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    Most of the residents who allegedly lived in Grenfell tower have quietly melted away.
    There seems no anger as usually reported in the media

    The Charity Commission said £5.8m of the £19m raised has reached survivors, bereaved families and those still displaced from their homes more than two months after the fire. Almost half of the total has been sent to distributing organisations.

    Fire chief criticises terms of inquiry into Grenfell Tower blaze
    Read more
    David Holdsworth, registrar of charities in England and Wales, said he was pleased by the sum of money that had so far been disbursed.

    August 18 2017
    So, £13,000,000 resting somewhere.
    Those entitled to payments include the next-of-kin of those missing or dead, people who required hospital treatment and every household of Grenfell Tower and Grenfell Walk.

    That’s quite an assortment of cases. Who decides who gets what?

    update, August 26 2017

    More than 180 households left homeless by the blaze are still staying in hotels more than 10 weeks later. The council has spent more than £4.2m on rooms in 49 hotels, according to data obtained under the 2000 Freedom of Information Act.
    On Friday, the Charity Commission said 42% of the £18.8m raised for Grenfell survivors and victims’ families has been distributed, with more than £2m reaching people in the past week.

    We are not told how many households have been semi-permanently evacuated from the surrounding area.
    42 pc of 18.8m is £7.9m, hence the extra £2m. Why was this suddenly paid in the preceding week? Again, how was it allocated? Surely, everyone receiving money needs to know who else is receiving it and how much? One wouldn’t want to be left out, would one?

    The increased pace of distribution was encouraging, the commission said.

    no, it’s strange rather than encouraging. Who’s sitting on the money?

    According to the Charity Commission, more than half of the £18.8m raised has been passed to organisations responsible for distributing money.

    However, two of the biggest fundraisers, the British Red Cross and the Kensington and Chelsea Foundation, are still holding almost £5m of the £11.3m they have raised.

    David Holdsworth, the registrar of charities for England and Wales, said: “In the last fortnight, over £5m has reached the survivors and those affected by this awful tragedy, taking the total amount distributed to almost £8m. We are pleased that these important charitable funds are reaching those that need them most.

    The council said it had rented 35 flats in five blocks of serviced apartments to house displaced families, on top of hotel arrangements.

    In the past 10 weeks, it has spent £98,000 on survivors’ basic needs, £15,000 on travel, £1.46m on community projects and mental health services, £34,000 on staff to support those affected, and £415,000 on site work at the tower.

    At a meeting on Thursday, senior councillors and officials approved a £76.5m package to permanently rehouse survivors. So far, the council has bought more than 100 properties in the borough, and nine families have accepted offers of new housing.


    The package includes at least £16.5m to reimburse 14 families and individuals who had bought flats in Grenfell Tower, and three owners of properties in nearby Grenfell Walk.

    Hold on, Grenfell Walk hasn’t been destroyed,has it? And 14 owner occupiers is a larger number than is availale through online documents. [£1m each household…..] And how is that !6.5m allocated?

    Back in August
    August 11 2017
    Huffpo reported

    The regulator said that £7.25 million had been sent to distributing organisations on the ground, with just £2.8 million being distributed so far – less than 15%.

    It added that transparency information would be updated on a weekly basis.

    The regulator said early difficulties in identifying and contacting those who need help are being overcome. Charities – who decide how to distribute the funds – are reaching people, and applications are being made, it said.
    “At the end of the day, we as the residents of Grenfell Tower should have a say how that money is distributed,” [Yvonne]Harris said.

    ie split between 129 flats she said. That would exclude displaced residents from nearby.
    At that time, Aug 11,

    Both the British Red Cross and the Kensington and Chelsea Foundation raised £5.75 million.

    The Evening Standard fund collected more than £6.7 million, with smaller collections from other organisations, including the Rugby Portobello Trust and Muslim Aid, making a total of £18,856,206

    Charities Commission document on claiming support

    Click to access grenfell_response_financial_support_leaflet_august_2017.pdf

    Further weekly updates are awaited…


    With the impending opening of the Grenfell Inquiry, we have been treated to several feel good programmes
    e.g on the artist whom nobody had heard of, Gambian Khadija Saye

    and a paid for holiday by charityCornwall hugs Grenfell for survivors and neighbours…

    The only “survivor” family, well half a family, we meet is the Wahabi/Chebiouni party from the 9th floor, two bedroom flat 66, which was 5 floors directly above the “exploding fridge” in flat 16.Well, we get to meet Hanan Wahabi and her 9 year old daughter Sara. There is no sign of just 17 year old Zakariya, was probably still 16 at the time of the fire and who is alleged by his mother to have carried Sara down the stairs. Indeed, Hanan, who is prone to much smiling dry eye wiping and sniffs during the interview, says she got lost coming down the stairs in the newly created residential area beneath the “exploding fridge” floor. It seems brightly lit in contemporary videos. Hanan wants [unspecified] prison sentences for whomever and has given evidence. There was no sign of her husband Salah

    Salah Chebiouni, a 45-year-old school caretaker, said he had been alerted to the fire at about 1am, when he went to the bathroom in his 9th-floor flat. “I could smell plastic. Then I looked out the window and saw flames,” he said.

    Mr Chebiouni said he woke his wife and two children and fled the building via the main stairs, not the lift. He said his brother-in-law, who lives on the 21st floor, was still missing. ***
    Hmm, the smell of plastic was also used by 7th floor ghost resident “Mickey Paramasivan” who initially thought it was his child’s kindle or iPad [lol!]

    Well, Mickey and Hannah West weren’t in flat 46 above the “exploding fridge”, because we have an “escape story” from Jose and Carmer Vieiro
    from there, without any “plasticy smell” attached to it. We even get a bonus “survival” account

    Iván Costa Suárez says he and his parents Dorinda and José – originally from Galicia – were asleep when a Portuguese neighbour banged on their door. [hmm who would that be? Mr Alves?]

    In a relationship with Patricia Macedo
    who set up the ….GoFundMe page for the Suarez family = £2116
    no mention of the Suarez family’s name, however. That’s Ivan in the middle

    Jose in 2007

    no mention of Grenfell in 2017, but Jose added this link shortly afterwards relating to the strange Lacanal House fire, a Grenfell precursor.

    Studied at Vicente Canada Blanch
    Went to Vicente Canada Blanch
    Went to Vicente Cañada Blanch, Londres
    Lives in Valencia
    From London, United Kingdom

    I thought he was originally from Galicia.
    Perhaps Vanessa was on another cruise and missed the fire.

    They also had a telephone call from another family in the 24-storey block, whose flat was just 70 metres from the source of the fire and who had seen flames just outside their windows.

    “It makes me want to cry – 22 years working here to make this a home, and it’s destroyed in half an hour,” says Iván.

    The three escaped by walking down the stairs from the 13th floor of the Grenfell Tower since, although the lift was working, they were afraid of becoming trapped.

    They stopped briefly on the seventh floor to alert another Galicia-born family whom they are good friends with.
    “When we got up and went to the lounge, we saw our kitchen in flames,” says Carmen Sánchez.

    “We shut the door and left.”

    Carmen and her husband José Vieiro also used the stairs to get out.

    Fortunately, their daughter Vanesa was not at home at the time.

    “Forty-one years. Memories of 41 years, a whole lifetime, were inside,” José Vieiro lamented.
    “But at least we got out alive.”
    The six of them have been given rooms by a family from the province of A Coruña (Galicia) living nearby.

    The Viereas have, along with many of the “survivors” kept a low profile since. Were they in Cornwall? We are not told. The Suarez family are just across the landing from the media friendly owner occupiers, the Alves family, whose daughter was once again in front of the cameras to open her, you’ve guessed it, chemistry results, having allegedly sat the exam in her pymamas and having “escaped” with little other than her notes on the periodic table…

    A Josefa Fernandes was also registered in the 2-bed flat post renovation
    the others, including Vanessa Vieiro Sanches b 1987 were last listed at the address in 2015 as per above link.
    Single Lives in Valencia
    friend of

    Strangely, Oscar Millan and Stephanie Millan Bermudez were in flat 36, two floors above the “exploding fridge”.

    *** Hanan Wahabi provides more details for the non-survival of her brother and his whole family from Flat 182 She says they were escaping with neighbours [not named, as always] and they were sent back [to die] [by whom?] but the neighbours made another successful attempt to escape, leaving behind the Wahabi family to their fate. Not very neighbourly! This discrepancy is not explained. Let’s remind ourselves who else was on the 21st floor, flats 181-6
    The media savvy Gomes family [q.v] and owner occupier Awoderu who had listed his flat for rental but was probably never let.
    Ligaya Moore [said to have died, flat 181
    No trace of anyone in flat 186, pre-renovation tenants were Muhammed Arab Samia Arab, Adel Arab and Khaled Arab

    Flat 184 – Mustafa Abdu [one bed flat] aka MUSTAFA-SIRAG ABDU No trace since 2015
    Abdulcadir-Sirag Abdu last resident in 2012, as with
    Nuriya-Abubeker Ali Mohamed
    So, who were the other neighbours who made a second successful attempt to escape?

    Yet more evidence pointing to a largely empty building.

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    A little more detail was overlooked regarding the excellent package for leaseholders [homeowners] whose flats and alleged contents were incinerated…
    August 24 2017
    The 16.5m GBP deal included three houses in Grenfell Walk which weren’t even touched by the flames! So how the 14 Tower block flats and 3 Walk houses will see the proceeds split up is a mystery.

    RBKC’s valuation of the leaseholder properties caused friction, with several saying they would be left unable to buy a similar flat in the area.

    Former resident Fahed Barakat, 32, choked back tears as he lamented the loss of his former home in Grenfell Tower, while accusing the council of attempting to “cheat” them.

    He said the loss of his job and poor financial situation had effectively made him “homeless” as he had been renting out his Grenfell Tower flat before the fire and is now categorised a “non-resident”.

    “Fortunately I have come out alive from this ordeal,” he told the meeting.

    “Every time I talk to my neighbours, I can no longer see my neighbours, I can only see the tragic events and that is something that will haunt me.

    “I worked hard only to have this dream taken away from me as no fault of my own and even to be discriminated against because of my dire financial situation before the fire, my home was my castle but my castle became ashes.”

    “I think I find this offer quite insulting, mainly because the way I see it and the other leaseholders see it, the proposal seems intent on cheating leaseholders of their home.

    “It is impossible to find a property for the same amount you are offering in the area.”

    Tiago Alves, another leaseholder in Grenfell Tower, said the council had to meet the residents’ valuation of the flats as no-one in the building had wanted to sell their home.

    The council estimated if all leaseholders agreed to a deal to purchase new properties using an interest-free loan of up to 150% of their flat’s market value, it would cost £16.5 million.

    Breaking down that estimation, Mr Alves said, with 17 leaseholder properties in Grenfell Tower and Grenfell Walk, it meant the council believed they were worth between £300,000 and £350,000.

    He said: “If someone came up to me and offered £350,000 on June 14 I would have laughed in their face.”

    Deputy council leader Kim Taylor-Smith responded that the leaseholders would have the option to carry out their own independent valuation of the flats, paid for by the authority.

    A consultation with the leaseholders will now go ahead to decide how they will secure a new home.

    RBKC said the £20 million fund would be used to purchase houses worth up to £1.5 million in the W10 and W11 for survivors to use as council houses.

    The £40 million budget, meanwhile, will be used in part to ensure residents of Grenfell Tower and Grenfell Walk pay no more than they did in their former homes, it added.

    Rent, service charges, council tax and utilities bills will also be suspended for the first year of their new tenancy.

    This is all very curious.

    For a start, Tiago Alves says he’s a leaseholder. He’s only just turned 20. His family lived in flat 105.
    And Mr Barakat, 32, says he didn’t even live in the flat, yet the fire has made him homeless. He bought, one imagines, flat 92 for just £250,000 in 2013, because that flat, formerly occupied by Maureen Mott, was not listed,pre-renovation, as a leasehold flat. Sold, incidentally 4 years to the day before the fire, June 14 2013.,%20london,%20w11%201tg/2013
    There is only one Fahed Barakat listed at, a Cardiologist at the Royal Free Hospital
    What would be the market value in 2017 compared with 2013? The average for W11 in those four years is 33 per cent. [link above, net house price] That would bring it up to about £340,000 for a 2-bed flat in an ex-local authority tower block in 2017. And Mr Alves aged 20 would turn his nose up at £350,000.

    Nobody has emerged with an escape story from flat 92. Perhaps it was left empty after the renovation, as an investment flat, as with m
    any flats in London?
    Aka Dr Mohamad Fahed Barakat, Royal Free Hospital

    Flat 105 has not been sold for 20 years so Alves would have bought under the right to buy scheme at a large discount.

    More details…
    Flat 104, next door to the Alves, but only a one-bedroom flat, was sold in 2016…
    Flat 104 Grenfell Tower Grenfell Road W11 1TG £161,100 26 Sep 16
    So that would make the current value about £180,000 at best. And how much is the owner of that flat about to pocket?
    source –
    Flat 112, 2-bedroom, was sold for £185,000 in March 2013, an even bigger bargain, compared with flat 92. Did Barakat pay over the odds?


    From the Housing Minister in Parliament, Sajid Javid

    “151 homes were lost to the fire”

    120 flats in old part of tower, 9 new flats in mezzanine floors. Total 129. Where did the extra 22 come from? Must be Grenfell Walk – 22 houses. Why are these classed as lost to the fire?

    And Javid went on to say that a number oof the above said they would live to be rehoused separately., i.e. 196 new households from the above 151. The fire has suddenly created a demand for 45 new households!

    @9.30 we have the well trodden Chemistry exam story of Ines Alves, flat 105, trotted out by Javid, but leaving out the detail about allegedly sitting the exam in her pyjamas.

    The shadow minister repeats the 196 households lie.


    Correction to post 850631
    The owner of rented out flat 92, purchased in 2013, Fahed Barakat, is NOT the ukelele playing cardiologist
    but, is a more heavily built individual. [14:55 in the video linked below] who leaves no other trace online.

    But wait, what’s this?

    Crowne Plaza LONDON – KENSINGTON ????
    100 Cromwell Road, SW7 4ER London, United Kingdom Adgang

    Fahed Barakat
    Fahed Barakat
    Thu, 20 Jul 2017 15:01:59
    Great hotel. Very helpful staff, they are amazing. Not to mention the support and the fundraising the manager did for Grenfell Tower. The hotel is very well located on Cromwell road with shops restaurants and supermarkets in immediate distance. Not seen the rooms myself however the function rooms and lobby are very stylish.

    The reason Fahed hasn’t seen the rooms may be because the charity event was held at the Novotel in Paddington…
    The West London Hotel Managers Association in conjunction with the Kensington Chamber of Commerce, FR Events, BITA and like-minded organisations, will be hosting a Grenfell Tower Charity Event on 18 July 2017 to raise funds for the victims of this tragedy. An idea pioneered by General Manager of the Crowne Plaza Kensington, Ed Bracken and wholeheartedly supported by association Chairman, Hilary Cross of Dorsett Shepherds Bush and Dorsett City.

    The charity event will be held at Novotel London West, where General Manager Michael Sloan has kindly donated the Champagne Suite for the evening, with capacity to accommodate 1,000 people. Generous support has also been shown from Mathew Clark Wines who have donated 156 bottles of red and white wine to the event. Any additional contributions to the event will be welcomed and greatly appreciated by the event organisers.

    Tickets to the Grenfell Tower Charity Event are £100 per person or £1,000 for a table of ten and includes a delicious three-course dinner with music and entertainment, an auction and silent auction, taking place from 7pm until 1am.
    For a very brief moment, I imagined that the Crowne Plaza hotel was putting up former residents of Grenfell tower who had lost their homes in the fire.

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    Link to review -[there’s also a Crowne Plaza Hotel in Amman Jordan]
    and fron the same hand, a review of the Chelsea Harbour Hotel…

    Fahed Barakat
    5 months geleden – Google
    Nice upper class hotel. Rolls and Bentleys parked upfront usually. Stylish, staff are friendly, and a lovely atmosphere overlooking the mini harbour. Came many times including drinks and food, and professional events and have never been disappointed. Although their prices are high its a very respected area along the river. There are restaurants and bars inside and close by around the area by the river. Many spectacular developments including Fulham Riverside are minutes away. Imperial wharf station is close by. The only downside is the barrier controlling Imperial road causes us a hassle everytime we visit.

    The Grenfell charity reference is surely more than coincidental.

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    Sept 5 2017 – another “fire victim” identified, part of the slow trickle of “identifications” to keep the story in the news….and another unbelieveable “escape” story.

    An ideal 63 year old
    Raymond Bernard, known to his friends as Moses, was one of 57 people identified in agreement with Westminster Coroner Dr Fiona Wilcox, the Metropolitan Police said.

    A family friend has confirmed to the Press Association that Raymond Bernard, 65, known to friends as Moses, is missing after the fire. He was registered as living at flat 201 in Grenfell Tower, along with a 53-year-old woman called Karen Bernard. They had lived there since at least 2003./em>

    So,what happened to Karen?
    Well, that’s mighty strange, becuase pre-Renovatgion in 2013, a Ms D Dale lived in one-bedroom flat 201 and there’s no trace of any Bernard family in the tower. However, a Raymond H Bernard appears on electoral rolls.
    A 1976 marriage was contracted to Thearsea S George

    And the daughter of<strong Helen Gebremeskel in flat 191, Lulya Benyam also one bedroom, underneath the Bernard/Dale flat, has been coached well, turning on the grief and, turning on the emotion for doggy lovers’ heartstrings.

    The BBC says it’s the 21st floor which is an error, it was the old 19th floor, new 22nd floor

    Her daughter was in a coma for 10 days. stuck on the 10th floor.
    sleeping, to be woken, allegedly, by her mother… “the kitchen was on fire” “the fire was on the kitchen wall”
    “We tried to come out three times, but then erm but then we had to go out the fourth .because the whole, the bedrooms were already on fire so we had to go, take the stairs, I had my dog,
    the, my friend Luanna [sic] had her dog [] this was [areound 4.,30 am smoke had long ago entered GT’s stgair wewl]
    while,i was going down, all the smoke is like really thick,so it’s like thick air going into you, it’s really strong. so everyone, I can hear everyone like trying to find air, like everyone screaming, like screaming choking, gagging then I trip over someone, like someone lying on the floor. which is the worst part of everything [cut], so I’m squeezing my dog so much and my dogs trying up top me… .I rolled down the stairs with my dog..I rolled 10-, another 10 sets of stairs ..and then I passed out …I couldn’t breathe any more… dog’s so clever though, after I’d passed out, and i dropped he went back up to the 21st floor which was the floor that we lived on. ..[sniff]].and he was with Lily, the other dog, they found them both together.”..apparently she received treatment for cyanide poisoning, if you please.

    She doesn’t even know the floor she lived on, it was flat 191, 22nd floor, ALLEGEDLY. And I’m getting a little tired of all these tripping over bodies stories. Who’s the previously unknown doggy lover “Luanna”?
    from earlier…. there’s that other twist, to fit the plot, the child separated from the parent – as if a mother would let go of a daughter in a fire. [trawling hospitals, another 9/11 plot staple]

    Joy as sisters and teenager are found in hospital following tower inferno

    THREE girls reported missing in the inferno have been found alive in hospital.

    Sisters Tazmin Belkadi, six, and eight-year-old Malek, who lived on the 20th floor of the tower block, were discovered yesterday after relatives spent hours trawling hospital wards to find them.

    One of the girls is in a coma and the other is sedated due to trauma, a relative said.

    She made it out: Tazmin Belkadi
    But their parents Omar Belkadi and Farah Hamdan and six-month old sister Leena are still missing. Cousin Adel Chaoui said protocol means the authorities are not able to give out information, so they had to beg sympathetic nurses and officials for help to find the siblings.
    ‘My family has been round all the hospitals asking for anyone who matches the descriptions,’ she said.
    ‘One took pity on us and gave us information… and lo and behold it was the girls.’

    Lulya Benyam — another victim who was missing, feared dead — is being treated in the intensive care unit at St Mary’s Hospital, it emerged last night.
    The 13-year-old had not been seen since becoming separated from her mother during the chaotic evacuation from the blazing tower block.
    But a statement from The Lloyd Williamson School, in Ladbroke Grove, where Lulya is a pupil, confirmed she has been found alive.

    ‘Thank you everyone for your incredible support and please keep Lulya, her family and all those affected in your thoughts,’ it read.

    Lulya’s birth was only registered in 2005, so she can only be 12 years old.
    The school was very helpful towards the narrative
    Lloyd Williamson? @LWSNottingHill Jun 19
    Searching for pets of Grenfell: Lulya and her mother have a black-and-white long-haired chihuahua with a distinct…

    Lloyd Williamson? @LWSNottingHill
    We have two children from #GrenfellTower who have lost everything. To donate to our collection for the families email Pls RT
    3:08 AM – 16 Jun 2017

    Lloyd Williamson? @LWSNottingHill Jun 14 5:30 PM BST
    Lulya has been found in St Mary’s! /// ? Thank you everyone for your incredible support #GrenfellTower

    Lloyd Williamson? @LWSNottingHill Jun 14 5:02 PM BST
    One of our beloved pupils, Lulya Benyam, 13, who is still missing from the #GrenfellTower Fire. She was separated…

    The school also helpfully retweeted the message from Aso0mi Jay about the shaggy dog story about the baby being thrown from the 10th floor [as if] a totally unbelievable one, which shows the whole sage to be a staged event and which was quickly dropped by the scriptwriteris like a….baby from the 10th floor…

    Stand up Samira Lamrami, the Muslim woman who save the baby dropped from the 10th floor – allegedly.

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    More on 1-bedroom flat #54 which publicly searchable records show was sold as recently as 2015

    for little over £100K. Such properties cannot be sold immediately for a profit. One had to be a tenant for five years, but this was reduced to three in May 2015.
    You’ll have to pay back some or all of the discount you got if you sell your Right to Buy home within 5 years of buying it.
    We don’t know what the discount is/was for buying flats in Grenfell Tower, but…
    You’ll have to pay back all of the discount if you sell within the first year. After that, the total amount you pay back reduces to:

    80% of the discount in the second year
    60% of the discount in the third year
    40% of the discount in the fourth year
    20% of the discount in the fifth year
    The amount you pay back depends on the value of your home when you sell it.

    You get a 50% discount if you’ve been a public sector tenant for between 3 and 5 years.

    After 5 years, the discount goes up by 2% for every extra year you’ve been a public sector tenant, up to a maximum of 70% – or £78,600 across England and £104,900 in London boroughs (whichever is lower).

    So, one could buy a one-bed flat, worth £200K for £100K in effect.

    Nothing wrong there.

    The Gathrer spreadsheet listed FOUR people in one-bed flat #54. Salma Said, Yasmina Said, Yousef Said and Rawda Said. That’s quite a squash. No wonder K&C is creating new households from the Grenfell budget. Were they really all living in number 54? I don’t see a source for the Gathrer information. However, there is a Swedish interview with Rawda Said said to be aged 30.
    Now, there are two additional companies
    SMS Photography Ltd of 33 Kingsland High Street, London E8
    director Salma Said, whose 1974 dob varies by one month from her Cryptoweb DOB. hmmm
    Deena Photography Ltd of 30 Broadway, London N8
    By an amazing coincidence, both are franchises of SnappySnaps.
    Director of Deena are
    Nura Abdulkader [Mrs] dob 1982, Rawda Said dob 1987 [that’s about right] and Omar Said DOB 1970 [1] This is all some way from Grenfell Tower, but no matter…
    Intisar Abdulkader dob 1989 is a co-director of Cryptoweb with Salma.
    Both photographic companies incorporated in 2015.
    Google trans

    Now, Rawda Said, 30, and her family are homeless – after they managed to escape the catastrophic fire in Grenfell Tower where at least 80 people died.
    Together with other survivors, they are fighting to settle their broken lives – while criticizing the authorities grows and over 100 families are still waiting for new homes.
    – I’m sorry, angry. What happened would not have happened, people have died unnecessarily, “said Rawda Said.
    Rawda Said and her husband and two-year-old son are on their way to the center to pick up a baby bottle. They lived on the fifth floor of the Grenfell Tower and managed to fly the flames in the last minute.
    “Our neighbor was awake so he knocked on our door and woke us up. I took my son and my husband followed us, then we just ran out, “said Rawda Said.

    Rawda Said and her husband are waiting for their lives to get back on their feet. At the same time, they provide their friends and neighbors in Grenfell Tower, which does not excite him from the burning skyscraper.
    – What happened did not have to happen. The people died unnecessarily. Those in charge knew that something like this could happen but they just ignored us. I do not understand why why these lives were not worth anything, says Rawda Said.

    No mention of Salma, who is seen speaking volubly at the K&C meeting, a strange meeting, where the word insurance [since K&C insured the building] does not come up, no mention of interim payments by the Scandinavian company which shortly before the fire became the insure, as one might expect in the normal world.
    Is that
    from 8m 28s
    “My name is Salma Said I’m from 54 Grenfell Tower, I’m a leaseholder as well”
    What does “from” mean?
    “I’m still in a hotel with twins….”
    “I’ve already paid my mortgage, everything i worked really hard.i paid my mortgage…and then now to be in a position of like share ownership. I don’t get that one as well… I;m not getting any help while the other people that they have got mortgages, they are contributing, , the council is contributing towards their mortgage while I really work hard, I’m not getting any contribution towards that I really work hard…I can’t go to work…it’s not working anything for me, the system”

    Perhaps someone can make sense of the above.
    I assume Rawda’s “fifth” floor is actually the new “eighth” floor. The new “fifth” floor is flats 21-26


    I missed this super photo of massed firefighters at the blaze…

    Another prime mover in the psy-op, as noticed in yet another media interview

    Always the same small band of activists. Following on from Sid Ali Atmani [a 15th floor “survivor” whose flat number has never been published]
    we are treated to Samia Badani chairman of the “Bramley House Residents Asssociation” who lives “next to Grenfell tower” and is interested in “broader social housing failures”. and in the Hmmmm
    “We believe it was partly caused by a history of systematic neglects contgempt and discrimination….”
    The twitter feed of the Bramley House RA petgered out in 2015.

    But scroll back to June 16 2017 and we read Samia Badani pushing what appears to be a story as fake as the thrown baby or knotted sheets escape stories…
    on the same page as another storyteller, Mickey Paramazivan, incidentally. Go figure.

    <blockquote>Samia Badani, 41, was in a flat overlooking the fire and described hellish scenes unfolding behind windows.

    “There was a woman who was banging on her window screaming and I saw her just get totally engulfed in flames,” she said.
    “You could hear the screams of the children all the way down.
    “We saw there was a woman hysterical in a window and my neighbours were yelling up trying to reassure her.
    “She was on about the sixth floor from the top so I don’t think she got out.
    “From about 4am the building has started to shake,
    if it falls down we are going to be badly affected.”

    Bramley House is just across the Railway from Grenfell Tower in W10. outside which the media gathered.

    And fancy that,Badani is another pro-European
    Roger Casale @rogercasale
    [European citizen, civil rights campaigner, strategic advisor (incl. not-for-profit sector) – founder and CEO, New Europeans]
    Thank you- my colleague @SamiaBadani from @neweuropeans lives nearby She’s helping with the community response which has been fantastic.
    6:27 PM BST Jun 14 2017

    and helping spread dodgy stories.
    Samia Badani @SamiaBadani
    Social/Public policy expert & Director of Campaigns @NewEuropeans. Not a #bargaining chip #brexit #citizensrights .RTs not endorsements. #Lyon

    here’s Badani given space to push her story in Huffpo, ignoring the excellent investment potential of the right to buy in Grenfell and surroundings, which people have taken advantage of.

    Badani also supporting the legal circus about to commence…
    “After an initial assessment of that information, the officer leading the investigation has today notified Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and the Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation that there are reasonable grounds to suspect that each organisation may have committed the offence of corporate manslaughter under the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007.”

    Welcoming the news, Samia Badani, a resident association chair of neighbouring tower block Bramley House said that it would reassure the community amid fears that their concerns were being ignored.
    …and participated in a march organised by “Grenfell United”

    Samia Badani, chairman of the Bramley House Residents Association, broke away from the march early because it became “difficult” for her.
    She said: “The more we walked and came towards the tower, the more memories there were for me and it was very hard.

    I thought she lived overlooking the Tower?
    Is Badani’s job to push an agenda?
    August 7 2017
    Ms Badani called on authorities to deal with the “root causes” of the Grenfell tragedy and said the public inquiry must listen to the community, which has been excluded from crucial decisions in the past.
    “Put simply, those in power value our lives less than they do the lives of the rich and powerful,” she wrote.
    “That is the fundamental cause of the regulations that failed to ensure our safety, and also why, when people like us have raised concerns, we have been systematically excluded, ignored and sidelined.”

    It’s simplistic rot.
    I guess we will be hearing a lot more from her.
    So what was she doing on the night of the fire?


    2:33 AM periscope

    2:35 AM periscope

    a very strange fire, you must admit, pouring molten material from the top

    2:42 AM

    Samia Badani? @SamiaBadani
    We are in #Kensington witnessing harrowing scenes . We are helpless
    6:42 pm – 13 Jun 2017

    2:47 AM

    BBC Breaking News?Verified account @BBCBreaking Jun 13
    Firefighters tackling “serious” fire in tower block in Latimer Road, west London, with flames seen on many storeys

    186 replies . 2,186 retweets 1,071 likes
    Reply 186 Retweet 2.2K Like 1.1K Direct message

    Samia Badani? @SamiaBadani
    Replying to @BBCBreaking @BBCNews
    Firefighters tackling “serious” fire in tower block in Latimer Road, west London, with flames seen on many storeys
    2:43 AN
    yes we are outside watching this is really bad
    6:47 pm – 13 Jun 2017

    Periscope 2:49 AM

    2:59 AM BST

    Samia Badani? @SamiaBadani
    Replying to @JoGillJourno @guardian
    we are outside , terrible scenes and screams from people trapped inside. Our thoughts and prayers are with them
    6:59 pm – 13 Jun 2017

    3:12 AM BST

    it’s heartbreaking

    3:43 AM

    3:53 AM
    Samia Badani? @SamiaBadani
    Help is available at the Latymer Christian Centre . #kensington #fire.P

    10:29 AM BST
    shout out to wonderful police and community…

    4:30 PM BST

    8:04 PM


    Roger continues the European project…
    Roger Casale?
    Thanks to @SamiaBadani who has been helping all night and all day at #GlenfellTower tragedy and to @lisaocarroll for compassionate reporting
    1:34 pm – 14 Jun 2017

    That’s Lisa O’Carroll the Guardian Brexit reporter…. hmmmm again.

    And yet it burns the following night…10:07 PM June 14 2017, a strange burning, only in certain rooms and flats.


    The dropped baby story is an obvious lie, since no further evidence has emerged – how much of this “disaster” is a lie?
    Here,for reference, are two interviews of the woman of Moroccan descent [corrected name from above] Samira Lamrani of Hurstway Walk, W11
    [m. 2001 to Adil Benlmakki]

    Here’s Piers Thompson on June 14, another non-resident of the tower one of the small coterie of activists who’s in every meeting…

    John White
    I know him personally his house is very close to the tower.from his garden you can get a real sense of the disaster?

    He says the Grenfell Action Group was “formed to fight a new school being dumped on their only bit of open Green space.”
    17 18 up

    “I didn’t see anyone jump or anyone being thrown out, what we did see, particularly on the upper floors, so, seventeen, eighteen and upwards, people with torches, using their mobile phones, someone had fairy lights someone else was waving erm something like a blanket or towel out of the windows and you could hear the screams, some encouraging themselves [sic] to jump there were others saying ‘don’t jump’, people crying out to God or Allah, people saying they had children in there, it was heartwrechning and mesmerising at the same time…” Taken over the jumps [sic] by the interviewer.
    a key propagator of the narrative.
    Perhaps the perpetrators wanted to throttle back on the fake baby throwing story.


    Payday for the inqury lawyers started today.

    The chairman of the Grenfell Tower fire inquiry today vowed to unearth the truth about how the inferno could happen in 21st-century London.


    What caused it?

    The fire began in a Hotpoint fridge-freezer, with the blaze spreading up one side of the building externally, before engulfing the block.


    How many victims?

    Police say that while 80 people are presumed to have died, the final toll will not be known until at least the end of the year.

    There is no hard evidence anybody died.

    It took 24 hours to get it under control and 151 homes in the tower and surrounding areas were destroyed.

    It’s fascinating how suddenly all the extra 22 homes in Grenfell Walk were “destroyed” which were untouched by the fire and about whose residents and alleged three owner occupiers we know nothing.

    What does the BBC say?

    Three months on, however, only three out of 196 households who needed rehoming have moved into permanent accommodation offered by the council.
    A further four are in the process of making their temporary accommodation permanent.
    The 196 households include people who lived in Grenfell Tower and also those who live nearby whose homes were made uninhabitable by the fire.

    This shows up this psy-op in broad daylight. 129 flats in the tower, of which numerous individual flats have had no occupants, post-renovation, identified according to online lists, as living in Grenfell Tower in 2017, and other flats have had all their occupants, or alleged occupants, whether whole families, couples of single individuals, declared “dead” by the police.

    We could go through the list individual flat by individual flat, and ask where did they go to.
    For example, picking just one occupant out of the Grenfell hat – Roy Smith flat number 95, two-bedroom job, sole resident, last on the list 2016, no subsequent occupier identified. No escape story of Roy. No worried relatives, no twitter messages, no photos displayed on the streets, no facebook messages. Where did he go? And there are many like him.

    The 196 households include people who lived in Grenfell Tower and also those who live nearby whose homes were made uninhabitable by the fire.
    The Grenfell Fire Response Team says it has made offers of permanent housing to 38 households, 22 of which have been accepted, but not all have yet moved in.
    It says it has 105 homes available to be moved into immediately, and is looking to buy more.
    A spokesman for the team said the process would move at a pace that suited the residents.
    Some survivors want to remain in the borough, but others want to move out of the area.

    So, make it as long drawn out as possible. We have been presented with no evidence concerning what has made Grenfell Walk uninhabitable.

    196 simulated households.

    • This reply was modified 2 years, 10 months ago by xileffilex.

    Here’s a resident listed in Grenfell Walk, flat 209 W11 1WB, from the block made “uninhabitable”
    Elzbieta Konarzewska electoral roll 2010-2017
    No survival story, no media story. Nothing.


    This Susan B Caro [b.1957 Cheshire; mother Hutchins]…

    Described as a film producer, but almost no history on; just one movie Pao in production now, adaptation of 2012 novel by Kerry Young, a story set in Jamaica. Caro listed as one of three producers.

    Elsewhere revealed as a diversity advisor at SOAS, a haven for spooky mindbenders.


    “Undoubtedly one of the many highlights of the launch [of new youth foundation] was the keynote speech delivered by Sue Caro who has an extensive career in broadcasting and independent production. Caro, who currently works as diversity advisor at SOAS, the only university in the UK to be headed-up by a black woman, is a local resident in Brent.”

    Her facebook page reads like a thesaurus of hoaxes. Can one woman have been duped time over? Or is she an old hand at these games? Sharing her “thoughts” on the Charlie Hebdo attack, Bin Laden, murder of African-American Trayvon Martin, IRA attacks, etc.


    Sue got a trifle upset with an interestingly juxtaposed photo and headline in the Evening Standard newspaper, always a good friend and propagator of hoaxes and psy-ops.

    Letter to Evening Standard re: misleading headline

    September 12 2017
    with Sue’s photo juxtaposed with the headline

    J4G welcomes the continuing media interest and commitment to covering the Grenfell disaster, over the last 3 months we have spoken to several reporters from the Standard and wouldn’t want our relationship to be jeopardised by headlines that mislead.

    I didn’t think the headline was misleading. The new £100K pa [phew! Kerching! ] boss of K&C council in charge of finding Grenfell families homes [allegedly and a snail’s pace for maximum effect]

    The article itself is fair and accurate overall, however the juxtaposition of the headline, my photo and the picture caption gives the impression that it is I, a Justice 4 Grenfell Campaign Coordinator, who has landed this highly paid, top job at RBKC. This unfortunate error plays into the hands of those seeking to discredit the Campaign by undermining our individual credibility. It suggests that J4G Coordinators are seeking to profit from the apocalypse that is Grenfell and nothing could be further from the truth. We are volunteers who have worked ceaselessly since the launch of the campaign in June, motivated solely by the over-arching desire to achieve justice for all those affected by the entirely preventable disaster.


    Here’s Sue in action, July 28 2017

    Let’s remind ourselves what she said in early July
    Sue Caro, a co-ordinator for the Justice 4 Grenfell group, said the inquiry should look at a number of wider issues, including the state of social housing and the response to the tragedy.

    “Our line is that we will not contribute to the inquiry in its current form”, she told The Telegraph.

    “We want the terms of reference to be considerably wider and we also have concerns about who will lead the inquiry. So unless the scope is widened and the judge removed then we won’t take part.”

    a. the scope widened?
    b. the judge removed?

    I think not.

    • This reply was modified 2 years, 10 months ago by xileffilex.

    Was the fire in nearby Trellick Tower a try-out for Grenfell? It looks staged….
    Trellick Tower fire: Firefighters tackle blaze on 27th floor of iconic Kensal Town block
    April 19 2017

    Around 200 people fled to safety after a fire broke out on the 27th floor of an iconic tower block in north-west London.
    More than 50 firefighters tackled the blaze in Trellick Tower in Kensal Town on Wednesday night.
    The London Fire Brigade said it received 40 calls to the fire on the 27th floor of the famous Brutalist building by about 9.20pm.
    A woman and two children escaped

    the blaze unharmed before fire crews arrived at the scene, London Fire Brigade say.

    No stay put to get cooked [allegedly] policy there!
    Here’s another image

    In statement,[sic] the brigade said…”The whole of a flat on the 27th floor is alight”
    31 storey block.
    I wonder what the cause was – exploding fridge? No…

    There have been no reports of any injuries, London Fire Brigade said. The fire is thought to have been started by a discarded cigarette.

    Likely!! [not]

    The blaze in Trellick Tower last night was probably caused by the “careless disposal of a cigarette on the balcony” which set bedding and towels alight, firefighters said.
    A woman a two children were evacuated from the flat when the fire broke out at about 9.25pm.

    Who’s hom?

    Notice the resident, MR Al-Faki…are they trying to tell us something?

    Mostapha Alfaki has praised neighbours and the community for rallying together and offering support following the blaze on Wednesday (April 19) night.

    He lives at the flat with his mother Naeema Shakkak, who was at home when flames swept across the balcony on the iconic Grade II listed building.

    ondon Fire Brigade, which was called to the building at around 9.20pm and had the blaze under control at 10.50pm, conducted a search of the building above the fire and concluded that there was little smoke damage to the building as a whole.

    Kensington and Chelsea Council say 200 residents evacuated from the 31-storey building, designed by Ern? Goldfinger, were allowed back in their homes at 11.20pm.

    Mr Alfaki and his mother were provided temporary accommodation by Kensington & Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation (KCTMO), while those in an adjacent property stayed with relatives.


    He added: “The fire was very rapid. It was fast and vicious.

    “My mum is in tears. It’s a terrifying experience, but I can’t thank FCTMO [sic] and the fire brigade enough.


    Mr Alfaki, who was out at the time, also said he had been told by firefighters that the likely cause of the blaze was a cigarette flicked from a balcony.

    The 25-year-old, a physiotherapist for the NHS, told getwestlondon : “My mother had her laundry outside on the balcony and it went ablaze.

    I see. No Mrs Al-Faki anywhere on the scene.

    K&C Council rushed out a report on the fire


    On Wednesday 19th April 2017 at approximately 9.20pm a fire broke
    out on the private balcony of flat 195 Trellick Tower which is located
    on the 27th floor. The resident was at home when the fire started and
    followed the fire procedure for the building correctly and was escorted
    from the flat by her neighbour and then evacuated the building.

    On the morning following the fire TMO Officers visited the block and
    called at each flat on the 24th, 27th and the 30th floors and spoke to
    residents to check they were well and to see if any required assistance.
    This was followed up later the same day with a letter hand-delivered
    to all Trellick Tower residents advising of the circumstances of the fire
    and re-iterating the fire procedures which are set out in the Fire Action
    Notices installed within each lift lobby…

    It may be some time before the cause of the fire is confirmed formally, however, there has been a great deal of speculation that this was due to careless disposal
    of smokers’ materials from one of the private balconies located above flat 195 but this remains unconfirmed. It appears that when the heat of the fire became sufficiently elevated, as you would expect, the integrity of the glazed door separating the balcony from the kitchen was eventually lost, allowing the fire to spread to the kitchen. However,by that stage the family had escaped to safety. There was significant damage to the kitchen but the remainder of the flat suffered only from smoke damage…
    In common with all but a very small number of TMO-managed
    residential blocks Trellick Tower has a “stay put” fire strategy as
    confirmed by the TMO’s specialist Fire Consultant and clarified in the
    Fire Risk Assessment….
    all the work
    undertaken by the TMO to ensure adequate fire procedures and fire
    safety systems at this block worked well on the day.

    May 4 2017

    which, apparently 200 people thought better to ignore, yet behaved like sheep in Grenfell, allegedly…go figure.

    London Fire Brigade report on the Trellick Tower incident

    Four fire engines and around 20 firefighters and officers were called to a fire on a balcony at Trellick Tower in Golborne Road, Ladbroke Grove.

    Part of a balcony of a 15th floor flat was damaged by fire. The small fire was out before the arrival of the Brigade.

    The Brigade was called at 1854 and the incident was over for firefighters at 1925. Fire crews from North Kensington and Paddington fire stations attended the scene.

    ….unlike the “explosing fridge” fire which ithe LFB “put out” which subsequently set fire to the whole block, well most of it.

    Incidentally, owner occupiers have to pay considerable amounts of service charge, not suprising when there are lifts in the building. e.g. in 13 storey
    A[nother] couple, who bought a flat on the ninth floor of Adair Tower, said they saw little in return for the £4,000 service fee they pay to the landlord each year.
    Er, they will have to contribute to any structural work, which might be astronomically high, and the lifts don’t run by themselves.

    • This reply was modified 2 years, 10 months ago by xileffilex.

    Sid-Ali Atmani [one of the tiny coterie of “survivors” we ever see, paraded once again in front of the media.
    “I’m not fussy”
    Sid’s offered a 2-bedroom flat in Harrow Road – it’s too far away for him. [about 1 mile]

    “Fifteen minutes out” he does’t mind, he says. I could walk to Harrow Road in 15 minutes from Grenfell T[ower.

    Meanwhile Antonio Roncalato and his son Christopher [separate rooms, he is at pains to point out] are still in an hotel… [ex 2-bed flat number 72]

    Wife/mother Maria seems to have returned to her previous name, Rodriguez in Ingrave Street Battersea [where son Christopher went to school and was listed at] along with Arguello Orozco

    Antonio has decided he doesn’t want to live on an estate any more. He also doesn’t want to live in Harrow Road, just a few minutes away from Grenfell Tower.

    And time for another escape story – Farhad, aka Shekeb and Flora, aka Folora aka Shakila Neda of top floor flat 205. [tenant Mohammed aka Saber Neda, pre and post renovation] Somehow these two were the only survivors from the top floor, allegedly.

    This rambling, nonsensical interview is one of the better one for determining that this was a total psy-op.

    Son says they smelled burning but didn’t think anything of it [sure] and then saw [how?] neighbours running up, worried telling everyone to get out [surely ignoring the stay put policy? Don’t they read notices? As expected the neighbours remain anonymous. And the neighbours, telling everyone to get out, were saying there was no way out…. how long after the “fridge explosion” on 19 floors below them was this ? Don’t expect an answer or the journalist to ask him.
    But Farhad was on the phone to other anonymous neighbours who had made it out, allegedly. And Mrs Neda reckons 35 to 40 people came up [to 205?] to say you have to go up, the fire brigade will send for an helicopter [as if] What became of these 35-40 people? I guess, if they existed, they walked back out.
    It seems like the 35-40 theme is to be used to inflate the number of dead later….. the fire had come into the bedroom through the bedroom. “We thought we were 100 pc dead” We started feeling our way… carrying her above my shoulders….my dad was very calm…just looking out of the window [as if]…not fighting….”he didn’t say he was staying?”
    “he was trying to help the other neighbours who had come into our flat, the four ladies, to help them get out as well…help other people before himself…smoke became so thick we couldn’t see each other… ecveryone, we have to go out…..we assumed that my dad was behind us…. no way we could go back, wouldn’t be able to breathe if we went back…
    he took me and hugged me…trhgere is a stair, be careful
    what were stepping on people she was asking me what are we stepping on , I didn’t want to scare her so I said …it’s just the fire brigade’s hoses that we are stepping on [where are the firefighters?]
    but then i heard the sound of difficult breathing..there was someone there .I turned on my phone light and saw there was too people fall down, most of them died….
    I think there was about 2 or 3 bodies that I remember stepping on, I’m sure that there was more…

    more, I saw

    “….you were gasping and there was thick smoke everywhere but suddenly a miracle..

    i took my mum back up and we saw an air pocket
    you then gulped air in?”
    we gulped ..fresh air

    we started running down again, I would guess maybe it was about the 7th 8th floor i could heard the mask of the fire brigade breathingheavily I just knew there was fire brigade there I just happened….hppened to touch one of the fire brigades chests …I pulled him towards me there are two of us here, we are from the 23rd floor

    “I can’t breathe”
    “you can”
    you lost consciousness
    when we got outside my mum regained her consciousness
    he was crying and looking for his dad saying my dad has stayed there, please help me..”

    everybody that they would take out i would go and see if it was my dad…but none of them were…”

    “both put into an induced coma
    for how long?
    about one week [Flora]
    and i was in for two days..[son]
    when did you discover what happened to Saba?

    when i got out of the coma I was asking for him quite a lot …i had to discharge myself to see my mum…once they gave me news that they had identified my dad, I told my mum that this is what had happened.
    “and you kneow how he died”
    “his injuries are consistent with a fall from height,but they don’t think he jumped from the 23rd floor, he came down from ….one of the lower floors and jumped out from there..we will never find out where he jumped from..”

    “the people who are jumped they are suicide”
    “you loved your husband very much – do you think you can make a new future, can you make a life, beginning to go forwards
    how can i spend my live without him….
    it won’t every be the same without him
    everytwhere I go, i remember him, maybe he’s coming out from a small street in his car, a similar car….i’m looking…

    It’s a terrible script. Who can believe a word of all that?

    GoFundMe? Certainly. Why not?

    My name is Bibi fereshteh Mohamedi. I am the cousin of Shekeb Neda and Flora Neda who were a victim of the fire in the Grenfell tower.

    The “superhuman” feat of Shekeb/Farhad carrying his mother on his back was well recounted immediately after the fire

    Brave son battled through Grenfell Tower blaze and carried disabled mum down 24 flights of stairs

    His uncle Aref, 54, told yesterday how the mum, who suffers from a muscle ­disease, collapsed from smoke pouring into the family’s top-floor home.
    He said: “Shekeb needed to get her out quickly. He took her arms, put them around his neck and carried her over his back down all 24 floors.”


    Word from the LFB – they do not use helicopters to conduct rescues from high rise towers. Only in films.


    The silly story of Omega Mwaikambo allegedly posting a photo of a dead body at Grenfell [as if…] was covered in post #849867
    Of course, for the purposes of the narrative, he was sent to prison for 3 months [sure….]
    Now he’s “out of prison” so it’s straight into the TV studio [only one interview, so the story is kept straight, courtesy of the BBC]
    There were no bodies, no jumpers. But this little charade is merely to support that narrative.
    Here he is in action again.

    Mwaikambo, a 43-year-old chef born in London to Tanzanian parents, returned from work to his home next door to Grenfell Tower at about 00:15 BST on 14 June.
    About 01:00 – just as he drifted off to sleep – he started to hear strange noises.
    “I heard a faint sound of ‘help, help'”, Mwaikambo said….He saw trapped residents screaming and waving for help. Others he saw jumping to their deaths.
    “It was sort of like watching the 11 September World Trade Center”,
    he told BBC Newsnight.
    “But this was real, in front of my eyes.”.

    Er, not real. Only the fire was real.

    and syndicated to the press

    Grenfell Tower fire ‘ghoul’ explains why he posted Facebook pics of dead blaze victims
    Even Jason Kay, who was the one who reported Mwaikambo to the police, was shocked by the severity of the sentence.

    When Kay told the police about the photos, he told Newsnight, his goal ‘wasn’t getting [Mwaikambo] sent to prison’.
    No need for shock, nobody goes to prison in these psy-op episodes.

    Meanwhile, it’s seemingly impossible for anyone to find accommodation, which is useful for further stories of misery..
    143 grieving and traumatised families remain in bed and breakfast hotels or emergency housing….Emma Dent Coad, MP…I have no idea why it has taken so long to find people homes… a total of 171 households have been offered temporary accommodation of which 65 have accepted…Nicholas Burton…has been living in a hotel while his wife Maria remains in hospital…The couple have been offered temporary accommodation in Notting Hill until February…

    The Burtons were owner occupiers. No comment about emergency payments from the insurers of the building. Another of the few quoted ex-residents is wheeled out…
    Mohammed Rasoul 35 who led his wife two young children and 86 year old father to safety…is still living in a hotel with his family….
    Yet the council says it has purchased more than 100 properties..
    back in June…
    June 15 6.59AM [up nice and early for a quote the next day]

    Many residents, including 35-year-old father Mohammed Rasoul, said they did not hear any internal alarms when the blaze broke out.
    He said: “I was half-awake, I could smell smoke and hear the fire sirens.
    “I got out of bed and my wife had got a call from someone upstairs. She opened the front door and I could see smoke coming out of our next door neighbour’s door which was shut.”

    Mr Rasoul and his wife led their two young children and his 87-year-old father to safety.

    Ah, the famous “someone” in this block where “everybody knew everybody, real community, etc etc…”

    Where were the Rasouls,allegedly? It’s suspected they are in flat 25, which is almost above the “exploding fridge”.Well, there’s an Ahmed AbdelRasoul in flat 25 pre-renovation, and that’s the fifth floor.
    Indeed, here they are, crammed into the 2-bed flat…

    On June 14, Mohammed Rasoul and his family managed to escape from the fifth floor of Grenfell Tower .
    Before the inferno rose up the building to the 24th floor, the 35-year-old alongside his father 86-year-old Ahmed Abdel-Rasoul, wife 33-year-old Munira Mahmud and their two children, 5-year-old Mohammed Rasoul Junior and 20-month-old Zahra Rasoul, made their way down the stairs to the bottom of the tower to safety.
    The 35-year-old said: “I had been in Grenfell tower since birth and I had seen many fires in the block, none of them ever spread in such a manner.
    “The cladding was the major factor in the spread of the fire and I do not need any investigation or inquiry to prove that to me. Such loss of life was preventable and should never have happened.

    We can see why he was wheeled out [not in photo, for some reason]as a cladding expert…. Furthermore, his wife is found on voters’ lists, but not Mohammed himself. Hmmm

    And in true “neighbourhood” fashion, they don’t mention their next door neighbours by name.
    Sharon Haley in one-bed flat #24 – no word, no trace nothing.
    Hiwot Dagnachew in two bed flat #26, with perhaps Wintom Temesgen
    So, what was the story from flat 26?
    Apparently they were backstopping a survival story of fellow Eritreans/Ethiopians from high up in the tower…the usual aunt/uncle connection
    After managing to flee, the mother explained how she was warned by her aunt of the fifth floor of the fire with a phone call.

    June 18 2017

    Hiwot Dagnachew raised the alarm to the family who jumped out of bed and ran, with children Yohana and Liya Yohannes, 4…..Yohana’s parents encouraged her to express her feelings with her father Yohannes Tesfaye…

    The escape bid by the family was described in horrendous detail by Meron Mekonnen, 36, Yohana’s mother.

    No mention of the “Rasouls next door”
    Hey, the Tesfaye/Mekonnen family were in flat 163, next door to the Vitals who “died” and across the landing from the Burtons [q.v.] who don’t mention their Ethiopian neighbours either… not a very friendly place.

    and in the Telegraph

    Yohana’s mother, Meron Mekonnen, 36, has described the moment they made a terrifying bid for freedom, revealing that as they made their way from the top of the tower, ten of her neighbours retreated back upstairs scared and unable to plough on.


    Those who made the fateful decision to return to their apartments have not been seen since.

    Among them, she thinks may have been three-year-old Amaya Ahmadi and her mother Amal, 35, whom she saw coming out of their 19th floor flat and were initially behind them on the stairs.
    Amal, who was born in Eritrea, was with Amaya’s father, Mohamud Tukuh, who also remains missing.

    Yep, the Burtons’ next door neighbours at 166. Not owner occupiers, though.

    It doesn’t make any sense, does it? Becuase it’s all made up.
    Prior to the renovation flat 163 was occupied by Pakistanis Farrukh and Abbas Kazmi, flat 166 by Algerians or Moroccans Allel and Lamia Bennetayeb who subsequently vanish.


    The British Bullshit Corporation has been working overtime with the scriptwriters and the handful of media friendly residents to get the shaky official narrative stabilised, but in attempting to do so, they make it even more unbelievable.

    Just where is all this thick black smoke coming from in the stairwell? Mr Gomes even says he opened all his window to try to get rid of it and get some fresh air in! From the flaming outside of the building, lol! And they were fast asleep until “between 1.30 and 2.00” Really?

    And apparently, a resident in one-bed flat number 184, about whom we have heard nothing, allegedly got a phone call and exited the building “around 1.10 am” [full of smoke…allegedly…in the stairwell] Mr Mustafa Sirag Abdu declined to take part in the programme and describe the wonderful neighbourliness and fantastic multi-cultural community within the tower. Either the deal wasn’t generous enough or he was seen as a terrible or shaky actor.
    He hasn’t yet changed his address at companies’ house.
    Fancy that, Mr Abdu not bringing out all his 21st floor neighbourly friends with him or even waking up the Gomes family….

    The BS story is in print here
    Stepping on arms, legs, tripping over people on the stairs, the same tired old story…lovely fake rehearsed grief at 17:50 from Lulya.
    We are also treated to another interview with couple Julian Ng and Lee Stewart who had only just moved into flat 185 but had a miraculous escape,since they were staying, allegedly, in a hotel for a birthday treat. The flat had been unlet for at least 9 months, yet suddenly gets let just before the conflagration.

    Management consultant Julian Ng, 30, and IT platforms engineer Lee Stewart, 29, both British-born, had moved in 11 days before the fire.

    Their rent was more than £400 a week. But the flat’s spacious rooms, chrome kitchen and surround sound stereo system immediately attracted them.

    “When you stepped into the flat itself, it was beautiful, tasteful, modern and because it was on the 21st floor, it had amazing views,” says Julian.

    “How do you describe London? It’s very diverse. And that’s what we got from this place. It was a very nice place to live in.”

    Lee also liked the building. “It’s been painted as a very, kind of, poverty-stricken building. Maybe parts of it were. But that’s not the impression we had when viewing it.”

    The couple had started to plan for dinner parties. “We had a huge glass dining table, loads of windows. You could take advantage of the views from so high up,” says Lee.
    They had a lucky escape on the night of the fire. It was Lee’s birthday. Julian was away for work and had invited his partner to spend the night in his hotel.


    Here the couple is on the Victoria Derbyshire BBC hangout in June

    Victoria Derbyshire ?Verified account @VictoriaLIVE
    They lived in #GrenfellTower but as a birthday treat were in a hotel that night. They can’t stop thinking about their young neighbours.
    3:03 AM – 16 Jun 2017 [11:03 AM BST]

    Helen Gebremeksel says she doesn’t know how she got out. Neither do I. Certainly all these “escapees” melted quickly away into the night away from all the assembled cameras around the burning building, as if they had never been there in the first place.

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    October 3 2017

    Mrs May also told today how she wept when visiting victims of the Grenfell Tower fire in hospital.

    Did she now?

    Looks more like a photo op to me
    June 16 2017

    <blockquot>The Prime Minister spent almost an hour speaking to patients and staff at London’s Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, a day after visiting the scene of the blaze in west London to talk to firefighters, police and other emergency workers.
    So, the prime minister would have missed Andreia Gomes who was sent across London to Kings College Hospital, which has helped out at several previous staged events.

    Mr Gomes told The Telegraph the heartbreaking story of how just hours after the whole family escaped, he learned that the poisonous fumes claimed his the life of his new baby son, for whom he and his wife had already chosen a name for.
    “The doctors came and said the baby’s heart had stopped and the priority is the mother,” said Mr Gomes, a 38-year-old IT manager at the schools inspectorate Ofsted who had lived in Grenfell Tower with his family for the past 10 years.
    “My wife gave birth that night while she was in an induced coma so she didn’t know at the time. At 11.03 in the evening my baby boy was born.
    “I was holding him, he looked peaceful, like a baby that was just sleeping. I wanted to be there with him but he had already died.”
    Doctors at King’s College hospital explained to Mr Gomes that the baby’s heart had stopped beating, and they needed to deliver him so that his wife did not contract an infection. “So he was born later that day and it was classed as a stillborn,” Mr Gomes recalled.

    He then faced the agonising task of explaining to his wife what had happened, when she regained consciousness.
    “I had to. We spoke about it and I explained, it was very emotional,” he said.
    “At first she didn’t want to talk about it and she said she didn’t want to see the baby. But I know my wife, the hospital were really good at keeping the baby there for us. The next day she was she was very happy to see the baby, she didn’t want the baby to go away.”
    Mr Gomes said that his family already knew that Andreia was expecting a boy, and they had chosen the name Logan Isaac for him.
    Their two daughters – Megan, 10, and Luana, 12 – were excited to meet their new baby brother.
    “The girls already had plans made, they were already planning things like ‘Logan can sleep with me in my bed’, and what they were going to do, so this has hit them quite hard as well,” he said.
    Mr Gomes said he was woken at around 2am during the night of the blaze, by a neighbour banging on the door.

    elsewhere we read that the two daughters are half sisters
    but both were registered twice as Perestreila and Gomes
    Luana Alyssa P Perestrelo [2005 Q2]
    Megan Beatriz P Perestrelo [2006 Q4]

    GoFundMe did very well – £36,783
    Created June 14, 2017

    Neil Payne
    on behalf of Marcio Gomes
    Grenfell Tower
    Plaistow And Sundridge Ward, ENG [Bromley]
    Our friends Andreia and Marcio have suffered a devastating event, with their home being destroyed by fire. Luckily our hero Marcio managed to get them all out although they are in hospital but stable. They have lost everything and I am setting this up so that we can all help in a small way to rebuild their lives.


    David G Smith
    3 months ago
    Whoever is admin on this page, once Marcio is better can you get him to contact me? – I was one of the team who looked after him and his family in the initial stages when
    he came into hospital.
    I cried so much as he recalled his story. – His heroism is amazing, and I want to do whatever I can to help him and his family rebuild their lives. Many thanks, David

    Who he??

    Very quickly set up GoFundMe – 1.21 pm June 14

    Victoria Payne Former IT Service Manager at Ofstedshared Neil Payne’s post.
    14 June · 1:29 PM
    Grateful to the many of our friends who know Marcio Paulo Gomes and Andreia Perestrelo if they would donate to the go fund me page Neil Payne has set up for them and share the link with your friends.
    Please keep these beautiful people in your thoughts and prayers this evening for their full recovery ???

    Neil Payne
    14 June ·
    All, feeling glad our friends Marcio Paulo Gomes, Andreia Perestrelo, Luana and Megan got out from the horrific fire in their tower block this morning, but feeling a little useless at what to do next. I am sure you’ll all like to help so have set up this Go Fund Me page to try and least provide some practical help, please donate. Big love. Please share to your friends

    No mention of pregnancy there..

    Jacqui Payne The Marcio we all know and love. Praying a speedy recovery for you all.xx
    1 · 15 June at 11:03


    Helen Gebremeskel and her daughter “Lulya Benyam” from one-bed flat no 191 were previously mentioned in connection with the fake looking grief from the latter.

    Ms Gebremeskel is a director of no fewer than three companies located in a mortgaged Hair Salon in Shepherds Bush incorporating the name H&G Hairs
    The first two were only set up in November 2016 one with £10,000 capital [!] [H&G Hairs, HG 100x£100 shares] with Gebremeskel [dob 9/72] as sol3 director. The other was capitalised to £100]
    The third, earliest company, H&G International was set up in 2008 with a secretary/co director in Ivan WJ Winstone who was replaced in 2014.
    So what?

    Winstone married in 1983 Felicity Tankel nee Hodis b 1948 producing Zara Antonia Winstone b 1984, a third child for her mother. [first husband Stephen Tankel 1949-2003 – we are in jewish NW London here]

    But then we observe that Zara Winstone is a drum banger for the official narrative. Coincidence? Perhaps not.

    Zara A Winstone? @zaraaw
    my sister%niece lost all fire #GrenfellTower and some idiot is hiding behind twitter being disgusting as if we’re trying to get free shit
    6:09 AM – 30 Jun 2017 [2:09 PM BST]

    Zara A Winstone? @zaraaw sister and niece speak out @GrenfellJustice @helwin007 When all you want is to go home after a long day /3 months
    1:07 AM – 6 Sep 2017 [9:07 AM BST]

    Hmmm so her sister is Helen Gebremeskel. er, right… adopted?
    Zara Winstone
    London girl, easy going (when all is going my way 🙂
    Funny, witty, likes dolphins, unicorns, cats and dogs (all animals actually).

    Why I’m on Couchsurfing

    Drinking my way around the globe is more fun with others.

    Zara also draws my attention to this standard twist of the hoax narrative – the “theft” from victims ***… sure. Here’s her retweet of agent Lammy in this psy-op

    David Lammy ?Verified account @DavidLammy
    Scum. Theft from Grenfell Tower flat is a grotesque crime. Where were the police? How secure is the crime scene now?
    Rags Martel
    10:33 AM – 11 Sep 2017 [6:33 PM BST]

    Er, the police were continuously guarding a secure crime scene. So we have to scenarios – the police carried out the alleged theft or, more likely, it was a fake theft of nothing.

    ITV understands that “a large sum of money” went missing, noted the previous week, but anytime after June 20 [how did they know it was still there then?] from one of the lower undamaged flats. Oh really?
    And yes, there was a significant number of undamaged flats, where, one imagines, all the alleged possessions would be intact
    July 27 2017

    Site manager Michael Lockwood also revealed that some flats remain in ‘perfect’ condition and those residents will return next month to collect their belongings.
    Mr Lockwood, who has been inside the building’s black husk five times, estimates the recovery operation could last until mid-November.

    Yes, make sure the recovery takes as long as possible. Five times? He’s not very curious or busy. Perhaps he’s not allowed unrestricted access….

    he said: ‘I think that to be honest, the building will stay up throughout 2018.

    Michael Lockwood, Grenfell’s site manager, says that some of the flats are still perfect and those residents can go back in soon to get their belongings
    ‘Then towards the end of 2018, I think we could start to bring it down, if that is what the community wants, and the scaffolding will help us to do that because we can do that within the wrap.’
    Any decision on what happens to the site after the eventual deconstruction would be made with input from the community, Mr Lockwood said.

    He added there were some flats in the doomed building that were ‘completely untouched and in perfect condition and there are some that are absolutely devastated’.
    There are around 33 flats from which personal possessions might now be retrieved.

    No mention there of evacuated Grenfell Walk, whose residents require to be rehoused, and whose properties are certainly undamaged. I guess that’s also part of the clearance plan.

    Strangely, there’s another possible sibling for Lulya/Lulia/Yuliana/ Hermon/Gebremeksel/Benyam – viz Delina Gebremeskel/Hermon born a year earlier in 2004 also in Wandsworth. All very confusing. And the girl’s school got her age wrong, stating she was 13, not 12.
    yes,the school which was providing the narrative about her being in a “coma” in St Mary’s Hospital [yes, another one not visited by Theresa May, PM]

    *** for example, the “theft” of credit cards from a “dead body” in the Manchester Arena “terrorist attack” by Chris Parker. [sure….]

    Manchester bombing ‘hero’ Chris Parker who helped terror attack victims denies stealing from injured girl and gran during chaos of terror attack

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