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    Yet another fishy witness Sajad Jamalvatan. Suspicions are aroused by him being quoted in the Guardian, [guardian of hoaxes]
    June 28 2017
    Sajad Jamalvatan, a biomedical engineering student who lived on the third floor of the block, has established a Whatsapp community of 86 families who escaped from the block, calling the group Grenfell United. From conversations with these residents over the past fortnight he is sceptical about the police death toll of 79 and believes that the actual number is likely to be above 120.
    hmmm that’s a long way above zero.

    The third floor? Those are the brand new flats beneath the old 20 stories…
    And at, Sajad is at home with his parents in Ilford
    When did they move in? “Just months ago” actually. That’s bad luck.

    Before the fire
    I moved from Iran eight years ago and became a British citizen.

    [as one does…says his mother Mahboubeh]
    I moved to the tower a few months ago with my daughter Sahar, 23, and son Sajad, 22. They are at university in London. For the first time for so long, I felt truly happy.
    Everybody wants to come to the UK where they can be happy…

    but he’s only just activated his 2013 opened twitter account – just one inane blokish tweet about, you’ve guessed it, football, before his single Grenfell tweet.

    Sajad Jamalvatan? @SajadJamalvatan Jun 14
    From a Genfell tower to a great fail tower
    Glad my friends and family safe but what about others??!

    just another crisis actor Why is Kensington and Chelsea housing families from Norman Road in Redbridge borough? Or is it an owner occupier flat? Just curious.

    He witnessed an explosion and a body coming down from the 16th or 17th floor….
    Sajad Jamalvatan lives in the Grenfell Tower. He was there when the fire started and his mother managed to escape. He describes what he saw at the scene.
    14 Jun 2017
    From the section UK

    And his mother managed to escape.
    LONDON—Sajad Jamalvatan was at the movies Tuesday night when he got a call from his panicked mother. Come home quickly, she begged.

    “The building is on fire!” she said.

    A few minutes later, the 22-year-old biomedical engineering student rounded the corner to see Grenfell Tower transforming into an inferno.

    “As soon as I arrived, someone pointed and said, ‘Someone is jumping! Someone is jumping!’” he recounted on Wednesday with the smell of smoke lingering in the air. He estimated the person jumped from the 16th or 17th floor of the 24-floor tower.

    LONDON—Sajad Jamalvatan was at the movies Tuesday night when he got a call from his panicked mother. Come home quickly, she begged.
    “The building is on fire!” she said.
    A few minutes later, the 22-year-old biomedical engineering student rounded the corner to see Grenfell Tower transforming into an inferno.

    “As soon as I arrived, someone pointed and said, ‘Someone is jumping! Someone is jumping!’” he recounted on Wednesday with the smell of smoke lingering in the air. He estimated the person jumped from the 16th or 17th floor of the 24-floor tower.“Seeing people die in front of you …” he said as his voice trailed off and he stared hard at the sidewalk.

    He said the blaze had advanced quickly, and that the alarms did not appear to have been triggered.
    “When I arrived, there were 10 flats on fire. After that, the whole building was on fire,” he said.
    He snapped his fingers. “It went like that,” he said.

    I doubt it.
    Jamalvatan gives another video interview in the above link

    I bet there are no images of Mahboubeh or Sahar wandering the streets in their night clothes

    No sign of any distressed residents in pyjamas in his own video, a specially set up channel for his Grenfell experience…

    one of his interviews is at 1.14 in the following videoe

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    As with Jamalvatan’s video, this exgtended clip, from 0.42 shows what looks like a clever vertical pyrotechnic display in one segment of the tower [from 0.42] I doubt there is any fire inside an flat. The left side looks quite normal.


    Local Resident Joe Delaney of the “Grenfell Action Group” is all over this event. The key go-to person for a quote or interview.
    June 29….

    Local resident Joe Delaney, who managed to escape the fire and also help some of his neighbours get out of the building with their children,
    There’s no online record of anyone called Delaney living in the tower.

    shows “fob” at 0.30
    “What did we wake them for?” He saw two jumpers at the back of the block and said “I know a lady who threw her kid out..”.[but didn’t see it of course.

    However, a Joseph Delayney is listed as living in nearby Barandon Walk.

    Joe Delaney was a resident of the building, and he told Channel 4 news about how, thanks to his fob key, he was able to lead people out of the back of the burning building. Otherwise they would have been trapped.
    Delaney also said that he isn’t sure if he and others outside the building should have tried to wake sleeping residents as the fire blazed, because it was too late to help them.
    “What did we wake them for? They woke up and were still trapped in that building and no-one could get out,” he said.

    Again, we see no images of people who appear to have been woken from their sleep and are being evancuated in photos and videos.

    Here Delaney says he lived in the block next to the tower

    Here he is again, with dog again

    “they want to restore the original roadways…” allegedly
    June 29 2017
    Joe Delaney, from the Grenfell Action Group, said the fire was “a criminal matter” and doubted whether the inquiry could deliver what residents wanted.
    He said he was willing to give the inquiry the benefit of doubt, but warned residents’ patience was “wafer thin”.

    Who else is busying himself with this Grenfell psy-op? Russell Brand
    of course…


    Nice set of images from the BBC [recipient of “leaked documents” concerning the cladding…] showing the pattern of fire damage, or lack of it.
    June 30 2017


    Note also the escapee from Hong Kong, [who has a Vietnamese not Chinese name] at about 0.50, from the 15th floor with alleged wife and 12 year old son [flat #12x] who also does not appear on any online lists – Anhtuan Nguyen

    “I saw the bodies on the floor, everywhere, dead. We go on the 10th floor and 9th floor, lots of bodies on the floor everywhere. Too many people run run run, they push push push….I turned round and looked for my family, gone”
    Ah, I see where this is leading, they all “died” in the crush. No missing posters for the Nguyens. Perhaps he never lived there. Opening the door for many more “illegal” residents to be found dead in the coming months.
    He’s another totally unbelievable “witness” who has learnt his lines.

    Oh dear, it seems Mr Nguyen is already being written out of the script…
    June 29 2017 5.09 PM
    Grenfell fire ‘fraud’: Man charged with fraud over allegations he pretended he had lost family to gain money
    Yes, doesn’t this, man who can hardly speak a word of english, look scheming and devious…[not]

    Anh Nhu Nguyen, 52, is alleged to have attempted to gain money and housing by pretending loved-ones had died in the blaze that is believed to have killed at least 80 people.
    He allegedly came forward in the immediate aftermath of the fire and was assigned family liaison officers, claiming to have lost his wife and son in the fire along with all of his property.
    Scotland Yard said the man attempted to claim financial support stating he had lost all his property.

    He was arrested on suspicion of fraud on Wednesday evening and later charged with five counts of fraud.

    He will appear in custody at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Friday.
    Police said an investigation was launched after “inconsistencies” allegedly emerged in his story.
    Officers spoke to nearby residents of the flat in Grenfell Tower, who confirmed that the man did not live at the address.

    The Metropolitan Police said that they have also traced an address around 20 miles away in Bromley where the man was said to have been living at the time of the fire.
    A spokesman said: “It has also been established that the man does not have a wife or child.”

    But he did managee to get interviewed by i.e assignbed to the media by “family liaison officers, no doubt”.[aka intelligence handlers] Job done – i.e. there are “real victims”
    Another BS story. Grenfell “Fraud” indeed. Insurance fraud, more like.

    And another ridiculous story from a week ago
    June 22 2017

    A young bride-to-be is believed to have died in the Grenfell Tower fire after refusing to leave her elderly parent

    good start, brides, babies, pregnant women, all great for narratives
    Her brothers did the same and are also thought to have perished in the blaze.

    A relative told The Times Hosna Begum, 22, and her brothers, Hanif, 26, and Hamid, 29, refused to leave their mother, Rabeya, and father, Kamru Miah, who was 82, during the deadly fire.
    They perished in their flat on the 17th floor as flames raged around them.

    Their cousin Samir Ahmad, 18, said: “They stayed with their mum and dad. Family was so important to them. They lived together and they died together.
    “Their dad could barely walk anyway. What were they going to do? Abandon him?”

    One of the brothers in the family survived because he had recently moved out.

    Ideal candidates for 17nd floor life. That would be flat number 14x, same floor as Phuntujaria and Tankarian. [q.v.]
    And guess what, they don’t appear on any online list.
    Hey, mum and dad are going to get cooked, let’s all get cooked together!
    Make sense?
    All emigrated together makes much more sense.
    So he’s 82 and he has children aged 22, 26 and 29? I’m impressed.
    Until 2011 at least, the family is located in Ashburnham Mansions, West Brompton SW10

    I wonder what prompted their move to the 17th floor of Grenfell Tower?

    very nice

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    Councillor Robert Atkinson at a very staged looking meeting of K&C council
    “The TMO has been a disaster from start to finish”, the councillor replied.

    Enlightened by James that the TMO has four people on salaries higher than that of the Prime Minister’s, he added: “The fact they are in office and get paid high salaries doesn’t mean that they have produced a decent service.”

    as we can see, current local MP and “architecture critic” Emma Dent Coad was on the committee until the end of October 2012, after a stint of four years.
    immediately before which time, Sir Tim Rice, “musician” was also on the board. 1995-7 and 2001-8

    Also Mushtaq Lasharie [vide supra] 2005-8
    Dent Coad handed the KTMO baton to Councillor Judith Blakeman at the same time and who has been quite vociferous of late, especially well quoted in the Guardian [of hoaxes] newspaper
    In March, local councillor Judith Blakeman, who sits on the KCTMO board, raised residents’ fears about the installation by the National Grid of gas pipes in the main stairwells. The landlord assured her they would be boxed in with “fire-rated” protection, but this was not done, Blakeman said. She also said she requested an independent safety adjudication of the building, but this was declined.

    “I was treated like I was a nuisance,” she said. “I raised 19 complaints on behalf of individual residents. Every single time we were told that the board had satisfied itself that the fire safety was fine.”

    I guess minutes would confirm that…
    Laura Johnson, Kensington and Chelsea’s director of housing, complained to the local Labour ward councillor Judith Blakeman in an email on 22 May that “National Grid have been and continue to be a law unto themselves and, despite repeated requests from the TMO to act in a more consultative and collaborative manner with the landlord, this has not taken place”.
    but wasn’t/isn’t Blakeman on the TMO board?

    Note the fascinating, predictive quote from absent landlord, who attempted to let his flat for £2000 per month, no. 185,
    In an email to Kensington and Chelsea at least three months before the disaster, Tunde Awoderu, vice-chair of Grenfell Tower Leaseholders’ Association, wrote: “This exposed gas pipe throughout the building has put our life in danger and we don’t feel secure in the building any more. “If there was a gas leak on one of those pipes and someone was smoking that would be the end of the building

    Highly prophetic.

    “At least”? Surely an email is dated? I wonder who the chair of the Leaseholders Association is? There aren’t many of them.


    June 25 2015
    GRENFELL TOWER – Propaganda, Lies and Fact

    It has come to the attention of residents 0f Grenfell Tower that our local elected Councillors are misrepresenting what is actually happening to tenants and leaseholders as a result of the Grenfell Tower Improvement Works.

    Councillor Blakeman, in a recent report to the Constituency Labour Party, claimed that only twelve households are resisting the works being carried out in their homes and that other residents are “furious” that those resisting the works may delay the completion date of the project.

    We believe that Councillor Blakeman is merely parroting TMO propaganda on this issue, that she is working against the interests of residents in trying to minimise the level of opposition to the poor standard of work, and is not giving the true facts.

    July 22 2015
    In a report, dated June 2015, to her Kensington Labour Party colleagues, Judith Blakeman was markedly unsupportive of residents. She insinuated that there was a small group of trouble-makers in Grenfell Tower who may need to be prosecuted by the TMO and that the majority of other Grenfell Tower residents were “furious” with these protesters who were seen as simply holding up the works.

    However, to her credit, Councillor Blakeman seems to have changed her tune after receiving a visit from Pilgrim Tucker of Unite Community, and following a meeting with a group of concerned Grenfell Tower residents at a recent local Councillor surgery.


    and most interestingly, December 2015

    Grenfell Tower residents pleas fall on deaf Tory ears

    . Cllr Blakeman went on to point out that if Grenfell Tower had been demolished, even without demolition costs, paying disturbance allowances and re-providing 120 homes would cost the Council more than £24 million. By spending £11 million on the Grenfell Tower refurbishment, residents were helping RBKC to save at least £15 million.

    Was E11m really spent? It can’t be verified. Perhaps that was the true amount.

    and finally, December 2015
    There is no denying the excellent casework that Blakeman and (some of) her colleagues do on behalf of individual constituents, but we have learned from long experience that, on the macro level, the RBKC Labour Group is notable for its political duplicity, and they sometimes choose to run with the hare, but are also known to hunt with the tory hounds.

    I Wonder who was writing this blog.

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    So now it becomes apparent that the absurdly staged council meeting was a vehicle to allow the leader and deputy leader of RBKC to resign.

    Previously two members of influential housing charity Shelter bailed out
    And now, we have the “proof” that people really did jump out of the tower….
    Mohamed Amied Neda, who lived on the 23rd floor, was found outside the tower and died from multiple injuries consistent with a fall, the hearing was told.
    [by some junior plod not doubt]
    with just his baton
    The final inquest was also into the death of Abdeslam Sebbar, 67, who died from inhalation of fire fumes.

    He was found in a flat on the 11th floor of the tower and identified by DNA.

    Mohammed Al Haj Ali, previously named as Mohammad Alhajali
    I’d never have guessed it was the same person..
    ..body was found outside the tower block and his preliminary cause of death was given as multiple injuries consistent with a fall from a height, the inquest heard..
    Oh noes, another jumper.

    Husna Begum, 22, and her relative Rabeya Begum, 64, were also among the dead.
    Both causes of death were “consistent with the effects of fire” and they were identified by dental records, the inquest heard.

    I was wondering when “dental record” identification was going to be used. A standard psy-op tool.
    Relative? I thought it was her mother last time I tuned in.
    Just another synthetic inquest.

    Incidentally, the video accompanying this article shows yet another meeting with BBC agent Victoria Derbyshire and the same handful of actors and prime movers in this psy-op.
    “Grenfell victims explode in frustration at Tory housing minister”
    Another staged event.


    Crisis actor spotted in Channel 4 news June 14 coverage

    I thought the little night time emergency services tableau at about 19.00 looked a lot like a drill, the usual signs, not much going on. Strange people not intered in the fire behind them just hanging around.. When the camera zoomed in, once can see clearly Olawaseun Talabi propped up against a tree, with his girlfriend,seemingly taking part in a mini drill, simulating recovery from smoke inhalation, since an oxygen mask is dangled near his face. There is a child nearby.
    See also at 21:55. It’s definitely him, he looks OK The scene is more redolent of Manet’s Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe than an escape from The Towering Inferno.

    Note a West Indian man at around 11.28 who lives very close to the tower, with a London accent – obviously he’s lived around there all his life – who said he didn’t know a single person in Grenfell Tower! Some community!

    Here he is giving his 14th floor escape story, suffering a banged head and breathing problems

    At 4.05 I don’t see the bump on the head. Perhaps he banged it on the tree. Even so, a plane tree ought to have produced some contusions.

    His act continued recently at the staged meeting with Alok Sharma, government housing minister
    Oluwaseun Talabi, who escaped from his 14th floor flat with his daughter tied to his back, got up off his chair to confront Sharma.

    Gesticulating to the minister while being held back by two other residents, he said: “I’m not moving my child from here to here to here. I want permanent accommodation. If you don’t give me permanent accommodation I’m not going to accept it.” [sic]

    Even the restraining seemed poorly acted, one of the restrainers looks like Sajad Jamalvatan.

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    And here’s Olawaseun making his grand return to the tower for the BBC, having left, allgedly, the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital.

    His partner didn’t want her face shown – indeed she seemed very camera shy in the night time drill set-piece. @3:35

    From 6:37, we see the familiar face of Mahad Egal

    [incidentally, David A Collins, interviewed by Channel 4, as a past resident of the 21st floor, is found in electoral rolls, but not on the RKBC list. That’s because he moved in AFTER the renovation. And left in October 2016
    He moved out shortly before another member of the association wrote that a serious fire was a real possibility


    When Collins woke on Wednesday morning to the news, he said, “I was appalled, I was angry, I was upset – but I wasn’t surprised. I wasn’t surprised. The worst-case scenario was a fire. We knew there would have to be a tragedy before someone would do something.”

    Collins first made the call for an inquiry in January 2016, in a speech at a meeting of Kensington and Chelsea council’s housing and planning scrutiny committee. He also raised residents’ concerns over the conduct of the building’s tenant management organisation (TMO) and its contractors.
    I think my initial reaction would be to think what a lucky escape I had had if i hadn’t moved out. Perhaps he was in the privately rented flat number 185.

    This transcript tells us that the ubiquitous “off duty nurse” in various interviews and meetings is called simone Williams


    Local Activist, writer and cinematographer Ishmahil Blagrove speaking about Grenfell Tower…from 6:20

    “Do you think any rich white man’s going to go and by a house in Grenfell tower? –

    …they’re just as poor and working class” [after they have purchased under the right to buy] @9:38
    [he thinks only men buy houses]
    He’s misinformed then, because top floor flat 206 is owned by a rich white female barrister whose provided address on the RBKC pages is estimated to be worth £3 million! [Zoopla]
    Flat 206 Grenfell Tower, which sold for £85,000 on 04/03/2003. and again for £190,000 on 09 Oct 2006, the most recent sale.

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    Lesser known residents…
    Flat 195, 22nd floor, was sold for…
    £270,000 on 15th Dec 2011 – probabl market value nearer to 400K now.
    Almost certainly a two-bed flat

    The pre-renovation data sheet shows Chia-Yuan Naomi Li being the owner and resident.

    Here she is
    Chia-Yuan Naomi Li
    Yield Developer at easyJet
    easyJet UCL
    London, Greater London, United Kingdom

    Degree Name Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Field Of Study Geomatic Engineering
    Dates attended or expected graduation 2010 – 2015
    High Rate Accelerometer and GPS Integration for Earthquake Monitoring

    Yield Developer at easyJet Luton
    May 2016-present

    Again, not the stereotyped resident/local authority purchaser of Ishmahil Blagrove.
    Nice wedding, October 2015 to Lee Chapman in Cambridge
    and off to an Easy Jet destination…
    Neither of them appears on public electoral rolls in Grenfell Tower

    GoFundMe – check by EasyJet friends and family.
    raised of £9,500 target by 367 supporters

    The story…
    Two of our loveliest colleagues live in one of the apartments in this building, on the 22nd floor; Naomi Li (Yield) and Lee Chapman (Scheduling & former A.L.O.). Naomi managed to escape the building, and received treatment in hospital, and is recovering well. Lee, at the time was away on business in Kuala Lumpur. Lee has been flown home at the earliest opportunity to be with his wife and family.
    Whilst we are incredibly grateful that both of them are unhurt; their home has been destroyed by the fire, along with all of their possessions, sentimental items and physical memories. We know that it will be incredibly difficult to rebuild their lives following this tragedy.

    Kuala Lumpur….

    That’s an escape story, well two lucky escape stories, because Naomi might have died while Lee was away, which didn’t make the mainstream media. I wonder why?
    “occupation – Operations”

    I’m getting the feeling that Lee and Naomi didn’t live in Grenfell Tower, don’t know why. They both work at Luton Airport… and …

    January 26 2016
    A Meldreth man has become an internet sensation after starting a petition to recognise Taiwan as an independent country.
    Lee Chapman, of North End, launched the petition ‘Recognise Taiwan as a country’ last Monday, and after only three days had 10,000 signatures – the level at which the Government has to respond.
    Lee, who married Taiwanese Naomi Li in Cambridge in October, said: “I started the petition in order to try and get the UK to formally recognise Taiwan as a country, because currently it does not.

    no doubt Lee’s parents’ address.
    but I might be wrong.

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    UCL Geomatics? @UCLGeomatics
    Congratulations to Naomi Li for passing her PhD viva with minor corrections.Thesis title to come in next tweet!
    6:16 AM – 10 Sep 2015 [2:16 PM BST]

    Naomi and Lee seem to have been running in the Milton Keynes area in 2015/6
    Lee in the Royston Runnes club, Naomi unattached.
    Neither entered in 2017.

    July 2015 in Taipai – source


    And who’s this helping residents to compile their own figures of “dead”? Someone called Sue Caro
    see from about 13:30 here

    from the expected Justice 4 Grenfell movement.

    “Worked at BBC”
    “producer” “film producer” “consultant” “diversity consultant”

    “Diversity Expert”

    “rugby hunk” son

    Is there a political agenda here?
    Sue Caro
    14 June at 09:47 · London ·
    Grenfell fire – essential turntable ladder had to come from SURREY due to Boris Johnson’s cuts to London Fire Service. These people should be on trial for crimes against the British public, not desperately trying to hang onto power which they are totally incapable of using to benefit the people, just their billionaire cronies

    source, Sue?

    Sue Caro From someone on the ground since 2 am who saw people jumping from the top floor. He also had firemen telling him that they had been on duty since 0800 hrs yesterday but couldn’t leave the scene (this morning) because there is no cover, thanks to the cuts.
    Like · Reply · 2 · 14 June at 16:30

    Seems like the answer is yes.
    Jumpers. hmmmm

    Who else is a co-ordinator for Justice 4 Grenfell?
    director and film maker
    Ishmahil Blagrove is a coordinator for Justice 4 Grenfell

    Also Yvette Williams, who appears on SkyNews with a familiar tale in these events – an unnamed “survivor” has had her rent debited for the destroyed tower block from her bank account…..”They could be debiting dead people’s accounts”
    July 1 2017

    Would that be Yvette Williams, M.Sc., MBE [RBKC Mayor’s nomination, 2012]?
    Yvette Williams
    Equality and diversity policy adviser, CPS. (London, W10)
    Seems so


    As usual, great sleuthing, Felix!

    This Susan B Caro [b.1957 Cheshire; mother Hutchins]…

    Described as a film producer, but almost no history on; just one movie Pao in production now, adaptation of 2012 novel by Kerry Young, a story set in Jamaica. Caro listed as one of three producers.

    Elsewhere revealed as a diversity advisor at SOAS, a haven for spooky mindbenders.


    “Undoubtedly one of the many highlights of the launch [of new youth foundation] was the keynote speech delivered by Sue Caro who has an extensive career in broadcasting and independent production. Caro, who currently works as diversity advisor at SOAS, the only university in the UK to be headed-up by a black woman, is a local resident in Brent.”

    Her facebook page reads like a thesaurus of hoaxes. Can one woman have been duped time over? Or is she an old hand at these games? Sharing her “thoughts” on the Charlie Hebdo attack, Bin Laden, murder of African-American Trayvon Martin, IRA attacks, etc.



    Another very early driver of the vicsim narrative…”local activist”
    Eve Wedderburn on the quickly set up Facebook channel Grenfell Media
    Grenfell Tower Media
    16 June at 14:57 ·
    Video’s will be uploaded on this page of interviews on the tragedy of the Grenfell Tower fire. The truth must come out even if the mainstream media and government don’t want it.

    the following interview is probably from the afternoon of June 14….

    “That centre had been taking people from three in the morning and we’ve seen senior police officers there until mid-day….the missing list I personally [sic] said it’s like it’s maybe 60 or 100 but I did one missing list [pause] there’s literally hundreds of people missing, there’s hundreds of people missing and we’re not going to hear about them all in the press [sic] are going to give you a list who are on the, are in the flats according to the TMO and that list is incorrect. I saw at least two or three flats where there’s like there’s people, two people down as resident and it turns out there’s a family of seven living there”


    comment under video –

    Steve Davies Before you join the Theresa May lynch mob here are some FACTS relating to the Grenfell tragedy..
    1. The block of flats was run not by the Council but by KCTMO. This body is made up of 8 TENANTS, 4 councilors and 3 independent members.
    2 Labour hold the seat that the block is situated in.
    3 Labour run the London Council who manage the under funded London Fire Service
    4 Emma Coad the sitting Labour MP for that ward also sat on the KCTMO.
    5 The advice to stay put which Sadiq Khan has been so vocal about was given by the London Fire Service.
    6 The decision to change contractors during the refurb was made by KCTMO.
    7 The decision not to spend an additional £138k on fitting sprinklers was again KCTMO.
    8 The decision to create ALMO organisation such as the KCTMO was made under the Right To Manage legislation passed in 2002
    as part of the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act.
    9 This was put in place to give leaseholders and tenants a greater say and the ability to self manage, which in some circumstances has clearly proven to be flawed.
    10 Which Govt was in a charge when this law was passed? It was Labour.
    11 Sadiq Khan as mayor of London Produced a report to say that the fire service did not need further funding.
    12 Emma Coad elected Labour MP was on the board of the Tenant Management group who are being accused of not listening to tenants.
    It’s a modern lynch mob encouraged by bitter Labour MPs who having lost a close election want to destroy an elected government for a chance of a second election.
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    Victoria Whitehead Exactly .
    Like · Reply · 18 June at 23:52

    Here she is again “neo liberalism…community…neo liberalism….community”


    Another driver
    Pilgrim Tucker of Radical Housing Network
    Mo Osman

    I hadn’t seen that staged image before, but the guy in red track suit top was one of the early “witnesses” in the msm.
    Sarah Thomson I understand that eventually the building will have to come down but it should be given the same respect as the twin towers and a memorial garden or something fitting the disaater and the loss should be put in its place ..don’t let the site become prime real estate and profits made from such loss
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    Mo Osman
    Mo Osman This is what we have asked for x
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    Frank Natter
    another pushing the narrative of the incorrect TMO list
    Jacob Rety, listed at same address as Wedderburn, another good source of videos and links…
    Aisha Formada Conviver shared Eve Wedderburn’s post — with Jacob Rety.
    17 June at 19:42 ·
    My good friend Eve Wedderburn has been working on missing persons lists @ #grenfell These are the real numbers. The fact that it is still locals taking a lead on these provisional figures is appalling.
    I can’t imagine what it’s like to be waiting amid the chaos to find a loved one.
    I understand that our wonderful emergency services and NHS are working round the clock to recover bodies and do what they can in terms of formal identification. But I would hope that residents and the public would be treated to more respect when it comes to declaring even estimated numbers of the death toll. These are lives. Not numbers. I wish the media would step up and show some basic humanity in their reporting, but I’m not holding my breath.
    And let’s be honest. Everything about this is political…...

    June 17 2017

    Jacob Rety
    14 June at 14:31 ·
    #GrenfellTower a resppnse from individual who helped:
    Care-taker let residents into Rugby Portobello Trust from 3am, when Eve arrived at 8am, there was no organisation, no central coordinator from the Met, no coordinated response from council or TMO management. Locals collated a list of people who were there, collated a missing list, the central police commander came at midday and asked for the list, after hours of not knowing how to respond to such an incident. The first official person to arrive was Emma Dent Coad MP about 8:30am.


    Jacob Rety
    14 June at 23:51 ·
    I have been hearing of and seeing great solidarity in the community, the question has to be asked though, how many of the luxury or grand homes in Kensington are putting up those displaced by this tragedy? I have seen temp bedding laid out across the whole of Harrow Club … There are empty flats all over the place around here?



    Here’s a handy outfit for any future staged events – the London Ambulance Service Hazardous Responst Team, HART. They were “on scene” at Grenfell Tower, but it’s not clear what they did. It all looks like a drill, indeed all of their tweeted pictures could be drills submitted as real events to the media.

    LondonAmbulance HART? @LAS_HART
    We are on scene at the terrible west London fire #grenfellfire #northkensington with @LondonFire
    10:49 PM – 13 Jun 2017 [4:49 AM 14 Jun 2017

    New toys shortly afterwards

    Timeline for June 14 2017
    1.29am – London Ambulance Service receive reports of the fire and send 20 ambulance crews and a hazardous response team.
    6.15am – London Ambulance Service confirm 30 patients have been taken to five hospitals.
    8.15am – London Ambulance Service revise the number of patients taken to hospital to more than 50.
    11.45am – London Ambulance Service say 64 patients have been taken to hospital and that 20 are in critical care. A further 10 people are reported to have made their own way to hospital.

    The usual drill script.
    Who are the “Witnesses” who saw the “jumpers”?
    Joe Walsh, 58, said: “I saw the parent throw two kids out of the window. “I don’t know where they landed because I was on the other side
    Student Tiago Etienne, 17, said he also saw families throw their children out of windows.
    He said he saw people drop from around the 15th floor but it was hard to tell in the darkness of the early hours.
    He said: “I saw about three children between the ages of four and eight being thrown.

    that man has amazing eyesight. Pay off his future student loans!
    Muna Ali, 45, said: “The flames, I have never seen anything like it, it just reminded me of 9/11. The fire started on the upper floors … oh my goodness, it spread so quickly, it had completely spread within half an hour. My friends live on the fourth floor, someone knocked on their door, they didn’t know and they got out. They have three children.
    “Some people were knocking on doors but the people inside didn’t open the door. I have lived here almost 21 years

    hmmm, no trace, but an Alan Ali allegedly lives or lived on the floor above the famous fridge, flat 23, but he leaves no other trace.

    A strange line from the ever available Mr Mahad Egal in the above Mail link
    “Initially we thought it would be fine and the firefighters would be able to put the fire out. But there was a sense of hesitation from the firefighters; they didn’t start putting out the fire with water until 3am.

    Here’s another story from key witness Mahad Egal, who’s job was to spread the explosing fridge and gas pipe story. Note also the key fob echoed by Joe Delaney…

    Just before 1 AM erm we were eating and just about to go to bed when there was a sudden knock on the door. Erm, I Rushed to the door but there was no-one else on the other side. Smoke, was horrific. Slammed the door shut, and immeidately what the situation was went ? outside, wet up ? some towels immediately notified my wife she said let’s fly? we need to get out of here, just picked up some towels, wrapped it around the kids’ heads, barely had time to put shoes on, just stumbled on one over another it’s just went out the rooms, just evacuated as soon as we could, it was really like traumatising there was people down the stairs, some people carrying luggages, elderly, it was disabled, kids, it was, it was really like terrifying. Just incredible to get out of there to be honest with you, shocking it was too much. Erm there were some security barriers in, by the bottom of the stairs where we got stuck. We couldn’t get out of the building because we you know, you need a key thob [sic] , and luckily we had a fob. By the time we come out we were the first, maybe ten, families that were out. And there were some people rushing back in to try and notify more people.
    There was no alarm, there was no bell, there was no sense of erm, erm, urgency in a sense. The fire brigade that was there was only about a handful, they analysing the situation, erm my neighbour, was the one who woke us up, erm not woke us up but knocked on our door, and he said it was his house where the explosion had happened. It was, he said, his fridge exploded.
    Erm I’m not there to take any more understanding from that, I just knew we need to get out of there, he was bare-footed, he was knocking on doors you know, I knocked on several doors on my way there myself, just ran down the stairs after that, couldn’t take any of the smoke, and we just had to leave because we had kids in our hands.
    There’s people’s luggages on the stairs, which was hazardous, it was too much, there were gas pipes, in a very hazardous row, [? ] to go through the stairwell, because of the gas pipes that were connected there. So we didn’t know where the explosion, or these smoke and fires were coming from. So we were just really terrified and pirate? was to get everyone out of there as soon as we could and once we were out erm we obviously kept distance from the building but under an hour half the building was already covered in flames. Its, People are still trapped in there [glances back to steaming, smoking tower] I’d definitely say still trapped in there. We’ve had some calls. There’s , there’s people have been tweeting saying they’re still alive and they’re still in their room, locked in their room. There’s heard of a kid who’s is in his room still, trapped. [CUT]
    I live on the fourth floor when the fire started on the fourth floor, fire started next door to us, so we had a very condensed sense of smoke right in front of us, right on our doorstep it was really horrific…”

    Also pushing the dangerous “gas pipe” theme was “escapee” Clarita Ghavimi who said the pipes should have been “underground” not exposed! “that’s risky”. At 0.52

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    Another familiar hoax side-show is to superimpose a small crime on the event to add extra fake veracity to the larger fake event. Often this takes the course of a malicious tweet sent to a “victim” by an actor in the event. We’ve already see Mr Nguyen’s fake victim claim being “found out”.
    What better way to create the impression that there were real deaths than to recruit an actor to post photos of a “body” briefly on the web, have them taken down after protests, and then have the actor arrested and charged….

    Sound good?
    A witness to the Grenfell Tower fire was arrested on Wednesday after he allegedly took pictures of a man in a body bag and uploaded them to Facebook

    The images appeared on a Facebook page purportedly belonging to a man named Omega Mwaikambo on Wednesday morning.

    They show the head of a dead body, with the rest of the remains wrapped in plastic sheeting.
    It is thought the victim had jumped from Grenfell Tower in an attempt to escape the fire and paramedics were unable to save him.
    Witnesses said the body was then wrapped in a sheet as emergency services moved on to treat others.
    Posts on the Facebook page claim the body had been outside an apartment for more than two hours with no police or ambulance crews around.
    When asked whether he opened the body bag, the Facebook page user replied: ‘Yes.’

    Sound reasonable? A very poor script.

    Make sure the van of the gas pipe contractor, National Grid, is in the picture.

    Daily Star?Verified account @Daily_Star
    Bloke arrested at Grenfell Tower inferno ‘for posting grim snaps of DEAD BODY on Facebook’
    2:46 PM – 14 Jun 2017 [10:46 PM BST]

    “Does any one know the body laying outside my flat for more than two hours”

    Sure he would.

    Jailed for 12 weeks, allegedly
    June 16 2017
    The facebook page of Mwaikambo, Tanzanian name, looks set up quite recently, perhaps for the event. There’s no trace of him on any lists in the block, but an ALPHA B[eta?] Mwaikwando is listed in Slough in current electoral rolls.
    This photo is tagged isaac Morrison, aka Isaac Edo Maurison of W2, ex-N15 ex-N19, French citizen

    It all looks highly staged and prepared in advance


    More on part player Mr Mwaikambo…
    It is understood that he opened a body bag to take pictures of the man’s face.

    Mwaikambo, who lived on Testerton Walk, west London, just a few yards from the tower, was arrested after the images appeared online.
    He pleaded guilty to two offences contrary to section 127 of the Communications Act, Scotland Yard said.
    That clause refers to “improper use of public electronic communications network” by posting matter that is “grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character”.
    He was sentenced to three months at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Friday, police said.

    Prosecutor Tom Little said: “He uploaded photographs and video of the deceased inside the body bag and then five photographs of the upper body and the face and the blood that had drained from the body.

    “It appears as if that individual might have been someone that jumped from the tower and had not survived and was waiting to be moved to the coroner’s mortuary.”
    After his arrest he provided the police with the pin to his iPad, phone and the images were taken down online.
    Mr Little said the offences were high culpability because “even the fact of the death would not have been known to the family” of the victim at this early stage.
    The court heard the victim has yet to be identified

    Ghoul who opened bodybag and took photo of dead Grenfell Tower fire victim before posting it on Facebook is jailed for three months

    Mwaikambo, who lives just yards away from the tower, had watched the blaze engulf the building throughout the night and had made cups of tea for firefighters as they battled the blaze.

    ..and ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £115 and and costs of £85.

    Highly realistic

    and,he’s still going strong at 7:23 am showing the Rapid Response drill

    all scripted

    with an interesting close facebook friend from France

    Omega Mwaikambo
    14 June at 12:40 · London ·
    Is the building going to collapse?<

    Katie Finn Take that picture down of that poor man that has died….his family must be devastated at their loss….you are evil to post this let alone be the sick fuck to open up a body bag and take pictures….WTF is wrong with you, your absolutely evil
    Like · Reply · 58 · 14 June at 21:44

    Katie Finn I’m glad he’s been arrested but shame on fb though for not removing the pictures…..I hope they lock him up throw away the key
    Like · Reply · 9 · 15 June at 00:39

    Katie swallowing the Orlando hoax


    Daffarn Interview
    14 June 22:18

    Karolina Golightly Edward Daffarn glad you made it. Love xk
    LikeShow More Reactions · 3 · 14 June at 23:23

    Jacob Rety shared Rebecca Brierley’s post.
    17 June at 11:48 ·
    This is an interview with Edward Darffarn who lived in Grenfell Tower and thankfully was rescued from the fire.
    Edward is a lead campaigner in the community and runs the blog which campaigned for the safety of the block to be addressed.
    #RBKC head of council Nick Padget-Brown recently called Edward a ‘twit’ at a public meeting.

    and here’s the shaky “escape” story

    “and I rang -[pause] – to get the hell out of there, this thing’s going up”
    [balding irishman can’t seem to remember Ed’s name]
    Ed Daffarn was saved by his friend <b>Will, </b>calling him and telling him to leave
    “This smoke was so thick, you just couldn’t see anything and I got like, maybe like three quarters of the way and then I was using my hands to feel against the wall but I actually began thinking to myself you know ‘this is going to be me’ like it, you know, I’m going to die of smoke inhalation here. And it was actually a fireman laying on the ground and this fireman and he of, he saved my life to be honest. He just sort of touched my foot, and led me where the erm fire exit was.
    “Ed was instrumental in raising concerns about the safety of the building years ago….”
    “This accident never needed to have happened, if people had listened what we were saying, what the blog was saying, what people, not just me, but what other members of the community, were saying,
    this is an accident that never needed to happen.”

    Here are only those published on justgiving: 1. Evening Standard £1.3m 2. The London Community Foundation £0.6m 3. Haley Yearwood (individual) £1.06m 4. Karolina Hanusova (individual) £0.37m 5. Family Action £0.12m 6. Evening Standard £47k 7. Anass Boudarka (individual) £42k 8. The Metro £100k

    There are two main JustGiving pages that have been set up by Karolina Hanusova and Hayley Yearwood, which have already generated about £1million between them.
    An appeal on JustGiving launched by mother-of-two Karolina Hanusova, a volunteer at The Rugby Portbello Trust, raised £333,000 while another set up by teacher Hayley Yearwood has generated £652,000 by lunchtime today.

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