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    The ambulance response has training drill writ large all over it.
    London Ambulance ?Verified account @Ldn_Ambulance Jun 14 3:36 AM BST

    We have sent a number of resources to this incident including @LAS_HART More information will follow when we have it #NorthKensington

    London Ambulance ?Verified account @Ldn_Ambulance Jun 14 4:56 AM BST
    Our latest statement on the #NorthKensington tower block fire. We have sent over 20 ambulance crews to the scene. More to follow.

    ondon Ambulance? Verified account @Ldn_Ambulance Jun 14 6:20 AM BST
    We have taken 30 patients to five London hospitals following the fire at #GrenfellTower & we remain on scene

    London Ambulance ?Verified account @Ldn_Ambulance Jun 14 8:17 AM BST
    We have now taken over 50 patients to five hospitals across London following the fire at #GrenfellTower Tower.

    London Ambulance ?Verified account @Ldn_Ambulance Jun 14 8:39 AM BST
    More than 100 medics are responding to #GrenfellTower #NorthKensington & we have taken over 50 patients to hospital

    OK, let’s look at the photos.
    8:!4 AM – rows of empty ambulances going nowhere, nothing happening

    6:27 AM – nothing going on, just chatting, no urgency

    Same old stuff, Boston Marathon style. Perhaps there were no patients, as one would expect from an empty,e vacuated tower.



    Little attention has been given to the nine newly created flats [since the renovation] under the 120 original dwellings.

    1 and 1A are the nursery and boxing club respectively, so flats 2-10 would be the newly created ones.
    Residents would have moved in, if at all, around 2016.
    The vociferous Sajid Jamalvatan of flat 3 has already been highlighted.
    The Gathrer spreadsheet places Sepideh Mina Moghaddam in flat 4, with no supporting evidence.

    A disabled mother and three children allegedly lived on the 3rd floor, Mariko Lewish Toyoshima

    closed GoFundMe of £14,731
    no survival stories, or images of their escape.
    We don’t know how badly damaged these flats were, perhaps just by water.
    Also on the third floor was 30 year old Siar Naqshbandi allegedly with his mother, again flat number not given.

    Siar Naqshabandi told The Guardian he lives on the third floor and said his brother, who was in the building, heard no fire alarms. “I came back at about 1.45am and saw the building was on fire. I rang him [his brother] and said, get out.”
    He has more family living on the 23rd floor and an uncle is still missing.

    [That was Saber Neda of flat 205 who was present before the renovation
    A night prowler. The other family are quoted elsewhere as being on the 20th floor, perhaps the old numbering scheme.

    Nice live video at 1.36 am – as you’d do if you saw your house burning down, you’d start filming it.

    The Times of India reported that the Afghan, aged 30, lived with his brother aged 24, his sister aged 31, his brother in law and their six month old baby. No trace of a mother.
    Allegedly he rang his uncle Mohammed, aged 54, who lived on the top floor with wife aged 50 and son aged 25….after ringing his brother on the 3rd floor.

    records from 2012/3 show the Naqshbandi family at gated 1 Christopher Mews in Notting Hill, previously 2008 in St John’s Wood

    Now Siar Naqshbandi is allegedly in an hotel with “his family”

    whether that includes his brother, his sister, brother in law and baby I don’t know.

    still filming at 4.11 am

    And we have a GoFundMe page, not performing very well, £270 raised..
    by Quirat Quirat who may well be Quirat Subhani.
    Siar is seen sharing accommodation in Feltham with a Quirat Subhani in 2016

    And another resident of the lower floors emerges from nowhere
    with a lovely scripted give-away line
    ‘It was worse than 7/7, worse than 9/11’: Grenfell Tower survivor who fled fire in dressing gown relives horror

    Rukayet Mamudu, 69, walked out of the fire in her dressing gown carrying her sleeping adopted son, Tyrshondre, 12, in her arms. As she hurried down the smoky stairwell, unable to see properly, she lost her footing and fell, dropping her son, who woke to find himself engulfed in smoke.

    Rukayet and Tyrshondre were lucky in that they lived at No 2 Grenfell Tower on the first floor and were among the first to get out.
    “By the time we got out, it was 1.10am,” she said. “By 1.30am, the fire was still contained on one side of the building between the fifth and sixth floors. But as we watched, it leapt from one flat to another, going higher and higher.

    “For five hours, until 7am, we sat helplessly and watched Grenfell Tower burn.

    really? Watched it for 6 hours? How did they wake up?
    Tyshondre was born Tyshondre Elias Petralia in 2005, and may have twin siblings Asia Annalu Petralia and Elisabeth Claudia Petralia b. 2002.
    Mamodu leaves no trace.

    It seems that Mamudu and the adopted mother were reported, unnamed, shortly after the event, the same morning in fact, when she was described as his “grandmother”
    uploaded to facebook by Khadijah Mamudu of Ottershaw and who has been busy ever since uploading Grenfell related items

    Khadijah, her partner Matthew Snell and Rukayet, identifiedi as Khadija’s mother, are all interviewed by Victoria Derbyshire [who has been pushing this psy-op from the very beginning] from 13.00 here in this clip, July 19 2017. [2nd floor now]

    Fridge favourite Mahad Egal and his 15 year old nephew Abdi Rizak [?]

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    There’s an online transcript for the above Victoria Derbyshire programme
    which is handy.
    Notice how she says she lived in the area for 35 years, then extends it to 45 years. Also she didn’t want to move into a 9th floor “again”, when in actual fact she was on the second floor of Grenfell tower, and had only lived there for six months having lived in Wandsworth for eight years, which is indeed where her grandson is schooled, in Putney. Why move away from his school in the first place? She says she brought up 5 children in Pheasantry House, Chelsea SW3. Was Wandsworth really temporary accommodation?
    source –
    Other daughters are silent about Grenfell
    The daughter says that nobody has received a penny of money and nobody knows where the money is…which doesn’t quite square with what I read, from the official narrative, in the Evening Standard.

    “They haven’t got a penny of your money yet. I can assure you of that and we don’t know where it is”
    another gem….from Mahad Egal, he of the fridge story, a central cnaracter
    From the meetings I have had with the police commander he did specifically say that the floors are not stable


    Victoria also interviews a group who also moved into the tower just six months ago
    Joseph John, his son, his partner and his brother-in-law Karim Elansari
    Why are couples always living with their in-laws? And even together in a room in an hotel? Why are partners never named?
    ” Joseph, with his partner, son and brother-in-law have been living in a single room at a hotel for the past month”

    Victoria’s producer/reporter has also been taking a key lead in this event – Ashley John-Baptiste ex Cambridge University [from about 26.00 in the video. Nove the dry eye/tissue staging at 31.40

    Here’s the John Story…
    After 12, just after 12,
    :23:10. :23:17.
    we hear like noise from outside and on our floor, so we was like,
    :23:18. :23:21.
    I was, like, “What’s going on?” My wife was still sleeping, my son,
    :23:22. :23:25.
    so I wake up off my bed and get up and went outside.
    :23:26. :23:29.
    I was, like, “What’s going on?” So I saw two firefighters and I was,
    :23:30. :23:32.
    like “What’s going on?” They says, like, “A minor fire.”
    :23:33. :23:38.
    They have it under control, go back in our flats,
    :23:39. :23:43.
    and we get back in our flat. After 10, 15 minutes I was,
    :23:44. :23:48.
    like, we can see smoke, and we are seeing the fire
    :23:49. :23:52.
    escalating, going up the building, so I was, like, “I’m not waiting
    :23:53. :23:56.
    for them firefighters, We could have been dead
    :23:57. :24:00.
    if I had listened to them. And then I used my head and came out
    :24:01. :24:09.
    and take my family out. We was worried about my
    :24:10. :24:14.
    brother-in-law, but so happened when we came out, he was out.
    :24:15. :24:18.
    So it was all good.

    There’s no trace of John/Elanbsari online in W11.

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    For such a fierce fire where allegedly so man people died, there doesn’t seem to be any reported cases of burns, only “smoke inhalation”.

    More “survivors” who have gone quiet, including this “hero” – yet another who likes living with aunts/uncles etc etc.

    Khalid Ahmed, 20, [aka Khalid Suleman Ahmed] was credited with saving the lives of many on the eighth floor after he frantically woke them.
    The quick-thinking engineering student was counting down the minutes to the break of the Ramadan fast, when he first smelled burning. He shook his aunt awake before running out into the smoke-filled hall and banging on neighbours’ doors.
    “No fire alarms went off and there were no warning,” he said.
    Khalid’s aunt, Amina Mohamed, 46, said: “He saved us all.”

    and yet another one who had only “recently moved” to the tower, 8th floor, flat number not specified…

    “The whole corridor went black with thick smoke. I didn’t think it was serious at all me and my auntie thought it was an isolated incident but we’d just evacuate just to be safe. When we went out and were taken by the firemen to a safer place then we saw that it still hadn’t reached our house – 20 minutes or so later our house was gone. The firefighters were very quick. They immediately started work.

    The Guardian jumps in with the Aunt’ story
    but now Ahmed is playing with his XboX, not staying up for Ramadan…
    “She moved into the block, after swapping her west-London flat with another council tenant in 2014.”

    The Guardian in another piece

    says that Khalid S Ahmed has lived with his aunt since coming to Britain
    yet she moves into the block 2 or 3 years before him….since I don’t call 2014 “recently”.

    “Ahmed, who has lived with his aunt since moving to London from Somalia when he was six”



    The Gathrer spreadsheet [q.v.] uses media sourced information. We learn from Sky News [yes…] that the owner is Joshua Vantard, an “IT professional” in Leuven, Belgium
    with a zero content Linkedin page

    dents Never Find
    Hi all. My name’s Joshua. I’m from London and I’ve been at KU Leuven a few years. I’m leaving it soon, to move to Silicon Valley.

    View story at
    February 9 2017
    oddly, he leaves no trace in London, birth, residence, nothing. And he seems not to have hit Silicon Valley yet.

    Joshua Vantard, 26, has been using crowdsourcing techniques to create a database of names of those who have been found or who are missing. He estimates the death toll is in the 90s.

    “I believe a lot more names of people are going to be released by the authorities as having perished; however, I am not sure it’s quite as high as people on social media seem to think it’s going to be,” he said.

    “There is obviously a lot more hard work to be done.”

    July 14 2017
    Twitter’s gone a bit quiet since then
    Note the Anti-Brexit project he did earlier…fancy being interested in Grenfell in Belgium.
    View story at

    Thanks to Gather, we have a correct name for the well publicised “witness” with his Iranian Auntie [yes, another auntie, but living with a girlfriend]
    Mesrob Kassemdjian
    Robbie, one of our much loved lecturers at UCC, lived on the 17th floor of the Grenfell Tower and was home the night of the fire. Thankfully, Robbie managed to escape the blaze with his Aunt and girlfriend.

    not much twitter activity, but…we have a diverse intellectual community in Grenfell, where, of course, everybody knows everybody else as we keep being reminded of, even though [and this is London, a good number of the residents have only been in the tower for a short time]
    MPhil/PhD – Politics & international studies at SOAS.

    The teacher of criminology at University Centre Croydon (UCC)

    Speaking outside the tower block on the American Today programme earlier this week, Robbie said: “I went outside to check the lifts to see if there was any activity. It seemed quiet but I smelt the smoke.

    “I went inside and looked out the window and I could see the flames coming out from beneath.

    “I woke up my auntie and with the help of my girlfriend we moved fast so that we could move slowly down the stairs. I tried to warn my neighbour. Him and his wife were right behind us by a couple of minutes.”

    He said “chaos” broke out behind them on the stairwell and he felt like they were minutes away from “real disaster”.

    Robbie said: “When we got outside the initial fire that I saw underneath me, by the time we got down, which took about 10 to 12 minutes, had risen along the whole length of the building.

    “The building caught fire like a candle. We were outside and looking up and we could see people inside waving at us.

    “We were telling them to come down but they were waving back which makes me feel like maybe they couldn’t because there was already smoke when we were going down the stairwell but maybe the smoke got worse and people were scared to take the risk of I suppose suffocation.

    “I don’t know everybody in the building by name but we know each other by face. We see each other every day, everyone in the building is really nice.

    “It’s full of families and children and I’ve seen a lot of people, I’m so happy to see them, we’ve all come together but there’s a lot of people I haven’t seen either. I don’t want to think the worst but it’s really worrying.”

    he did lose his possessions in the fire.
    This included, but not limited to, his extensive book collection, his laptop and research for his PhD.

    Er, isn’t flat 141 a one-bedroom job? A bit crowded, perhaps, registered pre-renovation to Mrs Tankarian.

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    Disappearing “witnesses” to the fire in flat 16 [fridge, fridge freezer, cooker…] part II – Maryam Adam , occupant of one-bed flat # 14.
    Last check in, immediately after the fire when she was unusually chatty with the press…

    Andy Bell? Verified account @andybell5news
    Maryam Adam has told me fire started in flat 16 on 4th floor in kitchen – she lived in flat 14 #GrenfellTower
    7:41 AM – 14 Jun 2017 [3:41 PM BST]
    Barmpot? @vajazzle01 Jun 16 00:30 BST
    Replying to @andybell5news
    She also said the man, described as a white Briton, knocked on her door at Grenfell Tower to warn her about the kitchen blaze at …err no

    Indeed she did, apparently…
    but the Mail story was changed and not archived due to robots.TXT – convenient
    archived here however
    PUBLISHED: 07:15, 15 June 2017 | UPDATED: 07:44, 15 June 2017

    The Grenfell Tower resident whose faulty fridge exploded and started Britain’s most deadly fire for a generation packed a bag and then raised the alarm, his pregnant neighbour claimed today.
    Maryam Adam, 41, said the man, described as a white Briton, knocked on her door to warn her about the kitchen blaze at 12.50am yesterday.
    Read more:

    The white man morphs into Ethiopian Behailu Kebede in subsequent reports.
    The Tap Blog wonders which is the right story….actually none of them, since they’re probably all paid misdirection agents. The most likely explanation is that there was no fire in flat 16.

    Speaking outside Chelsea and Westminster Hospital after a precautionary check up, Maryam described the moment her neighbour woke her up to tell her there was a fire.
    ‘It was when he [the neighbour] knocked on the door that he said there was a fire in his flat. It was exactly 12.50am because I was sleeping and it woke me up.


    ‘The fire was small in the kitchen. I could see it because the flat door was open. And then we passed and then we were out.’

    Maryam also said that even though firefighters had arrived, the building’s alarm still hadn’t gone off.

    ‘When we were outside there were two fire engines,’ she said. ‘There was no alarm. Until 1.30am there were very few people coming out of the building. The fire was spreading up.’

    Smells like BS No wonder she’s disappeared. Or for that matter, co-resident Yasin Adam Ms Adam was reported to be pregnant..

    Also within minutes of the first sign of trouble, Yasin Adam, a fourth floor resident at Grenfell, was woken by a neighbour warning that a fire had broken out in his kitchen. Adam, a 44-year-old security officer, put on a pair of shoes, grabbed a jacket and his phone and quickly made his way out of the building as a pair of crews from the nearby Ladbroke Grove fire station rushed in to tackle his neighbour’s blaze.
    “I thought I would be back [in my flat] in an hour,” said Adam. “There was smoke coming out of my neighbour’s door, but it seemed a minor fire.” As he waited in the open, Adam suddenly noticed a small flame licking the building’s outside wall close to his neighbour’s windows.

    strangely, he omits any mention of Maryam Adam… yet more misdirection

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    More witnesses,more agitators
    The Group Architects for Social Housing [ASH] have got in on the act
    They have an iron in the fire and an agenda.
    Notice how the front woman has a large fist logo on the t-shirt of Geraldine Dening in this quickly organised [June 22] meeting on the “Truth” about Grenfell Tower.

    and the large “Justice 4 Grenfell” poster behind her, and Simon Elmer.
    from their manifesto…
    We propose architectural alternatives to council estate demolition through designs for infill, build-over and refurbishment that increase housing capacity on the estates and, by renting or selling a proportion of the new homes on the private market, generate the funds to refurbish the existing council homes, while leaving the communities they currently house intact….
    @3.00 in the video
    “As we know it started on the fourth floor but the flames went up this far left corner and they said, from going, from the fire starting it went up around the corner of the building, the cladding created a kind of box around what was a triangle of the corner …anbd they said it simply shot straight up like a chimney ..and then this great big long line of flame and then this flame moved laterally across the cladding but in a diagonal because it started at the bottom like this… [pointing at photos taken over several hours…]
    refers to this well tended PA sequence

    Well, we know that the fridge explosion was only reported by key witness Mahad Egal whose online business address is not even in the tower. And that it was confirmed by the police is worth nothing.
    There is some good analysis and discussion on YouTube about the spread of the fire.
    from about 4.30 [Geraldine Dening now…
    “how did the fire spread….

    …potentially some kind of faulty wiring, or fridge blowing up, something like that we don;t really know…we try not to speculate..a fire sounded like, as far as we know, there were some fire people that called to that fire.. …thought they’d put it out, don’t know …somehow the fire had to get from the inside to the outside…all sorts lots of holes in walls, ventilation, er ducts..we don’t neceessarily know about the workmanship of those holes..did they seal them all up..was there something new that had gone in that allowed passage of fire through that hole……so it gets to the outside…

    That hole? Speculating not half! Very shaky stuff.

    note the diagram at 5.34, showing fire miraculously seeping through to the outside of the building.

    Nice hole!

    Some interesting fire spread reports here, especially Knowsley Heights in Huyton near Liverpool, 1991 which looks like the blueprint for the Grenfell Fire
    Note that this fire was started externally, so we have to explain how an extinguised fire could escape through the walls of the block and escape notice also of the attendant fire brigades. Was the cladding used to rig the building, Huyton effect? Note that the Huyton fire did not spread back into the building and burn the whole tower down…

    Here’s witness Humraz Jaan

    who happened upon the building after leaving his mosque.

    His one hour of fire footage has never appeared, only a short clip. Why’s that?

    He’s some kind of disinformation agent – releasing alleged conversations with firefighters that there were over 150 bodies in the tower, 50 of them children…. as if
    Riot police arrived, he says and communicated with people on the 7th 11th and 15th floors [as if one counted] He corrects himself when saying the 5th floor initially. That’s to back up the bathroom flooding story [q.v.] of Natasha Elcock.
    “co-ordinating with the firefighters” He seems to have a privileged ringside seat [camera]

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    Strange early “emergence” of photos from the burnt out interior of Grenfell Tower –

    Declan Wilkes? @Dodecahedron_
    Chilling first shots from inside a gutted #GrenfellTower #london @standardnews @BBCLondonNews

    4:39 AM – 15 Jun 2017 [12:39 PM BST] from Camden Town, London
    So, little over 24 hours since the flames went out – well, almost all of them [see below]….who he? [could they have found a room without flames?]
    Head of Communications MyBnk
    Aug 2010 – Present
    Location Brick Lane, London

    Oh right. Brick Lane or Camden or Kings Cross is nowhere near Grenfell Tower though.
    Can the MSM use these photos? Of course you all can.

    Dec even gives us a bonus item

    Declan Wilkes? @Dodecahedron_
    Another from inside #GrenfellTower
    4:46 AM – 15 Jun 2017 [12:46 PM BST] from Camden Town, London

    Chiara Palazzo? @cvpalazzo Jun 15 [Telegraph visuals editor, Sydney, Australia]
    1:05 PM BST
    Replying to @Dodecahedron_ @standardnews @BBCLondonNews
    Hi @Dodecahedron_ , did you take the pictures yourself?

    Declan Wilkes? @Dodecahedron_ Jun 15 1:27 PM BST
    Can’t names names. They were taken today. Awaiting permission.

    Chiara Palazzo? @cvpalazzo Jun 15
    Will you be syndicating them?

    Declan Wilkes? @Dodecahedron_ Jun 15
    As soon as I get the thumbs up,

    Chiara Palazzo? @cvpalazzo Jun 15
    Ok, would you let us know when you do please?

    Declan Wilkes? @Dodecahedron_ Jun 15 2:03 PM BST
    Follow for DM

    What’s this pinned tweet, taunting us? From 2016, a warning about Rydon, they who did the cladding for Grenfell Tower!

    Declan Wilkes? @Dodecahedron_
    I’m not sure what they do, but I could never go with them no matter how I wanted to @christymoore45 @JOEdotie
    5:04 PM – 20 Aug 2016 [1:04 AM BST] from Camden Town, London

    [image Rydon Ford Transit van GV57 YSA]
    hmmm what’s the 2016 message? You wouldn’t want them to clad your building, perhaps? Amazing crystal ball gazing.
    Rydon Maintenance Limited completed a partial refurbishment of the building in the summer of 2016 for KCTMO (Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation) on behalf of the Council, which met all required building regulations – as well as fire regulation and health & safety standards – and handover took place when the completion notice was issued by Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea building control.

    Declan Wilkes

    Our People

    Declan Wilkes
    Head of Communications
    “It’s top stuff, offering sustainable solutions to our system.”

    It’s top stuff getting the first rushes of the post-conflagration show flat in Grenfell tower too.

    It took another four days for police footage of another flat, again floor unspecified, to emerge objects including baths, ovens, washing machines, and what looks to be an exercise bike, can be made out in the footage, filmed in one of the few rooms safe enough for specialist crews to access following the blaze.
    hmmm 120 flats,plus nine news flats created post renovation, equals how many rooms?
    exterior images show some flats seemingly untouched by fire on one side of the building, lower down.

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    Mysterious Edward Daffarn, continued. He of the authorship of the Grenfell blog, which warned
    In November Edward Daffarn, 55, published a post on his Grenfell Action Group blog warning that “only a catastrophic event will expose the ineptitude and incompetence of our landlord, the Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation (KCTMO), and bring an end to the dangerous living conditions and neglect of health and safety legislation that they inflict upon their tenants and leaseholders”.
    November 2016 was when the local fire brigade came to inspect the completed works at Grenfell in a briefing given by the contractor [Rydon?]

    Where else have we seen Mr Daffarn in recent time?

    March 11 2016
    Activists have occupied a Knightsbridge property and are squatting in it to protest the Housing Bill.

    “We live in a slum” he says of his estate in N. Kensington…..” I don’t believe that we are bad people in this borough, in fact I know that we’re not bad people…”]

    Members of the Radical Housing Network, a London-based organisation that campaigns for housing justice, are inhabiting a property in the wealthy Knightsbridge neighbourhood 24-hours a day.

    “We are legally occupying this space here, in an area that we probably wouldn’t be able to afford ourselves in a commercial way, in order to draw attention to the local community,” explained Edward Daffarn, who is part of the group.

    We’ve come across the Radical Housing Network before, in the shape of Pilgrim Tucker who “worked for a while with the Grenfell Action Group”….

    Grenfell Tower must mark a turning point for UK housing

    Grenfell Tower must mark a turning point for UK housing
    Posted on June 16, 2017. In response to the horror at Grenfell Tower, Radical Housing Network and Grenfell Action Group are demanding….

    Mr Daffarn’s who appeared for the cameras later on the morning of June 14 in a dressing gown is present in voice only in this video ascribed to “M.A.Brown” [v=KP8A4o5Z2OM]

    I have tried to transcribe the voice over [when camera pans to ground…] around 2.00

    “There’s so many people still in there….I’m still alive I’m alive because that,..there’s .a man over there phoned me up and said ‘get out of your flat’ ….wrapped a wet towel round my face and got out to the hallway, and there was so much smoke and breathing ? …that if I’d been there another five seconds …been on the roof ..I got, .remembered where the door was and then the fireman grabbed my leg …just .there’s so much firemen in there, it’s continuous, this is a fucking disaster”

    compare with

    “I opened my front door and lots of smoke came in so I shut it. About two seconds later a neighbour from downstairs phoned me and said, ‘You’ve got to get out of the building’. So I went into the bathroom and wrapped a wet towel around my face and ran out of the front door.”

    He said he became disorientated in the choking smoke as he tried to find his way out.

    “If I had been in that stairwell for any longer I don’t think I would have found the escape exit. You couldn’t see a thing. I was choking badly, it was a moment of life and death for me. I didn’t have that much time to think, it was only when I got into the doorway I realised how serious it was.

    “I’m very grateful that the London Fire Brigade were there to help me. I couldn’t see anything. I was choking. I think my neighbour who called me saved my life.”

    I’c say that was the same geezer. He doesn’t name his “friend” in this shaky tale of escape from the 16th floor, one-bed flat #134. Sheila Smith was named as “victim number 13” from two-bed flat #132 on July 8 aged 84, followed by the time honoured “family statement”. How did she die? “Sheila, formerly known as Sheila Smith…” Eh???

    Grenfell Tower fire victim named as Sheila Smith, family reveal heartache at the great-grandmother’s death

    The loved ones of two Grenfell Tower victims were told how they were identified using DNA and dental records after becoming trapped in the catastrophic blaze.

    Sheila Smith, 84, lived on the 16th floor of the block and was identified using dental records after she died from effects of the fire.

    Vincent Chiejina, 60, lived on the 17th floor and was identified through DNA.

    The son ** of Mrs Smith and five family and friends of Mr Chiejina sat and displayed no emotions as the inquests into their loved ones deaths were opened at Westminster Coroner’s Court.


    Adam Smith? @adam_westbay
    #GrenfellTower My Mum is missing – Sheila, 84 years old,16th floor Grenfell Tower (number 132). If anyone has seen her please LMK
    2:44 PM 14 Jun 2017 [BST]

    Eddie’s next door but one neighbour…
    Sheila’s friend Gary Allen, 60, was the one handing out the wonderfully fuzzy photos of “his best friend” to the media.
    A friend, Gary Allen, said he had known her for 20 years, and described her as a “truly beautiful person” and “love, pure and simple”.
    “We shared a great interest in history, Shakespeare, the Knights Templar, et cetera and she had a great spirituality about her,” he said.
    Already written by fate?

    16 years ago I was with my very good friends John Roberts and Sheila Smith who sadly perished in the Grenfell Tower. Using my intuitive abilities I told John he had lived before and this was the first life he wouldn’t die a violent death, but the same couldn’t be said for Sheila. Sheila never gave it a second thought, smiled said goodnight and retired to bed. On Sheila having gone to bed, I told John it would be by fire.

    ** Adam Jonathan Smith b July 1966

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    Leaseholder Nicholas Burton has been sent in to the media with his story of escape and survival honed over the past 6 weeks.
    A Grenfell Tower survivor who escaped the burning building says he will be haunted for life by the sight of the raging fire .

    Nicholas Burton lived in the tower block since 1984 and was rescued from the 19th floor with his sick wife by firefighters around two and a half hours after the blaze began.

    The 50-year-old has since met with Prime Minister Theresa May three times and worked with fellow survivors to ensure more vulnerable victims are receiving enough information.
    Six weeks on from the fire he is plagued by respiratory problems, suffering from a persistent cough and episodes of fainting, while his wife continues to receive hospital treatment.
    The former catering manager remains in a hotel room….Burton, whose wife remains in hospital, claimed he could have rehoused everyone within 48 hours of the tragedy as he called for the council to temporarily acquire empty flats within the area.

    He said: “The truth is that most of the people in the tower were professional people.

    “They worked all their lives. There’s leaseholders, people who bought their flats, people from all sorts of backgrounds and ethnicity, but they still treat us as master and servant.
    “I’ve been round to all the estate agents. There’s thousands of flats and houses in the Royal Borough.
    “But we’re the undeserving, they are not going to put their hand in their pocket and get us a short-term lease for six months.”

    A more extensive article appears in the Standard, with their strange escape story
    Nicholas Burton was asleep in his 19th-floor flat in Grenfell Tower when he was woken shortly after 1am by three loud bangs on his door. He opened it and saw nobody there…When his friend, Simon Jolly, who lives in an adjacent block, called to say the tower was on fire and begged him to get out, Nicholas told him: “I can’t — Pily is too frail to make it through the smoke and I can’t carry her down 38 flights.”…Trapped, they sat on the edge of the bath for more than an hour. “Time passed very slowly,” said Nicholas. Suddenly, at about 3.30am, he heard voices outside so he banged on the door. A firefighter with breathing apparatus shouted, ‘We know you are there, we’re just checking your neighbour….’
    The story is too crafted to be credible, like the proverbial film script.

    Here’s a local getting involved…a forensic dentist from Holland Park, W11, just down the road from Grenfell tower…

    Summer Party Success

    Our guest speaker will be Phil Marsden who will be talking to us about Forensic dentistry and some of his work recently that has covered the sad events that have occurred in Manchester and Grenfell Tower.

    Were people really identified by dental records in the Ariana Grande hoax in Manchester? Apparently so “Suicide bomber” – Salman Abedi was identified primarily by fingerprints, DNA and dental records [!]


    In addition to general practice, he is very involved in forensic casework, including many high profile cases both here and abroad
    the Asian Tsunami, the 7/7 London bombings
    He is also one of the Dental Identification Managers for UK DVI


    They got involved in the Mass casualty disaster scenario in 2016 in a disused power station in Dartford, England
    The exercise was mainly for the search and rescue teams from many EU countries with a DVI element tagged on. In fact the DVI mortuary turned out to be a valuable reminder to all concerned how a DVI mortuary is run…. The DVI element was less high profile but nevertheless was a useful training tool. We managed to provide a team of 4/5 odonts each day and were able to accommodate all those in the DVI group (including 1 DCP**) who wished to attend. Each member attended for just 1 day and this was repeated for 3 consecutive days. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who gave up their time and received no compensation for their time, travel or accommodation. We were able to have live/dead bodies (actors) in body bags which really made it as realistic as possible and were able to input the data into the Plassdata system.
    ** Clinical psychologist, I think



    The incredible – i.e. not credible – Afrasiabi story. Two sisters from Iran, one just happened to be visiting

    They look too smart for the alleged slum of Grenfell tower.

    Here comes the all important missing facebook post, complete with photo for the MSM to find…

    Fernando Guarinos
    14 June · 12:11 PM

    Friend from my work hasnt heard anything from her mum and aunty pictured below who both lived in Grenfell Tower.
    The names are Sakineh Afraseiabi and Fatima afraseiabi.
    Please any help would be appreciated either on this post or to rhe following contact number which is my mates husband Sam 07753392334.

    Architectural Assistant at Darnton EGS Ltd
    who he?
    Architectural Designer/ Project Manager at Darnton EGS Ltd
    Her sister Fatima Afrasiabi went to visit her on Tuesday night.
    Their family believe they went up to the 23rd floor to escape smoke from the fire.
    “My brother was on the phone to our mum while it was happening – we haven’t heard much from the authorities since,” Sakineh’s daughter, Nazanin, said.

    Why is their flat number never given?
    More information at the Guardian with yet another photo of the smartly dressed sisters…
    The sisters, Sakineh and Fatemeh Afrasiabi, lived on the 18th floor of the tower block despite the former being disabled and only able to move with a walking frame. Sakineh’s children told the Guardian that she was rehoused in Grenfell last year after her requests for an accessible flat fell on deaf ears.

    Her daughter, Nazanin Aklani, sobbed as she told the Guardian that her mother had previously been denied a ground floor flat:
    That’s funny, because Fatimeh was originally only visiting, now she’s living there!

    While Sakineh’s children live in the UK, Fatemeh’s five children are in Iran….

    She moved to Grenfell Tower last year after trying for a long time to move from her previous home, in Ladbroke Grove, because she had been struggling to manage the 40 steps needed to access her flat.
    “She’d waited 17 years to get a transfer, and then they put her that high up,” Mrs Aghlani said.
    It’s not clear why she would voluntarily move from 40 steps to 18 floors voluntarily.
    On the afternoon before the fire, Mrs Aghlani visited her mother for a family get-together and left at about 19:30.
    After the fire broke out, a friend came to help Mrs Afrasehabi and her sister, Fatima Afrasiabi, who was still with her, to get to their flat on the 23rd floor to get away from the smoke.
    Mrs Aghlani said the friend was one of a family of seven who had lived together in the property.

    Is any of this making any sense?

    Nazanin’s brother, Shahrokh, a 48-year-old taxi driver, was on the phone to his aunt, Fatemeh, as the fire spread to upper floors. “She said, ‘We’ve come to the 23rd floor, flat 205.’ An Afghan family lived there and because my mum is disabled, the Afghan guy helped to bring my mum from the 18th floor to the 23rd floor in his own house to put them away from fire,” he said.

    Why not be on the phone to his mother? Where was the fire? 4th floor? There’s no imagery showing a gradual upward spread, we only have the pyrotechnic columns up two sides of the tower, followed by the weird diagonal movement of this display, finally images of pretty well every room on fire.

    We even get a subsidiary “victim” story of relatives from Iran being blocked, allegedly, from receiving visas to attend any “grieving” process.

    Shahrokh Aghlani blamed the government for “cutting costs, cutting costs, cutting costs” and neglecting the building’s fire safety system. “There wasn’t even a fire extinguisher there”
    That’s funny, the fire brigade inspected the tower in November, perhaps they didn’t notice that omission. Sharp taxi driver….

    Naturally, Nazanin Aklani was allowed to appear on BBC with her story

    she says how a “family liaison officer” was quickly appointed. These are key people in hoax management. Yet she complains no ‘key worker’ was appointed quickly – I wonder how their roles differ.
    She also says that “they” failed to put the fire out when they should have… and her relatives remains were ‘calcified’ with no organic matter remaining for DNA analysis.

    Sakina Afrasehabi is a spelling which appears in W10 and W11 electoral roll records, as does the name Nazanin Aghlani ,
    relating to 281 Ladbroke Grove and W11 3BG, in the vicinity of the former post office, now the American Food Store. [2015] houses number 2-8.
    Fatimeh leaves no trace in UK records even under the alternative spelling AFRASIABI

    So which flat was Mrs Afrasehabi in? I’d hazard a guess she was listed against 151, whether she lived there or not is another matter. Marie S Marsh [see earlier post] seemed to vanish post renovation. [Hamid Kani, q.v. is against 154 for the purposes of the fire]

    ** Darnton EGS now known as DARNTONB3 Limited, based in Leeds.

    Guarinos living in W11 1hg, All Saints Road, close to the Tower.
    Enter another activist – a medical doctor…
    Mona Kamal

    Has she got a political axe to grind, an “ex resident” of the tower when her family arrived from Egypt?

    Sure has “Tories out” is her message

    Why did this movement come from which was so quiet during the Cameron/Osborne period?
    Even Dr Mona herself says the cuts date back to 2010

    aka Dr Mona Kamal Ahmed, Forensic psychiatrist, London



    What I didn’t realise was that the “escape” story from the 17th floor of Mesrob Kassemdjian was put up at 6AM on the morning of the fire… shortly after the silly story about the exploding fridge was put out. We must be very suspicious of these early “witnesses”.

    AssedBaig Verified account @AssedBaig [journalist]
    This man managed to escape from the 17th floor with his 68-year-old aunt. He told me how he got out #LatimerRoad
    10:00 PM – 13 Jun 2017 [6.00 AM 14 Jun BST]

    Sure, a university lecturer living in a one-bed flat with a 68 year old Aunt. Pull the other one.

    And another witness straight onto ITV news, Ahmed Chellat who was and continues to be a key performer for the media.

    ITV News? Verified account @itvnews
    Ahmed Chellat tells @GMB he has five family members unaccounted for who were told to remain inside their homes at #GrenfellTower
    Man says family were told to stay inside their homes
    12:03 AM – 14 Jun 2017 [8:03 AM BST]

    He saw the fire from his window…. that’s his brother-in-law, wife and 3 children.
    The familiar phone call to the tower as used on 9/11 “the smoke is getting into them very bad” “they [the fire brigade] don’t let him come out, they’re said they’re coming to help him”

    And weeks later, he’s still repeating his story

    “We rushed down, me and my son and my daughter, towards Grenfell Tower and as I, she was trying to get hold of my aunt, she answered the phone and said ‘she’s out’. And we ask about her husband, and the children and she said ‘they’re all safe’ but her brother Abdulaziz still in his building. She, she rang her, er, brother and the phone was picked up by his wife [cut]. She was that ? amazing how calm she was [cut]. And I said ‘are you alright’ and she said ‘yes I am’. And the only thing we’d got at that moment is the heat, it’s coming up from the outside and the smoke is coming from the main door. And I said ‘what did they say to you?’ they said ‘they asked us to cover it’ and then as I was talking she said ‘now they ask us to go to another room and lock ourselves in and they are coming to get us’ and that was the last think I’ve heard”



    “We have to get to the bottom of this….” Jeremy Corbyn MP, leader of the opposition. Indeed we do, but it’s not likely.

    Estate resident Ahmed Chellat said his family were safe after they were advised to stay in their 21st-floor flat with wet towels under the doors.
    Mr Chellat’s sister, brother-in-law, and their two children were advised to stay in the flat and that help was on its way, he told ITV.
    9AM June 14 2017

    What time would that be, pray? A dramatic turn around to “unaccounted for” at 8AM ITV certainly wouldn’t have been speaking to him before 6AM.
    His family is listed at Camelford Walk….. hmmm a near neighbour of Mahad Egal, who said he lived in Flat 15 as well as being registered at companies house in Camelford Walk.[number 11]

    The Chellats seem to have disappeared from the electoral roll post 2014, perhaps they moved or lost interest in voting.

    Little attention has been given [why so?] to the leaseholders, i.e. owners of flats in the tower. They have seen their capital, in the order of 200-400K go up in smoke, whether they have the deeds to, or have a mortgage on the apartment.

    How did “Shah Ahmed”, chairman of the leaseholders association, escape from the tower? His story is not told. Why so?
    Shahid Ahmed married Sayeda K Miah in 1989 in Kensington.

    Here they all are in 2017
    with Zaki, b 1992
    This is the same Zaki Ahmed who is the registrant of Justice for Grenfell [see above] now living in Harold Hill, Romford.

    Towering Inferno London June 13 2017

    joined twitter – June 2017. Hmmmmmm

    Shahid Ahmed wrote to the council about the alleged power surges [an old 7/7 favourite] back in 2013 …
    So, how did Mr and Mrs Ahmed escape from 2-bedroom flat # 156, 18th floor, when all around them [with other notable exceptions] were being cooked alive? That’s the great mystery.

    Where did Mr and Mrs Ahmed, and the other leaseholders, go to live? Are they still in an hotel?
    The Alves family were also leaseholders, flat 105, whose children were paraded on Breakfast TV with their ridiculous story about the candles and chemistry exams.
    A teenage girl turned up for her GCSE exam in her pyjamas, hours after she escaped from the Grenfell Tower fire clutching her revision notes…..”I put on my jeans and a top and just grabbed by phone and chemistry notes,” Ines said.

    Oh! she must have changed back out of her jeans and top and back into her pyjamas for the exam! Perhaps she was clutching pyjamas, not chemistry notes during their “escape down the stairs”. What nonsense.

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    Mystery witness, John Beadle, 50 and mystery flat #13

    In this video clip from ABC [0.45 onwards] we listen to John Beadle, who doesn’t appear in electoral rolls for Grenfell tower, although we have evidence of Nicola Jane Beadle [b. 1974] and Lorraine J Beadle having lived there
    along with Brendan Charles Farrell
    Hmmm this must be Mrs L Farrell, pre-renovation occupant of Flat 13.
    Brendan and Nicola last check in in 2006 however, Brendan died in 2006 aged 64.
    [there is a marriage in 1982 listed to Ewa T Plonska]
    There’s also a 1975 marriage of Lorraine J Beadle [b. 1954] to Marek Jedruszczak also in Kensington…..
    as with so many of these “marriages” there are never any children produced Perhaps Nicola is Lorraine’s daughter?

    Lorraine’s mother was called Beadle, implying she was unmarried at the birth. John David Beadle, b 1967 also had siblings Mark [b. 1965] and Tina.[b. 1963] as well as Nicola, b 1974…as well as twins b 1968 Alison and Mark Anthony.. 6 children no marriage to be found.

    Let’s listen to John Beadle

    ” I was playing cards with a few friends, in my flat, my, one of my friends was leaving. As soon as she opened my door, the landing was full of smoke and she ran back into my flat. Then me and another friend ran out onto the landing to see what was happening. And there was a guy run out of the flat opposite me. He was on the phone ringing for a fireman. And he was saying something on the phone like his fridge has caught fire or something and that’s the first I knew of it.

    Q1 – why didn’t the alleged man on the phone ring from another room inside his flat? Where was the smoke in the lobby coming from?

    John Beadle gave another WHO in Australia!

    When the Grenfell Tower fire started on the fourth floor of the residential building at around 12.45AM on June 14, John Beadle was there.

    Beadle, who lives in an apartment on the fourth floor, had just said goodbye to a visiting friend when she suddenly returned in a panic.

    “She ran back saying, ‘I can’t go home. There’s too much smoke,’” Beadle tells WHO.

    “So I went out to see what was happening and saw a guy on the phone saying, ‘There’s a fire in my house—a fridge fire.’”

    In an appalling tragedy that sent shockwaves of grief and anger throughout the world, at least 79 people are dead or presumed dead and more than 70 injured in an inferno that raged in Grenfell Tower until dawn and beyond.
    Minutes after it began, the fire spread rapidly up the building.
    “The fella’s fridge must have been by the window. It must have bust out the window and then it just caught and went straight up the side,” says Beadle. “Everyone was shouting up at the window, “Get out! Evacuate, evacuate!’”

    There’s a different version also online…

    “John Beadle had just said goodbye to a visiting friend when she suddenly returned in a panic. Beadle’s friend also lived in the 24 storey council apartment block in North Kensington and having attempted to take the stairs to her flat, she ran back in, saying ‘I can’t go home, there’s too much smoke’. Beadle, whose apartment is on the fourth floor, tells WHO “So I went out to see what was happening and saw a guy on the phone saying, ‘There’s a fire in my house—a fridge fire.’”.

    [as in previous version]
    WHO reporter Philip Boucher adds

    It is the home of his sister who is living in Cyprus.

    OH! Which sister? Assume it’s Lorraine, since there’s a GoFundMe for her…
    Lorraine as you know has been a long standing member of Grenfell Tower alongside other members of her family.
    Lorraine has lost everything in this tragic fire and we are looking to support her in a small way by raising some money for he

    No mention of Mahad Egal [flat 15] no mention of David Benjamin and girlfriend in flat 12… is there no community on the landing?

    It’s not Nicola in Cyprus, she lives in Slough
    [Lorraine on right]

    Here’s Lorraine

    Here’s John

    In an Open Relationship
    11 March 2016

    friend of

    John Beadle’s full interview with ABC

    helping the narrative along….

    “If the cladding hadn’t been there, it would have just been brickwork from landing to landing, and fire can’t catch fire to brick, can it?” John Beadle, who lived on the fourth floor of Grenfell Tower, told ABC News. “But, obviously, it can to the cladding. That cladding had all foam behind there. It should never have been there, really, in my opinion.”

    From the ABC video…John Beadle:
    “I’m hearing people from the street shouting to evacuate, to get out of your flat. i’m thinking well if people are shouting for me to evacuate outside maybe I should, so i got the stairs,went dowqn the stairs, when I got down to the, not to actual ground level, the walkway level that’s when ‘i see loads of firemen, and I just I proceeded to leave the building ”

    “A friend of mine was ringing firemen, telling them to come and help him and he was told to stay put in his flat, he was screaming from the block, I could hear him screaming, so I phoned him on his mobile phone, and I started talking to him on the phone, I tried to tell him ‘wet a towel, put it round his head’ and get out of the flat. He said ‘John, I cannot get out of the flat’, he said ‘the floor is burning’ and he said ‘there’s flames up here, there’s fire there’s smoke’ He could not get out of the flat
    He said ‘I’m going into the bathroom to shut the door, and then his phone went dead”
    And then UI see his whole flat engulfed by flames.”

    Comment – the friend is not named – where did the “friend” allegedly live? How did Beadle know his friend was phoning the fire brigade? What normal person would stay in the flat, despite any notice, when the next door flat is on fire and there’s smoke everywhere? The “wet towel” meme is the equivalent of Tourniquets in the Boston Marathon hoax.

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    Here’s a 28 minute sequence of the fire….how did that diagonal pattern persist for throughout? [the commentary suggests it is an “official” citizen journalist, putting out the narrative..

    Here’s another set of “escapees” who quickly melted away from sight.
    That would be a Jenny F Quang related to a Hoang K. Quang
    Pre-renovation listed in flat 76 as MR. Q.Q. [sic]

    GoFundMe – check £7,271 raised
    Manchester Medics Hockey Club
    Our good friend and Co-President Jenny Quang lived with her family in Grenfell Tower, the site of the horrendous fire.

    All her family are safe, but there possessions and home are gone.

    As a club we believe it’s important we come together to help one of our own, so are asking for donations to help the Quang family get back on their feet.

    Manchester Medics Hockey Club
    Hi everyone, The justgiving page is closing now so I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who’s donated. My family are shocked by how much was raised for us. The money will help more than you’ll ever know. I’ll be returning to my mum’s hotel room for summer and we’ve yet to have any house viewings, so it’s still an uncertain time. It’s humbling to know I have real friends, so know that I’d help a friend in need too. Thank you so so much. Lots of love. Jenny xxxxx

    Manchester Medics Hockey Club
    Update from Jenny: “They were saying they’ll rehouse everyone into temporary accommodation within 3 weeks (changed from when they said rehouse in general) and it’s been 3 weeks now. I’ve just spoken to my mum and she has the hotel till the 6th and we still haven’t had any house viewings yet at all although some others have – I assume it’s cos we have pets so it’s harder. I presume they’ll extend the hotel/move her to another until they find anything temporary for us.” Thanks for your donations, the page is open til the 14th.

    That’s strange, because there’s no mention of the Quang family in the gathrer site.

    Jenny Quang, a medical student at the University of Manchester grew up in the tower block, and her mum and sister were at the home when the inferno ripped through the building.
    Thankfully, both managed to escape – but the family lost their pet cat, as well as all their worldly possessions, including passports and clothes.
    The 22-year-old third-year student is ‘shell-shocked’, said a close friend, and has rushed down to the capital to be with her family and to help out.

    Attended St Paul’s Girls School – fees…£24,000 p.a.
    nice photo uploaded May 28 2017 for the media, just in case…

    The alleged next door neighbour at number 75 is the much quoted Mrs Ghavimi.

    Here are some more people from the 10th floor, flat number again not given, who don’t appear on pre-renovation lists
    Dana Ali, 30, said that her parents Maria, 51, and Khalid, 61 were were trapped in their flat on the tenth floor of the building.
    “They said they’re in their living room, they’re closing all the doors, they can’t get out. They opened the main door and saw black smoke,” she said after speaking to them on the phone.
    “They couldn’t see anything so they closed the door back. And now I’m trying to call and they’re not answering.”

    Sky News reporter blasted over London fire coverage after joking with boy rescued from Grenfell Tower blaze with his grandmother

    There’s no online trace of any Ali family living on the 10th floor.



    More absurd stories…
    A child’s letter allegedly from the tower neatly burnt around all the edges.

    source – the BBC’s Michael Cowan, via twitter, as reported by The Sun

    And a “survivor” from the 10th floor [flat 71] says she is getting racial abuse [no supporting evidence provided] for having lived in the tower, if I get that right…she only gave her name a “Lilian”

    That would be Lillian Olwa [sic] who is listed in the tower along with Eunice Twaha and Twaha Rajab until 2010, although there’s no trace of Lillian at
    Lillian appears as the tenant of Flat 71 pre-renovation in 2013.
    There is no account of anybody escaping from one bedroom flat 71. The Gathrer site lists Lillian’s status as “uncertain” although she looks alive in that BBC interview. Gather also lists an Abdul Zafi as an occupant of flat 71, who appears nowhere else.

    And along comes another “resident” who doesn’t appear in any online data relating to Grenfell Tower, with his “escape” story, coaxed along by Victoria Derbyshire who has been nursing this psy-op since the very beginning.

    He alleges that he escaped from the 15th floor, flats 121-126. [key role here played by Steve Power who died allegedly from 2-bed flat # 122]

    There’s a story from flat 121, one-bedroom…

    Bayan Sied, 38, and his wife Nadia Yousuf, 29, said they were still waiting for news of missing family members who live on the floors above their flat on the 15th storey.

    Sied told BuzzFeed News: “We came home about half past 12 and were watching TV for a while. By 1 o’clock my wife started smelling something, she saw lighting coming from the window, and saw a fire coming from the bottom floor.
    “We ran outside. When we came out only the fourth floor was burning; one hour later the whole thing was on fire. As you can see, it’s toast.

    obviously Mr Sied has no sense of smell. And I thought the fire went up, not across the 4th floor.
    The “family members” live, naturally, on the 23rd floor, allegedly.

    Remember also Sid-Ali Atmani, and wife Rashida Ali also managed to escape, allegedly from an unspecified flat on the 15th floor

    Grenfell Tower fire survivor tells of family’s fear after they are re-homed on 9th floor of hotel

    No sign of Fatima Dedrich in 2-bed flat # 123, although Gathrer says she is “safe”. Where’s her dramatic escape story? or her daughter’s [Reem]?

    Towering Inferno London June 13 2017

    So here’s the resident – Christos Fairbairn flat number unspecified…
    he tried four times… the smoke was so powerful..”there was so much concoction in it” “I was stuck in the room going backwards and forwards” “open up the window and shouting, as you can see I’ve got the cladding all over my hands and my head as you can see so I was basically trapped for about three and a half hours I couldn’t get out. I managed to escape because I had no choice…at one stage the whole of the house got full up with smoke, the who ventilator i was in a corner…. so u got a tee shirt, wetted it, put it over my mouth..i just.went for it, went for it. went for it….

    It’s said he had lived there for two years **…[from 19.20]

    “about 12.45 KI heard a knock on my door a brief little knock …ignored it….5-10 minutes later… I started to hear noise outside, the fire alarm ringing and smells and I realised there was something happening.looked .outside the window …saw a commotion…I saw police fopendystid , saw fire people downstairs I ereaslised somethign was ha[ppeing

    I went to my front door, opened the door and it was full up with smoke…closed the door..
    .didn’t realise what was happening….thought it was just a little fire…further along the line….the smoke was so potent I couldn’t even breathe, I had to close the door …KI had to make a few phone people to let them know what was happening..I .rang the ambulance as well...they put me onto a lady whom I spoke to….she was basically saying to me not in words that you have to leave the building…#I’d advise you to leave the building’, I tried on four occasions, the first occasion I tried, I opened the door, I couldn’t see…tried to way to the fire exit….couldn’t find it…luckily the door opened
    I came back [starts convoluted story about the door opening, so is helpfully cut off by the interviewer]
    you didn’t manage to escape until 4am what was happening in those hours?
    “I was speaking to friends I was speaking, I spoke to the fire people a lot of the time, what not..”

    “What do you remember from your escape?”

    ” finding the exit… bouncing down the stairs,but I thought it was erm the holes [sic] for the fire people going through the floors…but I didn’t realise it was bodies I was actually stepping on, I got further down and actually tripped over and I would never forget this man’s face” [in he thick smoke….]

    “like an iraqui man lying on the floor and he wa,he was gone, and I tripped over him and I realised that, erm that it was bodies, er er haha stairfulls of bodies that was on the stairs I just carried on,I made it to the third floor, ~i.could h’t get all the way to the bottom because of the smoke and I kind of collapsed on the third floor. ..thank you to the fire brigade…got me down from the third floor, got me out, starting to get my top off and started to get the things out of me..snippets .seeing dead bodies….whole families died…i have certain snippets…seeinhg a mans’s face…”

    Same old BS story..tripping over bodies…

    Here’s a much earlier interview with Christos…notice the knocking at the door was not so gentle, allegedly..
    for comparison…

    At around 12.45am on Wednesday morning I was watching TV when I heard aggressive knocking at my door. I heard more activity and noise outside and shortly after I heard an alarm go off in the building. I saw smoke coming into the flat and that’s when I realised there was a fire.
    I rang the fire service and they told me to get out. They said: “Wrap a wet towel around yourself and get out of the block.”
    I was choking and couldn’t breathe. I started to feel faint. I collapsed
    But I opened the door
    and the smoke was so thick I couldn’t. I tried to leave the flat three times and each time the smoke was too thick.
    I started to panic. I began banging on the window shouting: “Help me, help me, I’m stuck!” I tried to open the window but I burnt my hand on the melted plastic.
    I could see police outside and people just standing there. It felt like they were just watching me. Then I realised if I don’t go I would die here.

    I wrapped a wet jumper around myself and ran out of the door with just the clothes on my back and my phone. The smoke was black and it was so hot and I couldn’t breathe but I kept going.
    I could feel myself tripping over in the dark. I was tripping over bodies. On one of the floors I tripped badly and fell, as I looked up I saw the face of a dead man.
    I can still picture him now.
    As I got to the third or fourth floor I was choking and couldn’t breathe. I started to feel faint. I collapsed and that’s when I felt a firefighter grab me.
    I went to hospital and was treated for smoke inhalation. I had so much poison in my lungs. I was crying and having flashbacks.
    Now I am left with nothing and have nowhere to live. But the council have paid for a room for me in Earl’s Court in London where I am staying now.

    Script recitation.

    ** previous address until 2015, I guess
    Flat 7, Barlow House, Walmer Road, London, United Kingdom, W11 4EU

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    There’s a good source of imagery on the Skyscraper City thread, which seems to be led by an entity called SE9.

    SE9 copied this fanciful scheme of how the fire spread from The Times

    The refrigerator fire [cough] is said to have occurred in flat 16, on the NE corner of the block. Early footage shows a column of fire shooting up the EAST side, yet the above Times diagram shows, apparently, the fire escaping from a window on the North side.
    This is the East side because the building is not symmetrical, window wise – the blazing side has 9 windows, [E and W sides, including the one-bedroom flats, ending -1 and -4] the North and South side have 8 windows. The lighter patches in the video are panels, not windows.

    From the Architects for Social Housing – ASH – blog
    The Truth about Grenfell Tower: A Report by Architects for Social Housing
    The official figures from the Metropolitan Police Force are that 255 people escaped from Grenfell Tower on the night of the fire and around 80 died

    Where did all these 255 go to? There is no sign of anybody escaping, outside or in the videos of the lit foyer and lower floors, other than Olawaseun Talabi and family, resting against a tree for the photographers.
    From ASH…
    It seems that, whether by public inquiry or coroner’s inquest, the truth about Grenfell Tower is unlikely to be revealed soon, if ever
    ..which is what tends to happen in these psy-ops.

    The diagram on the regeneration brochure shows that the kitchen of flat number 16 is the 3rd window from the right on the East side. [seen in the video, but not in the Times image] Some of the new 4-bed flats created beneath the old first floor now the 4th, have kitchens also beneath the 2-bed flats’ kitchens.

    The right hand image below shows where the fire started – consistent with the “fridge” kitchen area [what else is going to catch light in a kitchen? Where was the alleged fridge in the room?]

    [source BBC
    How did the fire travel round the building, when it’s made of concrete? How did the stairwell allegedly fill up with thick smoke, allegedly, so quickly if fires are supposed to be contained in flats, and the only visible flames were extentally initially?

    PS Strangely, the flames did not spread to the next door flat, number 11 right next to the kitchen of Mr Behailu Kebede [who has now vanished] – that part of the building on the lower South part of the East side looks undamaged. Curious.

    Here’s another “witness” to back up the “exploding fridge” story
    Aalya Moses’s doorbell rang at about 12.50am. It was her neighbour in flat 16, banging on the door. “He was shouting that his flat was on fire,” she said. She raced out the building.
    She lived in flat 11, with undamaged walls, one-bedroom in the middle of the East side. Where did she race to?
    It’s a one-bed flat, but here is Grandmother Alison with daughter and grandchild
    were they all in flat 11? There is no record of anyone called Aalya Moses in BMD/Census records, apart from a fb page
    she says she left with dressing gown, slippers and house keys, nothing else.
    And still in an hotel , August 1

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    It’s funny that the little coterie of people on the 4th floor are knocking on doors, or get their doors knocked on, but no stories emerge from the floors above, 5th, 6th, 7th…
    David Benjamin gets a banging on his door, one of the neighbours allegedly shouring “fire fire”…”thick smoke on the whole landing” “people running down the stairs”

    [did no upper immediately above detect “smoke on the landing”?
    He says he “thinks” it was the occupant of flat 16 who knocked on his girlfriend’s door, Flat 12, occupant Zoe Dainton. [from BBC video]

    How did the bottom floor [4th] landing get full of smoke?

    Debra Lamprell [q.v.] now “identified”
    August 8 2017

    Dainton appears at 1.12 in the above link and in several other subsequent clips. Benjamin also appears towards the end.
    He seemed to know the cause immediately

    Resident David Benjamin ‘I think what had happened is where it was in the kitchen on fire, it went through the kitchen window and then it started spreading up across the cladding.’

    ‘Apparently, I don’t know if it’s true or not, apparently the fire exit that was on the stairs was set on fire as well so they couldn’t even get down or the fire brigade couldn’t get up.
    June 14 2017 8.24 AM !!!

    Yassin Adam, flat 14 was woken by our fridge man

    The doorbell woke Yassin Adam just before 1 a.m. A neighbor was frantically alerting others on the fourth floor of Grenfell Tower about a fire in his apartment. “My fridge blew up,” the man shouted.
    Mr. Adam, his wife, his daughter and his pregnant sister ignored the instructions and ran.

    Are they all in a one-bed flat??
    From the Mirror
    Mahad’s neighbour, pregnant Maryam Adam, 41, added: “The ­neighbour knocked on the door and said there was a fire in his flat.”

    “The fire started in the flat next door to mine.”

    Strange that the fire never went left to the next flat, number 11…as it ought to have done according to this NYT diagram

    Looking up the next floors, in the one-bed flats, we see pre-renovation names that just vanish…
    Flat 21 24 31 34…
    didn’t anyone come up just one flight of stairs even to knock up the 5th floor, [flats 21-26]? or ring their “friends” there?
    Not much “community” there.

    Strangely, the one flat missing here is that of either Lorraine Beadle [living in Cyprus] or John Beadle, allegedly playing cards with unnamed visitors, who DIDN’T get a knock on the door, but bumped into Behailu on the phone, allegedly. So why did Behailu miss out flat 13 on his knocking up exercise? Or is it all just one big story?



    Does this make any sense? Story released nearly 4 weeks later [July 12 2017]

    Insp [Nick] Thatcher described having to drag one of his own officers out of the burning building, who had to be treated for smoke inhalation.

    Inspector Nick Thatcher said he had to prevent fellow officers as well as desperate members of the public running back inside in attempts to save the victims.

    “Some people were getting through [the cordon] and they were getting to the fire engine and looking for equipment,” he added.

    sure the fire brigade would allow that!! Like, “lend us a hose mister…”

    “They didn’t know what they were doing but they had this overarching need to help because it’s their loved ones.”

    When he got to the scene and saw survivors staggering out of the building “the magnitude started to become apparent”, the 46-year-old said.

    Well, that’s funny, because there’s not a single video or photo of anyone staggering out of the building in their jim jams, with or without their chemistry notes.

    More victim stories now…the aunt Assema Kedir is not convincing at 1.55 in the video speaking about the loss of every alleged resident at flat 192 who are believed to have been in their apartment close to the top of the tower.
    – Guardian report
    – which is listed against Ms Nura Jemal as sole occupant pre-renovation and sole occupant on electoral rolls
    Also known as Nura Jamal. No sign of the alleged husband Hashim Kedir or Hashim Kidir, depending on source,in official records. Three children are alleged to have died in that two bed flat also.

    Neither for that matter is Councillor Elizabeth Campbell convincing in the same video.
    Later on…in the Royal Borough of KEnsington and Chelsea …with thousands of people on its waiting list and
    “High priority cases can wait five years to be housed” – so how come we get a pair of young Italian “anywhere people” securing accommodation on the top of Grenfell tower and being reported to have died there? All very strange.



    I started with images of the body bags, contents unknown. Here are some more.
    All very dramatic for the cameras.

    firefighters having a laugh and a joke..note the awning provided by RRT, the suspicious Rapid Relief Team who were on scene at the Didcot Power station collapse hoax and called out by Psyopticon and who seem to have taken over the role of the Salvation Army at staged events and drills.

    No doubt the RRT 2018 accounts will have a Grenfell paragraph in it as with Didcot in 2017

    Photo by Carl Court. Where have we seen that name before? Ah, yes, he was on scene at the Westminster Bridge/Parliament attack.

    No bodies, but tired fire fighters and white suited actors

    Rescue dogs in “grim hunt for bodies”

    Seems like they’re not having any luck at ground level, despite all those stories about people “jumping” and babies being thrown out of windows.

    Finally a picture of the fallen debris

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