgow on the morning of commemorations to mark the anniversary of the Grenfell Tower fire.
    Nearly 60 firefighters and eight fire engines were sent to tackle the blaze on the 12th floor of the block in Elmira Street, Lewisham, at 4.14am. Within two hours, emergency services in Glasgow attended a fire in a high-rise in the Gorbals area of the city. Video shows thick black smoke billowing from the 14th floor of the block on Commercial Road

    An amazing coincidence.

    And to cap it all, Glasgow School of Art mysteriously burnt down yet again.

    [Revision notes – Glasgow, site of the staged Jeep fire bombing of its airport in 2007, not forgetting other key hoaxes it brought to us, the Clutha “helicopter crash” and the marauding “bin lorry” crash.

    Firefighters said it was “too early” to comment on the cause.

    Why no pointing this time, lads?

    ** well, #NDNGH



    The phoney Grenfell “inquiry” winds on. Listen [from about 15.00] to this uniformed stooge from the Fire Brigade stuttering and pausing, basically saying they weren’t told anything.

    But back on 16 November 2016, from Council minutes…Housing & Property Scrutiny Committee….
    Grenfell Tower refurbishment – close liaison with LFB and Fire Risk Assessor throughout the duration of the project. At the conclusion of the work some of the operational firefighters from the local Fire Station attended an onsite briefing where the contractor demonstrated the fire safety features of the

    I guess they weren’t curious. Fire Officer Dowden must be in on it though, hence his “difficulties” under soft ball questioning.

    “Too junior to cope with the blaze”
    Suuuure. I don’t think he was easy with the script.

    Rabbit in the headlights

    …broke down in tears after being shown footage of the disaster…Giving evidence for a second day, he said he initially believed the fire was contained in flat 16 on the tower’s fourth floor.

    But he began to feel “uncomfortable” because “the fire was behaving in a way I’d not seen it behave before”.
    He said it was like a magnesium fire, “sparking and spitting”, adding: “That’s not something I’ve seen before.”
    [@2:30:30 in the video]
    June 26 2018

    he knows jolly well there was no “exploding fridge”. Hence the squirming.

    The phoney non-breakdown is at 40.25 in part 2 of the hearing

    The inquiry was showing the firefighter the approximate moment he realised the flames had spread to the building’s external facade – around 1.19am – when he became visibly upset. When mobile phone footage of the burning tower was shown on the monitors, the inquiry’s top lawyer, Richard Millett QC, sensed Dowden’s distress and halted proceedings.

    Dowden was offered a five-minute break by chairman Sir Martin Moore-Bick, but when asked if he would like longer by Millett, the officer said: “Ten, please.”
    The firefighter used a handkerchief to wipe tears away from his eyes as he was led from the room by an usher.

    Sounds fake, especially since the “tears” are off camera.

    Yes, indeed, the impossible moment when the “fridge fire” broke out of the flat and engulfed the whole building…

    We’ve also had a year to concoct the “witness” stories of the suddenly emerging two female co-inhabitants of fridge flat 16 of Behailu Kebede
    Elsa Afeworki

    Almaz Kinfu
    who didn’t seem to exist until June 2018.

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    The couple’s two older children – 10-year-old Malek Belkadi and Tamzin Belkadi, six – were however located in hospital. Tragically, Malek later died in hospital.

    Their two daughters, Six-year-old Tamzin and eight-year-old Malek, were initially feared dead but were found in hospital by relieved relatives more than 24 hours after the fire.
    Their family said on Thursday that one of them was in a coma and the other had been sedated.

    The Belkadi family narrative seems to be causing problems, which need to be “ironed out” in the Inquiry, using the subsequently concocted firefighters’ stories.

    So, Tazmin survived in hospital, to disappear from the radar.
    How did two children get to hospital without their parents? A mystery.
    Here’s how mum and baby “died”

    A six-month-old baby was found dead in her mother’s arms after being killed by fumes as they attempted to flee down the stairs in Grenfell Tower, an inquest has heard.
    Leena Belkadi was the youngest member of the family to die in the fire, which also killed her parents and sister.
    Westminster Coroner’s Court heard Leena’s body was found in a stairwell between the blocks 19th and 20th floor, where the family lived.

    source, June 29 2017

    What about Mr Belkadi, Omar? All we learn is that he undramatically “also died in the blaze” [allegedly]

    A key bringer of intelligence relating to the Belkadi family was Adel Chaoui
    who, one year later, it was reported, he was
    speaking to The Daily Telegraph just hours after the fire broke out, Mr Chaoui was exhausted and anxious, but hopeful. He had received news from St Mary’s Hospital, where his brother had gone to continue the search; the elder girls had been found
    June 15 2018
    Malak Belkadi, 8, died from smoke inhalation later that day. Mr Chaoui, a father-of-four, spoke of his determination to give little Tazmin, now a “wonderful, vibrant, happy” six year old, as normal a childhood as possible, saying he will do everything to get justice for her parents and sisters, “so that in 30 years’ time, she doesn’t have to”. He said: “She [Tamzin] is going to be a damaged child, we’re not going to avoid that, but what we can do is to limit that damage as much as possible, to make it as normal an upbringing as possible, and smother her with love. She is being brought up with two courageous aunts, her mother’s sisters. There is a reason why she is a funny, happy, articulate child – that is because of them. But they are broken people. They’re strong for her, they’re wonderful for her, but they’re broken.”

    “We had bodies that we were able to go and kiss and hug and say goodbye,” he said.
    “They died of smoke inhalation, there was no burning. Their facial features were there. They were just covered in this black awful soot, this oil, I guess

    But what about Mr Belkadi? No comment. Mr Chaoui has become an an activist and “has thrown himself into the fight for justice”

    “I’m making sure that a six-year-old girl isn’t campaigning in 30 years time, like the families from Hillsborough. I’m not going to allow that to happen.”
    The key firefighter whose story involved the Belkadi family [or rather ought to have done] was David Badillo, at 2.11.34

    who went awol on an absurd script narrative, allegedly, to rescue an unattended 12 year old girl [Jessica Urbano] whose sister Melanie Urbano had mysteriously turned up at the tower [allegedly] and pressed a bunch of keys into Badillo’s hand….
    [no sign of any Urbano parents at this point in the psy op, btw] for flat 176. Ha, conveniently directly above the “exploding fridge” flat #16, albeit 16 floors up.

    . We did not pass anyone between the 8th and 20th floor. After the others joined me and caught their breath, we entered the 20th floor and the smoke was so thick that I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face. Flat 16 had been to the right of the lobby door, so I guessed that flat 176 would be to the right too. I found what I thought was flat 176, but had to use my torch and put my face right up close to the door. I moved on to the next door and saw
    that it was 175
    , so returned to 176, satisfied that it was the correct flat.


    blockquote>Jessica’s remains were later found in flat 201 on the 23rd floor.

    The officer, who has been a firefighter for 20 years, also faced questions over whether he knocked on the door of flat 175 while he was looking for Jessica.
    “Did you knock on the door or shout to anybody on the inside?” The answer was NO. Or any other doors on this or any other floor. [Take home message for the masses – the tower was occupied – lol! ]
    Cue grief.
    As reported…

    Jessica’s remains were later found in flat 201 on the 23rd floor. [the flat of a single West Indian man in his 60s…..who was allegedly, and heroically giving sanctuary to several others according to the narrative…suuuure they were]

    The officer, who has been a firefighter for 20 years, also faced questions over whether he knocked on the door of flat 175 while he was looking for Jessica.
    Becoming tearful, he replied: “No. To the family of people in flat 175 – I was looking for another girl. I did not know there was anyone in there.” Four members of the Belkadi family died in flat 175.**

    source. Independent June 29 2018

    ** ER, actually #NDNGH, and we have even been told, as per the narrative, that one of the Belkadi troupe “died” in hospital and two other “died” in the stairwell below the 20th floor.

    Flat 175 only seems to have been “occupied” by the Belkadi family since the renovation, a Mrs Maria E. Henriques having been listed against this 2-bed flat in 2013,indeed since before 2002. Hmmmm.

    It’s just one big festival of lies and stories. There is zero evidence for anything independently verifiable other than that the tower burnt down and several fire engines turned up. Naturally, the radios of the fire brigade weren’t working, though for some strange reason, the “timestamped” CCTV showing the attired firefighters entering the building WAS working. An interesting inverted hoax narrative to suit the script.

    This one will run and run for years to come, 9/11 style.

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    And right on cue for the inquiry… the tower next to Grenfell….
    piers Thompson @piersthompson
    10h10 hours ago
    Fire on 15th floor of Whitstable House, “The Tower Next Door”. Contained, compartmentalised and over. In less than an hour. What would have happened without the…

    Strangely no photos anywhere of the “black smoke”.

    The blaze was confined to a small part of a flat on the 16th floor, and it was brought until control in less than an hour.
    “A small part of a flat on the 16th floor of the building was damaged by fire.
    “The Brigade was called at 12.47pm and the fire was under control at 1.36pm.
    “Fire crews from Kensington, Hammersmith and Paddington fire stations attended the scene.
    “The cause of the fire is under investigation.”


    Councillor Judith Blakeman, who represents the Notting Dale ward on Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Council, said “a lot of black smoke” could be seen coming from the tower

    which mysteriously avoided all photographers
    July 3 2018

    Whitstable tower not on fire…

    Grenfell tower on fire [the time’s always right for such a photo]

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    The parallels between the Grenfell and WTC 9/11 scripts continue….
    Grenfell survivors may be at risk of asbestos poisoning, says coroner

    Dr Fiona Wilcox ** has written to Simon Stevens, the chief executive of NHS England, urging him to take action to prevent the death toll rising in a formal notice that cites the experience of firefighters and others affected with health problems years after the 9/11 attacks on the US.she was concerned that no structured health screening programme is in place for people including firefighters and other first responders who were exposed to risks of smoke and dust inhalation.

    i.e long-term health screening, which is additional to the therapy for…

    ongoing mental health problems caused by the trauma of the disaster, including to crime scene investigators who spent months tracing through the charred debris of the tower

    But since #NDNGH there could have been no trauma.

    ** who cut her teeth on the phoney “spy-in-the-bag hoaxed death of GCHQ operative and MI6 officer Gareth Williams, which loner was an excellent candidate for a new life, as well as the railway death farce of cricketer Tom Maynard



    Our favourite hoax narrative markers…

    London Fire Commissioner Dani Cotton ***:
    Source September 27 2018 London Evening Standard
    who said at the Inquiry

    … the scene was “like a disaster movie” and told a colleague: “This can’t actually be happening… I can’t believe what I’m seeing.”

    She insisted the incident was so unprecedented that trying to prepare for it would be like training for the “Space Shuttle to land on the Shard”… cannot help but compare it to 9/11.

    additional source, Metro
    Back in June 2017,

    Dany Cotton said the scene looked like something out of a “disaster movie”. Speaking to the Observer…

    source Observer June 17 2017

    A firefighter who attempted to rescue a 12-year-old girl from Grenfell Tower…DAvid Badillo….In his witness statement, Mr Badillo described the scene in North Kensington as “like a disaster movie”

    source, Independent June 29 2017

    *** Three months into her job as a firefighter and still a teenager, she had attended the 1988 Clapham Junction train crash in which 35 people died. +++
    uh oh!!!
    +++[actually didn’t die, it was yet another disaster drill – see Fakeologist thread]

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    This most important #NDNGH #HRDPAR of recent years in the UK carries on with yet more hoax management, just as the “BSR” contingent [“Bereaved, Survivors Residents”] troops through the expensive inquiry with their prepared statements, either in person or communicated through lawyers

    And suddenly, on November 5th, a video “emerges” of a staged Grenfell Tower burning which is catapulted over the MSM to ensure the official narrative is cemented further.

    Cue outrage, statements by the Prime Minisiter, the Head of the Metropolitan Police, the local MP, lead items on all news broadcasts…
    The footage was uploaded to Twitter by Kay Oldroyd ** – who has reported it to the Met Police as a hate crime.

    She raged: “I want these beasts prosecuted. Flying the English flag and enjoying a good old laugh at the expense of 100’s of lives who died in the most horrific way.

    “This is the sick mentality of racist, bigoted individuals. As much as I hate to share this video I want them identified.”
    ** to make sure the MSM could spread the video – cue consternation, anger …job done.

    Tweet unavailable. Twitter stream private – obvious hallmark of a staged event.

    Kay OldroydProtected Tweets
    Coach / Mentor. Founder @bya_awardsuk *** & Editor SOS Stories of Success . Director @yiexcellence.
    The earliest retweet of this hidden video was 1.26 pm November 5 2018 GMT/UTC

    *** = Black Youth Awards

    The earliest available copy on twitter was timed at 2:18 PM

    Neatly “found” by the BBC at 4.40 pm in time for the 5pm radio and 6pm TV news channels

    The Justice4Grenfell campaign group said the video “has caused great alarm and distress”.

    The group said: “This is clearly a hate crime and as a society we should never tolerate these types of blatant acts of hatred.

    “We have an expectation that the police will look into this robustly and that the perpetrators will face the full force of the law.”

    London Mayor Sadiq Khan backed Justice4Grenfell’s call for the video to be removed from social media. ****

    He said: “I utterly condemn this sickening video… I urge social media companies to do the right thing and remove this content immediately.”

    Natasha Elcock, from Grenfell United, said: “Not only is it extremely upsetting to survivors and people who lost family, it’s hateful and offensive to everyone that has been affected by the tragic events of that night.”

    The video has not yet been verified by the BBC.
    LOL! Of course it hasn’t.

    **** after the job has been done. Some hope.

    Quickly picked up by key Grenfell gatekeeper for onward transmission

    scroll back to June 14 2017 and the Guardian Report
    Celeste Thomas, who lives across the road from the building, has been tweeting from the scene as firefighters struggle to bring the enormous blaze under control. She says she saw falling debris and could hear damage from inside.

    Celeste Thomas (@mamapie)
    West London, Latimer Road, right now. Struggling to bring fire under control. ?
    June 14, 2017

    Thomas’s recapitulation
    Celeste SPT

    Follow Follow @Celeste_SPT
    More Celeste SPT Retweeted Sheraz Khan
    72 men, women, children & babies died in the #GrenfellTower fire just 16 months ago. The last funeral was only weeks ago.

    It’s not an effigy of a man hundreds of years dead. The pain is being felt now.

    Anyone burning a “#Grenfell” effigy tonight is scum. Utterly revolting.Celeste SPT added,

    Sheraz Khan

    Replying to @Forcegayle @RagsMartel @itvlondon
    This is sickening
    7:11 AM – 5 Nov 2018 [3:11 PM UTC]

    Celeste SPT @Celeste_SPT [the new account, ex @mamapie which has been removed…]
    21h21 hours ago [4:52 PM UTC]
    Replying to @cjwerleman
    I was there that night, I was covered in ash, saw people die, still live meters away now – I’ve seen a lot of disgusting attitudes towards residents, survivors & the bereaved but nothing has disgusted me like this has. The last funeral was only a few weeks ago.

    Hard on the heels of a recent victimhood story
    Figures show 151 households are in emergency or temporary accommodation 16 months after the blaze, which killed 72 people. Of these, 25 households are living in hotels.

    According to figures obtained by shadow housing minister John Healey, 204 households from Grenfell Tower and Grenfell Walk needed new homes after the fire.

    Of these, 130 households have moved into permanent housing. But 39 remain in emergency accommodation, including 22 households living in hotels, and another 35 are in temporary accommodation.

    Further to this, 161 households living in the Walkways blocks — Brandon Walk, Testerton Walk and Hurstway Walk, Treadgold House and Bramley House — were offered new homes *****. Of these, just two households have moved into permanent housing. A total of 72 households are still in temporary accommodation, while five are in emergency homes — three in hotels and two in serviced apartments. The rest have ended up staying in their original homes.
    ***** which were not fire damaged.

    Note there were only 120 one and two bedroom flats in the old part of Grenfell tower, plus nine incorporated on modernisation beneath the above.

    The psy-op management rumbles on.



    And then, something curious, just as the sub-psy-op of serious chemical contamination and respiratory problems comes into play –
    October 30 2018

    Prof John Ashton, RBKC’s interim director of public health, told the meeting [Oct 29] he also regretted that nothing had been done when Prof Anna Stec, an independent expert, flagged a potential problem.

    So, where did Ashton spring from??

    [Chief executive] Barry Quirk said he wished the council (RBKC) had acted in February when it was told of concerns ab,out toxins found in preliminary tests on soil and residue samples around the tower….Stec, an expert in fire chemistry and toxicology who leads a team at the University of Central Lancashire, told them her early tests had revealed high concentrations of potential carcinogens in dust and soil, and in burned debris that had fallen from the tower.

    The council and PHE decided not to act on the advice, insisting that air quality tests around the tower had shown no cause for concern….But Stec had still not provided details of her findings to PHE or the council, said Dr Rupert Lewis, a senior government scientist who will be leading the programme.

    Yup, looks like another psy-op.

    Earlier, Oct 12, the Guardian reported that Stec was

    one of the world’s leading toxicology experts, the Guardian can reveal….In briefings to senior health agency staff, Stec said she had found “huge concentrations” of potential carcinogens in the dust and soil around the tower in west London, and in burned debris that had fallen from the tower.

    High levels of hydrogen cyanide were also present in the soil she analysed.

    The Guardian has been upto its neck in this psy-op, so this sub-routine follows naturally.

    And now we learn, naturally from The Guardian, Oct 31 2018, that Kensington & Chelsea

    plans to build about 300 more homes on council-owned sites in the north of the borough near the burnt-out shell of the west London tower…An additional 300 homes will be built for private sale and rent, which will help fund the new social homes, along with a £33.6m grant from the Greater London Authority.

    Nobody is asking where the land for this development will come from.

    But back to John Ashton

    We can see why he’s been drafted in.

    Ashton was present as a spectator at the [Hillsborough] football match on 15 April 1989. He tended to some of the casualties and made a statement about the events
    In 2002 Ashton directed the response to the Legionnaires outbreak *** in Barrow-in-Furness which resulted in 7 fatilities
    In November 2010 Ashton was called before the Home Affairs Select Committee to give his views on the Cumbria shootings.*** Ashton believes the event would not have occurred without the media sensation of gun crime, in particular the reporting of the Columbine High School massacre. He feared the extensive coverage in Cumbria would sow the seeds for another event somewhere in the world

    In August 2014, Ashton criticised what he called “the moral bankruptcy of capitalism” for being unwilling to deal with the ebola epidemic ***
    *** hmmmmmm

    So Ashton seems an ideal choice to deal with the management of the Grenfell psy-op.
    In fact it’s a family business, as reported in 2013, this “directing” of public health….more “experts” to be relied on.

    Maggi Morris, who is director of public health for NHS Central Lancashire, is married to Prof John Ashton, director of public health for Cumbria and a former regional director of public health for North West England.
    Prof Ashton has been elected president of the UK Faculty of Public Health and John’s son Mathew has been appointed acting director of public health for NHS Knowsley on Merseyside.

    Further reporting on “the meeting”

    What is strange is that this government document–2/directors-of-public-health-in-england
    tells me that one Dr Mike Robinson is the Director of Public Health in Kensington & Chelsea. Where did he go to at this important juncture for the psy-op? He was only appointed in November 2015 and was still in post in May 2018, his deputy one Andy Liggins.



    And hard on the heels of the above post, Prof John Ashton CBE, interim director of public health at RBKC, is in the news again….he’s had his CBE medal stolen.


    It was taken from his home, along with jewellery and a BB gun, on Tuesday 6 November at his property in Dent.[near Sedbergh, Cumbria]

    Dr Ashton said:

    You hear about how awful it is to be burgled and to have strangers roaming around your home and stealing your precious things but it is only when it happens to you that you experience that sickening sense of violation.
    I am not somebody who cares much about possessions but what has been stolen means such a lot emotionally.
    My wife’s jewellery that has gone includes things that were her mother’s and grandmother’s as well as the diamond and pearl necklace that we bought for my mother when we went to Buckingham Palace for me to receive my CBE.

    The CBE itself is irreplaceable because it was put around my neck by the Queen with my mother present not long before my mother died.
    I can’t imagine that the thief will have got more than a few pounds for it. I hope that whoever did this will understand my wife and my feelings and return these things which are so emotionally important to us.”

    How much crime is manufactured?

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